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Best Hotels in Bhutan


Are you planning a trip to Bhutan? Do you want to know about the hotels and restaurants in Bhutan?

The kingdom of Bhutan is a small yet incredibly beautiful Himalayan country of Asia. Though the country may not have  super highly luxurious five-star hotels yet you will find several quaint and hygienic hotels and restaurants in Bhutan’s mesmerizing locations. , With a level of luxury and elegance of accommodations that is unmatched in the Himalayas, “The Happiest Place on Earth” welcomes you with once in a lifetime vacation experience in Bhutan.

Here is the list of Bhutan’s top 5 hotels.

Six Senses Bhutan

In the vibrant Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, Six Senses operates five different best hotels in five different Bhutan valleys (THIMPHU, PARO, PUNAKHA, GANGTEY, & BUMTHANG) that are all referred to collectively as Six Senses Bhutan. Each venue has been carefully planned to completely apprise visitors of the local way of life.

The tranquil and luxurious lodges, which come in a variety of styles, highlight the variety and unique qualities of each Bhutanese valley. The goal is to depart enriched and reconnected, whether through sunrise meditations, holistic spa treatments, individual astrology readings, butter lamp lighting ceremonies, or spectacular climbs and treks through pristine forests. 


Amankora is a cluster of hotels in Bhutan’s central and western valleys that combines the Sanskrit words aman, which means calm, and kora, which means circular pilgrimage in Dzongkha, the country’s official language. Amankora’s lodge sites have been created to give visitors the chance to comfortably enjoy Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage and outstanding topography.

The path of discovery takes place beneath the serene presence of soaring Himalayan peaks. Each lodge is a sanctuary created to complement its distinctly gorgeous surroundings and is committed to offering an unmatched experience of this unspoiled, year-round resort.

Como Uma

In the Buddhist Himalayan kingdom, Como Uma is in charge of two properties, offering a dual experience that reveals the numerous faces of the mysterious “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” Como Uma Paro features 20 bedrooms, nine upscale private villas, and a Como Shambhala Retreat.

 The Bukhari restaurant in Bhutan is a favorite of the royal family, the furnishings are spare and decorated with pieces made by local artists. The little Como Uma Punakha is located in one of Bhutan’s holiest valleys and is five hours journey from Paro. All 11 of the rooms provide expansive views of the valley and the Mo Chu River meandering through the orchards and rice terraces below.

Gangtey Lodge

The multi-award-winning Gangtey hotel in Bhutan provides every luxury and comfort in one of the most breathtaking settings on earth. The lodge’s 12 suites are subtly tucked away next to a collection of farmhouses, nestled above the breathtaking Gangtey (Phobjikha) Valley.

One may step back in time and escape the pressures and diversions of modern life because of its quiet location and exquisite design in the heart of Bhutan. Gangtey Valley, the fourth of the five valleys that make up Bhutan, is a protected reserve for black-necked cranes and is unaffected by foreign influences.

Taj Tashi

The beautiful Taj Tashi, the entryway to a wonderful realm overflowing with interesting mythology, is tucked away in the center of Bhutan’s capital. Taj Tashi enchantingly fuses Dzong architecture and modern design and is embellished with traditional hand-drawn Buddhist murals, staying loyal to Bhutan’s age-old and enticing ways.

The 66 roomy suites and houses, which provide views of both the Bhutan cities, Amazing Bhutanese valleys and mountains in Bhutan, perfectly encapsulate Bhutanese art and architecture. Two eateries, a tea room, a bar, and a spa each highlight a distinctive facet of Bhutan’s thriving Mahayana Buddhist culture.

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Best Hotels in Bhutan: FAQs

How many hotels are there in Bhutan?

A hotel must be at least 3-Stars to serve guests who are ready to pay in dollars, according to the Tourism Council of Bhutan. In 2012, there were just 45 3-Star hotels. In just six years, the number more than doubled. In the country as of September 2018, there were 105 hotels.

Does Bhutan have good hotels?

From cozy Bhutanese guesthouses to luxurious resorts, Bhutan provides a variety of lodging choices. Only the best hotels and guesthouses, which have been carefully chosen for their comfort, service, ambiance, cuisine, amenities, cleanliness, and administration, are used to house our visitors.