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Bhutan Restaurants

Bhutan Restaurants

Bhutan, a small Asian Himalayan kingdom, offers you the chance to experience several breathtaking mountains, enchanting monasteries, panoramic valleys, fascinating festivals and so on. Bhutan is worth seeing once in a lifetime since the people are friendly and straightforward. To meet the needs of the tourists, Bhutan has several restaurants that provide Indian, traditional food, as well as other cuisines.

Even though Bhutan has a large number of great restaurants, we have filtered some top restaurants and hotels, listed below the top ten of Bhutan’s restaurants. Continue reading to learn more about the restaurants in Bhutan that you must visit while there.

1.Bukhari at Uma by COMOParo, Bhutan
2.Sonam Trophel RestaurantParo Tshongdue, Paro, Bhutan
3.Folk Heritage Museum RestaurantFolk Heritage Museum, Thimphu, Bhutan
4.Babesa Village RestaurantThimphu, Bhutan
5.San Maru RestaurantNorzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan
6.Champaca CafeMain Street, Paro, Bhutan
7.ZombalaHong Kong Market, Thimphu, Bhutan
8.Taktsang CafeteriaParo, Bhutan
9.Bhutan KitchenGatoen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan
10.Ambient CafeNorzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Bukhari at Uma by COMO

People visiting the city of Paro frequently eat at Bukhari, which is one of the most renowned locations to have a Bhutanese lunch. It is one of the nicest restaurants in Bhutan, and it is within the Hotel Uma. It is quite convenient for anyone staying there. The food is served to a wide audience, and the ambiance is multicultural. Try the chili cheese (Ema Datshi) in this place, which in itself is a blend of whole green chili with delicious local (melted) cheese.

European impacts can be detected in the food. Well, it is deeply embedded in Bhutanese tastes and lifestyles. The service here is gracious and the dinner here is a must on your vacation to Bhutan. Your trip will definitely give you an insight about the largest Urban Center in Bhutan.

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Sonam Trophel Restaurant

One of the top restaurants Sonam Trophel Restaurant located in Paro, Bhutan, is relatively affordable.  Here, you may eat delicious Thukpa, Datshi, and momos. One fact about the restaurant is that both vegetarian and vegan alternatives are available here seems to be fantastic news for Bhutanese vegetarians. The Sonam Trophel Restaurant in Bhutan offers a variety of Asian specialties at reasonable costs.

Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant

This restaurant is a favorite for authentic Bhutanese cuisine and is undoubtedly the best restaurant in Thimphu, Bhutan. Try their buckwheat pancakes or other specialties prepared with beans and eggplants, and you’ll become fond of the restaurant.

The seating and atmosphere, which are reflective of a typical Bhutanese home, add to the attractiveness of this location. Here, you can savor genuine butter tea and various varieties of Datshi (local curry). It is a must to visit this restaurant when you are there on your visit to the Folk Heritage Museum.

Babesa Village Restaurant

If you picture traditional non-vegetarian meals from Bhutan, you will probably land in Babesa Village Restaurant. Try their set dinners, which include hot drinks like butter tea (which is similar to a cream soup in many aspects), rice, dry pork or beef curry, and various veggies including turnips, eggplants, and/or fern with cheese. Overall, it is unquestionably a yes for anyone who wants to sample the distinctive local cuisine during your vacation to Bhutan. The atmosphere is enhanced by the comfortable seats, low ceilings, and heritage-style setting of the restaurant.

San Maru Restaurant

This is the only restaurant in the nation where you can eat delightful Korean food, and it is run by a cheerful Bhutanese-Korean couple. One of the best dishes in the nation is the Bibimbap with grilled chicken. This Bhutanese restaurant, like most others, features a traditional design and offers a number of the top tasting menus in the country.

Champaca Café

Champaca is what you imagine when you imagine delicious meals and wonderful coffee. The architecture is very nice, with tall wooden chairs replacing the typical seating arrangements. The food is excellent and includes a wide variety of baked products like cookies, cakes, pastries, and other fresh dishes in addition to burgers, pizza, and various kinds of sandwiches. The locals and travelers both love their fragrant coffee. Most of the café and restaurants also offers a top wine tasting opportunity. You shouldn’t miss out this when you are on a trip to Bhutan.


After exploring Thimphu’s marketplaces, Zombala, which is right in the center of them, is the ideal spot to store energy. The restaurant offers mouthwatering momos and several variations of the Ema Datshi with toppings including chicken and vegetables.

The finest restaurant in Bhutan because of the decently priced meals and the presence of a bar that allows you to gather with mates. You should definitely once visit Bhutan to travel through the cities of Bhutan to try out their cuisine.

Taktsang Cafeteria

This lovely location, which is surrounded by hills, is nearly halfway to the Tiger’s Nest. From here, you may enjoy views while enjoying tasty meals that meet your demands. The restaurant provides red rice along with the local dishes; the delivery is slow but pleasant. For the rest of your travel duration, you can also purchase some packed food from here.

Bhutan Kitchen

Bhutan Kitchen is yet another location where you may enjoy a traditional meal. It offers modest seating. Fresh and nearby products are mostly used, which improves the flavors and aromas of the food. This restaurant, which is among the best in Thimphu, Bhutan, offers vegetarian alternatives, allowing you to learn more about the local food. You must try red rice with stir-fried vegetables and lentil soup. One of Bhutan’s top vegetarian restaurants, without a doubt.

Ambient Cafe

This location’s atmosphere blends traditional Bhutanese aspects with that of European cafes.   The interior design seems to be quite elegant and gives the entire space a unique, enjoyable vibe. Here, you may enjoy tasty sandwiches, pizzas, iced tea, and a variety of shakes that will transport you to the heart of the Himalayan kingdom.