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51 Best Things to Do in Lumbini

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Are you planning a trip to Lumbini, Nepal? Do you need help finding the best things to do in Lumbini?

Lumbini is an important pilgrimage site that carries numerous historical, cultural, religious, and national values.  Lumbini is visited by numerous national and international tourist pilgrims who come to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Lumbini is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can observe a diverse range of ethnic communities sharing their rich history, culture, and traditions with the outside world.

Let’s explore the top 51 things to do in Lumbini, Nepal:

Table of Contents

Eternal Peace Flame

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Tourists spending their vacation in Lumbini would not want to miss out on the chance of seeing the intriguing ‘Eternal Peace Flame’, which fascinates the eyes of every first-time visitor. The Eternal Peace Flame is located at the center of Lumbini Garden and is certainly the most fascinating thing to do in Nepal.

Visit Buddha’s Birthplace at Lumbini

lumbini nepal

Photo Credit: Niraj Bhusal from Pixabay

There’s no place better than Lumbini city to can get insight into the early livelihood of Lord Buddha – the founder of Buddhism. Lumbini city is a magical place where you can find various significant historical and religious sites. Maya Devi Temple and Myanmar Golden Temple are beautiful places to visit. You can also find the famous World Peace pagoda and several other international monasteries in Lumbini city, making it the best thing to do in Lumbini.

Maya Devi Temple

Address: Taulihawa Road, Lumbini Sanskritik 32900

Maya Devi Temple is recognized throughout the world as the place where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Gautama Buddha (the founder of Buddhism). For this reason, the Maya Devi Temple stands out as the spiritual heart of Lumbini next to a sacred pond called Pushkarni. Spending the day exploring the ancient ruins of temples and palaces around the holy Maya Devi Temple is rated by many visitors as the most popular thing in Lumbini.

Myanmar Golden Monastery

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

After exploring touristic places around Lumbini, you can head to the Myanmar Golden Monastery. It is a place well-suited for people who want to immerse themselves in the cultural and spiritual vibe without going too far from the central touristic areas of Lumbini. Going here is a famous thing to do in Lumbini if you plan on spending a day with your family while admiring the impressive artwork.

Lumbini Monastic Site

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Lumbini is not only famous for being the birthplace of Lord Buddha. There are several international Buddhist monasteries in Lumbini where you can get an understanding of the craftsmanship and architectural expertise of different countries. Visiting these monastic sites is an interesting thing to do in Lumbini as you can pray, study Buddhism and meditate here.

World Peace Pagoda

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

world peace pagoda

Photo Credit: Prasesh Shiwakoti (Lomash) on Unsplash

Showcasing the golden statue of Lord Buddha, the white-colored World Peace Pagoda is a beautiful place to visit in Lumbini. This pagoda was built by Japanese Buddhist monks with the hope of spreading love and peace among countries all over the world. So, if you want to get away from the crowd and get lost in a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere, then visiting the World Peace Pagoda is the best place to go in Lumbini, Nepal.

Kudan Stupa

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

If you want to spend a day away from the central shrine areas of Lumbini, then you should consider taking a rickshaw ride to Kudan Stupa. Located about 4.5 kilometers south of Tilaurakot, Kudan Stupa is a beautiful place to visit. There’s a small pond nearby  Kudan Stupa and you can learn a great deal about the Lord Buddha here.

Visit Royal Thai Monastery

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Located at the north end of Maya Devi Temple, the Royal Thai Monastery is a place of pure architectural brilliance where you can catch the sight of a blue-colored roof supported by a gleaming white marble. The Royal Thai Monastery is arguably the most eye-catching monastery in the Lumbini Monastic Compound. Visiting the monastery is ranked by many as a top thing to do in Lumbini.

Have a look around at Lumbini Museum

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Another major tourist attraction that is located at the northern end of the famous Maya Devi Temple is the iconic Lumbini Museum. A visit to Lumbini Museum is considered to be the best thing to do if you want to see some very important photos and artefacts from Buddhist monasteries all over the world. The housing area inside Lumbini Museum is dedicated to the life of Lord Buddha.

Explore Pushkarni Pool

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Pushkarni Pool is a holy religious Buddhist pilgrimage site and an interesting place to visit in Lumbini, Nepal. Located right in front of Maya Devi Temple, Pushkarni Pool is thought to be a bathing pool used by the king and queen. The overall natural beauty along with the shimmering heavenly waters of Pushkarni Pool attracts thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world.

Drive to Kapilvastu

Once you have finished exploring the popular touristic sites within Lumbini city, you should head out to Kapilvastu, which is only half an hour away. Kapilvastu was the capital of the Shakya kingdom and is most widely known as the place where Lord Buddha spent the first 29 years of his life. Visiting Kapilvastu is a famous thing to do in Lumbini as you get to see the ancient ruins of King Suddhodhana’s palace.

Visit Ashoka Pillar

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Whether you like learning about ancient religious history or not, a visit to Ashoka Pillar is definitely the best thing to do, as it holds the oldest known inscription found in Nepal. Ashoka Pillar was erected by Mauryan King Ashoka and has inscriptions on its exterior detailing the birth of Lord Buddha. The Indian emperor visited Lumbini during his reign in the 3rd century BC.

Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar

Location: Outside the Lumbini Monastic Zone

Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar is a beautifully constructed Tibetan-styled Gompa that can be found outside the main compound. Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar has a large indoor hall, where Tara Puja is performed by the 60 Buddhist monks residing here. For those who want to see artistically painted Buddhism art, visiting Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar is the best thing to do in Lumbini.

Visit China Buddhist Monastery

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

The China Buddhist Monastery is an exquisite Buddhist monastery that was created by the Buddhist Association of China in 2000 to promote Buddhism. Thousands of foreign tourists visit the Chinese Buddhist Monastery each year for its impressive architectural designs which highlight the key aspects of Chinese culture and art. For this reason, visiting the China Buddhist Monastery is listed as the top thing to do in Lumbini, Nepal.

Visit the famous Cambodian Monastery

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

One of the most famous places to visit is the Cambodian Monastery, which has been visited by huge numbers of foreign visitors. Its attention-grabbing colorful structure and art attract a lot of tourists who always seem to be fascinated by the intricate paintings of Lord Buddha. This whole monastery was completed in 2018.

Stay at Boudha Maya Gardens Hotel

Address: Lumbini sanskritik, Lumbini 32900

If you are searching for a hotel with comfortable rooms and air-conditioning, then you should consider staying at the Boudha Maya Garden Hotel which also offers a buffet service to its visitors. The hotel staff are very friendly and helpful. Boudha Maya Gardens Hotel is famous for its peaceful, serene natural surroundings.

Shopping in Lumbini

Shopping is a wonderful thing to do in Lumbini as the whole Lumbini city is racked up with souvenir shops for foreign tourists from all categories like clothing, pottery, bracelets, books, paintings, carpets, musical instruments and more. With winding streets occupied by eye-catching shop outlets, you are sure to have a ton of fun shopping in Lumbini city.

Dae Sung Shakya (Korean Temple)

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

All of the monasteries inside Lumbini have their own unique quirkiness made up of strong religious beliefs. Just like that, the feeling of excitement as you make your way into Dae Sung Shakya or Korean Temple is something that will brighten your whole day. Here, you can find many interesting things to do in Lumbini.

Taste the local Nepalese cuisines

Nepal has some of the most mouth-watering local and national cuisines. Tasting the local Nepalese cuisine is an immersing experience, which allows you to enjoy the best of what Nepal has to offer. Trying local dishes, like Dal Bhat Tarkari, Mo:Mo, thukpa, thenduk, sukuti, lapfhing, and many other traditional Nepalese cuisines is a top thing to do in Lumbini.

Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

With its impressive architectural design and intricate wall paintings, Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery has now become a very popular place to visit. Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery is built in pagoda-style, which makes it look like the incredible Forbidden City. This elegant monastery has a brilliantly trimmed peaceful inner courtyard.

Lumbini Hotel Kasai

Address: Lumbini Sacred Garden | P.O.BOX 65, Lumbini, Nepal, Lumbini Sanskritik 32900

Lumbini Hotel Kasai is a Japanese-run management hotel with a peaceful and engaging surroundings. Visitors can get comfy inside their surprisingly lavish rooms with eye-catching décor. The hotel is well-maintained and is located in the heart of the jungle, so you will be able to experience the wilderness while staying here. Most of the tourist attraction sites are located close to Lumbini Hotel Kasai.

Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa

Location: Inside the Lumbini Monastic Zone

Constructed by the German Tara Foundation, the Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa is a truly extravagant stupa that has a miniature version of Lord Buddha. Most of the people visiting the Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa are awe-struck by the colorful Buddhist murals which are painted on the domed ceiling of its main prayer room. Praying in the Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa is a top thing to do in Lumbini.

Go for rickshaw ride

Many foreign travelers have come to acknowledge the fact that Lumbini is one of the most happening cities in the world as there’s always something fun and exciting things to do in Lumbini. Among those things, going for a rickshaw ride is a popular means of traveling around, while getting a deep insight into the daily livelihood of the local Nepalese people living in Lumbini.

Explore Gotihawa

Address: southwest from Taulihawa

About four miles southwest from the market places of Taulihawa lies the village of Gotihawa, which is often suggested to have been the natal town of Krakuchhanda Buddha, the fourth human Buddha. The ruins of the ancient habitations, stupas, and monasteries are located in the area of Gotihawa. The most popular attraction is the pillar of Asoka. In the course of his holy pilgrimage, Emperor Asoka came to this place.

Visit Sagarhawa

Nearly six miles to the north of Taulihwa there is a forest area. In the forest exists a big rectangular tank, locally known as Sagarhawa. Structural remains of as many as seventeen ancient stupas and large monuments were found. Burnt bricks with full-blossomed lotus designs and figures of bows, arrows, axes, hatches, clubs, tridents, etc. imprinted upon them, were found. For this reason, visiting Sagarhawa is considered to be an interesting thing to do in Lumbini.

Visit Nilgihawa

Location: North of Taulihawa Bazaar

Nilgihawa is a small remote Nepalese village located north of  Taulihawa Bazaar. Often identified as the ancient town of ‘Shekhawati, where Kanakmuni Buddha is believed to have been born. Visiting Nilgihawa is a famous thing to do in Lumbini, Nepal because it was the natal town of Kanakmuni Buddha. Today,  a short distance from the village of Niglihawa stands a pillar to the West of the big tank, locally known as Niglisagar.

Lumbini Hokke Hotel

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

If you want to enjoy a splendid time in a hotel with peaceful sprawling lawns and gardens, then consider staying at Lumbini Hokke Hotel which is famous for its excellent customer service and food. Here you can book spacious rooms with private bathrooms at an affordable price. Lumbini Hokke Hotel is located very close to most of the popular touristic places of Lumbini.

Drive to Araurakot

Araurakot is located nearly 6 miles northeast of Tilaurakot. It contains a rectangular area with mounds of ancient ruins making it a top place to visit. You can identify the remains of an ancient fortress together with a palace. The remains of the brick walls of the fort can be seen on the east and the south and give an indication of how well built this fort was.

Village of  Lori-Kudan

Location: Southwest of Taulihawa

The village of Kudan or Lori-Kudan is situated nearly one and a half miles southwest of Taulihawa. Visiting the village of Lori-Kudan is a famous thing to do in Lumbini as you can find huge structural ruins, which appear to have been the wreckage of stupas and monasteries. They are suggested to have been the remains of Nigrodharam, where king Suddhodana met Buddha. You will also find Kasaya stupa here, which is where the kasaya or the yellow robe was handed over to the Buddha by Queen Prajapati.


The region of Tilaurakot is situated on the eastern bank of the River Banganga, immediately north of Taulihawa. The whole region of  Tilaurakot has lots of ancient ruins of stupas, monasteries, temples, other monuments, and ancient habitations. So, visiting it is considered to be a top thing to do in Lumbini.

G.G. Café & Restaurant

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32900

Offering some of the best quality and most hygienic food, the G.G. Café & Restaurant stands as a top place to go for reasonably priced food and drinks. The G.G. Café & Restaurant is located 5 minutes away from the birthplace of Lord Buddha, so if you are hungry and want to have some Thai dishes, then you should totally consider visiting G.G. Café & Restaurant.

Drubgyud Chöling Gompa

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

For those who want to spend more time exploring a Buddhist monument heritage site, visiting the famed Drubgyud Chöling Gompa is a popular thing to do in Lumbini. This classic Tibetan-style gompa (Buddhist monastery) was built in 2001 by Buddhists from Singapore and Nepal. The mural work inside is quite refined. There is also a gigantic, spiralling golden stupa next door.

Head to Manang Samaj Stupa

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Do you want to get insight into Tibetan architecture and Buddhism during your stay in Lumbini? Then, consider visiting the lovely Manang Samaj Stupa, which is a beautiful place to visit in Lumbini, Nepal. This grand yet tasteful chörten (Tibetan reliquary stupa) was constructed by Buddhists from Manang in northern Nepal. There’s a golden buddha statue inside that is surrounded by colorful murals.

Lokamani Pula Pagoda

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Located on the grounds of the Myanmar Golden Temple is the huge gilded stupa called Lokamai Pula Pagoda. It was built in the southern Burmese style and inspired by the Shwedagon Paya in Yangon. So, if you want to see how Burmese architecture and design look,  then a visit to Lokamani Pula Pagoda is a top thing to do in Lumbini as you get to observe the intricate and brilliant architectural designs of the Burmese culture.

Stroll around Sri Lankan Monastery

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Strolling around the Sri Lankan Monastery is considered to be a popular thing to do as many foreign tourists come here to see the vibrant presentation of colorful murals and wall paintings depicting the entire life of Lord Buddha. The grand and moated Sri Lankan Monastery is mostly famous for its elaborate and flamboyant murals depicting the life of Buddha.

German Meditation Centre

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Visiting the German Meditation Centre is a top thing to do in Lumbini as you get to practice yoga and do some meditation. There’s a large open complex inside the German Meditation Centre, which offers you the opportunity to loosen up your exhausted muscles with some much-needed yoga sessions.

Hotel Lumbini Garden New Crystal

Address: Buddhanagar, Mahilwar, Rupandehi, Lumbini Sanskritik

Hotel Lumbini Garden New Crystal is a very famous luxury hotel in Lumbini city. It is located conveniently across from Lumbini Garden and offers high-quality food & accommodation services to its customers with neat & modern rooms. Hotel Lumbini Garden New Crystal has a large beautiful garden and a parking area for big tourist buses and SUVs.

Visit Lumbini Crane Sanctuary

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

The wetlands surrounding the World Peace Pagoda are called the ‘Lumbini Crane Sanctuary’. Visiting is one of the best things to do in Lumbini as you stand a good chance of seeing rare sarus cranes stalking through the fields, as well as the large, antelope-like blue bull. The entrance is on the right just before the gate of the pagoda. Follow the path to the watchtower for excellent views over the wetlands.

Relax in Lumbini Invitation 365

Address: Vishnupura Rd, lumbini bazar, Lumbini 32900

Foreign tourists love this popular little restaurant for its outdoor umbrellas and wide-ranging menu, including burgers, pancakes, momos, and the usual thali. Relaxing at Lumbini Invitation 365 is ranked by many tourists as the top thing to do in Lumbini, Nepal. The entrepreneurial owners are branching into budget accommodation with a new guest house coming soon. You can get rooms costing from Rs 1000 to Rs 1200 per night.

Meditate in Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Phat Quoc Tu Temple has become a popular tourist attraction for foreigners wanting to spend their time inside a peaceful environment. Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple has a grand roof and fake mountains that resemble a mini-golf course. Meditating in Vietnam’s Phat Quoc Tu Temple is a popular thing to do in Lumbini.

Visit Gautami Nun’s Temple

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

Gautami Nun’s Temple is a modest-looking building and is the only monastery in the entire compound built solely for female devotees. Most people rush through Lumbini, allowing only a few hours to look around. You can easily spend one or two days exploring the zone and its monasteries, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere.

Lumbini City Restaurant

Address: lumbini sanskritik, Lumbini Sanskritik 32900

If you are searching for the best restaurant in Lumbini to eat some mouthwatering Nepalese dishes, then you should consider visiting the lovely Lumbini City Restaurant. Lumbini City Restaurant offers reliable food and drinks services to its customers without making them wait for a long period of time. Its staff members are also very reliable and friendly.

Walk around the iconic Pilgrim’s Market

Pilgrim’s Market is the best place to visit in Lumbini, Nepal if you want to find and buy an inexpensive (often plastic) souvenir. Located near the main entrance, the Pilgrim’s Market is simply a very long row of shops selling  Buddhist items. It’s a major tourist attraction site in Lumbini and not going there will be a lost opportunity.

Lumbini Village Lodge

Address: Lumbini Bazaar, Madhubani, 32900

Located close to the entrance gate of Lumbini Garden, the popular Lumbini Village Lodge is a top place to stay and spend the night. It has a nice common space for walking and having breakfast. The staff are nice and friendly and you can also rent bikes from the hotel to do some cycling around Lumbini.

Cycle through Lumbini

Renting a bike and exploring the streets of Lumbini city is a fun thing to do in Lumbini as it allows you to have a look around Lumbini city without paying for bus/taxi rides. Cycling through Lumbini is also probably the best way to keep yourself active and fit while vacationing.

Watch farmers in paddy fields

If you have loads of free time, but nothing much to do, then consider exploring the outskirts of Lumbini city where herds of farmers come to cultivate their crops and take care of the fields. Watching farmers in the paddy fields is an interesting thing to do as it gives you time to view the daily life of another culture.

Lumbini Ceremonial Peace Bell

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

The Lumbini Ceremonial Peace Bell arrived in Nepal during a time of change and new direction. It was donated to the Lumbini Development Trust which manages the Lumbini Sacred Garden. In honor of the Kingdom of Nepal and on behalf of the Tibetans full of faith in Dharma, the Lumbini Ceremonial Peace Bell was dedicated as a symbol of peace. Visiting it is a popular thing to do in Lumbini, Nepal.

Pray at Singapore Monastery

There are 32 international Buddhist monasteries in Lumbini city and most of them were built by Asian countries. Amongst them is the beautifully designed Singapore Monastery, which attracts thousands of foreign travelers each year. It is located in the west monastic zone. Praying here is the top thing to do in Lumbini. The Singapore Monastery was initially built with a hope to propagate Buddhism and the teaching of Lord Buddha.

Explore Linh Son Temple

Linh Son Temple is another important Buddhist shrine inside the monastic zone. A visit to Linh Son Temple is a popular thing to do for those who don’t want to miss the opportunity of learning Buddhist teachings from holy Buddhist monks. Linh Son Temple has eye-catching roof designs with outer gates and walls surrounding it from all sides.

Pray at United Tungram Monastery

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914

The entire Lumbini Monastic Zone is filled with an enchanting display of Buddhist monasteries and pagodas from several countries all over the world. The United Tungram Monastery has spectacular murals and wall decor that showcase the significance of Buddhist teachings in one’s life.

Visit Sokyo Gompa

Sokyo Gompa is a masterfully designed Buddhist gompa in Lumbini city nearby Maya Devi Temple. Upon visiting Sokyo Gompa, you will be able to spend your time in a peaceful environment while watching Buddhist monks praying inside the gompa. Also, the walls and pillars of Sokyo Gompa are decorated with paintings depicting the life of Lord Buddha. For this reason, visiting Sokyo Gompa is listed as a famous thing to do in Lumbini.

Have you ever been to Lumbini, Nepal? What was your favorite experience? Please share your tips on things to do in Lumbini, Nepal so we can enrich others!

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