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10 Best South Korea Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best South Korea Tour Operators 2024

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Have you been wanting to explore the bustling and beautiful cities of South Korea? Do you want to have the experience of a lifetime while staying safe, and in the know with the guidance of a top rated tour operators in South Korea?

South Korean culture is vast and you will find yourself in awe at all of the exciting things you will learn about the country while adventuring. This is an incredible Asian destination where you will find examples of their past in the form of buddhist temples as well as newer cultural traditions, like K-pop. As one of the best economies in the world, the country is extremely clean and welcoming to tourists. Your time spent touring South Korea will be filled with unforgettable memories and amazing sights to see throughout your trip. There are many opportunities to see nature, visit museums, and participate in exciting city tours.

Choosing the right tour company in South Korea might not be as simple as it seems. With varying prices, quality, and customer histories, it’s crucial to make an informed decision to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a subpar tourist experience. Entrusting your funds to a South Korea tour agency without proper information could result in disappointment and financial loss. To ensure you have a great trip, we’ve meticulously compared prices, read numerous reviews, and thoroughly researched options to compile this list of the top 10 tour companies in South Korea.

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 most reputable South Korea tour operators.

Providers Reviews
Seoul City Tour Trip Advisor – 5,180 reviews
Seoul N Tour Trip Advisor – 1,736 reviews
ZenKimchi Experiences Trip Advisor – 741 reviews
OnedayKorea Tours Trip Advisor – 659 reviews
PLK Travel Trip Advisor – 665 reviews
Here Korea Travel Trip Advisor – 935 reviews
Yeha Tour Trip Advisor – 822 reviews
KOREA DISCOVERY TOUR Trip Advisor – 513 reviews
SeoulDude’s Walking tours Trip Advisor – 544 reviews
Sweetravel Korea Trip Advisor – 505 reviews

Table update Jan 10, 2024

Seoul City Tour

Seoul City Tour

Seoul City Tour is one of the finest tour operators in South Korea that provides quality touring experiences to its travelers. The company specializes in daily package tours, VIP tours, personalized tours, and many other services. Seoul city tour’s staffs are highly qualified and trained to facilitate the touring experiences of the travelers. The company organizes tours that cover vast areas of the nation and immerse travelers in thrill seeking activities.

Seoul City Tour Best South Korea Tour Packages

Seoul City Tour offers several fun-filled packages to explore the vibrant regions South Korea. The Palace Morning Tour provides a glimpse into the political heart of the country. The tour starts with the symbolic Blue House and features the majestic Gyeongbokgung Palace.

The National Museum Tour immerses visitors in Korea’s cultural heritage at the National Museum (or National Folk Museum on Mondays).

Likewise, the Morning World’s Cultural Heritage Tour uncovers UNESCO-listed treasures like Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine.

Seoul City Tour Reviews

Seoul City Tour is indeed the best rated and most highly reviewed travel company in South Korea. The company has 5,180 reviews with 5-star rating.

The tour was amazing, we got to see lots of things. The 3rd infiltration tunnel was fascinating… Mobile54459713603

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Seoul N Tour

Seoul N Tour

Seoul N Tour, a best rated travel company in South Korea, is licensed tour operator that offers adventures beyond imagination. The company comprises experienced tour guides and staffs that have high name in the tourism sector of Korea. Seoul N Tour was established with a mission to provide personalized and spiritual journeys across Korea and has achieved numerous milestones in touring sectors over the years. The company is driven by a team that are highly passionate, service oriented, and believe in professionalism.

Seoul N Tour Best Tour Packages

Seoul N Tour offers several exciting packages to explore the vibrant cities in South Korea. The Seoul City Tour takes you through must-see sites. This includes the 500-year-old tree in Jogeysa Temple, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Insadong Antique shops.

 For a glimpse into the Korean War’s history, the DMZ Half-day Tour provides a comprehensive experience with visits to the 3rd Tunnel, Dorasan Station, and the Dora Observatory.

Meanwhile, the VS-2 Full-day Experience offers a new twist with Kimchi making and a visit to Gwangjang market.

Seoul N Tour Reviews

Seoul N Tour has firmly established itself as a leading tour operator in South Korea. With an impressive 5-star rated 1736 reviews on TripAdvisor, this company is defiantly a go to choose for your unparallel South Korea adventure.  

I went to the DMZ tour with the tour guide, Moonyoung was an amazing guide, so funny and interesting. I had the best experience, and would recommend 100%… Marie C

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ZenKimchi Experiences

ZenKimchi Experiences

ZenKimchi Experiences, founded in 2010, is a renowned tour operator in South Korea. The company’s main aim is to offer travelers the best food and cultural experiences in South Korea. ZenKimchi Experiences born out of frustration with the uninspiring nature of typical guided tours, thus they offer hygienic, high quality immersive private and shared group tours.

ZenKimchi Experiences Best South Korea Tour Packages

ZenKimchi Experiences offers several exciting packages to immerse you in the vibrant surroundings of South Korea.

Explore the city’s Neon Nights with a professional photographer on the Seoul’s Night Photo Tour. Capture stunning shots in hidden alleys and learn night photography techniques for all skill levels.

You can also join the Authentic Korean Chicken & Beer Experience Tour. The tour starts at Mangwon Station, sampling classic and futuristic chicken dishes, accompanied by beverages.

You can also try their Zen-up-with-Buddhist-Temple-Cuisine tour package. The tour features a cooking class in English on Buddhist temple dishes.

ZenKimchi Experiences Reviews

ZenKimchi Experiences is a highly acclaimed tour operator in South Korea. The company has 742 reviews on TripAdvisor and is placed #2 of 156 Nightlife in Seoul. The company has 5-star client satisfaction rate.

This is really unique experience to go on. Although most travelers stay within the heart of Seoul, if you want to do something off the beaten path… Rod V

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OnedayKorea Tours

OnedayKorea Tours

OnedayKorea Tours is one of the top travel agencies in South Korea.  The company was founded by a group of travel enthusiasts sharing interests in adventure, cultural cuisines, and diverse communities. Committed to ensuring customer safety, happiness, and flexibility, the agency allows you to tailor your experiences as per your needs. OnedayKorea Tours offers several Award-winning tours, recognized for excellence and featured on official government websites. They focus on a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and have expert guides for your ultimate Korea adventure.

OnedayKorea Tours Best South Korea Tour Packages

OnedayKorea Tours offers exceptional packages to explore Seoul’s diverse facets.

Join their One Day Old and New Seoul Private Tour and explore the historical grandeur of Gyeongbok-Gung, Insadong and N Seoul Tower.

You can also opt for the Nami Island Petite France Tour. You will explore the romantic Nami Island and picturesque Petite France.

They also have Seoul Layover Tour that provides a swift yet immersive itinerary. The tour features the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, and more.

OnedayKorea Tours Reviews

OnedayKorea Tours is a best-rated tour operator in South Korea. The company has 659 reviews on TripAdvisor, most of them have 5-star ratings. OnedayKorea Tours is the best choice for outdoor activities in South Korea, ranking #3 of 206 Outdoor Activities in Seoul.

Excellent tour! Taylor was great guide. He gave us the historical perspective as well as today’s significance of all the places… Masroor M

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PLK Travel

PLK Travel

PLK Travel is a renowned name in the Korean travel industry. The company was established in 2016 with a motto to provide high quality customized tour packages and unforgettable memories in Korea’s landscapes. Established by licensed tour guides, PLK Travel has provided premium touring services to over 22,000 clients from more than 47 nations.

PLK Travel Best South Korea Tour Packages

Japan Panoramic Tours’ packages help travelers experience the best of Korea within short span of time.

The Private DMZ peace Tour is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the history of Korea and observe monumental structures. The trip includes a visit to Nuri Peace Park, Majang Lake Suspension Bridge, Steam Locomotive ruined, Bridge of Freedom, Mangbaedan Altar, and many other sites.

For those who are into music and entertainment, the Friday Seoul K-Pop Tour is the best.  It includes a visit to 4 different places in 1 day – KBS (Korean Public Broadcasting Station), HLKR Ground, Coex Starfield, and Kwangya.

If you’re looking to experience the nightlife of South Korea, the Seoul Night Tour is perfect. In this Tour, you’ll experience 4 enchanting night attractions in 1 day and have dinner with the locals at the Gwangjang Market.

PLK Travel Reviews

PLK Travel, a premier tour agency in South Korea, has been rated highly by its past clients. It has over 667 reviews on TripAdvisor, 97% of them having 5-star ratings.

An awesome experience. Julie was the best guide we have ever met, knowledgeable and so caring. It felt like a live history lesson, filled up with lots of fun…Cristiana V

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Here Korea Travel

Here Korea Travel

Here Korea Travel, founded by experienced tour guide June Kim, is the highest rated tour agency in South Korea. The company offers a diverse array of tours, including daily, ski, pilgrim, food, walking, and Muslim tours. With a commitment to providing a genuine Korean experience, their licensed tour guides are friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Here Korea Travel ensures quality tour programs at reasonable prices, with a focus on safety and cleanliness.

Here Korea Travel Best Tour Packages

Here Korea Travel offers different packages to explore the beauty and culture of South Korea. The 10-day adventure tour covers Jeju, Andong, and Seoul, featuring UNESCO sites, temples, and a unique temple stay experience. 

The private 5-day tour includes iconic spots like Nami Island, Mt. Seorak, Everland, and a comprehensive Seoul tour.

For a day of cultural immersion, the Korean Folk Village + Icheon Ceramics Village tour takes you back to the Joseon Dynasty, showcasing traditional performances and hands-on pottery making.

Here Korea Travel Reviews

Here Korea Travel is one of the finest tour operators in South Korea with hundreds of positive reviews and praise across different platforms. The company has over 935 reviews on TripAdvisor, most of them having 5-star ratings and high appraisal from customers. Here Korea Travel also received Traveler’s Choice Award in 2023.

Vincent was an amazing tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and learning about Korean history, the North / South divide and the culture was very interesting…Giba R

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Yeha Tour

Yeha Tour

Yeha Tour, one of the best-rated Korean touring agencies, was founded with the mission to provide the diverse array of South Korea tour itineraries. It is one of the Jeju’s excellent inbound travel agencies which is certified by the Ministry of Cultural Sports and Tourism. Yeha Tour is the first company to offer daily tour in Jeju Island and has over 8 years of touring experience. The company offer personalized bus tours, village excursions, Beach trips, road trips, and many more.

Yeha Tour Best Tour Packages

Yeha Tour offers captivating packages to explore the thrill that South Korea offers. The Jeju Island Bus Tour covers a trip to Jeolmul Natural Forest, Seongeup Folk Village, Gwangchigi Beach, and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.

For adventure seekers, the Private Guided Car Tour allows you to customize your itinerary with an exclusive vehicle and an English/Chinese-speaking guide.

Alternatively, the Private Tour All Inclusive with Lunch ensures a hassle-free journey. The tour covers Seongsan Ilchulbong, Haenyeo Museum, Seongeup Folk Village, and Gwangchigi Beach.

Yeha Tour Reviews

Yeha Tour is a well-regarded tour agency in South Korea that has garnered numerous praise and positive reviews from past clients. It has 822 reviews on TripAdvisor of which 97% are positive and have 5-star ratings. It’s TripAdvisor rating of #4 out of 48 Outdoor Activities in Jeju represents the company’s dedication in providing high quality services and ultimate client satisfaction.

Thank you so much Yeha tours! I did the east island tour with Stellar and the west Island tour with Elin – they are both absolutely beautiful and so funny, I will miss them… Jess M

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Korea Discovery Tour

Korea Discovery Tour

Korea Discovery Tour is a highly recognized local tour company based in Busan, Korea. The company offers immersive personalized tours that focus on local foods, cultures, and experiences. The founding members of the company share a common vision of uplifting local tourism in South Korea and offering extensive travel packages. Their diverse touring packages include guided tour, private tour, daily city tour, bus tours, etc. Similarly, the company also offers transportation services and caters to every need of travelers who are in South Korea for a vacation.

Korea Discovery Tour Best South Korea Tour Packages

Korea Discovery Tour offers several exciting packages to explore South Korea’s vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes.

The Half Day Must-See tour combines cultural and natural wonders, including Haedongyonggungsa Temple and the picturesque Diamond Bridge.

The Old-City Half Day tour allows you to explore the city’s historic charm with stops at Gamcheon Culture Village and some local markets.  The Busan Highlight Full Day tour encompasses key attractions, making it perfect for those with limited time.

Korea Discovery Tour Reviews

Korea Discovery Tour is a top-rated tour operating agency that has numerous accolades under its belt. It’s tours and activities are highly rated with a ranking of #2 of 94 Tours & Activities in South Korea. It has 5-star rated 513 reviews on TripAdvisor.

We had an amazing day with our guide Peter Lee; from Viator. He shared with us very interesting information about Busan and his personal story growing up in Gamcheon Culture Village… K Z

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SeoulDude’s Walking Tours

SeoulDude's Walking Tours

SeoulDude’s Walking Tours is one of the fastest growing and best-rated travel agencies in South Korea.  The company provides enriching experiences to the travelers with its customized packages. As local historians, their founding team is dedicated to providing unique tours that goes beyond typical tourist spots. SeoulDude’s Walking Tours’ guides, graduates from some of Korea’s best universities, ensure flawless communication with their great English proficiency. 

SeoulDude’s Walking Tours Best South Korea Tour Packages

SeoulDude’s Walking Tours offers packages to explore the vibrant city of Seoul.

Join the Seoul Moonlight Walking Tour With Local Historian for a captivating journey. The tour takes you through hidden gems and historical monuments like Hanyang City Wall and Naksan Park.

For a deeper insight into Korean society, you can opt for the Life of Young Generation | Gangnam Tour with June, a passionate local historian. Understand the challenges faced by the young generation, exploring contemporary cultures in Gangnam.

SeoulDude’s Walking Tours Reviews

SeoulDude’s Walking Tours is one of the best travel and tour service provider of South Korea with multiple international awards and recognition. It has over 544 positive reviews on TripAdvisor, most of them comprising 5-star ratings. The company is rated #1 out of 528 Tours & Activities in Seoul.

This tour was absolutely perfect way to spend the evening. Gloria was very thoughtful guide… Adventure16965087424

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Sweetravel Korea

Sweetravel Korea is a well-recognized tour operator in South Korea that has a reputation of providing excellent tours and travel packages across the country. The company was founded by passionate travel enthusiasts with years of experience in tourism sector. Sweetravel’s packages are diverse and include different types of tours, including Single Day Tours, Multiday Tours, Night Tours, Bus Trips, etc. The company’s aim to cater to every individual regardless of age and preferences has attracted thousands of travelers since its operation.

Sweetravel Korea Best South Korea Tour Packages

Sweetravel Korea offers an exciting array of packages to explore Korea’s vibrant attractions.

Join their Seoul City Tour that features a visit to a zoo and amusement rides. Experience the trendy Common Ground, a pop-up store with 200 shipping containers, hosting markets and cultural events.

For a romantic getaway, you can join their Romantic Autumn Excursion. On this tour, you will visit Nami Island and Petite France and end the trip with a delightful Gangchon rail bike ride.

For winter enthusiasts, the Yongpyong Package Tour  is the best. It consists of 3-hour journey from Seoul to South Korea’s largest ski resort.

Sweetravel Korea Reviews

Sweetravel Korea is a well-recognized South Korea travel operator with a ranking of #4 out of 207 Outdoor Activities in Seoul. The company has over 500 reviews on TripAdvisor, most of which consist of 5-star ratings and praise from the clients. Similarly, Sweetravel Korea is also a recipient of the Traveler’s Choice Award of 2023 due to its excellent services.

Fabulous service from start to the end . Second trip with agent and Jeff is fantastic. Everything was so well arranged and coordinated…yeeyen m

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What to prepare for a trip to South Korea?

Pack essentials such as season-appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes, and consider a universal power adapter. Learning basic Korean phrases enhances your experience, while understanding local customs like bowing and removing shoes shows cultural awareness.

How many days do you need to tour South Korea?

A week is a good starting point to explore major attractions, but 10-14 days allows for a more in-depth experience. The ideal duration depends on interests; history enthusiasts might need extra time for historical sites, while food lovers may want to savor diverse Korean cuisine.

What do you need to tour in Korea?

Ensure you have a transportation card like T-money, access to mobile data or a local SIM card for connectivity, and comfortable footwear for extensive walking at places like palaces and markets. These are the necessary things that you require for a tour in Korea

How much is enough for a Korea trip?

A mid-range budget of $80-$120 per day covers accommodation, meals, transportation, and some entrance fees. Allocate extra funds for shopping, activities, and unexpected expenses. Consider seasonal variations in costs and have some Korean won for places that may not accept cards.