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10 Best Japan Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Japan Tour Operators 2024

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Are you thinking about taking a trip to Japan? Are you wondering what are the best tours of Japan? Are you looking for the best and safest Japan tour companies to plan your trip?

Japan, a country in East Asia, is known for being highly developed and economically advanced in Asia. Despite experiencing nuclear bombings during World War II, Japan managed to recover and became a major economic player in the world. Tokyo, the lively and bustling capital, is a great starting point for exploration rather than the beaches. Japan has an efficient high-speed train network that connects the entire country, allowing quick travel to various landscapes like Mount Fuji, green rice fields, sake breweries, historic cities like Kyoto and Nara, and ski resorts like Niseko. The country is famous for its sushi, sake, soccer, and sumo wrestling, making it an enticing destination for exploration and adventure.

While travelling to the Japan is a marvelous experience, it can get quite complicated when you start Googling the best tour operators in Japan. Indeed, hundreds of results will pop up, all claiming to be “the best”. But some just aren’t honest – so how do you know which one to select? Choosing the incorrect tour company in Japan could have terrible effects on your Japan holiday.

To save you time, we did the hard work for you. We spent thousands of hours researching, and found the safest and best tour operators in Japan for you. In this article, we’ll present to you an unbiased selection of the 10 best Japan tour operators of the world.

Providers Reviews
Japan Panoramic Tours Trip Advisor – 13,768 reviews
Japan Guide Agency Trip Advisor – 3,527 reviews
Magical Trip Trip Advisor – 2,861 reviews
Japan Wonder Travel Trip Advisor – 2,895 reviews
Osaka Free Walking Tour Trip Advisor – 1,360 reviews
Arigato Japan Food Tours Trip Advisor – 1,937 reviews
Tokyo Localized –
Free Walking Tour in Tokyo
Trip Advisor – 1,845 reviews
SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE Trip Advisor – 1,222 reviews
Osaka Food Tours Trip Advisor – 1,389 reviews
Cycle Kyoto Trip Advisor – 1,362 reviews

Table update Jan 8, 2024

Japan Panoramic Tours

japan tours

Japan Panoramic Tours, a top-rated tour operator in Japan, has reputation of taking over 70,000 travelers from 135+ countries on unforgettable journeys across Japan. Their mission is to offer lifelong travel experience in Japan through immersive packages.

Boasting multiple TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence, they captivate guests with fluent English narration and multi-lingual audio guides (EN, FR, IT, ES, ZH, TH, ID, UK). After a two-year Covid hiatus, Japan Panoramic Tours are back in 2023, offering meticulously planned itineraries that maximize your time at must-see destinations.

Japan Panoramic Tours Best Japan Tour Packages

Japan Panoramic Tours offers several exciting packages for travelers. The AMAZING TOKYO 1Day Bus Tour is perfect for those who want to see the city’s must-see landmarks, like the Tokyo Skytree and Imperial Palace, in a single day. The tour also includes a matcha experience, lunch, and a Tokyo Bay cruise.

For something a little more adventurous, the Sea Kayak Experience Tour in Ota, Haneda area is a great option. This tour allows visitors to kayak up close to Haneda Airport and watch planes take off and land.

If you’re looking to escape the city and experience some of Japan’s natural beauty, the Fantastic Fuji And Hakone 1day Bus Tour is the perfect choice. This tour takes you to Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, and Hakone, which is famous for its hot springs and stunning scenery. The tour also includes a buffet lunch, a Lake Ashi cruise, and a visit to Hakone Shrine.

Japan Panoramic Tours Reviews

Japan Panoramic Tours has firmly established itself as a leading tour operator in Japan, earning widespread acclaim from travelers. With an impressive reputation on TripAdvisor, the company has garnered over 13,700 reviews, with 5 star rating.

This is an Excellent tour. Mai was a great guide. We very much much enjoyed the day. The boat ride was a perfect way to end the tour… Ben318

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Japan Guide Agency

Japan Guide Agency

Japan Guide Agency is a premier tour company in Japan that helps explorers experience Japan’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks. They help you skip the tourist traps and delve deeper with their licensed guides. These multilingual experts not only navigate you through must-see sights but also lead you off the beaten path, revealing Japan’s true charm. Japan Guide Agency’s curated short trips offer an immersive and affordable way to experience the magic of this captivating country. They are Japan’s largest touring agency with over 750 licensed guides and offering 1500 private tours per month.

Japan Guide Agency Best Japan Tour Packages

Japan Guide Agency offers several packages for those who want to explore the best of Japan.

The Sapporo Full-Day Private Tour is a great way to see the city’s modern and traditional sides. The tour includes a visit to the Susukino district, the Odori Park, and the Sapporo Beer Museum.

The Hiraizumi Full-Day Private Trip is a fantastic way to explore the ancient city of Hiraizumi. The tour includes a visit to the Chusonji Temple, the Motsuji Temple, and the Takkoku-no-Iwaya.

The Kanazawa Full-day Private Tour is a great way to see the beautiful town of Kanazawa. The tour includes a visit to the Kenrokuen Garden, the Higashi Chaya District, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

All of these tours can be customized to fit your interests and needs. So, if you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable way to experience Japan, look no further than Japan Guide Agency!

Japan Guide Agency Reviews

Japan Guide Agency is a highly acclaimed tour operator in Japan. They are go-to choose for Tours & Activities in Japan, boasting an impressive 3,527 reviews on TripAdvisor. Their commitment to excellence has been recognized with the Travelers’ Choice Award for 2023. They are placed #1 of 19 Tours & Activities in Shizuoka.

We booked a walking tour through Viator, two days before the tour. We had a very good experience right from booking to the actual tour… Explore05200100331

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Magical Trip

Magical Trip is one of the finest tour organizers of Japan that helps you experience an authentic Japan. Their local experts are knowledgeable on Japanese culture and help you experience thrilling adventure. The company is known for organizing Tokyo tours, Osaka tours, Nara tours, Kyoto tours, Hiroshima tours as well as niche tours targeted around different interests. Magical Trip is a certified tour agency in Japan that has garnered numerous awards over the years for their excellent service.

Magical Trip Best Tour Packages

Magical Trip has tours for every interest!

Foodies will love the Tokyo Bar Hopping Night Tour, which takes you to hidden bars and pubs in Shinjuku. You’ll enjoy local street food and drinks, and you’ll get photos taken during the tour.

If you’re interested in history and culture, the Kyoto Sake Brewery & Tasting Tour is a great option. You’ll learn about sake while walking around one of Kyoto’s three major sake brewery districts, and you’ll taste 18 kinds of sake!

And if you’re looking for an active adventure, the Osaka Highlights Bike Tour is perfect. You’ll cycle around the magnificent Osaka Castle area, and you’ll set foot in Osaka Castle and a shrine to learn its secrets and history.

Magical Trip Reviews

Magical Trip is a best-rated tour operator in Japan. The company has over 2800 reviews on TripAdvisor, most of them have 5-star ratings. Magical Trip is the best choice for Nightlife experience in Japan, ranking #1 of 289 Nightlife providers in Shinjuku.

Had a great time. Very knowledgeable guide who kept us well fed and informed. Nice mix of food and culture. Recommended…nzrichard2015

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Japan Wonder Travel

Japan Wonder Travel

Japan Wonder Travel is a top-notch tour providing agency based in Japan. The company offers a unique and authentic Japanese experience through carefully crafted packages. They curate attractive itineraries, selecting the best destinations and specialized adventures to immerse you in Japanese culture. The company’s commitment is to ensure you leave with a smile and wonderful memories.

Their team consists of professionally trained and licensed Japanese tour guides with amazing personalities. Japan Wonder Travel also offers prompt assistance, helping you book restaurants, access venues, and fulfill your travel desires.

Japan Wonder Travel Best Japan Tour Packages

Japan Wonder Travel offers several exciting packages for every kind of traveler. If you’re looking for a delicious and immersive food experience, the Tsukiji Fish Market Food and Drink Tour is a great option. You’ll get to explore the outer market, try all sorts of Japanese foods, and learn about the history and culture of Japanese cuisine.

For those who want to see all the highlights of Tokyo in one day, the Tokyo 1-Day Highlights Private Walking Tour is the perfect choice. You’ll visit iconic landmarks like Tsukiji Fish Market, Sensoji Temple, Shibuya Crossing and learn about Japanese history and culture along the way.

And if you’re interested in learning how to make sushi, the Tokyo Sushi Making Experience+ Tsukiji Fish Market Explore Tour is a unique and unforgettable experience. You’ll start with a guided exploration of Tsukiji Fish Market, and then head to a sushi making class where you’ll learn how to make your own sushi from a professional chef.

No matter what your interests are, Japan Wonder Travel has a tour package that’s perfect for you.

Japan Wonder Travel Reviews

As a finest Travel and Tour operator of Japan, Japan Wonder Travel has numerous reviews under its name. It has a total of 2895 reviews on TripAdvisor, 97% of which are positive and praiseful. Similarly, it is a top choice for food adventure in Japan and has a ranking of #1 of 20 Food & Drink exploration in Tsukiji.

This was a great tour. Nobu was excellent. market was great. Good experience overall… matt

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Osaka Free Walking Tour

Osaka Free Walking Tour

Osaka Free Walking Tour is a top touring agency for walking tours in Japan. The company helps you in experiencing the heart of Japan’s culinary capital! You’ll get to immerse in the vibrant Japanese culture as they guide you through the city’s wonders. As the a licensed and highly experienced Japanese tour company, they guarantee you will have unforgettable holiday in Japan.

Osaka Free Walking Tour Best Japan Tour Packages

Osaka Free Walking Tour offers thrilling adventures! Feel the splendors of Osaka with the Osaka Walking Tour.

You’ll wander through the neon-lit chaos of Dotonbori, involve in Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki delights and explore the bustling Kuromon market’s seafood. Manga and anime enthusiasts will find bliss in Nipponbashi DenDen Town, a treasure trove of figurines, comics, and quirky maid cafes.

For a deeper Kyoto experience, join The Original Kyoto Free Walking Tour. Discover the city’s rich history, delve into geisha culture and religious traditions, and savor local life. Uncover hidden gems and laugh at fascinating “guidebook-unworthy” stories.

Osaka Free Walking Tour Reviews

Osaka Free Walking Tour is a top-notch walking tour provider In Japan, ranked 2 out of 272 tours and activities in Osaka. It has glowing 1361 reviews on TripAdvisor, most of which comprise 5-star ratings.

The best walking tour to explore the city, learn about its culture. The tour guide is experienced and insightful. Highly recommend!…Jack L

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Arigato Japan Food Tours

Arigato Japan Food Tours is a highly acclaimed food tour operator in Japan. Arigato is a premier culinary tourism specialist in Japan, offering over 35 immersive Food Adventures across top destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Mt. Fuji. With a profound belief that understanding a culture is best achieved through its cuisine, the company provides off-the-beaten-path experiences led by expert guides.

The diverse range of culinary adventures, including day, evening, and family-friendly options, ensures there’s something for every traveler. The company’s passionate team, fluent in English, is committed to delivering the best and most exciting experiences. From easy booking to seamless coordination, the company ensures that their each tour creates lasting memories.

Arigato Japan Food Tours Best Japan Tour Packages

Arigato Japan Food Tours offers several thrilling packages to explore the culinary delights of Japan. The 3-hour Tokyo Food Tour takes you through Ginza, showcasing hidden gems from the Showa period and allowing you to savor regional flavors from across Japan.

For a limited time during the 2024 Spring Season, the Daytime Hanami with a Local Tour in Osaka offers a unique experience in the Karahori district, away from the crowded parks. Immerse yourself in the charm of cherry blossoms while roaming in the local treats.

The Gion & Kaiseki Kyoto Tour is a luxurious journey through Kyoto’s historical Gion district. Stroll through the enchanting streets, learn about geisha culture, and culminate the experience with a memorable 10-course Kaiseki meal.

Arigato Japan Food Tours Reviews

Arigato Japan Food Tours is a premier tour agency in Japan. Arigato has over 1900 reviews on TripAdvisor, 97% of them having 5-star ratings. The company is adorned with numerous awards and recognition and ranks #2 out 59 food and drinks providers in Japan.

This tour was super fun. Our guide, Makiko was funny and friendly and so attentive. The sushi was absolutely the best we have ever eaten… Debbie R

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Tokyo Localized

Tokyo Localized is a local Japanese tour company. The company was founded with a mission to provide unique Japanese vacation to international tourists. Tokyo Localized was established by Dai, a passionate Tokyo resident, to offer an authentic perspective of Tokyo through the eyes of locals. The company’s aim is to uncover the hidden gems and true essence of the city, steering away from conventional tourist spots.

Tokyo Localized Best Japan Tour Packages

Tokyo Localized offers several exciting packages that cater to different interests.

For those who want to experience the old-fashioned charm of Tokyo, the Yanaka Walking Tour is a great option. This tour takes you through a quiet neighborhood that survived World War II, and you’ll see traditional wooden temples and houses, as well as a huge cemetery and some unique temples. You’ll also get to walk on backstreets in the residential area and a shopping street for locals, giving you a glimpse into everyday Japanese life.

If you’re interested in food and history, the Tsukiji Fish Market Walking Food Tour is a must-do. This tour takes you around the outer market of the Tsukiji Fish Market, which was once the world’s biggest fish market. You’ll learn about the history of sushi and get to sample some of the delicious food that the market has to offer.

And for those who want to see both the old and new sides of Tokyo, the Original Free Walking Tour of Tokyo is a great choice. This tour covers everything from the ancient temples of Asakusa to the modern skyscrapers of Shinjuku. You’ll also get to try some traditional Japanese food and learn about the history and culture of the city.

Tokyo Localized Reviews

Tokyo Localized is one of the best travel and tour service provider of Japan with multiple international awards and recognition. It has over 1800 positive reviews on TripAdvisor, most of them comprising 5-star ratings, reflecting their high client satisfaction rate.

Great food tour on Christmas morning. Learned a lot. Came hungry, left with a full stomach. Keiko shared so much information and made the experience memorable… Chris

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Satoyama Experience

Satoyama Experience

Satoyama Experience, founded in 2010, is the best-rated Japanese tour operator. The company is dedicated to connecting travelers with the authentic charm of Takayama’s countryside. Satoyama Experience strives to sustain local culture and biodiversity, promoting a positive impact on both visitors and residents while contributing to a more sustainable society.

Satoyama Experience Best Tour Packages

Satoyama Experience offers several exciting packages that let you experience the beauty of Japan.

The 3.5-Hour Guided Cycling Tour of Satoyama is a great way to get some exercise and see the sights. The tour takes you on a scenic 22 km route through the town, past natural havens and local gathering areas. You’ll also get to visit the local market, where you can try some of the local food.

If you’re interested in learning more about the local crafts, the Craft Walk Tour is a great option. This tour takes you to some of the best craft shops in Takayama, where you can learn about the history and production techniques of Hida craftsmanship.

And if you’re looking for a winter adventure, the Satoyama Snowshoeing Tour is the perfect choice. This tour takes you through a snow-covered village, where you can see wildlife and learn about the lives of the local people.

Satoyama Experience Reviews

Satoyama Experience is a top-rated tour operating agency in Japan. Satoyama’s outdoor activities and trips are highly rated with a ranking of 2 out of 36 outdoor activities in Takayama, Japan. It has 1,222 reviews on TripAdvisor, most of which are 5-star rating.

We experienced a Culture and Food tour of Takayama with Dong Ju that was fun, interesting and comprehensive… concordia39

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Osaka Food Tours

Osaka Food Tours

Osaka Food Tours, a top-notch tour operator of Japan, provides a one-of-a-kind exploration of the vibrant city of Osaka. The company is led by the charismatic and knowledgeable guide, Andy, who offers a unique blend of Japanese and Australian perspectives. Unlike conventional food tours, the experiences provided by Osaka Food Tours takes you through the fascinating ghetto, retro zones, yakuza territories, red-light districts, and neighborhood alleys. The company also focuses on providing historical tours and beaten path tours.

Osaka Food Tours Best Japan Tour Packages

Osaka Food Tours offers different packages to explore the culinary delights of the vibrant city. The Backstreets Osaka Tour is a 3-hour adventure through the hidden gems of Osaka, including the ghetto, retro zone, and red light district, with an option to indulge in authentic local specialties and a local Izakaya experience.

The Osaka Food Tours package provides a guided exploration of Shinsekai and Nishinari. The tour uncovers Osakan food culture and featuring visits to market stalls, standing bars, and izakayas, along with two local Japanese drinks.

For a market-focused experience, the Kuromon Market Food Tour promises a feast of 10-13 Osaka specialties, ranging from seafood to desserts, all while providing an environmentally-friendly souvenir.

Osaka Food Tours Reviews

Osaka Food Tours is a renowned tour agency in Japan that has garnered numerous praise and positive reviews. The company has 1,389 reviews on TripAdvisor of which 97% are positive and have 5-star ratings. It’s rating of #3 out of 625 tour providers in Japan represents the company’s dedication in providing high quality services.

This tour was way more than we expected. Dom was extremely knowledgeable and gave us insights into Osaka’s past… Arlene D

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Cycle Kyoto

Cycle Kyoto

Cycle Kyoto is one of the best Cycling tour providers in Japan. The company’s main mission is to provide ultimate cycling adventures to people of all ages. Founded in 2015 by passionate cyclists, Cycle Kyoto has flourished into one of Japan’s most beloved bike tour companies over the years. The company boasts highly experienced English speaking guides, a fleet of 18 and 21-speed cross bikes from renowned brands like ‘Giant’ and ‘Trek,’ Cycle Kyoto.

Cycle Kyoto Best Japan Tour Packages

Cycle Kyoto provides several exciting packages to explore the beauty of Kyoto on two wheels. The “E-Bike Tour” starts early, covering 25km in 6-7 hours. Highlights include Fushimi Inari Shrine, Tofukuji Temple, Ginkakuji Temple, and more.

The “Full Day Tour” spans 30km in 7-8 hours, combining both routes. It includes Nishi Honganji Temple, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, the Golden Pavilion, and Gion.

For a focused experience, the “North Kyoto Tour” covers 22km in 6-7 hours. Highlights include Nishi Honganji Temple, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, the Golden Pavilion, and Gion. Each package includes a bike, helmet, guide, lunch, and water.

Cycle Kyoto Reviews

As one of the finest Cycle tour operators in Japan, it’s no surprise that Cycle Kyoto has accumulated hundreds of positive reviews and praise from past clients. The company has over 1300 reviews on TripAdvisor, most of them having 5-star ratings and high appraisal from customers.

The tour was great. Juan was really helpful and considerate throughout the tour and also helped us take pictures. His knowledge and friendliness… vajjhas

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When is the ideal time to visit Japan?

The best time to visit Japan depends on your preferences. You would rather see cherry blossoms in spring (March to May), experience colorful foliage in autumn (September to November), enjoy warm weather in summer (June to August), or explore a winter wonderland in December to February.

How long is a good trip to Japan?

A good trip to Japan usually lasts around 10 to 14 days. This duration allows you to explore major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, experience traditional culture, visit historical sites, and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Is Japan only open for guided tours, or can I explore independently?

Japan is not limited to guided tours; independent travel is common and accessible. The country has an efficient public transportation system, including trains and buses. English signage is prevalent in tourist areas, and many locals in urban areas understand basic English.

How much does it cost for a tour in Japan?

The cost of a Japan tour can vary widely based on factors like accommodation, transportation, activities, and dining preferences. On average, a mid-range budget for a 10-day trip might range from $3,000 to $5,000 per person.