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10 Best Nepal White Water Rafting Tour Operators 2023 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Nepal White Water Rafting Tour Operators 2023

Are you planning to raft in Nepal, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost rafting tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Have you always dreamed of visiting Nepal and seeing it in a unique way, perhaps by water? Are you looking to have an exceptional, one-of-a-kind whitewater rafting experience in Nepal? Are you struggling to select the company that offers the best rafting packages? .

Whitewater rafting is a thrilling and adventurous way to experience the beauty and flow of the Nepalese rivers as you navigate your way through the country’s Himalayas by water. The adventurous and awe-inspiring activity of whitewater rafting in Nepal also allows you to view fascinating Nepalese rural villages, unique flora and fauna, and savour traditional Nepalese cuisine. In addition, rafting has other multiple benefits such as reducing stress, strengthening muscles, increasing endurance and stamina, motivating you to be in good physical shape, and it can be therapeutic for your mind as well. .

There are many travel companies and agencies in Nepal offering whitewater rafting packages – all have different histories, service offerings, levels of experience, and price structures. Choosing one of all the options available can be a very overwhelming task. .

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want to see you choosing a poorly-rated company to organize your whitewater rafting holiday in Nepal. We want to see you join a reputable and safe company that will help organize a successful and memorable whitewater rafting experience – one that you’ll treasure forever. .

So, we did the hard work for you. We spent hundreds of hours researching and finding the best whitewater rafting companies in Nepal.

Here we present an unbiased selection of the 10 best white water rafting companies in Nepal.

Table of Contents

Providers Package Reviews
Nepal Hiking Team Trisuli Rafting Day Trip – 1 day Trip Advisor: 377 reviews, 99/100
Book Mundi: 69 reviews
Incredible Treks Trisuli River Rafting – 1 day Trip Advisor: 122 reviews 100/100
Facebook: 93 reviews
High Himalayan Trekking
and Expedition – Day Tours
Trisuli Adventure Rafting – 1 day Trip Advisor: 83 reviews, 100/100
Facebook: 21 reviews
Himalayan Joy Adventure Trisuli River Rafting – 2 days Trip Advisor: 83 reviews 97/100
Facebook: 13 reviews
GRG’s Adventure Kayaking
– Day Tours
Trishuli River Rafting – 1 days Trip Advisor: 134 reviews 92/100
Book Mundi: 7 reviews
Sevenstar Adventure
Holidays – Day Tours
Trishuli River Rafting – 1 day Trip Advisor: 60 reviews, 95/100
Facebook: 15 reviews
Trekking Trail Nepal Trishuli River Rafting – 1 day Trip Advisor: 46 reviews 98/100)
Facebook Page: 12 reviews
White Water Nepal Trishuli River Rafting – 1 day Trip Advisor: 29 reviews, 97/100
Facebook: 11 reviews
Holy Sherpa Vision
Treks and Travels
Trishuli River Rafting – 3 days Trip Advisor: 25 reviews 100/100
Facebook:4 reviews

Table update April 9, 2022

Nepal Hiking Team

river rafting

Nepal Hiking Team is a highly reputable and registered travel operator in Nepal. It operates with the help of a passionate and hardworking team since 2008. The company has nearly a decade of creating, organizing, and guiding various travel and adventure activities like trekking, peak climbing, helicopter tours, and whitewater rafting in Nepal. Nepal Hiking Team has helped thousands of travelers to live their dream.

The company asserts that they provide quality services and they believe that they are dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. They offer multiple trip packages that are carefully designed and that keep customers’ time and budget into consideration. Most importantly, they do not compromise on the quality of their service. From transportation, to trip advice, accommodation, and customer care service, Nepal Hiking Team delivers only the best. They even customize the packages as per your specifications for your convenience.

River rafting Packages in Nepal

Sun Koshi River Rafting – 8 days

If you are looking for one of the most exhilarating whitewater rafting experiences in the finest river in Nepal, whitewater rafting is considered one of the best. It is even included in the top ten rafting trips in the world, and it is a highly preferred destination for most tourists. Also, the thrill of trekking in this river is simply unmatched. You will acquire a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sun Koshi River, whose literal meaning is ‘the river of gold’, is most famous for its unpredictable nature. The river might be tranquil and calm at one moment, but you might find it turbulent, wild, and challenging at the very next moment. The rapids of the Sun Koshi River vary from grades III to V, and they are overwhelming. You can experience a range of rafting styles, like High anxiety, Meat grinder, Jaws, and Big dipper, as you dive into the whitewater. Additionally, the views of the mountains, villages, forests and lush valleys make rafting in Sun Koshi even more appealing.

Seti River Rafting – 2 days

Nepal Seti River whitewater rafting gives you a rewarding opportunity to experience the thrust of white waters with your loved ones. The river flows from the Himalayan peaks and, unlike Sun Koshi, SetiRiver has mostly easy rapids. Rafting here suits beginners in particular and people who would like to avoid risks. However, if you want a more thrilling experience, you can opt to raft here in the monsoon season, as the rain during monsoon is likely to add more intensity to the rapids, which makes it wild and vigorous.

But during other seasons when the adventure and thrill factor isn’t at its best, Seti River still can be the best place for white river rafting in Nepal for people who love bird watching, the countryside, and wildlife exploration. Similarly, if you wish to learn more about the unique lifestyle and culture of Magar people, this trip will provide you the perfect opportunity.


Nepal Hiking Team, one of the most reputable travel agencies in Nepal, boasts a 99% rate of Excellency and a 100% rate of client satisfaction based on the reviews that they have received for their incredible services. Their previous customers have wholeheartedly praised the responsiveness, precise communication, and overall arrangement of the treks and whitewater rafting in Nepal.

I booked the Everest base camp trek, followed by a trip to Chitwan and white water rafting… all well planned, good value, and perfect service.– Steve from Manchester, United Kingdom

If you want to have a look at more reviews, please go to Trip Advisor and Book Mundi’s review page.

Incredible Treks

rafting adventures

Incredible Treks Pvt. Ltd. is an esteemed tour company established in 2000 to promote responsible tourism with the help of highly skilled and experienced trekking and tour guides. They are licensed by the Government of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).

Every member of their team possesses specialized skills that help them to accommodate the needs of all travelers from around the globe. Also, the friendly staff helps to assure that your trip is fun, comfortable, safe, and memorable. They offer a wide range of activities including Nepal whitewater rafting trips, trekking, hiking, day tours, jungle safari, and a few others in Nepal’s Himalayan Region and some in some parts of Bhutan, Tibet, and India.

White Water Rafting – Packages

Trisuli River Rafting – 1 day

Nepal is considered a well-reputed destination for white water rafting adventures and it attracts plenty of paddlers from all over the world. In Nepal, mighty rivers flow in between the Hilly region with a thundering pace originated in the Himalayas. Rafting in such pristine whitewater rivers is what lures the adrenaline seekers to visit Nepal. Among all the fascinating rivers in Nepal, Trisuli is the most popular rafting river, and it is easily accessible from Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Chitwan.

The one-day rafting in Trisuli package provides an ideal start for first-time paddlers. This trip will take you to scenic valleys and stunning gorges of the river. You will also get to witness beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage, and diverse demographics, which will add more value to the whole rafting experience. The white-water rafting adventure in Trisuli river Nepal can be experienced throughout the year and on a daily basis.


Incredible Treks is a highly reviewed white water rafting trip operator with an outstanding 100% client satisfaction rate. Every review deems their service as excellent. Also, they are the winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award of the year 2017.

I visited Nepal 5-21 April 2017, we are a group of 13 Thai travelers who each have a different character and health condition. Natthanan C – from Bangkok, Thailand

If you want to go through more reviews, visit Incredible Trek’s Facebook Page and Trip Advisor.

High Himalayan Trekking and Expedition – Day Tours

himalayan trekking

High Himalayan Trekking and expedition is a renowned river rafting and travel agency established in 1998 with a mission to guide and help tourists from around the world to explore the magnificent Himalayas of Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan. With an extensive experience of 20 years in the industry, they have mastered the skills of delivering the utmost satisfaction for travelers. They work closely with their clients in designing enjoyable and safe tours as per their preferences.

The list of their main activities includes trekking, peak climbing, cultural and adventure tours, jungle safari, whitewater rafting, and a few others. Similarly, they also have designed other special activities to please the customers with different desires, passions, and interests. You can choose from the available options of yoga treks, spiritual treks, cultural treks, blue sheep and snow leopard treks, village tours, honey cultivation tours, meditation tours, and cave tours, among others.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal

Trisuli Adventure Rafting – 1 day

Due to the abundant fast-flowing rivers and steep mountains, Nepal is surely home to some of the most amazing rafting destinations in the world. Out of all those rivers, the most popular one is the Trisuli River. It is rafters’ favorite because the risk of whitewater rafting in the Trisuli River has graded III and because of its scenic views.

The Trisuli river rafting trip offers you a rewarding opportunity to explore Nepal’s imposing gorges, magnificent scenery, and authentic villages. Furthermore, it is perfect for people who are new to rafting and families with young children.


High Himalayan Trekking and Expedition is one of the best and most highly reviewed river rafting tour operators in Nepal. Most of their previous clients have praised them for the high-quality and exceptional customer service, prompt response, and accurate information, and for the entertaining, passionate, and friendly staff.

This is my second time in Nepal and thanks to the advice and assistance from Hari, I managed to spend quality time here again. – Francois S

If you want to read more reviews, please visit Trip Advisor and the Facebook page of High Himalayan Trekking and expedition.

Himalayan Joy Adventure

Himalayan Joy Adventure

Established in 2011, Himalayan Joy Adventure is a top white water rafting company in Nepal. Before starting the company, the founders worked as a guide, assistant cook, porter, and team leader, which helped them gain the overall experience required to operate a successful trekking company.

Himalayan Joy Adventure’s additional team comprises enthusiastic, passionate, and dedicated Himalayan Experts who have a decade of experience in managing and organizing tours, treks, whitewater adventure rafting trips, peak climbing, and other activities. They have already served many customers and they keep working towards delivering a high-quality service to their clients.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal

Marshyangdi River Rafting – 5 days

As one of the most challenging yet loved and demanded white water rafting trips, Marshyangdi river rafting is quite popular among avid rafters. The Marshyangdi River, which is considered one of the best rivers for rafting in the world, descends from the Himalayan giants of the Annapurna region. It makes its way along the route of the Annapurna circuit trek, passing through unique villages with uninterrupted rapids of class 4 to 5. This rafting trip is particularly famous for the astounding mountain view in the backdrop.

The trip initiates from Dumre and, eventually, you will make your way to Besisahar. Then, you will trek to a village called Ngadi, from where the rafting begins. You will get to witness the great views of Manaslu and the Annapurna range throughout the Nepal whitewater rafting trip before it ends at Bimalnagar. Rafting in Marshyangdi brings you closer to the spectacular beauty and treasures of nature such as valleys, gorges, hills, canyons, and jungles. Also, the steep rapids add excitement and thrill to the trip, which makes it an incredible rafting experience for you.

Kaligandaki River Rafting – 3 days

The Kaligandaki River, named after the goddess Kali, descends from the deepest gorge in Asia and it is considered one of the most adventurous and challenging Whitewater rafting in Nepal. This magical river with rapids of class 3 to 4offers a pure adrenaline rush and the opportunity to fully immerse into the wilderness. It is also one of the most worshipped pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas.

Kaligandaki River rafting is a mixture of adventure and spirituality, as the water of 108 religious spouts from Muktinath merge in this river. During the rafting trip, you can also get acquainted with the unique culture of the local people, who will show up on the riverbank just to take a look at your adventurous trip.


Himalayan Joy Adventure is a highly reviewed travel operator with a 97% rate of client satisfaction. Almost every one of their prior customers praises the company for their services. Clients have mainly emphasized the selfless, honest, and loving gestures of the staff who were very prompt with the response and arrangement of the perfect trips.

Our trip with Himalayan Joy Adventure at the kind, professional guide of Cholendra to Nepal was absolutely wonderful. A joy indeed.– Josef L

If you want to take a look at more reviews, go to Himalayan Joy Adventure’s Facebook page and Trip Advisor.

GRG’s Adventure Kayaking – Day Tours

Owned and run by the Himalayan National Kayak Champion, GRG’s Adventure Kayaking in Nepal is the only travel company to specialize in whitewater kayaking. However, they also offer an impressive service of whitewater rafting and canyoning. They focus on adventurous activities in the form of affordable, safe, fun, and professionally organized trips.

No matter how much time you have, or whether you’re a beginner, a professional, an adventure freak, or just looking for a relaxing trip, GRG’s Adventure Kayaking’s team of award-winning, passionate, and professional guides will make sure that your whitewater rafting trip in Nepal is unforgettable. For their constant effort in delivering the best service, they won a Luxury Travel Guide Global Award in 2016and they are recommended by Lonely Planet.

White water rafting packages in Nepal

Tamur River Rafting – 11 days

Tamur River is one of the new rivers opened commercially for kayaking and rafting in Nepal. The river is also renowned as ‘The Jewel in the East,’ and it indeed lives up to its name. This sparkling river originates from the third highest peak in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga. You get to access the river only after three days of trekking through one of the beautiful trails in Nepal which offers magnificent views of Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Makalu.

The river’s length is 131kilometers, and there are around 120 rapids that will deliver you the most iconic and memorable white water rafting experience. Additionally, the unspoiled and remote surroundings of this river, which are barely inhabited by people, allow you to enjoy rafting in the wilderness. This expedition is perfect for rafters who are looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure; however, you need to have prior rafting experience to raft here.

Lower Seti River Rafting – 2 days

One among the most pristine and beautiful rivers in Nepal, the Seti River in the Himalayas makes up for a perfect Whitewater rafting in Nepal for people who prefers a calmer rafting trip combined with spell-binding scenery. This river makes its way from Pokhara, the city of lakes, far from the road down to Chitwan. Lower Seti travels through different villages along perfect remote beaches.

Lower SetiRiver has a relatively small volume of blue and warm water, which is perfect for first-time rafters, kayakers, or nature lovers who wish to embark on a rafting trip with their families. Other than the subtle rafting experience, Lower Seti white water rafting offers wildlife spotting and an opportunity to relax and swim. Also, a great addition to this rafting package is a chance to go on a Chitwan safari, which is situated 30 minutes away from where the rafting expedition ends.


The company was the winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award consecutively from 2012 to 2018, which is why GRG’s Adventure Kayaking – Day Tours boast a high reputation. Many have already taken the opportunity to embark on a Nepal white river rafting expedition, and they highly recommend this company to other people willing to go on a similar trip. They greatly praise the overall service while highlighting the helpful and friendly guides who took care of their safety and delivered them a rewarding rafting experience.

Had the best time kayaking on the Tamur. Adventure from start to finish. The trek was a great way to see some of rural Nepal and views of the Himalayas. MaxRedz

If you are interested in exploring more reviews, please visit Book Mundi, Trip Advisor, and GRG’s Adventure Kayaking – Day Tours’ Facebook Page.

Sevenstar Adventure Holidays – Day Tours

adventure holiday

Sevenstar Trekking and Expedition is a leading tour and trekking company in Nepal, which offers many national and international tours, and other adventure activities around the world. The company is operated and managed by a group of experienced, dedicated, and hospitable team members who aren’t just well-versed in the tourism business but who are also committed to conserving natural and cultural diversity.

Their Nepal whitewater rafting expedition, offers optimum safety, as you will be embarking on the trip with guides who have full-fledged knowledge of the routes and of the best ways to deal with adverse situations. They strive to provide you with the best outcome possible of your valuable investment of both time and money. They make a great effort to ensure that your trip is memorable and that it lives up to your expectations.

White Water Rafting Packages

Karnali River Rafting – 11 days

Nepal’s largest and longest river, Karnali, is one of the preferred rafting destinations for people willing to experience whitewater rafting in Nepal. The Karnali river, which is 507km long, originates from Mansarover. It is usually when the snow starts melting that the river turns into an incandescent torrent with massive rapids. It is probably the most perfect scenario for obtaining the most quint essential rafting and kayaking experience.

The major highlight of whitewater rafting in Karnali is the seven-kilometer-long thrilling gorge. The rapids there pull you in from one end and drop you off at the other, boosting your adrenaline rush. The first half of the Nepal Karnali river rafting journey offers incredible whitewater excitement, whereas the second half will allow you to settle down into some moderate and gentle rapids. Eventually, you will relax as you float along the unspoiled wilderness.

Marshyangdi River Rafting – 6 days

Marshyangdi, one of the steepest rivers in Nepal, is considered one of the most perfect rivers in the world for whitewater rafting. The river runs beyond the Manaslu and Annapurna region, making its way through forests and traditional villages. The raging Marshyangdi river is steep, technical, and for sure not to be taken lightly! Rafting here requires absolute commitment from both the guide and the crew members. The faint-hearted people are suggested not to participate.

The two days of continuous, challenging, and intense whitewater rapids make this one of the most popular rafting trips. This thrilling white water rafting adventure in Nepal offers some of the most exhilarating rapids that are combined with prepossessing views of the beautiful mountains. Also, the river is incised around 100 ft into the valley, offering the opportunity to experience the perfect wilderness.


Sevenstar Adventure Holidays belongs to a group of reputed travel companies in Nepal. Their online reviews on Trip Advisor clearly reflect their achievements, as they boast a 95% rate of client satisfaction. The key factors such as their hospitality, professionalism, and friendly staff are praised mostly by their prior clients.

I recommend you to ask Sevenstar Adventure Holidays when you have the plan to visit Nepal. They will arrange the trip for you in order to make the best activities and the schedule.Murga Reddy from Penang, Malaysia

If you want to read more reviews, please go to Trip Advisor or Sevenstar Adventure Holiday’s Facebook Page

Trekking Trail Nepal – Day Activities

treking trail

Trekking Trail Nepal is a reliable, professional, and experienced trekking agency that has specialized in offering various tours, treks, one-day hikes, adventures, and peak climbing, whitewater rafting opportunities in Nepal, Bhutan, and India. They have been serving travelers from around the world for over four years. Their main aim is to help you cherish the once-in-a-lifetime experience of exploring Nepal by providing standard services.

They also have designed packages that can be modified as per the clients’ requests. Trekking Trail Nepal’s team comprises licensed professionals who are highly experienced.  They never compromise on the quality of their services and their goal is to build long-term relationships with their clients.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal

Trishuli River Rafting – 1 day

Nepal is a well-reputed destination for whitewater rafting adventures and it attracts plenty of paddlers from all over the world. Mighty rivers flow in between the Hilly region with a thundering pace that is originated from the Himalayas. Rafting in such a pristine whitewater river is what lures the adrenaline seekers to visit Nepal. Trisuli is the most popular rafting river among all the other fascinating rivers in Nepal, and it is easily accessible from Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Chitwan.

The one-day rafting trip in Trisuli is an ideal start for first-time paddlers. This adventure is concluded within scenic valleys and stunning gorges of the river. You will also get to witness beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage, and diverse demographics, which will add more value to the whole rafting experience. The whitewater rafting adventure in the Trisuli river is available all year round and on a daily basis.


Trekking Trail Nepal is grandly praised by their clients because of the way they address clients’ queries with prompt responses, their accurate information, smooth management of treks and expeditions, highly knowledgeable and friendly guides, and their commitment to delivering a rewarding experience to the customers.

We went to Nepal for our small holiday and the whole trip was arranged by Apar. He is very helpful and attentive and arranged a very good guide (dual-language) for us!. – Gabrielle from Sydney, Australia

You can find more reviews on Trip Advisor and Trekking Trail Nepal’s Facebook Page.

White Water Nepal

White Water Nepal is not just a rafting trip operator, but they are also a reputed travel agency offering boogie boat runs, kayaking trips, cataraft adventures, and public expeditions. Their first company was established in the year 1992. Now, they are running multiple river trips on high-quality self-bailing rafts with all the necessary safety equipment, which makes them very reliable.

Bidhur Thapaliya, the director of White Water Nepal, has abundant experience, as he has spent more than half of his life engaging in kayaking and guiding others. He has employed passionate and enthusiastic workers, who deliver the best whitewater rafting experience in Nepal. Also, with more than two and a half decades of serving adventure lovers, White Water Nepal is still progressing, which reflects in the quality of its services.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal

BhoteKoshi River Rafting – 1 days

The Bhote Koshi River is considered one of the most perfect short whitewater rafting destinations in the world. It is also the steepest river available for rafting in Nepal. Due to the steepness, there is a continuous rapid action which makes rafting there more adventurous and thrilling. If you are all about experiencing an intense adrenaline rush, this rafting expedition is perfect for you.

You won’t be able to enjoy the surroundings and mountain scenery properly once the whitewater action starts. However, en route, you will get to stop at Dhulikhel to admire the spectacular views of the Himalayas! Rafting in Bhote Koshi is an ideal trip with a perfect combination of adventure and scenic views. But, due to the nature of the river and its challenging rapids, people with previous rafting experience are more likely to make the most out of this trip than those who lack experience.

River Rafting – 3 days

The Kaligandaki River rafting offers you a mixture of adventure and spirituality, as the river is named after the goddess Kali. Apart from the obvious advantages of white water rafting in the Nepal Kali Gandaki River, you will get the opportunity to witness wonderful gorges, sparkling waterfalls, and traditional Chhetri and Magarpeople. You will be able to get a clear view of the Annapurna mountain range, a variety of wildlife species, and different religious temples on the riverbanks.

In addition, the KaliGandaki River rafting is a package of adventure and spirituality because the water of 108 religious spouts from Muktinath merges in this river. During the rafting trip, you can also get acquainted with the unique culture of the local people, who will come to the riverbank just to take a look at your adventurous expedition.


White Water Nepal is one of the most preferred Whitewater rafting in Nepal operator. Many people have embarked on a journey with them and almost everyone has good things to say. Past clients admire and praise the overall services. Most people highlight the safety and the amazing and professional guides and staff who helped them acquire a memorable experience.

One of the highlights of our 2 weeks trip through Nepal was the day of rafting with the team of WhiteWater Nepal!– Linda L

If you are interested in reading more reviews, please go to Trip Advisor and White Water Nepal’s Facebook Page.

Holy Sherpa Vision Treks and Travels

Treks and Travels

Holy Sherpa Vision Treks and Travels is an aptly established company, famously known for its flexibility and for the high-quality organization of various travel, tour, and expedition programs throughout the country. They provide you with various activities such as hiking and trekking, bungee jumping, canyoning, whitewater adventure rafting, peak climbing, jungle safari, and many more.

Besides the variety that they offer, the high standard of their services helps them garner many international clients who are looking forward to traveling and exploring the beautiful places of Nepal. They also keep into consideration all the essential factors required to help the valued clients gain optimum satisfaction. Similarly, they claim that no compromises will be made with the service they promise to offer.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal

Trishuli River Rafting

The Trishuli River is a whitewater rafting and trekking destination easily accessible from three of the famous cities in Nepal: Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara. Rafting in the Trishuli River rewards you with the perfect opportunity to observe the diversity of landscapes, cultural heritage, flora, and fauna.

You can experience the thrills of white water on the course of three days trip, which can be tailored as per your choice. The picturesque valleys and wonderful gorges, thrilling rapids, and comparatively easier sections make whitewater rafting in Trishuli the perfect trip for either experienced rafters as well as for beginners.

BhoteKoshi River Rafting

Bhote Koshi is a very challenging river for adventurous whitewater rafting trips. This is the main branch of the Sun Koshi River, which originates from Tibet but is easily accessible from Kathmandu. Rafting here is an opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings with exciting and beautiful gorges between the mountain valleys. The gorges in BhoteKoshi are adventurous and the rapids, which have big bounces, are challenging.

Just by looking at the flow of the river, your heart will beat faster, even before beginning the rafting adventure. Skilled crafters who live to be a part of this adventure will benefit greatly from this whitewater rafting experience in Nepal. Also, if you are a beginner with the desire to feel an adrenaline rush, this will still be the right choice, as this is an exciting and short trip.


Holy Sherpa Vision Treks and Travels is a reputed travel company known for serving plenty of satisfied travelers. All of their previous clients admire their excellent planning, management, and arrangement of the trip, as well as the friendly and extremely helpful guides.

Thanks to Caleb and the team for a very good plan for our travel. Always there for us, always there with a bottle of water, with help and good service. – Imoi240 from Haugesund, Norway

If you want to read more reviews you can go to Trip Advisor and Holy Sherpa Vision Treks and Travels’ Facebook Page.

Best Trekking Tours in Nepal Himalayas

Nepal is a beautiful country with several mighty mountains, where you can enjoy trekking tours with many top-rated local treks and tour companies. Some of the most trekked trekking routes in Nepal are Everest trek, Everest Base camp trek, base camp of Annapurna trek, Annapurna circuit trekking, Trekking to the Annapurna Sanctuary, Langtang trekking, Makalu base camp and Manaslu Trekking.

Best Adventure Activities in Nepal

There is no shortage of adventure activities in Nepal for you. You can enjoy rafting in the rivers of Nepal, Bungee Jumping, Zip Lining, biking in the hills, paragliding and many more thrilling activities in this beautiful country.

Best Tour Packages in Nepal

Apart from trekking, there are several other amazing tour opportunities in Nepal. If you love to explore cultures, you can take part in cultural tours, if you enjoy exploring nature you can participate in wildlife tours. Similarly, if you can also take religious or spiritual tours, Kathmandu city tour, Mount Kailash tour, and Heli tours with some of the best rated  travel companies in Nepal.

Volunteer Travel in Nepal

Nepal also offers life-enriching volunteer programs like volunteer teaching English, orphanage/child care program, medical program and monastery volunteer program. You can participate in any of these programs and help change the life of destitute Nepalese communities and children.

Top Things to do in Nepal

There are several exciting things to see in Nepal you should not miss out. The famous tourist hub cities of Nepal are Pokahara, Kathmandu, Chitwan and Lumbini and before heading to Nepal, knowing the best of Pokhara city, highlights of Lumbini, things to see in Chitwan and things to do in Kathmandu makes your trip amazing.


Which rivers of Nepal are suitable for rafting?

There are several rivers in Nepal that offers adventurous rafting experience. Amongst all, Sunkoshi river, Seti river, Kaligandaki river, Bhotekoshi river and Trishuli River are the best and suitable for both naïve and experienced rafters. These rivers offer fast current flow of water, vast river basins, deep gorges and exceptionally charming views along the way, proving you with a once in a lifetime white water rafting experience in Nepal.

Is white water rafting popular in Nepal?

Indeed, white water rafting is one of the best adventure activities Nepal offers you. There are several rivers in Nepal that are originated directly from the high Himalayas and offer rapid current, scenic views, gorges and much more gems along the way. The rivers are graded easy to difficult for rafting as per their current flow, gorges and other measures, making them safe and suitable for all types of paddlers.

Why are the rivers of Nepal are famous for rafting in the world?

Rafting in Nepal is the best adventurous way to experience the beauty of Nepalese riversides, fascinating valleys & rural villages, charming bird species, and forests. Pro paddlers or even beginners can enjoy a safe and thrilling white water rafting in Nepal from one to 10 days by following some simple safety measures. Thus, a safe rafting experience, flexible itinerary, amazing views, and much thrills and excitement along the way make Nepalese rivers famous for rafting in the world.


No matter which company you may choose from the list above, you will receive unparalleled satisfactory services. However, depending upon your individual desire, interest, and other related factors, you can still explore all the companies and select the one that you believe to be the best for your Nepal whitewater rafting expedition.


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