The 10 Best Cheap High School Volunteer Abroad Providers 2023

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Are you a high school student looking for the best volunteer abroad experiences available out there? Are you still intent on finding the highest rated, cheapest and most trusted providers? 

Volunteering abroad sets you apart from your peers and also gives you a highly competitive career advantage. If you’re a high school student thinking about making a difference in the world, volunteering abroad is one of the best ways to give back to humanity.

While volunteering abroad as a high school student can be an amazing life-changing opportunity, it can also be very confusing when you’re searching for a safe and affordable volunteer abroad provider.

Just starting a search online can be daunting as hundreds of volunteer abroad companies will pop up. Scrolling through lists of companies and comparing costs is a very tedious job indeed and will take up a lot of your time.

And in case you don’t realize, all these companies are not equally created. Many are also unreliable and untrustworthy. You might also choose the wrong company, which could threaten your safety and ruin your volunteer experience.

That’s why TravellersQuest is here to help and do all the hard work for you as we don’t want you to pay high costs and ruin your volunteer abroad experience

In this article, we have examined hundreds of high school student volunteer programs abroad and have selected the top performers based on their history, online reviews, and the various programs and opportunities they offer.

We highly recommend you volunteer abroad at one of these 10 amazing high school volunteer opportunities all over the world.

Keep reading to discover the 10 Best and Cheapest Providers of High School Volunteer Abroad Opportunities 2020 with the highest rated companies in the world.

Company Name Reviews
American Institute for Foreign Study
(Community Engagement Program)
(Service Learning in Ireland)
Go Overseas- 522 Reviews
Go Abroad- 672 Reviews
CIEE Study Abroad
(Youth Mentorship Mexico)
(Language & Culture Morocco)
Go Overseas-‎540 Reviews
Go Abroad-601 Reviews
Rustic Pathways
(Community Service Costa Rica)
(Heart of the Jungle)
Go Overseas-‎ ‎628 Reviews
Glass Door- 87 Reviews
ISA High School Abroad:
(Service Learning in Chile)
Service Learning in Cape Town)
Go Overseas- ‎430 Reviews
Go Abroad- 262 Reviews
Global Vision International (GVI)
750 (Costa Rica Wildlife)
(Volunteer with Children)
Go Overseas-‎ 478 Reviews
Go Abroad- 3672 Reviews
Travel For Teens
(Costa Rica Adventure and Service)
(Thailand Elephant Service)
Go Overseas- 243 Reviews
Go Abroad- 218 Reviews
API Abroad
(Spanish Language Studies Argentina)
$17,400 (Environmental Studies in Costa Rica)
Go Overseas- 287 Reviews
Go Abroad.- 241 Reviews
Global Leadership Adventures
(Costa Rica Animal Rescue)
(Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World)
Go Overseas- 299 Reviews
Go Abroad- 36 Reviews
Sol Abroad
(Costa Rica)
$2,995 (Spain)
Go Overseas- 127 Reviews
Go Abroad- 89 Reviews
Global Crossroad
$ 849
(Volunteering in Sri Lanka With Elephants)
(Volunteer With Turtles in Costa Rica)
Go Overseas- ‎85 Reviews
Abroad Reviews- 334 Reviews

Table updated: May 4, 2020

American Institute for Foreign Study

High school volunteer abroad with American Institute for Foreign Study

Established: 1964
Location & Projects: 20 countries, Over 75 programs.
Awards & Recognition: AIEA, Fulbright Commission, Forum on Education Abroad, Diversity in Global Education Network

The American Institute for Foreign Study was founded in 1964 and is now one of the most well-respected organizations for high school students hoping to volunteer abroad. Over 50,000 participants enroll in their programs each year, and to date, over 1.5 million people have joined AIFS worldwide. Study, work and educate abroad with AIFS.

Top Programs

Volunteer Abroad with AIFS

AIFS has a number of great volunteering abroad programs across a number of incredible global destinations such as in France, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa.

These volunteer abroad programs ensure that students become effusively immersed in another culture while engaged in socially positive and rewarding activities such as teaching English to youths, volunteering at local hospitals and other positive impact pursuits. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program.

Community Engagement Program (CEP)

This community engagement program is for those students who wish to continue their academic course of study abroad at India’s most reputable University of Hyderabad, while simultaneously engaging themselves with a language course in local Indian dialects such as Hindi, Telugu, Urdu. Students will also have the opportunity to study Indian history, philosophy and political courses geared towards sharing the knowledge of Indian culture.

The course is comprised of both theory and practice, and students will also have the opportunity to not only spend time working with an NGO to see what makes it successful, but will also study the various approaches taken to engineer positive social change. This is the best high school volunteer abroad program.

University of Limerick Practicum: Service Learning in Ireland

This service learning in Ireland is a unique course that will develop the student’s understanding of how to develop and fulfill community service for positive impact, seeing the problem-solution from start to finish by focusing on a decided-upon area to study.

Example projects in Ireland have been migrational-focused and have included how to best integrate English people into Ireland through the former’s ability to “understand Irishness”. Thus, students, academic staff and community partners work together to formulate and engineer positive change. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program.

Service Learning and Active Citizenship

This service learning and active citizenship is a program based in Rome Italy geared towards the high school student interested in learning about how to engineer change as an active citizen. Students of this course will be able to earn academic credit through a completion of a community placement founded upon the values and philosophies of civic engagement in a country with a socially responsible and active citizenship. This is a great abroad volunteering experience for high school students.

Global Leadership and Service Learning

This global leadership and service learning is an extra-curricular program designed for students looking to explore the possibilities of the not-for-profit sector while increasing their employability status, leadership acumen and building useful connections in NGOs. This option is available for study abroad students in Wellington, New Zealand and is a free service-learning capability that offers a range of workshops and seminars on social responsibility and leadership with the aim of preparing your resume for future employment.


There is a reason over 1.5 million people have joined up with AIFS to travel the world: their high school abroad volunteering trips are comprehensive, fees are affordable and the experiences are life changing. Go online to explore hundreds of reviews and their 96% customer satisfaction rate.

I studied abroad through the AIFS London internship. I took a couple of classes through the university and interned full time at Entertainment...By – Parissa

Read more reviews: Go Overseas, Go Abroad

The Fee

These are programs designed to taken as a part, or be contributing towards, a college degree. In essence, they are more comparable to school fees than they are to ordinary high school volunteering programs. As such, the fees are quite high by comparison.  The prices for the programs listed range from US$12,995 for in India to US$16,195 in Ireland and US$18,995 for the experience in New Zealand.

Why We Chose AIFS

This provider was selected because of reasonable rates and exceptional services they offer at volunteer opportunity for high school students. The free online course also caught our attention as it prepares volunteers for a life-changing experience.

CIEE Study Abroad

Established: 1967
Location & Projects: 40 countries, Over 175 programs.
Awards & Recognition: Innovation Award, Leadership Award, Collaboration Award

CIEE is a very reputable company offering various study abroad programs to people globally. Not only is it recognized for its A-one study abroad programs, but also internship abroad, gap year and volunteer abroad, and intensive learning programs. The company came into existence in 1947, but started sending students overseas only after 1960.

Top Programs:

Accelerated Chinese Language

Chinese linguists and learners would advantage greatly from this accelerated Chinese language program based in Shanghai. For a total of 15 weeks, students will be speaking and absorbing nothing but Mandarin as all the classes are taught solely in the prime Chinese language, all with the mind of advancing each student’s Chinese language skills and engineering intercultural understanding. All these courses are designed for American high school and/or college students and will count towards academic credit. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program.

Youth Mentorship & Intro to Social Work

This youth mentorship & intro to social work is a program based in Yutacan, Mexico that places students to gain hands-on experience working directly with successful NGOs and unearthing how such NGOs work to support orphans, disadvantaged children and youths. Working directly with effective NGOs is an amazing chance to learn social skills that’ll be picked up in the daily workshops that focus on topics such as social policy, fundraising and health initiatives. During time off, students will be able to explore the wonders of Mexico, from beautiful beaches to Mayan architectural marvels, verdant tropical rainforests and other cultural delights. This is a great abroad volunteering opportunity for high school students.

Advanced Arabic Language Jordan

This is a fantastic opportunity for high school students and older looking to shift their Arabic speaking and language skills to the next level in a 16-week advanced Arabic language course based in the country’s most notable and cultural capital of Amman. Not only will students get the chance to transform their language skills but they will also have a great chance to experience history and literature courses fully taught in Arabic. And in order to take your learning to the next level, you can volunteer at local schools in nearby rural communities or Amman-based organizations that work with disadvantaged communities. This is a great summer high school volunteer abroad program.

Arts + Sciences in India

This Arts plus Sciences in India is a 21-week cultural immersion program based in the University of Hyderabad designed specifically for international students in biotechnology, IT and medical sciences as well as in languages and humanities. This program is designed specifically for international students looking to enhance their academic standing as well as acquiring an understanding of another culture altogether.

Summer Ghanaian Studies

This is a superb opportunity for American high school students and older looking to satiate their thirst to gain a deeper understanding of Ghanaian culture, in a course that will count as credit towards your studies. You’ll be living in Legon, a very peaceful suburban town that lies northeast to the city of Accra and is home to the Ghana University Campus where you’ll be spending a lot of your time at. This outstanding and short four-week summer Ghanaian studies will have you studying about the vibrant history and politics of Ghana, as well as conversing in basic Twi, learning about topics such as reproductive health and other activities intended to encourage inter-cultural understanding. This is a great abroad travel program for high school students.

Language + Culture Morocco

Here is a brilliant 16-week cultural exchange plan that takes students to Rabat in Morocco that actually counts as credit towards your schooling. This language plus culture program in Morocco is a perfect for linguists who want to improve their Arabic and French-speaking skills while amplifying their cultural understanding of Morocco. There will be a chance to have lessons in Moroccan studies, religion, culture, business as well as economics, taught by leading members of staff from local and international universities at CIEE Rabat. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program.


Being a leading internship opportunity and study abroad provider in 45 countries across the world, CIEE Study Abroad strives to offer its volunteers and interns once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage in something that they are passionate about while getting much-needed expertise on it to enhance their future career.  Visit its website to go through scores of fabulous reviews written by past volunteers for this very reputed company which boasts of a high customer satisfaction rate.

The summer high school volunteering abroad program was very rigorous while still worthwhile. It allowed us to experience and learn about things that are incredibly rare in the United States…By- Chris

Read more reviews:  Go Overseas, Go Abroad

The Fee

Prices range from around US$4,250 for the Youth Mentorship in Mexico up to US$16,950 for the semester course in India and US$17,950 for the course in Morocco.

Why We Chose CIEE Study Abroad

CIEE caught our attention because of the unique and affordable high school volunteer work opportunity abroad they offer. All the programs are friendly and very interactive providing an opportunity to meet new volunteers and create lasting professional relationships.

Rustic Pathways

High school volunteer abroad with rustic pathways

Established: 1983
Location & Projects: 21 countries, Over 100 programs.
Awards & Recognition: 501(c)(3) organization, Best Youth Tour Operator awarded during the annual Global Youth Travel Awards, won the award in 2017 and 2015, and was the runner-up in 2016

Rustic Pathways provides some of the world’s best volunteer abroad programs for high school students. With core values such as empathy, humility and independence, Rustic Pathways focuses on combining travel and philanthropy to foster sustainable development in the local communities their volunteer programs visit. In just under 5 years of business, Rustic Pathways already offers opportunities in over 18 destinations.

Top Programs

Rebuilding Puerto Rico

This is a fantastic 8-day opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Puerto Rico while giving back in an extremely positive way. Here, you’ll be engaged with rebuilding Puerto Rico projects to support the local communities who were left without homes after the devastating hurricane Maria. A great opportunity to improve your Spanish speaking skills too, with plenty of time for fun, play and adventures. This is a great high school volunteer travel abroad experience.

African Wildlife Conservation

This African wildlife conservation is a fantastic 16-day opportunity to travel through some of the most remarkable terrain of Tanzania while aiding in both marine and mountain habitat restoration efforts alongside wildlife experts and community members on projects that that hold conservation as very dear to their hearts. You’ll be able to view iconic Tanzanian wildlife and furthermore also learn about sustainable agriculture too.

Women's Empowerment in Peru

This is a 15-day student volunteering abroad program that is designed to shed light on the current realities facing young girls and women in the country of Peru. Throughout this women's empowerment in Peru, you’ll have the chance to visit a girl’s secondary school dormitory, The Sacred Valley Project, located in the highlands of Peru that greatly supports and leads girls to become leaders in their community. While traveling through the beautiful sights, you’ll also visit a women’s textile weaving cooperative and come into contact with traditional Quechua culture during your stay at a cozy homestay. A sense of adventure can also be anticipated as you’ll have the chance to explore one of the seven wonders of the world, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, as well as do some other adrenaline-fueled activities such as zip-lining.

Intro to Community Service in Costa Rica

This intro to community service in Costa Rica is a 9-day service trip for high school students between the ages of 14-18 who will and work on a number of community serving projects while staying at Rustic’s Volcano and Rainforest Base and taking in the delights of the Costa Rican way of life and culture. While developing your Spanish-speaking skills, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on initiatives in the La Fortuna area, from environmentally-focused initiatives, school improvement projects and community infrastructure in rural communities to cultural exchanges and immersion programs with Costa Rican students. After your time volunteering you’ll have a chance to have some fun doing activities such as whitewater rafting and zip lining.

Heart of the Jungle

This Heart of the Jungle is a 16-day undertaking with some volunteering and a lot of traveling and experiencing of Costa Rica, recommended for ages 14-18. The types of high school volunteering opportunities abroad you’ll be working on are environmental conservation projects that help better the communities you visit and infrastructure service projects such as construction and rebuilding of communities. When not volunteering, you’ll be surfing the waves of Dominical Beach, hiking to beautiful waterfalls and learning how to rappel, going on a 3-day kayaking expedition through the Golfo Dulce in the Osa Peninsula, visiting the wildlife of Corcovado National Park as well as having soccer or volleyball tournaments on the beach with the new friends.


Past participants can’t compliment Rustic Pathways enough! Their high school volunteering projects abroad offer top quality experiences around the world. Participants love their attentive staff and rare cultural opportunities. Here’s what one had to say:

This was without a doubt the most amazing thing I have ever done. An incredible adventure despite failing to make the summit. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with an adventurous spirit who is willing to put in the effort to train and go without a shower for a week. This trip changed my life and I continue to reflect on it each and every day. By - Sarah Petrides

Read more reviews: Go Overseas, Go Abroad

The Fee

Of the terrific programs listed above, the prices range from as little as US$1,995 for 9 days to as high as US$5,495 for a longer duration of 16 days. The prices listed aren’t inclusive of airfares.

Why We Chose Rustic Pathway

Rustic Pathway is the best high school volunteer abroad program provider and first time volunteers across the globe. If you want an organization that has secure and safe programs then, this is the right choice for you. The high price is also very affordable and paid directly at the program.

ISA International Studies Abroad

High school volunteer abroad with ISA International Studies Abroad

Location: USA
Established: 1987
Location & Projects: 36 countries

International Studies Abroad (ISA) was founded in 1987 upon launching its first abroad program in Salamanca, Spain. The company has a longstanding history of providing college students in the United States and Canada wonderful opportunities to explore the world that complement their academic studies. The company is now a part of WorldStrides, an enormous provider of educational travel opportunities that are geared towards developing every student’s understanding of the world.

Top Programs

Service Learning Program in Peru

These are specific service learning program in Peru based in either Cusco or Lima that range from community initiatives, education, environment, family and youth, health or human rights that can paired with your academic subject of study. From helping channel music into the lives of communities in Cusco to helping with research and rehabilitation of marine life in Lima, there are plenty of options to be explored. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program.

Service Learning Program in Chile

This service learning program in Chile is organized by ISA that custom matches any of the following service-learning experiences with an ISA academic program. The following service opportunities are available in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, with options to community development initiatives that involve the regeneration of old neighborhoods; or teaching English for education; or doing environmental service by volunteering at an environmental and cultural park. Also available are opportunities to do volunteering in family and youth development, as well as health. This is a great abroad volunteering opportunity for high school students.

Service Learning Program in Costa Rica

This is a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience in service work with any one of the following service disciplines: community development, education, environment, family and youth development and health in San Jose of Costa Rica. This service learning program in Costa Rica organized by ISA that custom matches any of the above service-learning experiences with an ISA academic program. From volunteering at museums and helping out at after school programs for low-income children to volunteering at a park that brings communities together, there are many things that could be done in this program.  This is the best high school volunteer abroad program.

Service Learning Program in Dominican Republic

This service learning program in Dominican Republic is an incredible opportunity to go to Santiago in the Dominican Republic to develop hands-on and practical experience doing service work with one of the following service / volunteering disciplines: education, human rights, family and youth development and health. From working at the Center for Labor Rights assisting in administrative duties that help support labor rights to working at public health clinics and more, there are plenty of ways to volunteer while studying abroad.  This is a great summer abroad volunteer trip for high school students.

Service Learning Program in Spain

These service learning programs in Spain are specific programs based in either Salamanca or Granada in Spain that range from community development initiatives, education, environment, family and youth and health that can paired with your academic subject of study. From working at the Euro-Arab Educational Foundation to help establish economic and cultural relations between Spain and the Arab world, to developing educational resources to aid in environmental awareness initiatives, there are plenty of volunteering disciplines and initiatives to choose from.

Service Learning Program in South Africa

This service learning program in South Africa is a terrific chance to go to Cape Town in South in order to develop hands-on and practical experience doing service work with one of the following volunteering disciplines: education, family and youth development, human rights and health. From working at a school for special needs children to working at a family center for women and children who have been the victims of domestic and sexual abuse, there are plenty of ways to make your time abroad incredibly meaningful. This is a great abroad volunteer travel for high school students.


ISA is an incredibly reputable company offering many fantastic programs, and a look at the company’s reviews perfectly demonstrates this. Out of 430 reviews made on Go Overseas, ISA received a phenomenal 94% recommendation rate. Furthermore, out of 262 reviews made on Go Abroad, ISA received an astounding 9.61 out of 10 rating. See what one American student had to say about her time with ISA:

Deciding to study abroad in Salamanca was easily the best decision I've ever made.  - Allison Johnson, USA

For more reviews, click Go Overseas or Go Abroad.

Why We Chose ISA High School Abroad

The company has an established history and of providing students in the United States and Canada with wonderful high school abroad volunteering opportunities to explore the world that complement their academic studies. The company also has an incredible range of volunteering disciplines to choose from, whether you want to focus on human rights, the environment, community development and a number of other categories to choose from.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Location: UK
Established: 1998
Location & Projects: 13 countries, Over 100 Programs
No of Volunteers & Interns-3500+
Awards & Recognition: GoAbroad's Top Rated Organizations & Programs, Go Overseas Community Choice Awards, GoAbroad Innovation Award

With over 15 years of experience, Global Vision International provides volunteer programs and teenage volunteer summer programs over 450 opportunities across 25 different countries. To date, more than 25,000 volunteers have joined Global Vision International because their programs focus on teaching participants the skills they need to know in order to change the world for the better.

Top Programs:

Thailand Conservation Experience

Thailand conservation experience is an amazing volunteering experience to go to the southern part of Thailand to discover the wonderful surroundings and beauty of Phang Nga province while greatly helping and aiding in local conservation efforts to do with community and conservation projects, such as taking care of turtles and meeting with local Thai students for a cultural exchange. This is a great abroad volunteer opportunity for high school students.

Nepal Community Development Experience

Following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, GVI has since been working on the ground with its partners to help restore and rebuild the communities that were left destroyed by the environmental disaster. While in Nepal community development experience, you’d be helping in construction and renovation projects alongside GVI’s highly experienced staff members and local partners. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program.

Cape Town Community Development Experience

Cape Town community development experience is a wonderful opportunity to travel to Cape Town, South Africa and not only take in its wondrous beauty but also become a part of some long-term projects GVI has going there alongside an opportunity to work with local families. Volunteers will work at education facilities doing some much needed construction for centers that normally take care of children from abusive families. You’ll be working with the township educare centers to rebuild and improve the infrastructure for these centers which provide the perfect environment for a loving and caring home for these children in need.

Costa Rica Conservation Experience

Costa Rica conservation experience is a wonderful chance to spend some time living on a remote research station while engaging in GVI’s conservation focused service learning course where you’ll be learning about rainforest ecosystems and assisting real-time with jaguar, bird, turtle and forest conservation projects. To complement the on the ground experience you acquire during your time here, you’ll also be expected to complete education-focused assignments. This is a great high school student’s service trip.

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand

In this highly rated volunteer with elephant program, student volunteers will head to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to work with elephants who were once used and sadly abused while working in the country’s tourism sector. You’ll be helping to monitor the behavior of the elephants as they are reintegrated into the forests.

Marine Conservation Expedition in Fiji

Marine Conservation Expedition in Fiji is a remarkable chance to not only grasp and discover the wonders of the South Pacific but to also to help contribute to important research that will direct the management of marine protected areas, such as coral reefs and various other ocean ecosystems of Fiji. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program.


Global Vision International teaches thousands of volunteers and interns every year the skills they need to succeed and change the world. Past participants praise the company’s constant support, noble values and lasting project impacts. Hop online to explore their 72% satisfaction rate.

I came on this trip worried that would have trouble making friends or feeling left out of the group. This was not so. The staff and the others on the trip were amazing… By - Gisele Chu

Read more reviews: Go Overseas, Go Abroad

The Fee

Not too high, the prices listed for the student volunteering travel experience abroad above are quite similar. Expect to pay around US$2750 for the Costa Rica Wildlife Conservation experience and around US$2270 for Volunteering with Elephants in Thailand.

Why We Chose GVI

We are impressed by the dedication and passion to offer volunteers’ best positive experience abroad. Since inception over 15 years ago they ensure volunteers engage in meaningful and ethical secure volunteer abroad experience for high school students.

Travel For Teens

Established: 2003
Location & Projects: 40 countries, Over 100 programs.
Awards & Recognition: Top youth travel organization in 2017, accredited by the President’s Volunteer Service Award, accreditation by the International Air Transport Association, IATA,

Travel for Teens is a fantastic and top Youth Travel Organization that takes groups of teens to destinations across the world that will enable young minds to evolve and think, act and breathe not like a “tourist”, but like a true traveler. The prime aim of the company is to create teen-focused programs that encourage teens to experience their host countries in the same ways a local would. Travel For Teens’ mission is to nourish a savvy traveler mindset within its students, making traveling not just about going to a new destination, but developing an entirely new perspective. The company provides amazing teenage volunteer summer programs definitely worth considering.

Top Programs

China Discovery and Service

China discovery and service program is a wonderful opportunity to travel to China, one of the most notable economic giants and truly powerful Asian economies of the world. Not only will you get the chance to learn about ancient Chinese heritage and culture and take in all the wonderful sites the country has to offer while visiting Shanghai, Shaolin, Luoyang, Xi’an, Chengdu, Sichuan and Beijing, but you’ll also be actively involved in some incredible community service efforts. You’ll earn up to 20 community service hours working at a Giant Panda rehabilitation center in a rural Chinese village while also assisting in conservation efforts currently being made to save the endangered giant red pandas. This is the best volunteer abroad programs for high school students.

Costa Rica for Older Teens: Ultimate Adventure and Service

Costa Rica for Older Teens: Ultimate Adventure and Service is a 22-day journey and roller-coaster that packs in a great mix of adventure with community service. You’ll get to witness most stunning natural beauty of the country whilst also giving back in a number of ways to its people. From teaching English to planting trees and much more, you’ll earn up to 20 service hours while having some adventure too. Enjoy zip lining through jungles, whitewater rafting and swimming underneath waterfalls, all making for a brilliant summer.

Alaska Service and Adventure

Alaska Service and Adventure is a remarkable opportunity to travel to one of the lesser-visited destinations of the world, but nonetheless one of the most beautiful and also very close to home! You’ll be involved with wildlife conservation projects for bears, moose and other mammals while also taking in the finest views and sights Alaska has to offer, from a visit to Homer, one of the state’s best kept secrets, to fishing in Seward, a haven for fishermen and climbing to the tops of glaciers, whitewater rafting in the midst of snowcapped mountains and plenty more. This is a great volunteering abroad trips for high school students.

Thailand Elephant Service and the Islands

Thailand Elephant Service and the Islands is an incredible 17-day program for those who are animal-lovers and also want to spend some time on Thailand’s beautiful islands as well. In this program, you’ll be taking care of elephants at an elephant sanctuary in the northern part of Thailand in Chiang Mai – and you’ll be candidly involved with caring for them, from washing them to walking and playing with them. Please note, however, that you won’t be riding them! You’ll also have a chance to raft along the Pai river, before venturing south to the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao. You’ll also visit Bangkok and Ayutthaya.

There are still a number of incredible volunteer programs for high schoolers by Travel For Teens that high school students should definitely consider. We recommend perfecting your Spanish and taking it to the next level with the company’s special Costa Rica: Spanish Language Immersion and Service (11 days); budding medical and health experts should definitely spend some time learning about how ancient healing methods and modern medicine fuse together in the Bali: Healthcare Education and Medical Outreach and if you’re super intent on going to Bali but your not a medical student to be, then do consider the company’s Bali Service and Adventure; and for those looking to earn up to 40 hours of marine-focused community service while visiting two countries in one, why not try the Australia and Fiji Service


Travel For Teens is an amazing travel organization with a number of rosy reviews.  The travel company has an astounding 98% satisfaction rate on Go Overseas and a 9.74 out of 10 rating on Go Abroad. Its number of reviews are, however, still growing. The company’s high school volunteering projects abroad reviews are glowing and similar to the one below:

This trip was hands down one of the best trips I have been on and am excited to be traveling with TFT again soon! - Joanna

For more reviews, check out Go Overseas’s 243 reviews or Go Abroad’s 218 reviews.

The Fee

Travel For Teens has a moderately reasonable pricing system. To give you an estimate, out of the ones mentioned, the prices are US$4895 for the Thailand Elephant Service, are US$5895 and US$5895 for the Costa Rica for Older Teens option.

Why We Choose Travel For Teens

We are really thrilled with the travel organization’s mission to train students to have a spirit of true travel – one that helps encourage young people to lend a helping hand in communities abroad.

API Study Abroad

High school volunteer abroad with api study abroad

Location: USA
Established: 1997
Location & Projects: Over 20 countries

Established in 1997, API Study Abroad offers mission trips abroad for high school students in 9 different destinations across the world. By placing high school volunteers abroad in a uniquely tailored course, API Study Abroad challenges its volunteers in a variety of academic, professional and personal ways. On site assistance ensures a safe and exciting experience no matter which country you find yourself located in. The company provides amazing high school volunteer abroad programs definitely worth considering.

Top Programs:

Study and Intern Abroad in Santiago

Study and Intern Abroad in Santiago is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time in Santiago, Chile, to first and foremost complete two five-week intensive academic courses studying Critical Thinking and Immigration in Historical Context before embarking upon a 7-week full time internship based upon your individual learning and career objectives. You will be studying and taught remotely at Nichols College and have plenty of opportunities to explore the wonderful city of Santiago

Latin American Health Care Studies in Costa Rica

Latin American Health Care Studies in Costa Rica is a fantastic program for high school students who are thinking about doing a degree in health studies in South America. In partnership with the Hospital Clínica Bíblica, the International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) has created an 11-week program designed for students in the health fields that will allow then an opportunity to improve their Spanish-speaking levels while gaining a more profound knowledge of health and the healthcare system in South America. This is a great volunteering opportunity abroad for students.

Sustainability and Environmental Studies in Costa Rica

This Sustainability and Environmental Studies in Costa Rica is a great program especially made for American students that takes place at the Instituto San Joaquín de Flores in Costa Rica. The program seeks to give students an understanding of Costa Rica’s environmental biodiversity and the country’s unparalleled efforts to promote sustainability in this 4-week internship placement. This is the best community service abroad trips high school for studnets.

Summer Intensive Spanish Language Studies in Buenos Aires

The company’s summer intensive Spanish language studies in Buenos Aires is an intensive Spanish language program that has been created for students who wish to improve their Spanish language skills immensely in a fairly short but more-than-enough amount of time. When you have completed the program, which can range from as little as a month-long to 3 months, you will receive a transcript from Universidad de Belgrano.

Study Abroad + Volunteer

During your time studying abroad plus volunteering with API, you also have the opportunity to do some volunteering. Doing a volunteer-add-on, which would theoretically contribute credits to your chosen field of future academic study, would allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the country your visiting and also allow you to understand your host country in a more significant way, through practical experience. This is a great volunteer abroad experience for high school students.


API stays true to their mission goal of offering volunteers and interns enriching academic and cultural experiences that will not only foster self-confidence and growth but also global understanding and openness. Go online to read over two hundred reviews and a 94% satisfaction rate. Here’s what one past participant had to say about API high school volunteering abroad program:

It was the best experience of my life! You grow up and learn so many things about yourself and the world...By – Isaac

Read more reviews: Go Overseas, Go Abroad

Why We Choose API Study Abroad

This company offers very cost efficient volunteering programs designed for high school students. In addition, they give volunteers a great experience and notable safety options as well as a certain amount of unrivalled flexibility within their programs, certainly reflected in their online reviews.

Global Leadership Adventures

Location: USA
Established: 2004
Location & Projects: 20 countries over 50 programs

Global Leadership Adventures, originated in 2004, creates specified Service Learning Adventures on order to provide the perfect program for each high school student volunteering abroad. Join a team and get to work on community service, hands-on learning and miraculous adventures. By the end, they guarantee a transformation of sorts. The company provides amazing high school volunteer abroad programs definitely worth considering.

Top Programs

Bali: Island Education Initiative

This Bali: Island Education Initiative is an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experience to journey all the way to the exotic island of Bali and spend an untold amount of beautiful time taking in the wonders of the island while simultaneously giving back to the Balinese. You’ll be going into a local school to teach English and also bond with the Balinese people. English is greatly needed in a country that thrives on tourism and welcoming English-speaking tourists from all over the world. This is the best volunteer abroad program for high school students.

India: The initiatives for Children

India: The initiatives for Children program is an amazing chance to journey to India to learn about and relish in all the wonderful and majestic highlights the country has to offer, all the while making a difference in the lives of Indian youth while you teach India’s children and support infrastructure projects at some local schools. You’ll also be able to take in the authentic India while visiting well-known cultural highlights during you stay in the “royal city” of Jaipur as you travel to the architectural wonders of the Taj Mahal. This is a great abroad service trip for high schoolers.  

Galapagos: Preserving natures wonders

Galapagos: Preserving nature wonders is a magnificent opportunity for nature-lovers and environmentalists alike to restore the marvelous wildlife habitat the Galápagos. You’ll walk away having come into contact with a plethora of different species living on the exotic island and its ocean life. You’ll also  be able to get to learn about efforts made by conservationists to preserve and protect the island’s unique ecosystem. This is a great volunteer abroad programs for high school students.

Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World

If you really want to get involve with building something astounding and life-transforming, how about embarking upon and seeing through until completion of building a sustainable world project that involves helping tackle key global issues at the local level. You’ll be building important sites such as latrines for Dominican families. This is a great volunteer opportunity abroad for high school students.

Some other very top student volunteering programs worth considering by GLA are its Peru: Children of the Andes, a program to teach in rural Peruvian classrooms; or another child-focused program teaching English in its Guatemala: Children of the Maya; or for animal lovers, it’s worth considering GLA’s Costa Rica Animal Rescue Project, a program aimed at rescuing and helping to rehabilitate animals in Costa Rica.


Gain access into distant communities and interact with children, wildlife, healthcare systems, government organizations and political issues in order to foster more sustainable communities. In over 50 reviews, GLA scores a nearly perfect customer satisfaction rate of 98.6%.

Choosing to go to Thailand with Global Leadership Adventures was the best decision I have ever made. Everyday was a new adventure…by erin

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The Fee

The prices at GLA’s high school volunteer abroad programs are mid-range and fairly affordable. If you take a look at some of the sample prices of projects we listed, you’ll be able to see for yourself. For the Dominican Republican program, the price is US$4,999; for the program in Costa Rica, the price comes to $5,499 and for the visit to the Galapagos islands, it comes to US$4,699.

Why We Choose Global Leadership Adventure 

Global Leadership Adventures is has an outstanding commitment to project safety and affordable programs that ensure you have the best possible experience. The company ensures it provides high value volunteering abroad for 15 year olds and high school students and has received amazing reviews online.

SOL Abroad

Location: USA
Established: 2005
Location & Projects: 4 countries
Awards & Recognition: GoOverseas (2018) "SOL voted Best 2018 High School Program", Abroad101 (2015) "SOL Costa Rica voted the #1 Destination Program in the US",  Abroad101 (2015) "SOL voted the #1 Top Study Abroad Program in the US",  Teenlife (2015) "Fantastic Summer Programs for Teens"

Established in Costa Rica in 2005, SOL Abroad aims to personalize every volunteer experience they offer. Pick from a host of Spanish language classes, rare travel excursions and cultural activities in one of 5 different countries. Each summer volunteering abroad opportunity for high school students stresses cross-cultural understanding and international education with foreign affairs. The company provides amazing programs definitely worth considering.

Top Programs:

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica is a good chance to study abroad and learn some Spanish in Atenas, Costa Rica, a country known for its mesmerizing and natural beauty as well as verdant surroundings and stunning coastlines. The Sol Abroad students in this remarkable Spanish Language & Culture Program will study at a reputable Spanish institute in Atenas for the summer program, or if going during their Gap Year, will be attending an accredited Costa Rican university in Heredia. This is the best abroad volunteer projects for high school students.

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Mexico

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Mexico program is a good opportunity to travel to the vibrant city of Oaxaca in Mexico while learning some Spanish in a culturally immersive and more fruitful way. While you’re not attending lessons taught at the University of Oaxaca, you’ll be experiencing

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Spain

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Spain is a terrific opportunity for learners of Spanish to travel to the wonderful of Spain, one of the most animated and exciting countries of the world. You’ll be staying in Granada which happens to be one of the most culturally and historically ancient cities of the country, a perfect starting point for those who wish to learn more about Spanish culture. Students will study at the prominent University of Granada in this great volunteer experience abroad for high school students.

Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion in Buenos Aires, Argentina is an ideal opportunity to truly enhance your Spanish while spending time in Buenos Aires, regarded by many to be one of the most amazing destinations of South America, imbued with masses of culture and magnificent monuments to explore. You’ll spend most your time advancing your Spanish skills at the Academia Buenos Aires in lessons led by language professors, attending a campus that is within walking distance of the city’s most venerated monuments.


Sol Abroad strives to provide its participants with highly affordable and accessible high school volunteer abroad programs. Unlike many other companies, they keep their sights focused on only five countries ensuring that your experience is well thought out, educational and enjoyable. Go online to read through hundreds of reviews with a 97% satisfaction rate.

My study abroad experience has been by far one of the best things that has happen to me. I have learned so much about the culture, history and social life of Spain. In my stay I felt like I was part of the community…By - Mariana

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The Fee

SOL Abroad’s courses listed above price range from roughly US$2,995 to US$3,695 that last for 2-3 weeks, with summer programs lasting 6 weeks and going up to US$6,695.

Why We Choose Sol Abroad 

SOL Abroad offers distinctive programs for high school students who are adventurers and eager to learn. Reviews from past volunteers show that they got valuable experience for their future careers in programs that were conducted skilfully by the local staff.

Global Crossroad:

High school volunteer abroad with Global Crossroad

Location: USA
Established: 2003
No of Volunteers/Interns: 20000
Location & Projects: 20 countries, over 200 programs

Created in 2003, Global Crossroad has already helped over 18,000 high school volunteers experience the time of their lives in one of 18 countries around the world. Global Crossroads places volunteers in local communities where they live with host families, re-establish community norms and promote the well-being and success of orphaned, underprivileged and struggling orphans, children and families.

Top Programs

Volunteer Teaching English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal

With many Tibetan monks living in exile in Nepal, many are eager to learn English, a very important skill that could help them immensely in the future in life after the monastery. This volunteer teaching English to Buddhist monks in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to travel to the heritage-rich country of Nepal to give back in a most sacred way to a group of people widely revered in Nepal. This is a great high school students volunteer experience abroad.

Brazil Childcare Volunteer

Although a beautiful country that many long to visit, the sad reality is that nearly a quarter of the population living in Rio de Janeiro live in slums and favelas with no chance of social mobility or bright futures. You can make a difference and brighten some futures by becoming a Brazil childcare volunteer and work at one of the understaffed childcare centers that create a safe environment for the kids of the favelas to be nourished, and flourish. This is the best volunteer abroad trip for teens and high school students.

Volunteer in Costa Rica Conserving Wildlife & Sea Turtles

Conservation efforts in Costa Rica are some of the most reputable and well-noted in the world, as a lot has been done to protect the wildlife and unique system of this wonderful country. Sadly, the reason they had to step up their game in the wildlife arena was because of harsh realities such as human poaching and encroachment into remarkable habitats.

Volunteering in Costa Rica conserving wildlife & sea turtles is your chance to learn about and contribute towards some of the most cutting-edge research and science that has been and will continue to put an end to the endangering cycles for wildlife and rainforests created by humans, and provide ample opportunity for wildlife and sea turtles to thrive in the future. This is a great high school volunteer abroad program!

Sri Lanka Elephant Orphanage Volunteer!

Sri Lanka elephant orphanage volunteer is an amazing opportunity for animal-lovers looking to help improve the livelihood of elephants in Sri Lanka who would otherwise become captures and retained by the country’s not always kind tourism industry. You’ll be offering your kind hinds to elephants at the Sri Lanka Elephant Orphanage and helping take care of these wonderful creatures in an elephant sanctuary. The prime focus of the orphanage is to protect these elephants from poachers. This is a great volunteer abroad program for college students.

Are you still looking for other programs by Global Crossroads? Why not take a look at the company’s Volunteer Teaching English in Guatemala! Program, or perhaps even consider the company’s Volunteering in A Teenage Mothers Project!  in Peru!

Global Crossroad Student Volunteer Abroad Program Reviews:

With student internship programs across the world, past participants rate Global Crossroad with a 93% satisfaction rate. Their programs adopt a philosophy centralized on providing each participant with an individualized, travel heavy and culturally rich experience. Check out what one participant had to say about Global Crossroad volunteer program:

When I signed up for my 12-year old son, 16-year old daughter, and I to volunteer in Costa Rica for February school vacation week…By – Julie

Read more reviews: Go Overseas, Abroad Reviews

The Fee

Global Crossroads hands-down offers some of the cheapest high school volunteer abroad experience. From the programs listed above, some of the company’s prices start from as low as US$642 for volunteering in Peru, to US$849 for volunteering in Sri Lanka with elephants and up to US$1069 for volunteering with sea turtles in Costa Rica.

Why We Chose Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad has over 17 years of experience focusing on affordable environmental friendly and community driven volunteer programs for high school students. This provider is ethical, flexible with secure and highly functional programs.

Other Honorable Mentions are:

IFRE Volunteers:

More than 20,000 volunteers and counting have journeyed to 18 different countries to assist with over 200 volunteer abroad programs for high school students. IFRE values affordability and more importantly value. They ensure life changing experiences with unique local community projects and cultural immersion opportunities.

Projects Abroad:

With over 20 years of experience, Projects Abroad holds offices all around the world and utilizes more than 600 expert staff members to organize volunteering abroad programs for high school students across the nation. Choose to volunteer with a school, orphanage or

IES Abroad:

IES Abroad currently manages over 120 high school volunteering trips abroad in more than 30 locations around the world. Join more than 6,000 students every year and enroll in one of IES’s safe, affordable, and unforgettable experiences. Even earn one of 2.5 million scholarships if you’re short on cash.

CIS Abroad:

CIS Abroad offers some of the best programs abroad for high school students primarily because of their loyalty to their seven core values: passion, fun, cultural awareness, being helpful, change, teamwork and good ideas. Since its inception in 2010, these values have propelled CIS Abroad above its competition and certified the company as an internationally award winning agency with programs in 21 countries.

Institute for Study Abroad:

Created in 1988 on US soil, the Institute for Study Abroad, or IFSA for short, offers international volunteer opportunities for high school students in 20 countries. Earn transferable credit, academic and personal support and once-in-a-lifetime experience if you sign up for an IFSA program.

CEA Study Abroad:

CEA Study Abroad bases their foundation on one simple philosophy: “To provide high-quality international academic programs and services.” To date, CEA currently offers study abroad and high school volunteer abroad programs in 21 different cities and 12 different countries across the globe. Volunteers will earn credit towards graduation as well as garner valuable and employable skills.

CAPA Study Abroad:

With academic excellence, integrity and innovation at the core of their programs, CAPA offers high school students top flight volunteering opportunities abroad. Course work challenges students in political, cultural and social ways and ensure that by the end of your experience, you will learn the skills necessary to flourish in a global market.

The Experiment in National Living:

The Experiment in International Living bases its foundation around college prep skills, language acquisition, cultural knowledge and improving sensitivity towards diverse communities and regions. With over 80 years of exceptional performance, The Experiment offers summer volunteer abroad for high school student homestays, thematic programs, incredible staff, small groups and safe communities.

Maximo Nivel:

Maximo Nivel offers high school students yearning to volunteer abroad opportunities in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Opportunities range anywhere from semesters abroad to intense Spanish Immersion programs and include unmatched staff support, first-rate facilities, and amazing travel excursions.

Greenheart Travel:

According to Greenheart Travel’s moto, they intend to “change lives, advance careers and create leaders,” through a dedication to culturally immersive and relevant high school volunteer abroad programs. Greenheart Travel places an overwhelming focus on the environment so if garden work, animal rehabilitation and forest restoration interest you, Greenheart Travel is your perfect solution.

SAI Study Abroad:

Since its inception in 1995, SAI Abroad has strived to instill global inspiration to travel, explore and learn in all of its participants. They continue to hone their geopolitical economy, humanities and arts courses. If you join SAI, you’re sure to experience a unique volunteer abroad experience in which you will tackle real issues with local community members.

SPI Study Abroad:

Founded in France, SPI Study Abroad has over 30 years of experience organizing influential, impactful and life changing study abroad and volunteering opportunity for high-school students. SPI primarily focuses on granting students the ability to return home with a heightened sense for international sustainability and acceptance. International programs are offered in 5 different countries.

Art History Abroad:

One of the oldest companies in the business, Art History Abroad was founded in the year 1983 in the heart of Italy. The volunteer abroad company organizes summer courses, family trips, gap year courses, adult tailored projects, school visits and London walks. With only 300 participants each year, Art History Abroad ensures a personalized experience guaranteed to change your life.

Youth for Understanding:

Youth for Understanding, or yfu, has served over 260,000 thousand, host families and zealous travelers, offering them the opportunity to volunteer abroad for studnets. Considered one of the oldest companies with 60 years of experience, each program YFU offers maintains a clear structure which is filled with multicultural exchanges, excursions and travel opportunities.

National Outdoor Leadership School:

The National Outdoor Leadership School, or NOLS for short, admits students of all ages to participate in the world’s most remote wilderness adventures. Founded in 1965, NOLS knows exactly how to transfer the information volunteers need. Learn valuable technical outdoor, survival, leadership and environmental skills. If you are looking for a more rugged program, NOLS is your best bet.

DIS Study Abroad:

Founded in Denmark in 1959, DIS Study Abroad maintains locations in both Copenhagen and Stockholm, Germany. High school volunteering programs abroad vary from a semester to summer to academic year. Battle through a challenging curriculum while forming meaningful bonds with locals through host family engagements and more.

Spanish Studies Abroad:

Since its establishment in 1969, Spanish Studies Abroad has transformed into a leading entity in providing international volunteer opportunities for high school students. Programs focus on a strong academic rigor, language acquisition, cultural integration and leaving a positive impact.

EF International:

Closing in on 60 years of serving volunteer abroad opportunities to high school students, EF International extends far across the world with 165 locations in 112 countries around the world. With cultural exchanges, language learning classes, educational excursions and more, EF International offers the complete package.

Abbey Road High School:

Abbey Road focuses on supplying student’s quality academic summer high school volunteer abroad programs that foster cross-cultural understanding, academic excellence and personal growth. Staff hail from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Cambridge, the United Nations and countless other leading programs and institutions around the world. You are sure to receive an amazing education with Abbey Road.

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad:

Founded in 1990, Forum-Nexus has helped over 3,300 students enjoy undergraduate and graduate courses in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Holland and the Czech Republic. Uniquely, Forum-Nexus grants each student a host family, access to private seminars, an official diploma and more.

Broad Reach Study Abroad:

Since its inception in 1998, Broad Reach Study Abroad has grown to provide over 14,000 middle school, community service trips for high school students and college students’ opportunities volunteering and interning abroad. They currently manage more than 70 summer programs in more than 40 countries that all aim to unlock the world of travel and adventure for young minds.

Pacific Discovery:

In just over 10 years, Pacific Discovery has lead more than 2,000 students, faculty and adventures around the world on experiential journeys. The American Gap Association, Year out Group and Outdoors Mark have all certified Pacific Discovery as a safe and prestigious option for volunteer programs.

Global Routes:

Global Routes is a non-governmental agency that collaborates with Windsor Mountain to create the best volunteer programs for high school students abroad. Now with over 25 years of experience, Global Routes has become a pioneer in the field of studying abroad through their host community partnerships and commitment to local sustainability.

Gap Medics:

Based out of Newcastle, England, Gap Medics is a specialist organization that focuses on placing medical enthusiasts in Tanzania, Croatia, Poland and Thailand in order to improve and sustain constant health care. Opportunities include volunteering or interning as a doctor, nurse, physician assistant, midwife and dentist.

Global Work:

Global Works recently celebrated its 26-year anniversary and for good reason: they lead most companies in providing summer volunteer programs for high school students. Each program partners with a local and a foreign organization to implement grassroots projects with the sole purpose of making a lasting, beneficial impact.  

Loop Abroad:

Founded in 2009, Loop Abroad focuses its efforts on only one location and in only the realm of animal healthcare and welfare. By enrolling in Loop Abroad programs, you will learn how cultural values, resource availability, global climate and economic incentives can affect veterinary practices around the world.

Visions Service Adventures:

Visions Service Adventures was founded in 1989 and currently brings community service projects to 8 different countries. Volunteering abroad for 15 year olds, middle school and high school programs link up with VISIONS to experience an invigorating life of travel, freedom and responsibility.

University of Otago:

Almost 150 years old, the University of Otago kindly invites high school students abroad to live, study and enroll in their offered classes. The University is stationed in New Zealand so visiting volunteers, interns and students can easily explore the amazing scenery and landscapes that surround the University of Otago.

TEAN The Education Abroad Network:

The Education Abroad Network, Tean for short, provides comprehensive international education opportunities for high school volunteer abroad. They paired with 30 top level universities throughout the Asia Pacific region for over 20 years to create extremely structured and adventurous programs.

KCP International:

Since its foundation in 1983, KCP International has grown into its role as the leading Japanese language educator in the world. Every year, 900 students from around the world flock to Tokyo for KCP’s amazing and challenging cultural and language immersion programs.

These programs compile our list of the best volunteering opportunities for high school students available. They offer intellectual, insightful and entertaining experiences across all corners of the globe, and better yet they are extremely affordable.

If you’ve volunteered, studied or interned abroad in high school but did so through another company, please comment below. We are always adding new programs to the list and would love to hear your feedback.

Otherwise, pick your favorite company and go! The world is your oyster!

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