The 8 Best Cheap Guatemala Volunteer Providers 2023

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Are you interested in volunteering in Guatemala? Are you open to reading about the most highly rated and affordable opportunities in Guatemala organized by trusted and credible companies?

Guatemala is a country of volcanoes, mountains, and beaches. It has coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean and is proud of its Mayan history, evidence of which still remains. Home to scattered Mayan ruins, the locals are very proud of their indigenous culture. It houses many beautiful tombs, graceful churches and several other tourist attractions just waiting to be explored.

While joining a Guatemala volunteering program is a life-changing opportunity, it can be very confusing when you start searching the internet for a safe and affordable organization. Several organizations are unreliable and demand thousands of dollars fees. In order to really ensure you land the right provider, you need to scour through endless reviews, company histories and all the prices, which can turn into a very tedious job.

At TravellersQuest, we want to see you join a reputable, safe and affordable program in Guatemala where you can be sure you’ll make a valuable difference. So, we spent hundreds of hours researching and finding the best and safest volunteer providers for you. Based on company reputations and histories, reviews and price points, here we present an unbiased selection of the best and affordable Guatemala volunteer providers.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
MaximoNivel $915 Go overseas: ‎1,150 reviews
Go Abroad: 1,224 reviews
RCDP International $519 Go overseas: 47 Reviews
IFRE Volunteer $539 Go Overseas: ‎103 reviews
Global Crossroad Volunteers $539 Go overseas: ‎88 Reviews
Love Volunteers $888 Go overseas: 139 reviews
Go Abroad: 273 reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $959 Go overseas: ‎1,724 reviews
Go Abroad: 1,282 reviews
A Broader View Volunteers $995 Go overseas: ‎ 178 reviews
Go Abroad: 6 Reviews
Operation Groundswell $1725 Volunteer Forever: 263 Reviews
Go Overseas: 111 reviews

Table updated: Oct 3, 2020

Maximo Nivel (Peru)

Founded in 2003, Maximo Nivel is a leading meaningful and educational travel provider. The organization works with more than 4,000 participants, students, clients, and travelers every year. They own and manage four different learning institutes located in three South American countries.

Their aim is to deliver high-quality, safe and affordable educational and meaningful volunteer trips in Guatemala, Peru and Costa Rica. They aim to help people experience the world through education, adventure, and cultural travel.

Maximo Nivel’s Best Programs in Guatemala

Maximo Nivel’s Guatemala programs are based in the city of Antigua, Guatemala and on the Pacific coast. You will stay in a home base house with other international volunteers once join the project. Their Guatemala programs include:

Guatemala childcare volunteer project- You will help to take care of the disadvantaged and vulnerable Guatemalan children. These children need constant nurturing to help overcome the adverse effects of their difficult past.

You are expected to work and play with them, help keep these children off the street, and provide them with a happy and productive childhood. Depending on individual skills and interests, volunteers act as mentors too, helping children with their homework as well as teaching them English.

Exotic Animal Conservation - Maximo Nivel offers many types of animal conservation projects in Guatemala. As per your interests and skills, you can join turtle conservation program, Dog and Cat care program, Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation program and more. When you join, you will have an awesome opportunity to get up and close with these amazing animals and take care of them on a daily basis.

Guatemala English teaching program - English learning rooms are present at small community centers, orphanages, or shelters for street children where you will work. There are also primary, middle, and high school students. You will assist in teaching regular English to help students with their grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, writing, and listening. They also tutor the children who need individual attention and help them with their homework.

Medical / Dental Volunteers- As a volunteer in Guatemala, you will work in local hospitals and clinics providing healthcare facilities to the patient. Depending on your medical experience and Spanish language skills, you will usually assist the doctors, nurses, therapists, or other medical professionals present there in their daily work. Dental volunteers will help dentists and offer dental awareness techniques to patients.

Construction Project- Volunteers on this project have the responsibility of working on repairing or building new homes and schools for orphaned children or for rural villages. They are led by professional foremen, architects, and engineers who determine the work program.

Maximo Nivel Reviews

Volunteers have a great time being a part of amazing volunteer opportunities in Guatemala. They have reviewed the program on various sites such as Go Abroad, Go Overseas giving it five out of five stars. According to the volunteers they would rank the project very highly, in particular the turtle project.

They described the staff as friendly and the native people amazing. They were introduced to so many like-minded volunteers, able to share houses and participate in great free activities like salsa dancing which was very exciting. Many said they would love to come back again! Read reviews on Go abroad and Go Overseas.

Why We Chose Maximo Nivel

This provider topped the list because of their affordable program fees and organization reputation. Maximo Nivel offers very unique, diverse and safe volunteer programs in Guatemala according to reviews from past volunteers.

The Fee

Maximo offers reasonably priced programs to volunteer in Guatemala, starting from $915 including the registration fee. Volunteers can stay for one to eight weeks. This includes shared volunteer accommodation on site and two meals a day.

RCDP Volunteer Abroad

rcdp volunteer guatemala

RCDP Volunteer Abroad is a US registered non-profit international volunteer organization. This top-rated organization has been offering amazing volunteer in Guatemala programs since 1998. Thousands of volunteers apply every year to RCDP for volunteering abroad. They have around 12,000 active members currently, but the number keeps growing every year as more and more volunteers return and new ones also join in.

RCDP’s Best Programs in Guatemala

RCDP offers many meaningful volunteering program in Guatemala. Each project begins on every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, and you will work 5 days a week, 5 hours a day. Theie programs are located in Antigua and Xela. Both locations have multiple projects that you can from minimum of 1 week to as long as 12 weeks.



  • Work in an Orphanage (Antigua)
  • Volunteer Teaching English (Antigua)
  • Medical Volunteer (Antigua)
  • Construction Work (Antigua)
  • Turtle Conservation (Antigua)
  • Exotic Animal Volunteer (Antigua)
  • RCDP’s Guatemala childcare and orphanage volunteer program supports orphan and vulnerable children in Guatemala. As a volunteer, you will work in a childcare center or in an orphanage and support the destitute children in every possible way. You may act as mentors and companions to the children, teach English, play games with them, and organizing different fun activities.

    RCDP’s another meaningful program is street children, where they help rehabilitate the street children and help keep these children off the streets. So, you play multiple roles including that of a teacher, mentor, helper and so on.

    If you are a teacher, thinking about developing your career in teaching sector, Teaching English Program the project for you. However, this project is also open to passionate volunteers who wish to share their English skills to disadvantaged children. You may either teach the class on your own following the curriculum or may assist regular teachers. As per your skills, you may provide expertise in setting the curriculum.

    If you love empowering disadvantaged women, they have Women’s empowerment program in Xela. Also, medical students get hands-on medical experience once they join healthcare/ medical volunteering program in Guatemala.

    They also have building construction project and Exotic

    RCDP Volunteers Reviews

    RCDP is one of the highest rated abroad volunteer providers in the world. All their past volunteers describe volunteering with RCDP as a rewarding experience, well-organized and affordable.

    They also praise the friendly environment and supporting staff members who always help. Several volunteers loved the system of living with host families as it helped them seep deeper into the culture and get a more authentic experience. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

    The Fee

    RCDP offers extremely affordable opportunities to volunteer in Guatemala. Their program fee $120 per week and $279 one-time registration fee, is indeed the most inexpensive in comparison to all other providers. Despite the fee is low, they never comprise on the usefulness and quality of the programs. This is the reason the volunteers love volunteering with them and express deep emotional thanks through their reviews.

    RCDP’s commitment to work with grassroots communities and projects, their continuous hard work to make this world a better place, affordable fees, volunteers exceptional satisfaction rate give this organization a no-doubt second position.

    Are you interested volunteering in other neighboring Latin American countries? We have thoroughly researched and selected the best and most affordable volunteering Organizations in Brazil, volunteering Organizations in Argentina, volunteering Organizations in Costa Rica, volunteering Organizations in Mexico and volunteering Organizations in Peru.

    IFRE Volunteers (USA)

    ifre volunteer guatemala

    IFRE Volunteers is non-profit organization which was founded in 2005 in Texas, USA. This is a large abroad volunteer organization with over 200 projects in 18 different countries. They have already catered to over 19,000 volunteers, placing them for 12 weeks in Asia, Africa, and Latin America at cheap and affordable rates.

    They work dedicatedly towards establishing a strong bond between volunteers and locals to achieve progress and meet targets efficiently. The Guatemala volunteer programs are so well organized that they offer an enlightening travel and cultural experience, along with language courses and volunteer opportunities.

    IFRE’s Best Guatemala Programs

    IFRE’s offers meaningful programs in two locations of Guatemala, Xela and Antigua. Most of their programs recruit all year round, with placements recommended to begin on a Monday - the dates are pretty much flexible. You can volunteer up to 12 weeks starting from 1 week.

    • Turtle Conservation Program (Antigua)
    • Exotic Animal Volunteer Program (Antigua)
    • Construction Volunteer Program (Antigua)
    • Orphanage / Childcare program (Antigua/Xela)
    • Teaching English Volunteer Program (Antigua/Xela)
    • Medical Volunteer Program (Antigua/Xela)

    Turtle Conservation - IFRE’s Antigua turtle conservation volunteer program is a perfect fit for the volunteers who loves working with turtles and spending time on soft sandy Guatemala beaches. The project offers more than you expect, you get to witness astounding attractions, learn Spanish, get yourself immerse in Spanish culture and on top of everything, you get to give your helping hand to conserve the rare and endangered turtle species.

    Women’s Empowerment volunteers teach vulnerable and at-risk women to become independent through various activities. Therefore, you will have duties that allow women to attain specific skills such as teaching English, accompanying other women to court trials, helping staff with carrying out daily activities, and helping with educational workshops on reproductive and preventative health, women’s rights, etc.

    You may also help in workshops being held to teach women handicrafts, arts such as cooking and pastry making, and other home economy topics. This particular organization also runs radio and TV programs to educate women and volunteers may participate in planning activities for the TV and radio likewise.

    Medical Volunteer Program in Guatemala – IFRE’s medical volunteer opportunity in Guatemala is indeed a life-changing program for medical students. You get to work alongside the local doctors and nurses and get hands-on medical experience.

    You will be placed in large hospitals or rural health centers where your tasks include: calculate the patients' vitals such as blood pressure, temperature, lend a hand in setting up health camps, distribute medicines, provide tips to patients on health, nutrition and sanitation, or provide counseling to patients.

    Orphanage and Street Children Program- IFRE’s orphanage and street children are two different programs, where you will support and teach street and orphan. You, in this Guatemala orphanage volunteer program, have a responsibility of trying to help children become self-confident and self-sufficient.


    IFRE has been listed among the top ten incredible volunteer abroad organizations because of the amazing reviews of volunteers. They have been voted 4.3-4.8 stars on their Facebook page as well.

    Volunteers return with the satisfaction of having served the community well, through a thorough approach. They often talk about how enriching the experience was and praise the minimum affordable rates. The volunteer reviews are also available on their website for your perusal. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

    The Fees

    IFRE offers most the affordable volunteer programs in Guatemala. Their tax-deductible fees may be divided into two separate parts:

    • Application fee of $299 USD- which covers advertising, staff and office expenses among others.
    • Weekly program fee of which:
    • Host families receive 60%-80%
    • Project donation which forms 10% - 20%
    • Local country office expenses/staff expenses which is 10-30% of the program fee

    You pay the program fee directly to host families and projects as a part of IFRE's transparency policy. In this way, it reaches the needy directly with no middlemen claiming profit. The program fee is inclusive of three meals a day, accommodation, airport welcome, airport to project transfer among others.

    Why We Chose IFRE

    IFRE was selected because their affordable volunteer in Guatemala programs stood out from the rest. They are also very flexible with community-based programs that past volunteers have raved to be life changing and impactful.

    Global Crossroad (USA)

    GCR volunteer Guatemala

    Global Crossroads is one of the best and most highly rated US registered non-profit volunteer organizations. The organization was established in 2003 by a group of passionate teams of philanthropists. They offer programs in 18 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Apart from volunteering, they also provide other opportunities like internship abroad, volunteer abroad, summer escapes, mini-venture, paid teaching, humanitarian volunteer trips and cultural immersion.

    Global Crossroad Guatemala Volunteer Program

    Global Crossroad offers flexible, affordable and grassroots programs in Guatemala. You can join from 1 to 12 weeks as per your availability and interest. The programs are located in the beautiful cities of Xela and Antigua.

    Orphanage/ Street Children (Antigua /Xela) - Global Crossroad’s orphanage program offers helping hand to childcare centers and orphanages in Guatemala. Your main responsibility as a volunteer is to help and assist children residing in the orphanages and care centers in every possible way.

    Teaching in rural schools (Antigua /Xela) - As a volunteer teacher in Guatemala, you will teach English or assist local teachers in Guatemalan community schools. The main objective of this program is to help in developing English-speaking skills of the children. Thus, you may also arrange and lead various learning-focused activities and support local teachers in developing the curriculum.

    Health (Antigua /Xela)- Medical volunteers in Guatemala shadow local nurses and doctors as well as the local staff. They help in organizing health camps and actively participate in various other activities.

    They take patients’ vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight and temperature and chart them. They also take the patients' medical histories and make the locals aware of the importance of personal healthcare, sanitation and hygiene. Volunteers help with immunizations and assist the local hospital in carrying out their administrative tasks.

    Sea Turtle - Global Crossroad offers amazing sea turtle volunteer program in Antigua. If you love soaking up sun in the beaches, join this program, live your dream in Guatemalan beaches while also helping for a noble cause of saving the rare turtle species.

    Construction - Their construction project is apt for volunteers who love physical volunteering and have a basic level of physical fitness. You will help in orphanage and school’s building reconstruction, renovation and painting programs.

    Animal Volunteer - Global Crossroad has the most exciting Exotic animal conservation program for all the animal lovers out there! When you join this animal volunteering opportunity in Guatemala, you will work in an Amphibian and Reptile Rescue Center under the guidance of veterinarians. Rescue, Recovery, and Relocation, the 3Rs is the theme of the project and you will actively contribute to achieve their goal.

    Global Crossroad Reviews

    Volunteers have reviewed it with an 80% rating saying how dedicatedly they provide meaningful, high-quality opportunities. Everyone greatly appreciated how flexible the programs were and how accommodating the staff and locals were. It has often been called a life-changing experience by the volunteers since the bonds formed with the students and the local staff there were greatly rewarding.

    The affordable prices for volunteering opportunities in Guatemala also encouraged the volunteers to return the subsequent year and refer their friends. You can also read these testimonials on their online website. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

    The Fees

    Global Crossroads offers cheap volunteer in Guatemala, with the program fees depending on the length of stay as well as the program. Global Crossroads program fees are divided into two separate fees:

    • The application fee which is $299 USD
    • The weekly program fee starts from $400 per week, and will be paid directly to host families and projects.

    The weekly fee covers meals, accommodation, the cost of an in-country coordinator, pre-departure information, certificate of completion and fundraising ideas.

    Why We Chose Global Crossroad

    With over 20 years of experience and affordable prices, Global Crossroads definitely caught our attention. The programs are also high-value and safe allowing you the security to fully get immersed in the culture and live like a local.

    Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

    Love Volunteers was established in 2009 in New Zealand and since then have been a pioneer in providing cheap programs in over 35 developing countries worldwide in America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, as well as Europe.

    The program fee starts at $200 per week. They work with local organizations and thousands of volunteers every year. Along with providing cheap volunteer opportunities in Guatemala, their program spans a wider area, being present in more countries.

    Love Volunteers’s Best Programs in Guatemala

    Love Volunteers offers four affordable yet impactful programs in Guatemala. Volunteers contribute directly in improving the lives of people affected by political instability, poverty and poor health.

    Education Support- In this education support program, you will be working in rural schools or after school programs. You will teach the subject of your expertise, assist teachers and handle a class of their own. Volunteers should be enthusiastic and have at least a conversational level knowledge of Spanish to effectively communicate and teach the children.

    Childcare - You will work with children under the age of 12 from underprivileged families, providing care and playing with the children to make them happy and aid in their development. You will be teacher of the day-care center. When in the program, you should plan activities such as educational games, songs, recreational activities and the program for the week individually.

    Healthcare- Guatemala medical volunteers will need to work with several rural clinics, with local doctors and nurses to provide healthcare to the disadvantaged communities. The level of responsibility and involvement will vary depending on the volunteer’s experience. Requirements include an intermediate level of Spanish; and most importantly:

    you must have knowledge of or be certified in some field of medicine. Due to government regulations, volunteers who do not have such a background cannot be accepted into this program.

    Environment Conservation- Volunteers help by working in environmental projects including natural reserves and parks, creating ecological plans and educating locals. This environment conservation program in Guatemala is suitable for volunteers who are enthusiastic about wild flora and fauna, and do not mind getting their hands dirty. Volunteers must be physically fit and do not need to be Spanish speakers, although a minimum of beginner level proficiency is advised.


    Love Volunteers’ blog is available on their website where the volunteers share their experiences and review the program. Love Volunteers is a highly rated and reviewed volunteer organization. There are many positive online reviews in “go overseas, go abroad”. In these reviews volunteers praise the program and the volunteer projects, talking about how it is one of the cheapest volunteering experiences in Guatemala.

    They also talk about the environment that volunteers are placed being safe and of high quality. As a Love Volunteer, they get to help those who need it the most, and work in an ethical and sustainable program that has a real-world impact. Read reviews on Go abroad and Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

    The Fee

    Love Volunteers offers inexpensive programs in Guatemala starting from $700 for two weeks for all projects, except healthcare which costs $805. A registration fee of US$249 is charged in addition to the program fees and is valid for 12 months from your first placement.

    Why We Chose Love Volunteers

    What we loved most about this provide is the cost and how advanced and easy the application process is. Additionally, they have very flexible and unique programs available for everyone including students and first-time volunteers.

    International Volunteer HQ (New Zealand)

    International Volunteer HQ was established in 2007 and provides volunteer abroad programs in 30 different countries around the world. Each year, thousands of volunteers are placed in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia in South Africa, Bali, Nepal, India, Vietnam Cambodia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and several other places where there are opportunities just like cheap Guatemala volunteering opportunities.

    IVHQ’s Programs in Guatemala

    The IVHQ programs are located in Antigua and surrounding towns and villages. Volunteers can choose to stay for durations ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks. They need to be 18 years or older to participate, and the younger volunteers are allowed to volunteer with a parent or guardian.

    All volunteers are required to have adequate volunteer travel insurance and also provide a criminal background check. There is a free interactive pre-departure training that greatly helps.

    Medical - You will shadow nurses and doctors and assist them while treating patients with minor injury. You will also accompany the doctors and nurses and help out in poor communities and orphanages.

    Your Guatemala medical volunteer work varies vastly depending on the level of experience, but normal tasks include measuring weight, height, blood pressure, counseling, taking histories and documenting etc.

    Specific tasks like cleaning wounds and giving injections and sutures, depends on the education and expertise at an individual level. You should also be able to converse well in Spanish, take the initiative in helping out and be enthusiastic about serving people.

    Animal care/animal rights - While volunteering in animal care in Guatemala, you will help to protect animals and provide human company to them. You may also provide veterinary treatment, run neuter programs, rabies vaccination clinics and fund-raising events, and also lead educational programs pertaining to animal care in local communities.

    You will also get to bathe and brush the animals, train them in basic obedience activities, walk and play with them and clean their cages. Small construction projects may include building dog runs, play pens and creating fences for protection. Other activities that involve volunteers are photography and fundraising.

    Construction and Renovation - You work alongside local foremen to build various projects such as home-building, school renovation, orphanage renovation, and building playground and bathroom facilities.

    The local staff and foremen provide help and guidance along with training. As a construction volunteer in Guatemala, you should be physically fit and be able to take part actively in labor work.

    Eco-agriculture conservation - There is a coffee farming community, where you work with farmers and help provide support. You also participate in every step of growing coffee, including harvesting and the marketing process.

    Moreover, you work in the nursery; help in picking, removing weeds, planting shade trees and also in the packaging of the final product for local and international sales.

    Farmers in this community are also working towards building their own school so volunteers may help them physically as well as in curriculum development.

    Special needs care - You work in homes and clinics for mentally and physically disabled children and babies to assist with the personal care of the children. You provide specialized attention and help with physical therapy, feeding, clothing, bathing, and organizing crafts and games for playtime.

    The range of disabilities found amongst the children is wide, so volunteers must come prepared to help with both basic life functions and engaging the children in imaginative games.

    Working with the elderly - You will be placed at nursing homes and senior centers to help create a compassionate and friendly atmosphere for the elderly. As most organizations working for the elderly are extremely underfunded, international volunteers in Guatemala are a great source of manpower and support for these organizations and communities.

    You will provide one-on-one attention, basic healthcare, and socialize with senior citizens. You also organize recreational activities, medicine distribution, and meal preparation.

    Teaching English - Volunteers provide free English lessons to adults and children so that they can learn English, which benefits their employment opportunities.

    Volunteers can also participate in cleaning and fixing the teaching areas as well as fundraising and collecting donations of books and other educational materials.

    Childcare - As a childcare volunteer in Guatemala, you will assist in teaching children in schools and health centers. You are expected to be patient and kind towards them.

    These children come from families that live in poverty and suffer from drug and family abuse and are in need of attention. Apart from teaching and carrying out educational activities, you are encouraged to organize activities and games, and play with the children.

    International Volunteer HQ Reviews

    Being one of the most popular volunteer organizations, it has thousands of reviews on “go abroad” and “go overseas” websites. Volunteers praise their programs as safe, responsible and very affordable.

    They say that the locals were very helpful, friendly and kind. The food was good and eating with all the other volunteers and hearing about their day helped them realize how good a contribution they were making. Read reviews on Go Overseas and Go abroad and Volunteer Forever.

    The fee

    With 1 week costing $330 and $299 one time registration fee, IVHQ offers budget volunteer experiences in Guatemala. The program fees are set based on the destination and the length of stay.

    Why We Chose IVHQ

    IVHQ caught our attention because of the plenty of diverse and affordable programs they offer in Guatemala. Similarly, IVHQ often offer free training to volunteers before their departure abroad. Past volunteers have attested to environmental friendly and very highly Guatemala volunteer work.

    A Broader View

    A Broader View Volunteers is a registered non-profit organization founded in 2007 and based in Pennsylvania, USA. Their projects for volunteers allow them to live and work with local people. They are currently working in 25 countries and catering to thousands of volunteers every year.

    A Broader View’s Best Programs in Guatemala

    ABVV’s Guatemala volunteer programs are set in three locations across Guatemala: Quetzaltenango (Xela), Alotenango and Antigua. They have 10 highly rewarding projects that caters to volunteers from all walks of life. You can choose your own travel date, duration, location and project.

    • Language Immersion
    • Pre-medical / Therapy
    • Paramedic / Rescue
    • Teaching / Education
    • Children Support
    • Medical Project
    • Woman's Support Projects
    • Orphanage
    • Animal Rescue Center
    • Deaf/Blind Center

    Teaching English (Quetzaltenango) - Volunteers teaching Guatemala project helps the underfunded primary community schools in Guatemala. When you join, you will help children with English lessons, teach sports classes and arts and crafts like painting, drawing, music and dance. Volunteers should be able to converse in Spanish for the better result.

    Childcare (Quetzaltenango, Antigua) - Childcare volunteers help the malnourished children by providing necessary medical intervention, education, food and a place to recover completely. You will also feed babies and change their diapers. As most children here are below 6 years of age, the activities should be tailored around them. This program is suitable for pre-medical students.

    Healthcare (Quetzaltenango, Alotenango) - ABVV’s healthcare volunteers in Guatemala offer care and support to the patients in public health centers. You help with routine tasks like making charts, examining patients, helping with injections, and shadowing the local medical staff. Volunteers are to bring their own medical supplies such as scrubs, gloves, masks, and stethoscopes. Spanish speaking volunteers with a health background are welcome.

    Women Empowerment (Quetzaltenango) - You can either volunteer at a mother-child center or in a residential care center for the elderly. The former is home to 60 mothers, girls and young children with the girls and mothers being under 18, and the children aged up to 5 years old.

    Animal Rescue (Quetzaltenango) - The center has 200 animals belonging to 41 species. Volunteers working in this animal conservation program in Guatemala may work directly with the veterinarian staff present there, feed the animals and prepare their food. They may also help with tours that have been arranged, along with maintenance of the park, building, painting and cleaning.

    Disabled Care (Quetzaltenango) - This center provides education to people who are visually and hearing handicapped. The education provided includes pre-primary and primary education in classrooms until 6th grade. Volunteers may work as classroom assistants, help children with their homework as well as with classes. They can be invited in both the special education department and the one for primary education. Sign language knowledge is an added benefit to the program.


    Volunteers have also given them five stars and a 100% rating. If you read the reviews on Volunteer Forever and Go Overseas, you will find how volunteers always praise their programs and commend their fast responses. They appreciate the helpful coordinators who made their experience unforgettable. Read reviews on Go Abroad, Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

    The Fee

    Starting from $895 per week, Broader View Volunteer program offers cheap volunteer opportunities in Guatemala, and the fee is 100% tax deductible. ABV offers advice and assistance with flight planning, affordable travel insurance, as well as procuring a visa if necessary.

    Volunteer Registration Fee includes ongoing support from ABV staff, program marketing costs, information pack, administration costs, ABV donation fund, airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during the volunteer program period.

    Why We Chose A Broader View

    A Broader View does a great job of designing very impactful and diverse programs. They are also committed to offering the best cultural immersion and travel options to their volunteers at very affordable prices.

    Operation Groundswell

    With more than 10 years of volunteering abroad experience Operation Groundswell holds over 110 reviews on Go Overseas and provides with very affordable prices for programs in Guatemala. This best volunteer organization ensures that volunteer in Guatemala programs are of high impact offering volunteers the opportunity to fully immerse in a new culture and learn a new language. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

    Other honorable mentions:

    Global Leadership Adventures

    Global Leadership Adventures presents a fresh, new approach to service-learning abroad. They offer amazing 15 to 25 days tour plus volunteering programs in Guatemala, best for college students. The organization features outstanding solid reviews with a 9.8/10 on Go Overseas and Go Abroad at 9.9/10.


    Bamboo was built on a cornerstone of combined experience of almost 40 years in international adventure travel and global giving back initiatives. Since 2001 Bamboo has placed 40,059 travellers on projects around the world and opened the eyes of international travellers to new cultures and customs globally. Read reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

    Global Dental Relief

    Global Dental Relief is a nonprofit organization that organizes small-group international volunteer experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions. With dental volunteer opportunities in Guatemala for children around the globe, in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Kenya, and Cambodia Global Dental Relief is very affordable with amazing reviews from past volunteers. Read reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

    Integrated Learning Experiences- INLEX

    Go Overseas -9.2 Rating, 64 reviews

    Go Abroad -Rating: 9/10 · ‎57 reviews

    Carpe Diem Education

    Go Overseas - (9.58 Rating, 138 reviews)

    Go Abroad - (Rating: 9.5/10, ‎63 reviews)

    Vida Volunteer

    Go Overseas -9.58 Rating, 143 reviews

    If you are interested volunteering in Africa or Asia, we have thoroughly researched and compiled the list of the best and most affordable volunteering Organizations in Nepal, volunteering Organizations in India, volunteering Organizations in Sri Lanka, volunteering Organizations in Thailand, volunteering programs in Cambodia, volunteering programs in Bali, volunteering Organizations in Kenya, volunteering organizations in South Africa, volunteering Organizations in Tanzania, volunteering Organizations in Uganda and volunteering organizations in Ghana.


    Where can I volunteer in Guatemala?

    Guatemala programs are based in Antigua, Xela and surrounding rural and coastal locations. As per your skills and qualifications, several life-changing programs are available in the field of education, community development, childcare, animal care, environment conservation, and so on. You will enjoy an exceptional biodiversity and the stunning nature of the country while also giving back to the communities in need.

    Do I need a visa to volunteer in Guatemala?

    The US citizens do not require a visa to visit and volunteer in Guatemala for 90 days. If you plan to stay more than 90 days, you can obtain it either by applying upon your arrival or by applying for e-visa. Citizens of other countries need to obtain tourist visa

    Is it possible to volunteer abroad for free?

    Volunteer abroad programs are definitely free; however, you need to cover your accommodation, food, project fees and donation. Thus, its impossible to volunteer abroad for free. There are many organizations that offer low-cost programs in across the world, such as RCDP Volunteers, IFRE Volunteers, International Volunteer HQ etc. You can join their program and make a real meaningful difference for extremely affordable fees.

    Where can I volunteer in Antigua, Guatemala?

    There are various opportunities available for you to volunteer in Antigua, Guatemala. As per your passion, skills and qualification, you can volunteer in the projects like vulnerable children, orphanage, Teaching English, Medical, Construction Work, Animal Volunteer, and so on.

    How can I help Guatemala people?

    You can join a safe, enriching and meaningful community development, childcare, teaching or any other program of your choice and help Guatemalan people in need. When you join to help the Guatemalan people, you will also explore and experience the amazing cities like Antigua, sandy beaches, stunning nature and fascinating bio-diversity.

    What is the poorest city in Guatemala?

    Ciudad de is regarded as the poorest city of Guatemala with the poor infrastructure and slow growth.

    What language do they speak in Guatemala?

    All most every local people speak Spanish language in Guatemala. In total, there are 22 different Mayan languages as well as two Indigenous languages - Garifuna and Xinca are spoken in Guatemala.

    In Conclusion

    These are all incredible volunteer opportunities in Guatemala for everyone to join. You may get as much information as you require regarding everything about these programs from their websites, helplines and other volunteers. This is one of those rare opportunities to make a difference in the world, so seize it!

    If you have experience of volunteering with one of these top organizations or have chosen one after reading this article do leave some feedback to help others make their decision.

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