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Top Bhutan Wine Tastings

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Are you considering taking a vacation to Bhutan in near future? Do you want to taste the top Bhutanese wines? Are you wondering what are the best-crafted wines in Bhutan?

Bhutan is well-known and admired throughout the world for its culture, natural beauty, and remarkable GDP indicator, or “happiness index.” Is that, though, the end of it? Of course not! Bhutan is also renowned for its delightful beverages, which you must consider trying during your Bhutan vacation. Finding yourself the variety of high-end Bhutan Whiskeys & Wines is one of the most anticipated things that you must not miss on your Bhutan tour. Alongside, enjoy in some of the coziest restaurants in Bhutan or get high on life with the best Bhutan beer.

Bhutan’s alcohol is comparatively cheap and of high quality, and you can readily get some or a variety of it at the majority of its restaurants and grocery stores. Yes, we are discussing ten well-known native wines and beverages in this post that you might enjoy while visiting Bhutan. Let’s begin.

Wines in Bhutan

Zumzin Peach Wine

When you are on a trip to Bhutan and had a portion of delicious Bhutanese food, wine is the ideal companion. Zumzin (Bhutanese wine), is a naturally occurring mixture of peach wine, mineral water, and flavor. Every taste of Zumzin Peach Wine provides the consumer with a strong impression. This wine’s unique particular characteristic is derived from the natural, pure, and ripe peach flavor. Also, try the strawberry flavor if you get the chance.

Takin Red Wine

Takin Red Wine is indeed the top wine crafted in Bhutan. It can be your selection during your visit to Bhutan if you possess a strong preference for sweets and wish to enjoy the sweet flavor of the wine. Many claims that it is fairly sweet and loaded with sugar.

Vintria Shiraz Dry Wine

While you are on vacation to Bhutan, this beverage is regarded as Bhutan’s best wine. The best food to pair this wine with is a bowl of fruit or a salad as a light meal. It is claimed that when you drink the entire 750 ml bottle, the 13.5% alcohol content can give you a little buzz.

Whiskeys in Bhutan

Bhutan Grain Whiskey

This whiskey is created at Bhutan’s Gelephu distillery using a special combination of scotch malt and grain alcohol. Each 750 ml bottle has a 42.8% alcohol content, so use caution if you consume too much. Another well-known whiskey with affordable costs is Black Mountain Whiskey, which is priced between Nu 100 and 130 respectively.

K5 Blended Scotch Whiskey

The most well-known and top whiskey in Bhutan is the K5, which was initially made in 2008 and named after the King of Bhutan. The 8 to 12-year-old malts are distilled in Scotland and stored in Bourbon and sherry containers to create the whiskey. You are strongly recommended to try this unique beverage when you are on a trip because it is unlike anything that you have ever tasted.

K5-A Premium Whiskey

Another variation of K5 Whiskey is K5 Premium, which is made with vatted malt (from Scotland), premium grain neutral spirit, and spring water. One of the most popular whiskeys among residents of Bhutan and other tourists is the K5. If you get the chance, you should give it a try while you are on a trip to Bhutan because it is anticipated that the production of the well-known K5-premium whiskey will terminate.

1907-Limited Edition

When the first King of Bhutan, Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck, was elected on December 17, 1907, the internal war finally came to an end after years. This was a major and fortunate turning point in Bhutan’s history. A batch of single malt that has been aged for 12 years and imparted with a distinctive flavor of creamy waves of hazelnut, vanilla, and toffee was used to precisely create the 1907 whiskey. To celebrate Bhutan’s amazing event, just 12.500 bottles, each packaged in a Limited-Edition bottle and housed inside a gorgeous, regal jewel box, were made in 2008.

The Silver Jubilee

The Silver Jubilee is no exception to the rule that most whiskey in Butan seems to be associated with a national celebration. To mark the silver jubilee of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, this Bhutanese whiskey was originally manufactured in 1997. The Silver Jubilee has a truly distinctive flavor and is specially blended with rare vintage scotch malt and neutral grain alcohol. It contains 42.8% alcohol at 25 degrees below proof.

Special Courier

The Special Courier, which was first released in 1983, is one of Bhutan’s must-try whiskeys for whiskey lovers since it will let them understand the distinctiveness of the Thunder Dragon Land. Although the making of this unique whiskey appears to be among the strangest things ever, it doesn’t matter as Special Courier has long been a preferred whiskey among Bhutanese consumers. Due to its popularity, this whiskey frequently sells out, so if you want to try it, act quickly. Despite being one of the most popular whiskeys in the area, the Special Courier is incredibly inexpensive on its own.


The Taste of an Era is the name of this whisky in Bhutan. The Prophecy, according to rumors, was only recently developed in 2016 and was not intended for sale. This extremely rare whisky was given as a gift by His Majesty the King of The Land of Thunder Dragon to a small group of people.

On this page, we have elaborated on the top Bhutan wines. One of the most beautiful adventures you may ever do is to travel to Bhutan and taste these amazing wines. To help you plan your trip, we have carried out extensive research and chosen the top 10 Bhutan tour companies that can give you a risk-free and secure Bhutan travel experience. You can also choose the best Bhutan tour deal offered by several local and international travel providers.

Top Bhutan Wine Tastings: FAQs

What do people in Bhutan drink?

Bhutan’s national beverage is Ara. It has alcohol in it. Ara is made by fermenting grains and using the liquid that is created during the fermentation process. The color of Ara is typically creamy, transparent, or white.

Do people in Bhutan consume alcohol?

Alcohol consumption is a culture that is strongly ingrained in Bhutanese tradition. In South Asia, Bhutan has the greatest per-capita alcohol use, according to a World Health Organization assessment. In Bhutan, alcohol is widely available. A survey released in June of last year stated that there is one alcohol outlet for every 177 Bhutanese. Nearly 5,500 bars exist.