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10 Best Uruguay Tour Operators 2024[Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Uruguay Tour Operators 2024

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Has it been a dream of yours to explore all that Uruguay has to offer? Would it interest you to know about the top rated Uruguay tour operators? Do you want to discover the highest rated and safest tour companies to help you on your trip?

While you are on vacation in Uruguay, your time may be spent tasting the famous wine that the country is most known for. You may also end up exploring the beautiful valleys, beaches, and mountain ranges that the country offers. There is also the famous Casapueblo. an all-white building overlooking the ocean. Regardless of where you decide to spend your time while exploring and making memories in a Uruguay tour, it will be the perfect opportunity to see a beautiful country and create lasting memories.

When planning to visit Uruguay, finding the best tour company can take a lot of time and research. We believe that without the right research, your vacation could go wrong, and you might end up spending a lot of money for a not-so-great experience.

We don’t want you to spend too much time figuring it out, so we’ve done the work for you. You can check out our guide to the top 10 tour companies in Uruguay. Our main goal is to make sure your time in Uruguay is happy and regret-free as you explore the country with a trusted tour company.

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 most reputable Uruguay tour operators.

Providers Reviews
Curioso Free Tour Trip Advisor – 1,978 reviews
Master Turismo Trip Advisor – 830 reviews
The Wine Experience Trip Advisor – 386 reviews
Bike Tours Uruguay Trip Advisor – 240 reviews
VIP Transfers Trip Advisor- 229 reviews
Top Private Tours Trip Advisor – 147 reviews
Mejor Uruguay Trip Advisor – 136 reviews
Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours Trip Advisor – 102 reviews
Borravino Wine Tours Trip Advisor – 101 reviews
Montevideo Jewish Tours Trip Advisor – 82 reviews

Table update Jan 25, 2024

Curioso Free Tour

Curioso Free Tour

Curioso Free Tour is a top-rated and highly reviewed free walking tour company in Uruguay. Their income is based on tips received from their customers. The company stands out from the rest of its competitors through its sheer dedication of providing its customers with the best service. Their tour guides are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about Uruguay’s history and culture. Join Curioso Free Tour on an entertaining walking tour of Montevideo!

Curioso Free Tour Best Uruguay Tour Packages

Your vacation to Montevideo will become a memorable one with Curioso Free Tour’s tour packages. Join Curioso on their Ciudad Vieja Tour where you will learn about the culture and history of colonial Montevideo. The tour guides will provide you an entertaining session filled with information about the city in this tour.

Also, you can choose their Punta Carretas Free Tour for an exemplary tour of Montevideo’s neighborhoods. Travel through its shopping mall that was once a prison and learn about the political upheaval that took place in Uruguay.

For a unique experience of the city, you can opt for their Montevideo Bike Tour. Roam around the city on your bike and see iconic attractions like stadiums, parks and theaters.

Curioso Free Tour Reviews

As a leading Uruguayan tour company, Curioso Free Tour boasts an impressive track record of satisfactory clients. Their 1,978 reviews on TripAdvisor had landed them the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. They are ranked at the very top as #1 of 112 Tours & Activities in Montevideo. A past customer of theirs wrote:

Great experience with Martien or Walter. He speaks very well English and a good explainer. At the end he can give you the best tips where to eat and to go… Chuan B

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Master Turismo

Master Turismo

Master Turismo was created from the desire to provide the most excellent service possible to tourists coming from around the world. This Uruguayan travel agency is one of the best when it comes to providing professional and reliable service to its clients. They have a team of highly specialized tour guides that love what they do and they are eager to show you their country’s beauty. They value personalized service, punctuality, transparency and comfort. Explore Uruguay with one of its highly-rated tour packages for an unforgettable adventure.

Master Turismo Best Uruguay Tour Packages

Go on an adventure to see Uruguay’s magnificent wonders with Master Turismo’s various tour packages.

Immerse yourself in the colonial history of Uruguay on Master Turismo’s Walking Tour of Cidade Velha. Explore the old town in Montevideo and chat with the locals in this engaging tour of Uruguay’s capital city.

Also, tour the Colonia do Sacramento that is located 10 hours way from Montevideo. In this historic tour, you will visit different museums, try different food and even visit and old bullring at the edge of the city!

Similarly, allure your tasteful sense in their Wine Lovers tour. You can get involved in the process and production of authentic Uruguayan wine with a splendid lunch at the end.

Master Turismo Reviews

Master Turismo has gathered a lot of popularity in recent years through their detailed tours and excursions. This Uruguayan tour operator has 830 reviews on TripAdvisor and is ranked as #7 of 53 Food & Drink in Montevideo. They have also received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A satisfied customer wrote:

great car – great driver – on time, confortable and clean, would definitely use them again. had to change last minute and they were great… Guga S

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The Wine Experience

uruguay birding tour

The Wine Experience is the best wine and beverage tour provider in Uruguay. As one of the top-reviewed Uruguayan tour companies, they are dedicated to providing you the very best cultural experience of Uruguay. The company was founded by Ryan, who is a passionate worker and tour guide with lots of years of experience under his belt. The Wine Experience provides a unique chance for you to explore vineyards and learn about the entire wine-making process. Let this tour provider craft you a memorable experience of the best wine tours in Uruguay.

The Wine Experience Best Uruguay Tour Packages

The Wine Experience provides tour packages that let you explore wineries and vineyard across the entire country of Uruguay.

You can choose to visit the Canenoles Wine Region near Montevideo. Take your friends on this trip to have an exceptional countryside lunch while tasting some of the finest wine produced in Uruguay.

For wine lovers, The Wine Experience provides a Wine Tour with Tannat, Uruguay’s prized grape. You will learn about the wine-making process first-hand while enjoying samples of various wine styles.

Also visit a small winery near Punta del Este. In this tour, you will be informed about the entire production and process of wine-making. Enjoy a visit to wine cellars and end with a light lunch.

The Wine Experience Reviews

As one of the highest-reviewed tour operators in Uruguay, The Wine Experience lets travelers experience the country’s exquisite selection of wines. They have 386 reviews on TripAdvisor and are ranked as #2 of 53 Food & Drink in Montevideo. A recent client of theirs wrote:

Terrific tour of Uruguay’s up-and-coming wine region. As relatively knowledgeable wine enthusiasts we look for more than just the usual routine… Tim H

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Bike Tours Uruguay

Bike Tours Uruguay

Established in 2010, Bike Tours Uruguay has been providing excellent adventure and sports tours on bikes. They are based in Punta del Este and have steadily grown to become one of the largest tour operators in Uruguay. They aim to become the #1 tour operator when it comes to outdoor activities. They also have a global vision where they want to expand their company to international heights while promoting sustainable eco-tourism. Go on an adventurous journey with Bike Tours to see the delightful wonders of Uruguay!

Bike Tours Uruguay Best Uruguay Tour Packages

Bike Tours offers various tour packages that will let you explore the vastness of Uruguay on safe and comfortable bikes.

Discover the south-east coast of Uruguay on a 5 day bike adventure of De Punta. The company’s local guides will ensure that you have a fantastic time as you enjoy the sports, culture and recreation of the country.

You can also choose to go on a Mistic Tour of Punta del Este. Travel with a local specialist and see the oldest neighborhoods of the city. Also visit luxurious areas of the city and even museums on this exciting tour.

Immerse yourself into the country’s history on their Thematic Museums Tour. You will visit 4 different museums during this trip and learn all about the historical and cultural richness that Uruguay possesses.

Bike Tours Uruguay Reviews

Their bike tours let tourists experience popular attraction in Uruguay in a unique way. This leading Uruguayan tour company has 240 reviews on TripAdvisor. They are the best tour provider with a ranking of #1 of 34 Tours & Activities in Punta del Este. A customer that toured with them in the past wrote:

My husband and I had a wonderful bike tour around Punta Del Este. We arrived by cruise ship and met Alicia on the pier, as scheduled… Sandy C

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VIP Transfers

VIP Transfers

Blending transportation and tours in an eloquent fashion, VIP Transfers provides exquisite quality service to its clients. This Uruguayan tour company was created to give its tourists the maximum level of safety, comfort, and customer service. They want you to focus on having a great time and nothing else. Their vehicles and shuttles are all up to date and their chauffeurs and tour guides are responsible, efficient and highly skilled at their job. Leave all your travel worries to VIP Transfers and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing trip of Uruguay!

VIP Transfers Best Uruguay Tour Packages

From excellent shuttle service to sightseeing and day tours, VIP Transfers’ services cater to your each and every need. Their Punta del Este Tour is a great way to invest your time in Uruguay. You will learn about the history of the city and spend time relaxing on the beach and eating some of the best food in the country.

Don’t miss out on their Colonia del Sacramento tour package. This tour lasts 6 hours and your time will be spent in museums and walking along cobblestone paths, learning about the history of this enchanting place.

For all you drink afficionados, you can join in on the fun with their Wine Tasting tour. Taste authentic Uruguayan wine and walk along vineyards in this exciting tour package.

VIP Transfers Reviews

VIP Transfers is a highly-respected tour operator in Uruguay that has impressed its clients through and through. Their 229 reviews on TripAdvisor is a testament to their attentive and satisfactory service. They are also ranked as #1 of 61 Transportation in Montevideo and have earned the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A customer fully satisfied with their service wrote:

In addition to the excellent and comfortable vehicles available, the cordiality and friendliness of Alejandro and Sofia make the experience in Montevideo much more pleasant… Alberto L

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Top Private Tours

If you are looking for private tours in Uruguay at affordable prices, look no further than Top Private Tours! This travel agency in Uruguay offers some of the best day trips and excursions of Montevideo and Punta del Este. They have been operating since 2001 and their strong attention to detail and customer care has been praised by many international tourists. They aim to be the best tour provider in all of Uruguay in the near future. From the moment you choose a tour with Top Private Tours, you will begin receiving an unforgettable tourist experience in Uruguay.

Top Private Tours Best Uruguay Tour Packages

Whether you are on vacation with your family or just traveling alone through Uruguay, Top Private Tours’ packages are designed to suit all your needs. Their Montevideo Private City Tour is an intimate way to get to know the city of Montevideo. You will explore the Old City to see its rich architecture and eat lunch at a delicious restaurant. 

You could also participate in the Punta del Este City & Sea Lions Island tour. Visit popular attraction in Punta del Este and move on to the largest seal reserve on the planet to see over 200,00 sea lions in their natural habitat!

Also consider joining their Punta del Este Wine Tour of Bodega Garzon. Take a tour of one of the world’s largest wineries and learn about its facilities. Finish the tour with a delicious wine-tasting and lunch.

Top Private Tours Reviews

Top Private Tours is one of the few tour operators in Uruguay that has made its mark in the country’s tourism industry. They have 147 reviews on TripAdvisor and are ranked as #4 of 55 Outdoor Activities in Montevideo. A past customer of theirs wrote:

A very nice, congenial group. Our guide was terrific, explaining everything we saw and lots of interesting historical information in perfect English… Geraldine C

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Mejor Uruguay

Mejor Uruguay

Mejor Uruguay is possibly the most diverse travel service provider in all of Uruguay. Their services include providing car and bike rentals, in-depth walking tours, transfers and adventure tours among others. They are a receptive Uruguayan travel agency that has their customers’ best interests at heart. Their exceptional service is amplified through their focus on values like professionalism, honesty and innovation. Their tour guides are very friendly and efficient at what they do. Mejor Uruguay invites you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Uruguay’s landscapes.

Mejor Uruguay Best Uruguay Tour Packages

You can choose from a wide range of tour packages that Mejor Uruguay offers to its tourists. For nature-lovers, the Cabo Polonio Tour may be the perfect fit! Visit this natural reserve and spend some time on its beaches talking to local fishermen. The island has no electricity so you will be in for quite an immersive adventure!

Your adrenaline will be pumping on their Arequita Adventure Tour. This tour package offers exciting opportunities of climbing and rappelling in Cerro Arequita. You can also enjoy the majestic views of mountains.

Lastly, opt for their Punta del Este tour as well. Travel through the various neighborhoods with a local guide. You will also get a unique opportunity to view sea lions in this tour!

Mejor Uruguay Reviews

The receptive service that Mejor Uruguay offers to its customers has made it one of the leading tour operators in Uruguay. They have 137 reviews on TripAdvisor, out of which most are positive. They are ranked as #4 of 61 Transportation in Montevideo. This is what a recent customer said about them:

I was picked up at my hotel and had a tremendous day as we traveled through the city and countryside stopping at some very scenic spots… Matthew S

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Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours

Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours

Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours is a local tour operator in Uruguay that operates in Montevideo and its surrounding areas. They offer their tourists a chance to truly immerse themselves into Uruguayan culture through their in-depth, detailed tours. The company employs expert and knowledgeable tour guides that will make your trip both fun and informational. At Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours, they value professionalism, honesty and customer satisfaction. Your vacation will turn into an unforgettable experience with Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours.

Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours Best Uruguay Tour Packages

Get to know Uruguay through the eyes of the locals through Ciudad Vieja’s immersive tour packages. Go on their Ciudad Vieja Walking tour and get a feel of the Old Town. Your friendly guide will show you all the best places of the city with its fabulous colonial architecture.

You can also choose to go their Montevideo Bicycle Tour where you go on an exciting bicycle route along Rio de Plata. You will see the neighborhoods of Barrio Sur and Palermo with all its popular attractions in this tour.

Lastly, they offer a remote experience through their Ciudad Vieja Audiotour. Their guide, Alberto Rodriguez, will take you on an immersive tour that will make you feel like you’re right there by him!

Ciudad Vieja Walking Tours Reviews

Run by Uruguayan locals, this company has earned the admiration of many tourists that have opted for Ciudad Vieja’s walking tours. This Uruguayan travel agency has 102 reviews on TripAdvisor and is ranked as #17 of 112 Tours & Activities in Montevideo. A satisfied customer wrote:

Great tour, highly recommended! Thank you Alberto for all the information you shared, it made me look at Montevideo with new eyes… Caio P

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Borravino Wine Tours

Borravino Wine Tours

Operating in wide regions of South America, Borravino Wine Tours is an international tour company that offers the best boutique wine experiences in all of Argentina and Uruguay. The company was created by passionate South Americans under the leadership of Claudio Damian Pinon. Their wine tours will take you on a journey where you will explore culture, character and history. Your needs are met with unwavering attention on their side. You can expect a top-notch tour with one of the best tour agencies in Uruguay.

Borravino Wine Tours Best Uruguay Tour Packages

From local wineries to exclusive vineyards that produce Tannat, Borravino Wine Tours’ packages offer elite experiences in Uruguay. Visit a boutique winery near Montevideo on their Premium Winery Visit and Lunch package. You will meet the owners of a special winery that produces the famous Tannat wine. Later, you will be offered a delightful gourmet lunch!

Also, Borravino Wine Tours offers the Colonia City Tour where you will visit the historic center called Barrio Historico. Your guide will also take you to a beautiful beach and an old bullring in this tour.

If you are seeking a luxurious wine experience, consider their 2 Premium Winery Visits in Colonia. You will get a chance to truly engage in the wine making process as well as talk to locals about their culture in this tour.

Borravino Wine Tours Reviews

This tour operator in Uruguay has single-handedly made wine tourism a fan-favorite among international tourists. They have 101 reviews on TripAdvisor and most of them are positive. They are ranked as #1 of 14 Tours & Activities in Colonia del Sacramento. A recent client of theirs wrote:

We very much enjoyed our Montevideo wine tour with Borravino tours. Damian was very responsive and helpful in booking and managing our reservation… Amleo237

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Montevideo Jewish Tours

Montevideo Jewish Tours

Montevideo Jewish Tours is a top-reviewed travel agency in Uruguay dedicated to providing top-tier travel services to its customers. They cater to domestic and international tourists with extreme care and attention in mind. Established in 2007, they have a long history of being an energetic and enthusiastic tour company. The company was founded by Fanny Margois, a Jewish woman living in Montevideo. She invites you to explore her city and see the secrets that are held within the streets, the beautiful architecture, and the colorful history behind each road.

Montevideo Jewish Tours Best Uruguay Tour Packages

With Montevideo Jewish Tours’ several packages, you and your family will get a memorable experience vacationing in Uruguay. During the Uruguay Colonial City Tour, you will be seeing famous neighborhoods, squares, hotels, nice restaurants, and old Portuguese-style houses. You will also explore other historical sites and museums.

Also, join their Punta Del Este tour  and have a professional guide bring you to all of the best spots in the city. You will explore the beaches, neighborhoods, and other local attractions.

The Highlights of Montevideo and Wine Trail tour Uruguay is the perfect option if you would like to see the best parts of the city and also participate in a fabulous wine tour. You will be taken to boutique wineries and given a chance to see how authentic Uruguayan wine is produced.

Montevideo Jewish Tours Reviews

Celebrating a unique mixture of Judaism and tourism, Montevideo Jewish Tours has served its customers with dedication and care for more than 15 years. This Uruguayan tour operator has 82 reviews, out of which 72 are 5-star ratings. They are ranked as #13 of 112 Tours & Activities in Montevideo. A past customer said this about them:

Fanny was simply wonderful. Her wealth of knowledge, insight and communication skills were all excellent… Pissed Off

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What are the best times to visit Uruguay?

The best time to visit Uruguay is during the summer months, from November to February. The coastlines are particularly enchanting during this time. Winter does not offer much travel opportunities in Uruguay.

Why do tourists visit Uruguay?

Although Uruguay is a small and little-known country in South America, it still offers plenty of attractions and activities for tourists. From magnificent beaches to local and boutique wineries, you’ll be in for a splendid vacation in the country.

What are the most visited cities in Uruguay?

The most visited cities in Uruguay are Montevideo, the colonial capital of the country, Punta Del Este, a city that is exclusively known for its beach resorts and Colonia del Sacramento, a famous day tour destination.

Does Uruguay have nightlife?

Montevideo is absolutely bustling during the nights. They have special lively milongas, tango saloons, clubscapes and many more activities for you to engage in during the night. Enjoying their special Tannat wine during the night has its own place in Uruguayan culture as well.

What is Uruguay’s famous landmark?

Uruguay’s local famous landmark is probably the Artigas Mausoleum. It was erected in honor of Jose Gervasio Artigas Arnal, the father of the Uruguyan nation.