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10 Best Singapore Tour Operators 2023 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Singapore Tour Operators 2023

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Have you always wanted to visit the beautiful straits of Singapore? Are you wondering how you’re going to find some of the best tours the island nation has to offer? Are you looking for a highly-rated and brilliant tour companies in Singapore to make your Singapore holiday come true?

Singapore is a sunny, multicultural and futuristic island nation located at the southern tip of Malaysia. As a previous colonial outpost of the British, the country has absorbed some of the best points of English culture, namely reliable transportation networks and a semi-European mindset, into its Chinese, Indian and Malaysian heritage to create something decidedly different altogether. A tour to Singapore, although a very small country, is teeming with many cultural downloads, from Chinatown and Little India to the Arab Quarters and the Colonial District. That aside, Singapore is also a financial hub and incredibly futuristic, with its towering and artful skyscrapers and architectural wonders that stretch along the sky’s canvas. And if you get bored, you could always take a quick trip to the nearby island of Sentosa on Singapore’s southern coast, a popular tourist destination that has so many things to do such as golfing, casinos, theme parks and of course the famous Universal Studios.

While visiting Singapore would be an amazing experience altogether, it gets a little complicated when you decide to start planning a trip. There are so many Singapore tour operators listing their services, so how do you decide which one to go with?

That’s why we’re here to help. We have mapped out for you the best and most reliable tour operators who will be sure to organize the Singapore trip that you were searching for. We spent thousands of hours sourcing the best Singapore tour operators with the most glowing and honest reviews.

Read further for an unbiased selection of the 10 best Singaporean tour companies, based not on what we think, but on what all the people who tried their service offerings had to say!

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Providers Package Reviews
Singapore Duck Tours Trip on a Big Bus
Night City Tour
Trip Advisor -1,518 reviews
Free Walking Tours
Trip Advisor -1,025 reviews
Tour East Morning at the Zoo
Gardens By the Bay
Trip Advisor – 1,049 reviews
RMG Tours Private Limited Singapore City Tour
River Safari
Trip Advisor – 442 reviews
Withlocals Best of Singapore Tour
Cultural Chinatown
Trip Advisor -309 reviews
Trip Advisor –773 reviews
Food Tour Singapore Chinatown Food Tasting &
Cultural Walking Tour
Kampong Glam Food Tasting &
Cultural Walking Tour
Trip Advisor – 111 reviews
City Tours Katong Evening Food Tour
Singapore Zoo
Trip Advisor – 110 reviews
MAM Holidays Singapore Night Safari Entrance with Private
Transfer from Singapore
Private Half Day Singapore City Tour
with Botanical Orchid Garden
Trip Advisor – 74 reviews
Buffalo Tours Singapore Family adventure
Local Flavour Walking Tour
Trip Advisor – 49 reviews

Table update Jan 28, 2021

Singapore DUCKtours

singapore tour

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: 2017 certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor
1,519 reviews on Trip Advisor 72% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Singapore DUCKtours is a tour company in Singapore that is known for organizing the famous amphibious craft tours that can go on land as well as in sea and water. Surrounded by water, one of the best ways to see Singapore would be from the water, and riding this contraption is just all the more fun.

Singapore DUCKtours doesn’t just organize its namesake, it also offers other fun tours around the city such as its Hop-On Hop-Off tours as well as city tours, guided walking tours, and other fun experiences. With a team of experts and guides crafting fun and safe tours, the company has done very well and was noted for its excellence in 2017.


DUCKtours does organize some great Singapore tour packages that many visiting just wouldn’t want to miss out on. Some of its most famous tours include its Trip on a Big Bus which allows you to see the best of what Singapore has to offer while riding on a big bus that’s an open-top and double-decker bus; or why not try the Night City Tour in Singapore, a chance to cruise down Singaporean streets that have the best in nightlife, sampling some bites from Chinatown and also catching the famous light show at the Gardens by the Bay; and of course, let’s not forget the famous Singapore DUCKtours, a chance to experience a unique land and sea adventure on the special amphibious contraption that will have you cruising down the likes of Singapore’s famous Civic District. Another Singapore tour by the company worth trying is the Chinatown Walking Tour in Singapore.

Reviews on Singapore Duck Tours

Singapore DUCKtours is one of the most popular tour operators and has a growing number of good reviews. 72% of the company’s Singapore tour reviews say state that Singapore DUCKtours’ tours are either very good or excellent. See the glowing review below:

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour, especially when we were in the water and looking at the sights and particularly Merlion face on. – Ruth3907

Monster Day Tours

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: 2018/19 certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor
1,031 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Monster Day Tours is a tour company in Singapore run by a really fun, young, and vibrant team of under 30-year-olds who seem super passionate about what they do. With a logo that is King Kong-inspired, in the same way, the tours crafted, put together, and led by Monster Day Tours tend to have a King Kong-sized and monster sense of adventure. The company’s passionate team encourages travelers and guests on its tours to “eat, play, explore and party as hard as one possibly can!”


in Singapore, Monster Day tours have some pretty awesome tours. Overseas visitors to Singapore can rest assured they’ll be having a good time if they pick any of the following packages, such as the Private Leisure Tours in Singapore a chance for travelers to really dictate what they see and do, while not going with the constraints of a normal group tour – so you’ll get to choose exactly where you go; or why not try one of the tour operator’s most famous tours, the Free Walking Tours, a really good way to experience the best of Singapore all within 3 hours; if that’s not your thing, you could also take a look at the Food & Culture Tour in Chinatown Singapore, a chance to experience the tasty food scene that is nothing short of surprising considering Singapore’s multi-racial heritage – during this tour, you’ll satisfy all your cravings by trying some of Singapore’s tastiest local favorites. Also popular is the company’s  3-Hour Private Night Experience Tour in The Heart of Singapore.

Reviews on Monster Day Tours

Monster Day Tour looks like such an amazing tour operator; it would be crazy not to try them out if you visit Singapore. Out of the 1,031 Singapore trip reviews on Trip Advisor, an incredible 99% of the customers who went on one said the company was either very good or excellent. See what one satisfied customer said:

I can’t recommend the tour enough! – Ursula M

Tour East

singapore tour company

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 1972
1,053 reviews on Trip Advisor 73% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Tour East is a tour company in Singapore that is extremely established and has been running since 1972. The company is known to be one of Singapore’s and Asia Pacific’s most notable travel companies and can certainly organize a quality itinerary for overseas visitors to Singapore. The company is also apt at organizing trips to other Asian countries as well as to New Zealand and Australia. Tour East’s tours feature city tours, safari and zoo tours, Chinatown and night tours and day passes to Universal Studios Singapore. The company is continually upgrading and tailoring its holiday programs to ensure they remain top-notch and current. The company is a noted member of Global DMC, JTB, KUONI, KURA-KURA BUS, and MCEA.


In Singapore, Tour East has some great programs worth considering for your Singapore trip. Animal-lovers and early-risers might try the company’s famed Morning at the Zoo, a visit to the Singapore Zoo, and a chance to have breakfast (or not!) with some slithering snakes, orangutans, and some cute tamarins; or why not try the Gardens By the Bay package, a visit to the amazing substantial nature park filled with over 1 million plants; also worth trying is the Night out at Marina Bay, an experience in the heart of the most luxury-driven and cool hangout in Singapore at bars overlooking skyscrapers and such, a great chance to experience Singapore by night. Also popular are the company’s Singapore City Tours.

Reviews on Tour East

Tour East is a fantastic tour operator to consider if you’re looking for tours in Singapore as well as Asia-Pacific. The company has a sizeable number of tour reviews on Trip Advisor, with 73% of the 1,053 reviews rating Tour East as either good or excellent. Consider the positive review below:

We learned so much about Singapore during the 3 hours that we wouldn’t have otherwise known. – Lynette R 

RMG Tours Private Limited

singapore city tour

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 1970
442 reviews on Trip Advisor 72% rated very good and excellent

About Company

RMG Tours Private is a tour company in Singapore that was founded in 1970 and with a longstanding reputation and foundation, it prides itself on being one of Singapore’s most reliable travel agencies. The company is able to organize travel itineraries for overseas visitors to Singapore and is known to organize coach tours (with its own quality 13 to 45-seater coaches) as well as being able to organize car rentals, air travel ticketing, and hotel reservations.


RMG Tours Private Limited has a number of worthwhile tours that would please overseas visitors to Singapore, such as its Singapore City Tour, a 3.5-hour bus tour that will take explorers on a little trail to see the different cultural, historical aspects as well as the multi-racial elements of Singapore, with stops in Little India, the Singapore River, Chinatown, the financial district and more; or why not try the River Safari, a visit to Asia’s first and only wildlife park that is river-themed, home to over 6,000 river-dwelling animals that include more than 40 endangered species; other tours worth checking out are the company’s Garden by the Bay tour, as well as the Sentosa Island Singapore Tour Sunset, which takes explorers over to Sentosa island from Mount Faber on a cable car with a chance to see the famed night show and spectacle of the Wings of Time, featuring displays of water, laser and fire effects.

Reviews on RMG Tours

RMG Tours Private Limited has a growing number of online glowing Singapore travel reviews that show many of its customers have been very satisfied with the company’s service. See an example of a positive remark below:

An excellent tour. – Mark2774


Company’s location and type: Global
Awards, Certification: Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor
313 reviews on Trip Advisor 97% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Withlocals is a global travel platform that connects travelers with locals in the destination of their choosing, allowing the said travelers to experience the country or city like a true local. A little different to your run-of-the-mill tours that tend to focus on tourist attractions and overly visited sites, Withlocals allow for tours that come straight from the heart and soul of the person who gives the tour, whom you get to choose by the way! In Singapore, the tours with Withlocals range from fun Singapore food tours, bike tours, and walking tours to day trips, family-friendly trips, night tours, and much more. The Singapore branch of Withlocals has done very well and received the famed Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.


In Singapore, Withlocals has some outstanding tours worth considering. If you’re visiting and wanting to see the country like a local, you could try the Best of Singapore Tour which will not only take you through all the highlights of the country but also reveal to you some hidden gems and “the real Singapore”; another tour worth taking a look at is the Cultural Chinatown tour, a trip to the Chinese district that is alive with ancient traditions, historic temples and of course, mouthwatering Chinese food! And if you’re still hungry, or just a real foodie at heart, you could also go on the Withlocals’ Singapore’s Food Tour, a 3-hour culinary journey that brings in the tastes and flavors of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. Also popular is the Gardens By The Bay Tour.

Reviews on Withlocals

Out of all the tour companies in Singapore thus far, Withlocals ranks the highest in terms of its percentage of excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. With 313 reviews, a staggering 97% say the tours organized by the locals working for this company are either very good and most excellent. See the happy customer’s response below:

It was a truly high-class private service with a very knowledgeable and reliable guide. – Tanya_Antonova

Let’s Go Bike

singapore day tours

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: – 2019 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor, Winner of Best Tour Experience 2019 in Singapore – Awarded by the Singapore Tourism Board
Reviews: 773 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Let’s Go Bike is a tour company in Singapore and is a licensed tour agency that organizes outstanding bicycle tours around the city. The company provides immersive package tours that allow visitors to see the island nation “the ride way”, led by top guides who can conduct the tours in either Mandarin or English. As visitors cycle down narrow alleys and the paths walked and cycled by locals, they get to experience a more authentic Singapore altogether. The travel company has won multiple awards, from Trip Advisor’s famed Certificate of Excellence to best tour experience titles from the Singapore Tourism Board.


In Singapore, if you’re looking to experience the city “the ride way”, Let’s Go Bike offers a number of very fun bicycling tours, such as its Historical Singapore Tour, a 4-hour (20km) bike ride that takes riders through Chinatown, along the Singapore River, Kampong Glam, The Museum District, Marina Bay, Esplanade and The Merlion and much more; or if you’re into food, try the Bikes & Bites Singapore Food Tour, a 3-hour food-focused tour that will have you sampling some of Singapore’s most yummy food while burning all the calories you eat so that there’ll be no weight gain; night owls should totally try the Marina Bay Night Tour, a 2-hour lovely and leisurely evening that will have you riding past the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore Flyer, the Formula 1 Pit Building, Marina Barrage, Gardens By the Bay, the Esplanade and much more. Or you could try the company’s Private Singapore Tour.

Reviews on Let’s Go Bike

Let’s Go Bike is undeniably a fantastic tour company that should definitely be considered if you end up going. Out of the 773 reviews it has received thus far on Trip Advisor, a phenomenal 99% of customers say the tours are either very good or excellent. See the glowing review below:

This was a really good tour. In 3 hours we got a chance to see all the key districts of Central Singapore and to sample Malay, Chinese and Indian food. Our host was really well informed. – Neil J

Food Tour Singapore

singapore tour guide

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
111 reviews on Trip Advisor 95% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Food Tours Singapore is a tour company in Singapore that organizes culinary journeys and authentic bite-sized experiences through its cultural walks through Singapore that are paired with food tastings in some of Singapore’s notoriously yummiest and most vibrant neighborhoods. Throughout the walking tours, visitors will have the chance to stop off at Singapore’s most pleasing gastronomic hubs and restaurants in small and intimate groups led by a tour guide well versed in the tastiest parts of Singapore.


In Singapore, Food Tour Singapore has a couple of amazing food-centric package tours to Singapore worth checking out. These include the company’s Chinatown Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour, a 4-hour walking tour that focuses on Chinese-Singaporean delicacies worth biting into; as well as the Kampong Glam Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour in Singapore, a visit to the place where the Malay royal family once resided, and a chance to celebrate some of the best in Malaysian cuisine.

Reviews on Food Tour Singapore

Food Tour Singapore is definitely worth checking out if you’re into food. The company has racked up a high percentage of excellent Singapore tour reviews on Trip Advisor. Out of the 111 reviews so far, 95% rated the food tours as either very good or excellent. See what one happy customer had to say:

This tour was recommended by a work colleague and did not disappoint. – ozpuddle

City Tours

singapore architecture tour

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 1971
110 reviews on Trip Advisor 39% rated very good and excellent

About Company

City Tours is a tour company in Singapore that has been in existence since 1971 crafting sightseeing tours and transportation throughout Singapore. The company provides a unique transport experience as it has a fleet of custom-designed vehicles to execute its tours, from single-deck open-top buses, double-deck open-top buses, amphibious vehicles, and more. The company has an extensive list of tours to choose from around all the top highlight attractions of Singapore.


In Singapore, City Tours has a number of decent packages to fulfill your Singapore trip. Travelers could choose the Katong Evening Food Tour that lasts approximately 3 hours and takes foodies through 6 different food stops and up to 12 different tastings, or animal-lovers could try the company’s Singapore Zoo package. Another popular packages by City Tours are the Night Safari, a chance to venture through the world’s first night-time wildlife park, or even try the Experience Singapore City Tour, with drives through the Civic District, the Padang, the Singapore Cricket Club, the National Gallery Singapore, Thian Hock Keng Temple, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and much more.

Reviews on Singapore Sun Tours

Although a pretty established player in Singapore’s tourism industry, the reviews on Trip Advisor aren’t selling the tour company. We have decided to include this operator in the list anyway as it is one of Singapore’s longest-serving tour operators and also does have some decent Singapore tour reviews. Of the 110 reviews on Trip Advisor, 39% rated the company as either good or excellent. See the positive remark below:

This was a great tour although there was a lot of walking involved. – happydays36516

MAM Holidays Singapore

holiday tours singapore

Company’s location and type: Singapore, Local Tour Operator
73 reviews on Trip Advisor 93% rated very good and excellent

About Company

MAM Holidays Singapore is a tour company in Singapore that is reputable and has been registered and recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board. The company offers a wide array of services that feature daily sightseeing tours around Singapore, as well as walking tours, food tours, private tours, and easily customizable tours to suit individual needs and interests.


In Singapore, there are a number of great tours to choose from that are organized by MAM Holidays Singapore. These include the Night Safari Entrance with Private Transfer from Singapore, a 3.5 hour trip into Singapore’s most famous nocturnal zoo; or the Private Half Day Singapore City Tour with Botanical Orchid Garden, a 3.5-hour private tour that takes you to explore Singapore’s best attractions, namely the National Orchid Garden in Singapore as well as the Botanical Garden, and much more, and you will be picked up and dropped off at your address; or why not try the Private Singapore Food Tour of Chinatown with optional River Cruise, a lovely way to get a taste of the cuisine you can find in Singapore’s Chinatown, as well as a chance to see the city from a river-point-of-view, if you so wish! Also popular by MAM Holidays Singapore is the company’s history-focused Private Walking Tour through Singapore and the Two World Wars tour package.

Reviews on MAM Holidays Singapore

Although still growing in its number of reviews, the Singapore trip reviews show that MAM Holidays Singapore has a very high percentage of happy customers. On Trip Advisor, the company has garnered 73 reviews thus far, with 93% of said reviews stating the company’s tours are either very good or excellent. Please note the positive comment below:

I really suggest you join this tour and ask Alex as a tour guide, you will not regret it!!! – wolfItaly 

Buffalo Tours

Company’s location and type: Singapore Tour Operator and Global
Year of establishment: 1994
49 reviews on Trip Advisor 78% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Buffalo Tours is a tour company in Singapore owned by a global destination management company called Discova. In Singapore, Buffalo Tours creates tailor-made tours that are put together and led by locals who are truly passionate about what they do. Through the company’s tours, overseas visitors are able to discover the very best things metropolitan Singapore has to offer tourists. The tours organized by the company range from half-day tours to 3 and 4-day tours.


In Singapore, Buffalo Tours has a number of incredible Singapore tour packages worth considering such as its Singapore Family adventure tour, a 4-day and 3-night action-packed adventure that features cycling through the more traditional side of Palau Ubin and heading to the exciting man-made island of Sentosa; or why not try the Local Flavour Walking Tour, a great choice for foodies looking to taste the differing delights of Little India and Chinatown; another package worth considering is the company’s Gardens By The Bay Tour, a chance to take a look at Singapore’s futuristic and unique answer to greenhouses. If you aren’t interested in doing the family tour but you’d still like to see a more traditional side of Singapore, definitely try the Pulau Ubin Singapore Cycling Tour.

Reviews on Buffalo Tours

Buffalo Tours is a well-established operator backed by a global company and offers some pretty amazing Singapore tour packages. It has a growing number of reviews on Trip Advisor. With that said, out of the 49 reviews it has received thus far, 78% rate the operator as either good or excellent. See one positive review below:

A great experience! Use this company. They are the best!!! – Sandra S


We hope you have enjoyed this article on Singapore’s best tour operators, and we do hope you refer to this article if you decide to make a fun trip to Singapore.

If you have already visited Singapore with one of these travel operators, why not get in touch with us and let us know how it went? We’d love to hear all about it!

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