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10 Best Bhutan Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Bhutan Tour Operators 2024

Are you planning to visit Bhutan, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you dreaming of traveling to Bhutan? Are you wondering what the best tours of Bhutan worth trying are? Are you looking for the best and safest Bhutan tour operators to plan your trip?

The Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is located on the eastern edge of the Himalaya’s and is place most only dream of traveling to. Renowned for its dramatic landscapes, dzongs (fortresses), verdant terrain, beautiful wildling and monasteries oozing out misty smoke, the country is teeming with stunning vistas, from subtropical plains to get lost in to steep mountains of the Himalaya beckoning visitors to climb. With peaks that reach up to 24,000 feet in the Himalayas, the country is known too as a popular trekking destination. A trip to Bhutan does however come with a lot of planning, and a good amount more than you’d find in other countries, as per travel requirements, all tourists to the country must show they will be paying at least US$250 per day. This means you really must be put in touch with experts on the ground who can ensure a seamless trip.

While touring Bhutan is an amazing experience to be remembered for a lifetime, it can get complicated when you start looking for the tours in Bhutan. The minute you start looking at tour operators in Bhutan, hundreds of results pop up, all claiming to be as good as each other. Some however aren’t trustworthy – so how do you know which one to select? Choosing the wrong tour company in Bhutan could have terrible consequences for your Bhutan trip.

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want see choosing the wrong Bhutan tour operator and potentially ruining your travels. We want you to find a safe and reputable tour operator to organize your trip to Bhutan. To save you time, we did the hard work for you. We spent thousands of hours researching, and found the safest and best Bhutan tour agencies for you.

Providers Reviews
Bhutan Swallowtail Tours Trip Advisor – 750 reviews
Heavenly Bhutan Travels Trip Advisor – 573 reviews
Keys to Bhutan Trip Advisor – 492 reviews
Bhutan Travel Guru Trip Advisor – 216 reviews
Bhutan Travel Club Trip Advisor – 315 reviews
Bhutan Best Inbound Tour Trip Advisor – 245 reviews
Book Bhutan Tour Trip Advisor – 105 reviews
Raven Tours And Treks Trip Advisor – 617 reviews
Bhutan Best Travel Trip Advisor – 164 reviews
Happiness Drukyul Holiday Trip Advisor – 170 reviews

Table update Jan 1, 2024

Bhutan Swallowtail Tours

bhutan tours

Bhutan Swallowtail Tours proudly stands as the #1 rated touring company among Bhutan’s travel agencies. It was established in October 2011 as a partnership firm by Sonam Dendup and Tashi Wangmo. Bhutan Swallowtail Tours offers an extraordinary gateway to the enchanting Land of Bhutan.

As one of the fastest-growing travel company in Bhutan, Bhutan Swallowtail Tours prides itself on delivering top-notch services and fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities. The dedicated team behind the agency shares a passion for travel and extraordinary experiences. This collective spirit allows them to craft tour packages that blend authentic Bhutanese knowledge with firsthand experiences.

Bhutan Swallowtail Tours Best Packages

In Bhutan, Bhutan Swallowtail Tours offers several best Bhutan tour packages. One of its best packages is Bhutan Cultural Tour with Paro Festival. The tour is a chance to experience the 8th century masked dances envisioned from the heavens and replicated in Bhutan. The company offers Royal Manas National Park package, a visit to what is termed Bhutan’s Crown Jewel. It is also known as a paradise for Birdlife and the country’s oldest Park (instituted in 1964).

Likewise, the company offers Family Tours. It is an inter-generational tour with grandparents, parents, and kids that provides a great family experience in Bhutan. The Bird Watching Tour in Bhutan is for those who are fond of birds and wildlife.

Bhutan Swallowtail Tours Reviews

Bhutan Swallowtail Tours has climbed to the top of our 10 best Bhutan tour operators list. The company has secured the top spot among 202 activities with an impressive 751 reviews on TripAdvisor. This achievement is further emphasized by the prestigious Travelers’ Choice Award for 2023.

Bhutan Swallowtail tour was amazing…Our guide Passang was incredibly warm, welcoming, proud of his country and excited to teach us. Suzie I

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Heavenly Bhutan Travels

Heavenly Bhutan Travels

Heavenly Bhutan Travels is a top-rated Bhutan tour operator. The company offers special private tours, luxury holidays and thrilling trekking adventures in Bhutan. The company is all about eco-friendly travel, and it works hard to protect the environment. Its main goal is to involve local communities, helping them grow in a sustainable way by embracing and preserving their unique cultures. Choose Heavenly Bhutan Travels for a memorable journey that not only help you explore the beauty of Bhutan but also contributes to the well-being of its people and the environment.

Heavenly Bhutan Travels Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Set out on a luxurious journey with Heavenly Bhutan Travels and explore the natural wonders of Bhutan. Join their luxury holidays in Bhutan. Tailor your luxury holidays in Bhutan to your liking, with its experienced guides. This tour allows you to customize your daily sightseeing for an unforgettable Bhutanese adventure.

Experience the thrill of trekking with Heavenly Bhutan’s Jomolhari Yaksa Trek. The trek features diverse landscapes and the mesmerizing sight of Mount Jomolhari from Jangothang.

For a refreshing escapade, indulge in the 8-day “Feel the Freshness of Bhutan” tour. Covering Thimphu, Punakha, Phobjikha, and Paro, this tour allows you to immerse yourself in Bhutan’s cultural richness. Book your tour now with Heavenly Bhutan Travels for an unforgettable Bhutanese experience.

Heavenly Bhutan Travels Reviews

Heavenly Bhutan Travels stands as one of the top operators for your Bhutan travel adventure. The company claims the top spot of TripAdvisor among 266 Tours & Activities in Bhutan. Garnering praise from 573 reviews, this esteemed travel agency has earned the coveted Travelers’ Choice award for 2023.

I recently finished a fantastic hiking/trekking trip with Heavenly Bhutan Travels. First let me say that I would definitely use Heavenly Bhutan again, they were fantastic in every way in terms of organizing and pre-trip communication… Thomas P

Read all reviews of Heavenly Bhutan Travels on TripAdvisor.

Keys to Bhutan

tours to bhutan

Keys to Bhutan is a premier travel and tour operator of Bhutan. In 1999, two childhood friends, Anan and Gelay, started Keys to Bhutan as an online travel company. Over the years, it has grown to become a leading tour operator in Bhutan. It is known for its high-quality services. The company is supported by a young and dynamic team, and they value hiring fresh minds over experienced individuals. Keys to Bhutan is fully licensed and registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Anan, one of the founders, also serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators.

Keys to Bhutan Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Keys to Bhutan provides a diverse range of popular Bhutan packages, each offering a unique and immersive experience in the enchanting country. One such offering is the Bhutan Bicycle Fever tour, spanning 11 days. This adventure takes cyclists through high mountains, deep mystic valleys, and pristine forests. The tour allows cyclists to soak in the centuries-old culture.

For those with limited time, the Glimpses of Bhutan package offers a comprehensive overview in just 6 days. This condensed experience focuses on western cities, highlighting the rich history, architecture, culture, and nature that define Bhutan.

Alternatively, the Dragon East package spans an extensive 19 days, providing a captivating photo journey to the remote parts of Bhutan. Participants have the opportunity to capture the modern Bhutanese landscape and compare it with images from two decades ago. This offers a unique perspective on the country’s transformation over time.

Keys to Bhutan Reviews

Keys to Bhutan is truly a gem Bhutan tour operator! With 492 rave reviews, it proudly holds the #2 spot among Thimphu’s outdoor activities. Garnering the prestigious Travelers’ Choice award in 2023, it’s a clear favorite among explorers. Visitors praise its enchanting experiences, from scenic treks to cultural immersions.

We had a lovely guide and driver who took us to sime amazing places. The whole trip was such a fascinating experience. Amazing views and lots of opportunities to take photos… Jacqueline C

Read all the reviews of keys to Bhutan on TripAdvisor.

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Bhutan Travel Guru

Bhutan Travel Guru is committed to delivering unparalleled travel services rooted in authentic Bhutanese hospitality. Their team consists of exceptional and highly skilled office staff, alongside seasoned Bhutanese tour guides. They share a singular dedication to ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of every tourist. Recognized for excellence by Trip Advisor, the company takes pride in upholding the highest standards of service. They help in creating memorable experiences for their valued clients.

Bhutan Travel Guru Best Tour Packages

Set out on an enchanting journey with Bhutan Travel Guru’s best Bhutan tour packages. Immerse yourself in the cultural vibrancy of the Paro Festival with “Paro Festival Tour” , hosted at the awe-inspiring Rinpung Dzong. You’ll enjoy the night lights illuminating the largest structure in Paro, offering a captivating view of the valley and airport.

Experience the natural splendor of the Jumolhari with “Jumolhari Trek” package, leading you to the revered Mt. Jumolhari’s basecamp, showcasing diverse landscapes and wildlife.

Moreover, delight yourself in the festivities of the Thimphu Festival with “Thimphu Festival Tour”. The festival is a three-day celebration dating back to 1687. Join the crowd in their finest attire at Tendrelthang, near the majestic Tashichho Dzong. You can witness traditional dances that bring the capital to life. Let Bhutan’s rich culture and breathtaking scenery unfold before you on these unforgettable journeys.

Bhutan Travel Guru Reviews

Bhutan Travel Guru is one of the best rated tour companies in Bhutan. The company has earned #5 spot on TripAdvisor with over 200 positive reviews and 5-star client rating. This achievement is backed by the prestigious Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

I had a great time in Bhutan and Bhutan Travel Guru was essential to that. They made planning the trip so easy. My guide Phurba was always so kind and solicitous… Milena R

Read reviews of Bhutan Travel Guru on TripAdvisor.

Bhutan Travel Club

Bhutan Travel Club is a reputed local Bhutanese travel agency providing immersive cultural tour packages in Bhutan. Its main focus is on soft-adventure experiences like trekking, mountain biking and motorcycling. Founded in 2008 by siblings Pelden and Sherab, the company is dedicated to promoting responsible tourism and strives to showcase the best of Bhutan.

Committed to ethical practices, Bhutan Travel Club has established partnerships with esteemed travel organizations including TCB, ABTO, TIES, CBI, and Travel life. These collaborations focus the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards and promoting meaningful exchanges for travelers.

Bhutan Travel Club Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan Travel Club offers a variety of exciting Bhutan tour packages well worth considering. One unique option is the “Football with Monks” package. The package provides an opportunity to hike to the Dodeydra Buddhist University and engage in a game of football with the resident monks.

Another enticing choice is the “Laya Gasa Trek” one of Bhutan’s longest treks tailored for experienced hikers. Starting in Paro, this scenic trek passes through the renowned Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Park. The trek showcases the unspoiled landscapes of Bhutan.

For those with a liking for exploration, the “Jomolhari Bhutan Trek” serves to experienced walkers. This trek promises an immersive experience, allowing participants to explore beautiful valleys, ancient Bhutanese heritage, and sacred Buddhist sites.

Bhutan Travel Club Reviews

With an impressive rank of #6 out of 202 Outdoor Activities in Thimphu, Bhutan Travel Club has earned its place as a top choice for adventure seekers. Garnering 315 reviews on TripAdvisor and the Travelers’ Choice Award for 2023, the company is indeed the top choice for your Bhutan tour.

It was a fabulous trip made easy by Bhutan Travel Club. The tour guides knowledge of the culture and the history of the country and the places visited helped give a greater….Robin P

Read all the reviews of Bhutan Travel Club on TripAdvisor.

Bhutan Best Inbound Tour

Bhutan Best Inbound Tour

Bhutan Best Inbound Tours is a premier Bhutan tour company. Founded in 2005 by experienced travel guide Mrs. Geeta Nepal, the company has emerged as a leading service provider in Bhutan. It delivers a range of Destination Management Services to both foreign and domestic travelers.

The company’s commitment to quality and excellence is highlighted by recognition from the Tourism Council of Bhutan and the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators. It is rated as one of the best tour operators in the nation by Trip Advisor. It is also branded Excellent by Tour Radar. Bhutan Best Inbound Tours ensures a memorable and authentic holiday experience in this mesmerizing land.

Bhutan Best Inbound Tour Best packages

Be prepared to set out on a cultural journey with Bhutan Inbound Tour’s top Bhutan tour packages. You can delve into the heart of ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes with “Bhutan Cultural Extravaganza Tour”.

Similarly, immerse yourself in vibrant festivals with “Colors & Festival Of Bhutan” package. Explore hidden monasteries and picturesque villages, experiencing the warmth of Bhutan’s open-hearted locals with the tour.

For adventure seekers, its “Trekking In Bhutan” package unveil the untouched beauty of Bhutan’s landscapes. You get to witness the legendary Snowman Trek to the enchanting Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek. Encounter diverse flora and fauna, camp at high altitudes, and savor moments in the Himalayan peaks with this trek.

Bhutan Best Inbound Tour Reviews

Bhutan Best Inbound Tours stands tall as the #1 choice among 71 Tours & Activities in Paro. This top-rated Bhutan tour operator has received an impressive 245 reviews on TripAdvisor with 5-star rating.

… They were quick to respond. Huge thanks to Bhutan Best Inbound Tours for an amazing experience in magical Bhutan. Roving00871089535

Read all the reviews of Bhutan Best Inbound Tour on TripAdvisor.

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Book Bhutan Tour

Book Bhutan Tour

Book Bhutan Tour is a top-rated tour operator in Bhutan. The company’s home-based team boasts unparalleled knowledge of the country’s must-visit places and exclusive events. The company’s seasoned travel experts, united in teamwork, ensure an authentic Bhutanese experience. Immerse yourself in the depths of the Himalayan kingdom, guided by its dedicated, caring, and experienced staff. Choose from a variety of Bhutan Holiday Tour packages, tailored to your specific preferences. Your satisfaction is the company’s commitment, allowing you to discover and embrace the unique facets of Bhutan.

Book Bhutan Tour Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Explore Bhutan with Book Bhutan Tour exclusive tour packages! If you are short on time, you can join their Bhutan short 3 day trip . You can also extend your journey with the Glimpses of Bhutan tour which spans to 6 days.

For an immersive experience, choose the Bhutan Best Tour Package spanning 9 days. Discover the thrilling landscapes, historic fortresses and vibrant culture. Each package includes accommodation, local transfers, and guided tours. Book your adventure now and create lasting memories in this Himalayan kingdom.

Book Bhutan Tour Reviews

Explore the amazing Bhutan with this most highly reviewed Bhutan tour company. The company, with 5-star client rate and 105 awesome reviews, ranked #4 out of 202 Outdoor Activities in Bhutan. Book Bhutan tour has also received multiple Travelers’ Choice Award by TripAdvisor.

We made a 14 day trip to Bhutan and booked via Book Bhutan Tour. It was a such a special holiday, guided by Mr Ram and Mr Sonam. Everyday was a highlight!… Margreet

Read all reviews of Book Bhutan Tour on TripAdvisor.

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Raven Tours And Treks

Established in 2006, Raven Tours and Treks is one of the top Bhutan tour operators. It was founded with the singular aim of offering overseas visitors an exceptional experience in the stunning Himalayan country. The company originated from a small group of avid travelers during a time when Bhutan’s tourism industry was in its early stages. The company has exposed myths and evolved into one of the largest Bhutanese travel operators.

Specializing in well-crafted, customized trips, Raven Tours and Treks has solidified its reputation by partnering with Travellife, Bhutan, and ABTO. With a commitment to eliminate misconceptions, the company is dedicated to providing you with the best services.

Raven Tours And Treks Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Raven Tours and Treks presents a diverse range of tour packages, with some of its acclaimed offerings including Cultural Tours. These tours provide a comprehensive exploration of a country that houses numerous communities. In communities, the influence of Buddhism is evident in every facet of Bhutanese life.

The company also offers Bhutan Photography Tours tailored for photographers. It is best for photographers seeking fresh avenues to showcase their creative talents. Participants in these tours have the opportunity to capture Bhutan’s pristine landscapes, bustling streets, and vibrant architecture.

Additionally, Raven Tours and Treks provides Bhutan Bicycle Tours, catering to cyclists of varying skills. This tour allows you to explore the country’s various dedicated biking routes.

Raven Tours And Treks Reviews

Raven Tours and Treks is one of the top tour operators in Bhutan with a number of positive reviews. The reviews show that Raven Tours and Treks’ client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 619 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 99% of the customers of Raven Tours and Treks rated the operator as very good and excellent. See the positive review below:

I chose Raven Tours for my 13 day trip in December and I’m thrilled I did!…trvlgirl2010

Read all the reviews of Raven Tours and Treks on TripAdvisor.

Bhutan Best Travel

Bhutan Best Travel stands as a duly registered travel company operating in Bhutan and Singapore, established by Nidup Dorji and Jaclyn Zhang. It is officially endorsed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and Singapore. Bhutan Best Travel has earned a reputation as a reliable Bhutan travel agency committed to delivering high-quality services.

This esteemed Bhutan travel agency provides a range of offerings suitable for both individual and group travelers. Bhutan Best Travel takes pride in its commitment to delivering excellent, efficient, and premium services. It aims to provide customers with a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding journey.

Bhutan Best Travel Top Tour packages

In Bhutan, Bhutan Best Travel offers a variety of enriching Bhutan tour packages. They offer amazing Cultural Tour Packages . These packages provide you with unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich traditions and mystique of this kingdom. These tours promise an exhilarating experience, taking you to significant locations visited by Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century.

Additionally, the company offers the 12 Days Druk Path Trek, a tour designed to offer an extensive overview of the Kingdom of Bhutan with a focus on hiking. This trek is a fantastic way to explore the stunning landscapes and cultural treasures of the region.

For nature enthusiasts, the Bhutan Bird Watching Trip is a special offering, showcasing Bhutan as a paradise for bird enthusiasts. The trip features a diverse range of bird species, some of which are unique to Bhutan and cannot be found in other parts of the world.

Bhutan Best Travel Reviews

Of the total of 164 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 99% of the customers of Bhutan Best Travel rated the operator as very good and excellent. It has a ranking of #8 out of 202 Outdoor Activities in Thimphu, Bhutan. Best Travel is certainly a leading Bhutan tour company with a client satisfaction rate that is extremely high. See the review below:

Our 9-day adventure in Bhutan with our tour guide Tshering and driver Sangay from Bhutan Best Travel was everything we wanted from our travels around Bhutan… Melanie

Read all the reviews of Bhutan Best Travel on TripAdvisor.

Happiness Drukyul Holiday

Happiness Drukyul Holiday is a premier tour company of Bhutan. Operating in Bhutan since 2008, Happiness Drukyul Holiday offers diverse tours and trekking experiences. The company is run by seasoned professionals with extensive tourism expertise. The company has cultural, spiritual, festival, luxury, and tailor-made packages across Bhutan’s regions. The company’s flexible dates and customizable tours align with your interests and schedule.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Happiness Drukyul Holiday ensures clarity in costs, reliable services, and employ well-trained local guides. Enjoy a Himalayan holiday in the serene Dragon Kingdom where mountains touch the blue skies.

Happiness Drukyul Holiday Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Happiness Drukyul Holiday presents a range of unforgettable Bhutanese experiences through their best Bhutan tour packages. The Paro and Thimphu Insight Tour unveils the splendors of urban Bhutan. It offers glimpses into ancient architectures, monasteries dating back to the 10th century, and the rich cultural tapestry of the Dragon Kingdom.

For adventure seekers, the Druk Path Trekking package navigates the pristine landscapes from Paro to Thimphu. This trek is renowned for its breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and encounters with Bhutanese daily life. It also includes visits to temples and fortresses. The journey features camping in less frequented areas, crossing mountain chains, and reveling in rhododendron forests.

Lastly, the Paro Tshechu Festival Tour provides an immersive experience in Bhutan’s grandest celebration. You can witness ceremonial dances and the world’s largest religious scroll with this tour. The tour captures the essence of Bhutanese culture and history.

Happiness Drukyul Holiday Reviews

Ranked at #9 among Thimphu’s top 202 outdoor activities on TripAdvisor, Happiness Drukyuk Holiday has garnered praise from 170 reviews. Visitors applaud the company’s commitment to providing memorable outdoor experiences. The reviews highlight the excellent services and engaging activities that make this holiday provider one of the top Bhutan tour operators.

We spend a week in Bhutan with Happiness Holidays and it was amazing. The guide was very friendly, informative and know about each and everything about Bhutanese cultures…Shahiryar

Read all the reviews of Happiness Drukyul Holiday on TripAdvisor.

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World Tour Plan

World Tour Plan

World Tour Plan is a local Bhutan tour operator. The company was established in 2009 by a team of true professionals armed with years of experience and an advanced understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry. The company’s team consists of a group of travel experts, who are veterans in the travel business in their own rights. The company is committed to giving its guests an authentic Bhutan experience.

World Tour Plan is licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, which is the government’s regulatory body for tourism. It is also an active member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO), as well as CAB.

World Tour Plan Best Bhutan Tour Packages

In Bhutan, World Tour Plan offers a variety of Bhutan tour packages across a number of activity categories. Some of its prime packages include Bhutan Luxury Holidays,  a chance to traverse as much of the stunning Kingdom as possible in a week, with the help of your own driver-guide, an internal flight while also staying in some of the country’s most magnificent resort hotels; or Nimalung Tshechu, a unique opportunity to enjoy two intimate Tsechu experiences in the Bumthang Valley, the Nimalung and Kurjey festivals Bhutan’s spiritual heartland; or the Bhutan Family Holiday tour, where you will not only enjoy a relaxing holiday or adventure family get-together holidays in Bhutan, but you will also get to understand the happiness in life, success, and simplicity when visiting Bhutan, an incredibly family-friendly destination. Also popular is the Photography Tour.

World Tour Plan Reviews

World Tour Plan has great tour operators in Bhutan reviews. Of the total reviews made on Trip Advisor, 99% of the customers of World Tour Plan rated the operator as very good and excellent.

Druk Asia

Druk Asia is a local Bhutan tour operator. The company is your one-stop Bhutan Tour Operator and Drukair (Royal Bhutan Airlines) Representative. The company specializes in introducing travelers to Bhutan, the colorful realm of the Thunder Dragon King. As the official representative of the Bhutanese Royal Government’s National Carrier and a licensed tour operator in Bhutan, Singapore, and Thailand, the travel company provides all the services customers would need for a safe and memorable Bhutanese adventure. Druk Asia is able to handle all ticketing and visa paperwork and is also apt at customizing private journeys, group tour,s or business trips to Bhutan.

Druk Asia Best Bhutan Tour Packages

In Bhutan, Druk Asia offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its popular packages include the 6 Day Amankora Journey, an itinerary that takes you into the ancient Kingdom for an adventure into the hearts and lands of charming farmers, fascinating weavers, enchanting monks, and charismatic leaders.

The 9 Day DrukPath Trek is a 9-day trekking tour in Bhutan that will leave you with treasured memories of a lifetime. The 12 Day Birdwatching Travel Plan is a full-on exclusive tour of the kingdom and its beautiful variety of birdlife, perfect for those who love bird watching.

 Druk Asia Reviews

The tour operator in Bhutan reviews shows that Druk Asia’s client satisfaction rate is very high. Of the total reviews made on Trip Advisor, 99% of the customers of Druk Asia rated the operator as very good and excellent.

Royal Bhutan Travel

Royal Bhutan Travel

Royal Bhutan Travel is a Bhutan tour operator that has been operating various tours and treks in Bhutan for a long time. The company’s Bhutan tours offer individual travel itineraries for couples, families, and groups of friends traveling to Bhutan. All the travel company’s itineraries can be customized in accordance with the desires of its guests, depending on time constraints and places of interest. Some of the company’s other Bhutan travel packages include adventure treks, cultural tours, pilgrimage tours, and nature tours.

The company is committed to maintaining ecological and cultural balance in the areas where it operates its tours so that the local environment isn’t spoiled and at the same time its guests enjoy the beautiful locations even more. The company is a government-certified tour operator.

Royal Bhutan Travel Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Some of the best packages offered by the tour operator include its 2 Nights 3 Days Short Bhutan Tour,  a road trip around the best locations of Bhutan taken in a circuit beginning and ending in the city of Paro.

 Druk Path Trekking 8 Days is the eight-day trek passes through some of Bhutan’s most beautiful high altitude lakes. The route begins in Paro and ends in Thimphu, at its highest point it crosses an altitude of roughly 12,500 feet.

The Laya Gasa Trekking 17 Days is a trek route that passes through diverse geographical and cultural regions: from farmland to forests and to alpine highlands. 

Royal Bhutan Travel Reviews

Of the total of 55 Bhutan travel reviews made on Trip Advisor, an exceptional 100% of the customers say the operator is very good and excellent.

Bhutan Pelvab

Bhutan Pelvab is a local Bhutan tour operator that was started by Ugyen Wangdi. The name ‘Pelyab’ is taken after the name of a village in central Bhutan, where the founder comes from. The company is an expert in operating tailor-made tours, aiming to provide customers with a unique and authentic experience of Bhutan. Bhutan Pelyab Tours has a diversity of tour packages, from cultural, festivals to trekking tours, and more.

However, a “one size fits all” has never been the company’s approach. The team is happy to arrange customized trips and make suitable changes to meet different customer demands and expectations. The company is partnered with a number of credible travel bodies, such as ABTO and Drukair.

Bhutan Pelvab Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Some of this company’s most enticing packages to try to include Bhutan Bird Watching Tour – 8 days/ 7 nights, which takes you through the 800 beautiful bird species of Bhutan.

The Druk Path Trek – 11 days/ 10 nights features trekking in Bhutan with a chance to discover the country in a different way and to challenge yourself with off-the-beaten-track hikes.

The Glimpse of Bhutan Tour 5 days/ 4 nights helps you visit places such as Punakha Dzong and Paro Rinpung Dzong, the iconic image in Bhutanese culture. Moreover, you will often catch the sight of Bhutanese practicing Buddhism, twirling praying wheels, and fingering praying beads while you are on the way.

Bhutan Pelvab Reviews

Bhutan Pelvab is a very credible Bhutan tour company with a number of fantastic reviews. The reviews show that out of the total reviews made on Trip Advisor, an impressive 100% of the customers of Bhutan Pelvab rated the operator as very good and excellent.

More Things to Know About Bhutan

Best Time to Visit Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan is a beautiful Asian country located in the eastern edge of the Himalayas. The topography of Bhutan is divided into three parts, flatlands, central zone and the high mountains. Due to this difference in altitude, Bhutan has varied weather conditions. You can travel Bhutan anytime of the year; however, weather and season plays important role in landscape views, festivals and other things. Visit this page to learn more about the best time and season to visit in Bhutan.

Bhutan Mountains

The beautiful country of Bhutan is best known in the world for its astounding unclimbed mountains, thrilling trekking trails, valleys, monasteries and so on. Exploring these alluring Bhutanese mountains will certainly give you a life-changing experience.

Ura Valley Bhutan

Ura Valley is indeed one of the most appealing valley that should be in your radar while traveling Bhutan. The valley is situated at the height of 3100 meters in Bumthang district. You get to explore and experience scenic landscapes, lush forests and fascinating views in Ura Valley.

Monasteries in Bhutan

Are you thinking about visiting Bhutan and exploring its holy monasteries? Bhutan is home to several sacred Buddhist monasteries where you get to experience mesmerizing views, learn to meditate and lead a sacred peaceful life. Our article the top 16 alluring monasteries of Bhutan explains in detail about the best monasteries of Bhutan.

Bhutan Vacations

Planning a trip to Bhutan? Wondering what the best vacation packages in Bhutan are? Bhutan is well known in the world for its appealing monasteries, fortresses, captivating valleys and landscapes. Make your vacation to Bhutan unforgettable by knowing in advance about the best things to do and see in Bhutan.

Bhutan Takin

Takin is the national animal of Bhutan as it binds to the country’s religion and myth. This beautiful animal can be found in Bhutanese mountain ranges above 3500 meters. Learn more about this amazing creature by visiting this article- Bhutan’s national animal Takin.

Traditional Dress of Bhutan

Bhutanese traditional clothing comes in a variety of designs. The majority of individuals dress in robes and skirts, however some also don coats and headgear. When wearing a traditional Bhutanese outfit, it’s crucial to wear accessories. Read the article traditional dress of Bhutan to learn more about Bhutanese dresses.

Temples in Bhutan

Bhutan is home to several exquisite Buddhist temples and monasteries in addition to its breathtaking natural beauty. Cultural and religious items are drawn to Bhutan’s many temples. The beautiful buildings frequently have courtyards, temples, executive offices, and monks’ apartments. Learn more about Bhutanese temples by reading the article temples in Bhutan.

Bhutan Restaurants

Are you thinking about visiting Bhutan? Do you want to know which are the best Bhutanese restaurants? Do you want to stay at the top hotel in Bhutan during the trip? There are several cozy restaurants and hotels in Bhutan that can offer you personalized services. Learn about the best restaurants in Bhutan from our article best restaurants in Bhutan.

Bhutan Weather

The altitude of Bhutan has a significant impact on its climate. Bhutan’s wide range of elevations and the influence of the North Indian monsoon season are the two main factors that are directly related to the country’s varied weather. You can learn more about the weather pattern of Bhutan by reading the article Bhutan Weather.

Bhutan House

Past Bhutanese architects constructed homes and buildings without blueprints. The current Bhutanese house patterns are followed by the traditional homes, giving both the cities and the remote regions a beautiful aspect.

Animals of Bhutan

Bhutan is home to several species of animals, including Takin, sloth bears, one-horned rhinos, golden langurs, clouded leopards, hispid hares and many more. Learn more about the animals of Bhutan by visiting our article Animals in Bhutan.

Bhutan Cities

Bhutan, a breathtakingly gorgeous tourist destination in the globe, provides you with the opportunity to visit various enchanting cities. In most Bhutanese cities, you can see the ideal blend of modernism and antiquity. These cities have gorgeous mountains, sacred monasteries, incredible scenery, and are populated by kind people.

Top Bhutan Wine Tastings

Are you wondering what are the best Bhutanese wines? Do you want to taste these wines during your Bhutan trip? Visit our article top Bhutanese wines to learn in detail about the Bhutanese wines and whiskies.

Bhutan Villages

Bhutan boasts several wonderful unspoiled villages that definitely worth visiting during your Bhutan tour. Many villages in Bhutan have been unaffected by modernization and are so calm. These Bhutanese villages represent Bhutan’s greatest natural beauty and are the ideal place to rest and contemplate.

Capital of Bhutan

Thimphu, often written Thimbu, is Bhutan’s capital city. It is Bhutan’s biggest city. The city stretches along the western side of the valley where the Raidak River flows north-south. A 699-kilometer border separates India and Bhutan.


What is the best time to visit Bhutan?

The optimal time to visit Bhutan is during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) seasons when the weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are in full bloom.

Why do you need a tour guide in Bhutan?

Bhutan requires all foreign tourists to have a licensed tour guide. This is a measure to preserve Bhutan’s distinct culture, heritage, and environment while ensuring a meaningful and respectful travel experience.

Can you travel without a guide in Bhutan?

No, it is not permissible. Independent travel without a licensed guide is not allowed in Bhutan. Tourists must arrange a guided tour through a registered tour operator.

What is the best way to get to Bhutan?

The primary means of entering Bhutan is by flying into Paro International Airport. Drukair and Bhutan Airlines operate flights from cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, and Bagdogra. Alternatively, travelers can enter by road through Phuentsholing when coming from India.