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Ura Valley Bhutan

Ura Valley Bhutan

Ura valley, situated in Bumthang, is one of the most beautiful valleys to explore in Bhutan. The valley is situated about 3100 meters height, 50km far from the Bumthang. The valley welcomes you with panoramic landscapes, green meadows, fir, bamboo, rhododendron forests and mesmerizing views of the mountains. These historic and beautiful setting of the valleys attract hundreds and thousands of visitors to Bhutan from all over the world.

Central Attractions in Ura Valley Bhutan

You can explore and experience several amazing festivals, traditions, cultures, scenic landscapes, arts, and crafts, and much more in the valley.

Ura Village

The central attraction of the valley is Ura village. Tucked 3100 meters high, the village consists of about 50 picturesque houses in a traditional setting. The overall setting of the village provides you with a glimpse of medieval period.

Due to the construction of linking road to the eastern cities, the village is thriving economically, but the setting is still pristine and untouched by the modernity. The Ura Village, being the highest village, offers you an exceptional view of awe-inspiring vistas, panoramic neighboring valleys, and daunting mountains of Bhutan.

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Ura yakchoe Festival

The Bhutanese people celebrate several fascinating festivals. Amongst all, the Ura yakchoe festival is one of the most charming festivals celebrated in the Ura valley. Most of the domestic and international tourists visit this valley during the season of this annual festival. This iconic festival is celebrated in the name of Chana Dorji, Vahrapani where the parade carries the image of him from Gaden Lhakhang to the main Lhakhang.

The festival begins on the 12th day of 3rd month and lasts for 3 pleasant days. During the eves of the festival, you get to witness an impatient preparation of a spirit from millet, rice and wheat and dispossession at late night.

Flaming Lake

The Falming Lake of the Ura Valley Bhutan is another central attraction. You get to explore a wooden bridge decked with reverent prayer flags around the lake. After crossing the Tang Chhu River via the bridge, you reach the Lake where the religious leader Pema Lingpa unearthed holy relics hidden by the sage Guru Rinpoche. After visiting the Lake, you can walk around two hours to reach more developed city of Jakar.

Inhabitants and Culture in Bhutan’s Ura Valley

The people residing in the valleys are mostly yak herders. The local inhabitants can be seen grazing their yaks in the green meadows wearing traditional Bhutanese dresses. The valley is also the best and largest producer of matsutake mushrooms in whole Bhutan. People here celebrates Matsutake festival during August in the name of this very mushroom. During the festival, people put up several stalls and serve various recipes of the mushroom to the visitors.

The Ura valley indeed provides you with a firsthand experience of Bhutan, allowing you to immerse in the fascinating local cultures. Breathe fresh air while enjoying the iconic landscapes, experiencing rustic Bhutanese traditions, and celebrating amazing festivals with the locals! Indeed, a must- visit place during your Bhutan trip.

Buddhism in Ura Valley

Majority of the local inhabitants of the valley follow the Buddhism. According to local legend, Ura valley’s first encounter with Buddhism occurred in the eighth century when Ugyen Guru Rinpoche traveled through the valley and blessed it as his secret valley.

The Houses in the Ura Valley

The Bhutanese houses are made to suit the locals because they depend on raising livestock and growing crops. Typically, the residences have two or three levels. The Bhutanese animals are housed on the ground level, the family lives on the second level, and their crops are stored on the third level. This temple’s courtyard hosts the Yakchoe festival and dances, which only display the statue during this festival or once a year.

Accommodation Options in Ura Valley

Ura valley is not amongst the developed towns in Bhutan and therefore only a couple of homestays available to stay for tourists. Well facilitated hotels and restaurants are not available n this valley. However, with all the basic services provided, you will have very enjoyable time staying in these homestays. The facilities in the home stay include local home cooked meals, western style restrooms, running hot water and other basic facilities that will indeed makes your stay a memorable one.

Food in Ura Valley  Bhutan

The major component of most of the Bhutanese meal is rice. It is served with one or two side dishes made of either meat or vegetables. The Ura Valley in Bhutan is regarded for producing some of the best matsutake mushrooms in the world. The mushroom is so well-known that it has its own event in August called the Matsutake Festival, where stalls are set up to provide mushrooms prepared in distinctive ways.

The Best Time to Visit Ura Valley in Bhutan

Visiting the remarkable Ura Valley is indeed the best thing to do in Bhutan no matter which season you are travelling. However, festive season of May and August offers you the best experience. All the silent streets are occupied by domestic and international tourists, and you get to celebrate the festivals with them. As the valley lies in the high altitude, there will be freezing cold during winter and we recommend not visit the valley during winter season. 

Reaching Ura Valley

The cultural tour into Bhutan’s heartland begins in the Ura Valley. The itinerary includes stops in the beautiful scenic Bumthang Valley as well as the mysterious cities of Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha.

Strolling through Ura village will give you an insight into Bhutanese culture and village life. So you can include a visit to the Valley in your vacation to Bumthang, Bhutan.

Ura Valley in Bhutan: FAQs

How far is Ura valley from Thimpu?

Beautiful Ura Valley is located about 8 hours drive (270km) from Thimpu.

What is Ura Valley Famous for?

Ura Valley is famous for its amazing Ura yakchoe dance festival, pristine and scenic landscapes, matsutake mushrooms, traditional houses and so on.

What are the most fascinating festivals celebrated in Ura Valley?

The Ura yakchoe festival and matsutake mushroom festivals are some of the best festivals celebrated in the valley. Ura yakchoe festival is celebrated for 3 days from the 12th day of 3rd month. During the Matsutake Festival, stalls are set up to serve mushrooms prepared in distinctive ways.