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The 9 [Best Cheap] Nepal Monastery Volunteer Providers 2023

The 9 Best Cheap Nepal Monastery Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer in Nepal Monastery, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you ready to startup your teaching volunteer and travel experience to Nepal, but you are having a hard time selecting the best program provider? When you try to search the Internet you’ll find hundreds of hits, with each company promoting their own programs. It can be a time-wasting activity, and easily leave you a bad experience. 

Out of hundreds of volunteer Nepal monastery providers, we have selected 9 of the most highly reviewed, impactful, and inexpensive for you to select from. You’ll be able to save time, money, and energy in your pursuit to find the perfect volunteer experience in Nepal. In this article, you will:

Providers Sample price
2 weeks
Plan My Gap Year $699 Go Overseas; 96%- 314 reviews
Review Center:4.8/5- 297 reviews
Love Volunteers $1068 – 4 weeks Go overseas: 91% – ‎135 reviews
Go Abroad: 9..65- ‎283 reviews
A broader view $1030 Go Abroad:99%- 46 reviews
Go overseas: 9.9/10 – ‎178 reviews
Global Crossroad $594 Go overseas: 92% – ‎57 reviews
Abroad Reviews: 8.8 / 10 -334 Reviews
Volunteers Initiative Nepal $819 Go Overseas- 9.2/10- 15 reviews
Go Eco $1500 – 4 weeks Go overseas: 9.4/10 – ‎64 reviews
Go abroad: 9.8/10 – ‎470 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $594 Abroad Review-9.1 / 10 – 327 Reviews
Go Overseas: 89% – ‎66 reviews
Friends for Asia $799 Go overseas: 9.6/10 – ‎9 reviews
RCDP International $574 Abroad Reviews:9 / 10 – +221 Reviews
Go overseas: Rating: 94% – ‎32 reviews

Table update March 23, 2022

Plan My Gap Year

For over 12 years, Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) offers life-changing experiences and opportunities to volunteers across 17 countries in the world. Focusing on Social development programs in Nepal, PMGY has over 100 projects to suit all different skills and talents. If you have the knowledge to share in teaching, childcare, film, and photography, then PMGY is the best organization for you.

About Plan My Gap Year Nepal English Teaching To Monks Volunteers Program

PMGY’s great English teaching to Monks volunteers program is a unique opportunity to live in a Nepalese Buddhist monastery teaching monks English and learning about their way of life. In this program, you will mainly be teaching English but you can also help to teach Maths and Science. You will follow a flexible curriculum syllabus offered by the government.

The Fee

This affordable volunteering in Nepal monastery work project has a minimum of two weeks’ stay. You’ll pay a registration fee of $190 in addition to $381 for a two-week stay at the project. The fee pays for food and accommodation, airport pickup orientation and full safety briefing, 24/7 local support network, and project placement and onsite supervision.


Very positive and impressive online reviews about PMGY include testimonies like “best experience in Nepal” “very affordable program” and “best interactions with young monks.” Past volunteers rave about the transparency of PMGY and how affordable they are.

Go Overseas

Review Center

Why We Selected Plan My Gap Year:

We selected PMGY because they offer the most affordable volunteer Nepal monastery opportunities and a great high-value program. The best and most unique thing about this organization is that they target young and first-timers. It is a unique opportunity to meet and make new professional contacts with like-minded volunteers like you!

Love Volunteers

Since 2009, New Zealand-based Love Volunteers has been making dreams come for volunteers traveling abroad to change the world and make it a better place. If you are looking to travel on a budget then this non-profit is the right fit for you. And the best thing is that only 10% of program fees are used to cover your meals, accommodation, and security, the rest goes to the local charities and organizations hosting you.

About Love Volunteers Monastery English Volunteering Program in Nepal

This wonderful project was created with the goal of helping to improve the education of Nepal’s Buddhist monks. In this diverse program, you will not only fulfill Monks’ desire to learn English but also have the ability to impart knowledge and insights of first aid, environmental issues, health, and hygiene, as well as political issues and human rights. You will generally have the opportunity to teach a range of age groups, from children through to adults, and have the ability to open up a whole new world.

The Fee

Love Volunteers offers the best affordable volunteer monastery program. You will pay a one-time registration fee of $ 290 with a minimum stay of four weeks at the project for $769.  The program fee covers food, accommodation, airport pickup, and transfer, and in-country support.


Previous participants with Love Volunteers teaching in a monastery in Nepal volunteer opportunity rave about the life-changing experience in interacting with young monks, and learning new cultures and religions. Reviews include comments like  “highly recommended” “ Compared to none.” Read all 418 comments here!

Go overseas

Go Abroad:

Why We Selected Love Volunteers:

We were highly impressed by this organization for being so affordable and giving back 90 percent of your program fee to the community without compromising the quality of the program. They are in the top 9 selected because high value and an affordable program guarantee you the best volunteering experience abroad.

A Broader View

Community development is the best way for the world to change and grow. A Broader View (ABV) is a US-based non-profit working with local communities in 25 countries to promote change and support local communities to grow themselves. Since its inception in 2007, ABV has grown to provide over 200 programs and raised more than $4 million for local communities in developing countries.

About A Broader View Teaching Monks Volunteering Program in Nepal

ABV’s great program in Nepal teaches about 130 monks in Monastery ranging between 4 years and 18 years old. In this program you’ll get the opportunity to teach English to the Monks/Nuns. You will work under the supervision of a monastery teacher to give you a memorable experience. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in various activities within the Monastery.

The Fee

You will find that ABV works at keeping the program fee for the Nepal volunteer monastery very affordable. You will not be paying a registration fee however, $1,030 is the cost for a two-week stay. The fee covers pre-trip coordination, fundraising assistance, airport pickup, safe accommodations, and healthy meals in Nepal.


ABV has highly become popular for offering cheap and safe projects that directly benefit the program in Nepal. So they have been reviewed 400 times online boosting the rating at 9.9/10-satisfaction rate on Go Overseas. Former volunteers highly appreciate the program’s invaluable cultural immersion and community-based approach.

Why We Selected A Broader View:

Many volunteer’s goal is to work with the communities to bring positive change in the world, therefore this organization is highly rated because they work directly with the community finding programs that are more essential and sustainable. This is one of the major reasons we selected ABV as the top 9 best volunteer Nepal monastery program providers.

Global Crossroad

global cross road buddhist monastery program

Since 2003, Global Crossroad is a great organization offering enthusiastic volunteers positions to share their skills and abilities with communities in need. Global Crossroad is the best leading provider of low-cost volunteer opportunities in 18 countries across the world. With over 18,000 volunteers placed in suitable programs, this is a company you can trust with high-value grassroots change for communities.

About Global Crossroad Nepal Monastery Program

Global Crossroad offers a great program in Nepal working with Monks. In this program, you’ll volunteer while learning to participate and practicing Buddhism in the monastery. Your support and passion will improve English and allow the Monks to communicate outside the borders. You will be happy and fulfilled knowing that you will help positively change lives for monks as they broaden their perspectives outside the monastery. By teaching and showing your love you will cause a ripple effect, for the future generation of monks to be well educated.

The Fee

Global Crossroad offers a very cheap volunteer in monastery opportunity in Nepal. You will pay a one-time registration fee of $299 together with program fees of $295 for a two-week stay or $535 for four weeks in Nepal. Fees cover your accommodations and meals, a safe airport pick-up, and the 24/7 support of the in-country staff.


Global Crossroad is known to be very popular because they are affordable with years of experience working in communities around Nepal. Past volunteers have a lot of great things to say about the organization and volunteer Nepal monastery program they offer. Check RCDP reviews closely here!

Go overseas:

Abroad Reviews:

Why We Selected Global Crossroad:

This provider was selected as the best Nepal monastery volunteering opportunity provider because it has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Many online reviews confirm that Global Crossroad has very diverse, affordable, and highly impactful projects. Check them out for best experience broad.

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)

If you are looking for an organization that was started in Nepal for the Nepalese people then you are in the right place.  Bhupendra Ghimire a native Nepalese started Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) in 2005 as a non-profit to work in disadvantaged rural communities. Since its inception, VIN has been mobilizing local and international volunteers in various development sectors including educational programs, training, and counseling that significantly contribute to enhancing the livelihoods of the poor in Nepal. They have 10 programs across the country.

About Volunteers Initiative Nepal English at Buddhist Monastery Nunnery Program

VIN’s great program offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into Buddhist culture and practice. This project is a great way for international volunteers to learn about Buddhist culture and have a platform to teach English to Buddhist monks or nuns. You will help provide basic conversational English to monks and nuns, who range from children to adults, in our partner institutions.

The Fee

Over the years VIN has been consistent and affordable. Volunteering in Nepal monastery work programs starts as low as $705 for a four-week stay. You’ll also pay $114 for the one-time registration fee, which covers ongoing support from staff, marketing costs, information packets, administrative costs, and program orientation support.


Go Overseas has rated VIN at 9.2/10 making VIN land a spot as the best volunteer Nepal monastery provider. Past volunteers mostly that the programs are affordable and allowing them a lot of time to travel in rural Nepal. Read all 15 reviews here:

Go Overseas-

Why We Selected Volunteers Initiative Nepal:

As the best company, VIN fits our selection because they not only work for the community they are part of it. They also have a variety of rural monasteries to choose from in Nepal. VIN does not only offer a safe program but is also one of the most affordable in Nepal.

Go Eco

go eco monastery project

As the best provider, Go Eco is a leading eco-tourism company with a varied selection of affordable and reputable volunteer projects abroad. Started in 2005 by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal, after bonding over their appetite for travel and adventure, Go Eco has grown to offer over 150 programs in developing countries across the world. Every year they continue to send over 1,000 volunteers to participate in projects around the world!

About Go Eco Volunteer Teaching English in Buddhist Monasteries in Nepal

Go Eco offers the best Buddhist monastery program. In this program, you can teach English and math to Buddhist monks of all ages at the monasteries! This program is most suitable for those especially interested in Buddhist culture and religion. In addition, you can help teach the children about your own culture and learn about theirs while helping them practice their English speaking skills.

The Fee

The program fee is $ 1,500 for a four-week stay, no registration fee or two-week program is available with Go Eco. Fees cover airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation and meals program supervision, in-country 24/7 volunteer support, and administration costs.


Reviews of past volunteers are very impressive. They confirm very fulfilled and satisfied volunteers. With a 9.8/10 rating on Go Abroad, Go Eco is very trusted. Most loved the transparency and personalized teaching experience. Check out more Go Eco reviews to choose the best volunteer Nepal monastery providers.

Go overseas

Go abroad

Why We Selected Go Eco:

This organization was selected to this list of the 9 best volunteers in Nepal monastery because it is very affordable with flexible and safe programs. Since the program is quite cheap it may be limited to Kathmandu however you will have a lot of free time to travel around the country.

IFRE Volunteer

ifre volunteer monastery project

As the best provider, IFRE Volunteer is a US-registered non-profit founded in 2006. This provider stands out from the crowd in the field of volunteer organizations because they combine a strong focus on creating and facilitating programs, which primarily benefit impoverished communities. Since its inception IFRE has hosted over 22,000 volunteers in 200 programs across 18 countries worldwide.

About IFRE Monastery Program

IFRE’s great and unique program is located in Kathmandu where monks live and devote their lives to Buddhism. When you join IFRE’s Buddhist monastery program in Nepal, you teach the monks English and help them spread their important teachings to a modern and changing world. This will make a huge difference in both the lives of the monks and of those that come to them to learn the message of Buddhism.

The Fee

To register for teaching in a monastery in Nepal program, you’ll pay $299. A two-week stay at the project is $295 while a four-week stay is $535. It is one of the most affordable providers in Nepal. The fees cover food and accommodation, airport pickup, airport pickup, orientation and in-country support, certificate of completion, and fundraising ideas and letters.


As the best provider in Nepal, IFRE offers the best teaching in monastery opportunities. Previous volunteers have corroborated with amazing and positive reviews. IFRE is very popular and has been rated at 9.1/10 on Abroad Reviews.  Read all 400 incredible here:

Abroad Review

Go Overseas

Why We Selected IFRE:

IFRE is the best provider because they offer affordable prices for volunteer Nepal monastery. They also have a great and safe program that is simple and flexible for young and first-time volunteers. We also love that IFRE is reputable with very professional local staff based on the online reviews.

Friends Of Asia

monastery project in nepal

Founded in 2007, Friends for Asia worked with hundreds of volunteers, from more than 18 different nationalities, in projects and internship programs across Bali, Thailand, Nepal, and Vietnam.  Established by Todd Cikraji, an experienced teacher and Peace Corps Volunteer Friends of Asia works with local communities to overcome challenges and provide volunteers with the experience of contributing to those communities as a valued participants.

About Friends Of Asia Teaching Monks Volunteering Project In Nepal

Friends Of Asia’s unique and rare volunteer program is the best in Nepal. In this program, you’ll teach English. The age of students ranges from 5 to 20 years old, with class division from nursery to class 10. It gives you an opportunity to teach at every level and use a variety of teaching styles. It is a very flexible program, where you are often left to responsibly plan lessons, conduct workshops, and organize games and other activities.

The Fee

Friends Of Asia has cost-efficient prices for volunteer experience in a Buddhist monastery Nepal program. There is no registration fee required but you’ll pay $799 for a two-week stay or $997 for four weeks. The fee covers food, airport pickup accommodation, and all cultural activities, transportation, and local support.


Alumni volunteers have praised the organization and said they have flexible, fulfilling, and affordable projects. There are numerous positive reviews including comments like “I experience monks culture first hand” “Had enough free time to travel and experience Nepalese culture.” See all the decorated comments here!

Go overseas

Why We Selected Friends Of Asia:

The best thing about Friends of Asia was that they are very affordable with a high-value flexible volunteer Nepal monastery program. Additionally, they have years of experience in Nepal and work directly with local poor Nepalese communities. The program is also diverse you can choose to work in a monastery in Kathmandu or in the rural Nepalese community.

RCDP International

buddhist monastery programs

RCDP is a best provider started in 1998 and is based in Colorado, US.  A registered non-profit it has one of the most experienced with affordable and reliable volunteer programs in Nepal. They have hosted over 18,000 volunteers in 200 programs across 18 countries in the world. Every year they continue to send over 1,000 volunteers to support poor communities worldwide. 

About RCDP Teaching English To Buddhist Monks In Nepal

RCDP’s best program is located in Kathmandu and offers you a wonderful opportunity to learn the Vajrayana form of Buddhism and witness colorful rituals and prayers. In this program, you’ll work in the monastery where you will teach English to the Monks. During the teaching, you are encouraged to converse with monks to improve their speech and also teach them about grammar rules and try to increase their vocabulary. Remember to be respectful to the monks at all times.

The Fee

While offering a monastery program, RCDP has made an effort to make it possible for anyone to afford to volunteer abroad. For two weeks, all-inclusive program fees start at $295 with a registration fee of $279. The cheapest provider in Nepal,


This provider is recognized in the volunteer industry as the best, and previous volunteers have left decorated reviews on multiple review websites. Volunteers mostly loved that RCDP offers a meticulously designed and safe volunteering in Nepal monastery program. With about 96 reviews online the rating averages at 94 percent.

Why We Selected RCDP:

This provider is best because they not only offer a safe and affordable monastery program but also they have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Additionally, RCDP is a non-profit working entirely with the local community and reinvesting 80% of your program fee in the project without compromising your volunteer experience.


Can I stay in a monastery in Nepal?

Yes, volunteers in Nepal monastery get the unique opportunity to stay at a monastery in Nepal. This is indeed an amazing opportunity for you to observe the day-to-day life of Buddhist monks and nuns, learn Buddhist cultures and traditions, and learn meditation techniques and procedures. The rooms will be simple and you will get basic facilities.

Can I go live in a Buddhist monastery?

Yes, some monasteries in Nepal provides opportunity to live and learn meditation to interested candidates. However, there is strict rules and regulations in the monastery. You should always follow dress code, admire monks and should behave as a role model for the young monks. At monastery, you can expect a basic level of living facilities.

How do you join a monastery?

Joining a monastery for a couple of months is quite simple and easy. You can simply join a Nepal monastery volunteer program and stay with the monks, teaching them basic English skills while also experiencing monks’ daily life. However, if you wish to join monastery for a lifetime and be a monk, you need to meet some requirements.

Nepal is an amazing country filled with amazing snow-capped mountains, ancient monuments, landmarks, vibrant cities, national parks, hypnotic Himalayan vistas and much more. Thus, when you are not volunteering, you can enjoy trekking, rafting, mountain biking, helicopter tours overlooking the mighty peaks and sightseeing tours.

If you are wondering about the cool and top places to visit in Nepal read these articles that explain the highlights of the Kathmandu city, best places to explore in Pokhara, top places to worship in Lumbini and Chitwan’s best tourist hubs.


Now you’ve had the chance to read the top 9 affordable volunteer Nepal monastery program providers you can feel confident about choosing the organization that suits you best. If monk teaching program is not what you are looking for, you can also participate in other volunteer programs in Nepal like teaching English, childcare and medical programs.


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