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10 Best Chile Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Chile Tour Operators 2024

Are you planning to visit Chile, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Would you like to spend some quality time in Chile, dining on all of the famously tasty foods the country has to offer? You could even explore the diverse landscapes throughout the country and even see penguins! Do you want to have the experience of a lifetime while staying safe, and in the know with the guidance of a top rated Chile tour companies?

One of the best reasons to visit the beautiful country of Chile is its excellent food and drink. You can also find a multitude of amazing vistas like the Atacama Desert. The country is also home to penguins and is the only South American country where this naturally occurs. Your time spent touring the beautiful country of Chile will bring you memories that will last you a lifetime.

Investing your time and hard earned money into a fun tour in Chile can be a complicated matter without the right information. As you start your search for companies offering tour services, you will see hundreds of options. This is an important investment and the company you choose to give your business to should be able to provide you with a top notch experience. The last thing we want is for you to go with the wrong company and be stuck with a lack luster experience and a feeling of wasted time.

You may end up paying thousands of dollars to a company who is unable to provide you with a unique and authentic tourist experience in Chile. For the above reasons, we have created this all in one guide to the top 10 tour companies in Chile. Everything you need to know is found below!

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 most reputable Chile tour operators.

Providers Reviews
Tours 4 Tips Trip Advisor – 3,102 reviews
Turistik Trip Advisor – 8,622 reviews
Cajon del Maipo Trip Advisor – 2,818 reviews
Rutavertical Rafting Trip Advisor – 2,558 reviews
Sousas Tour Trip Advisor – 2,524 reviews
Viu Manent Trip Advisor – 1,151 reviews
Araya Atacama Trip Advisor – 1,040 reviews
ViajarChile Trip Advisor – 1,010 reviews
Solo Expediciones Trip Advisor – 973 reviews
Chile Dream Tours Trip Advisor – 467 reviews

Table update Jan 17, 2024

Tours 4 Tips

Tours 4 Tips

As their name suggests, Tours 4 Tips is a tour provider that provides completely free walking tours in the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso. They provide daily walking tours around the various attractions of these two cities. They rely on the generosity of their clients for income so everyone pays according to the quality of their services. Their tour guides are friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Chilean culture. They believe in spreading the fragrance of local Chilean culture to all tourists. They are undoubtedly one of the best tour operators in Chile. With Tours 4 Tips as your local guide, you will be in for an immersive cultural experience of Chile.

Tours 4 Tips Best Chile Tour Packages

The company offers immersive walking tours around Santiago and Valparaiso that anyone can be a part of! You can start with their Santiago Highlights Tour where you will see all the popular attractions in the capital city of Chile. See Plaza de Armas, Gam Culture Center, Barrio Lastarria and many more on this 3-hour walking tour.

If you want to avoid the masses for a more laid-back experience, consider their Santiago Offbeat tour package. You will see the city in a different light as you travel to all the non-touristy yet culturally blooming parts of town.

Also, explore the colonial city of Valparaiso with Tours 4 Tips. Explore their bustling port or take a ride on the funicular. You should not miss out on the colorful graffiti around the city on this fantastic tour package.

Tours 4 Tips Reviews

With Tours 4 Tips, you are guaranteed a satisfactory adventure with one of the best Chilean travel agencies at your side. With over 3,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, they are ranked as #1 of 97 Tours & Activities in Valparaiso. They have also received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A recent client of theirs wrote:

Had a great morning tour with Javier and afternoon tour with Camilo, both very knowledgeable and engaging. Great way to get to see the city, would recommend… Ellie S

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As one of the major transport and tour companies in Chile, Turistik offers unique services and memories that will last a lifetime. With over 15 years of experience in service providing, this company knows what tourists want and offers them the best services.

At Turistik, they consider hospitality, security, comfort and trust as key-values and conduct their operations in adherence to these values. They gladly provide their services to both Chilean and international tourists. As the #1 attraction in Chile, Turistik offers you a delightful and memorable time in Chile.

Turistik Best Chile Tour Packages

From cable car rides to walks in Chilean vineyards, you can’t go wrong with Turistik’s tour packages!

If you prefer an adventurous vacation in Chile, join Turistik on their San Cristobal Adventure Park tour package. Spend your time doing all sorts of activities like canopy, wall climbing, and network circuit on this fabulously crafted tour package.

Their Santa Rita Bike Tour is a must-do. For 6 hours, ride through the Chilean vineyard of Santa Rita for an incredible outdoor experience and your very own wine tasting.

For a unique experience, you can choose their Portillo and Laguna Del Inca Tour. In this trip, you can do ski-related activities in the ski-center with a professional guide. Or, spend some time enjoying the panoramic views of the Andes.

Turistik Reviews

As a certified, leading tour operator in Chile, Turistik has numerous records of satisfied tourists under its belt. With 8,651 reviews on TripAdvisor, they have been awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

Great way to see the city. Joaquin was attentive and helpful during our ride. Would recommend if you want to cover a lot of territory… Cyndi S

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Cajon del Maipo

Cajon del Maipo

With Cajon del Maipo, you can explore the majestic sights of the Andes mountains with one of the best Chilean tour companies in the area. Nestled in the Maipo Valley, they provide unique sightseeing and adventure tours in the area as well as a tour of the Cascada de las Animas. With over 35 years of experience in the tourism industry, they offer only the best and fulfilling services to their customers.

Their team of local but expert guides will ensure that your trip goes smoothly wherever you go. They value reliability and professionalism and cater to their tourists with the utmost care and respect. Explore the beauty and majesty of the Andes and craft unforgettable experiences with Cajon del Maipo.

Cajon del Maipo Best Chile Tour Packages

The company offers multi-day nature and adventure packages that include horseback-riding, trekking and many more activities. Their Guided Meseta Trek will take you to the heights of the Cascada de las Animas. You can explore the beautiful surroundings and see local flora and fauna on this trek.

If you want to explore the true Andean wilderness, their Journey to the High Lakes package is perfectly suited for you. For 11 days, go on an absolutely thrilling horseback-riding trip across 300 kilometers and see the beauty of the Andes in true splendor.

Also, you can choose to zip-line over the Maipo River. As one of the many activities in Cascada de las Animas, you will be strapped in for a thrilling, safe and scenic ride. Professional guides will be there to help you in case of difficulties.

Cajon del Maipo Reviews

With their multi-day tour packages and passionate tour guides, Cajon del Maipo has quickly risen to be one of the best Chilean tour operators. They have 2,818 reviews on TripAdvisor, out of which most are 5-star ratings. They are also ranked as #5 of 30 Tours & Activities in San Jose de Maipo. A satisfied customer wrote:

Overall, this was a great experience. The views were marvelous, ziplining was a fun activity for the group, and the food provided was delicious… Yonu

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Rutavertical Rafting

Chosen as the best rafting experience in Cajon del Maipo for 9 consecutive years, Rutavertical Rafting is one of the highest-reviewed tour operators in Chile. They provide extreme adventure tours that include rafting and paragliding in San Jose de Maipo. Their tour guides have been with them for a long time and will ensure your safety and enjoyment as much as possible.

At Rutavertical, they have set a high standard of customer care so that every customer that books their tours feels special and cared for. Their mission is to become one of the best travel agencies in Chile. Rutavertical Rafting invites you to a thrilling adventure on the rapids of the Maipo River!

Rutavertical Rafting Best Chile Tour Packages

With Rutavertical Rafting’s carefully chosen tour packages, you get top-notch services and safe, enjoyable tours all year-round. Challenge the rapids of the Maipo River on their Maipo River Rafting tour. In this package, you will see incredible sights of mountain landscapes as you descend. Professional guides and premium equipment is provided for your ease and comfort.

This same tour is also offered for large school and business groups. They cater to all ages and all group sizes with their expertly-designed routes and top-rated service.

Pump your adrenaline on their Combo Paragliding and Rafting Pack. You will first go rafting on the Maipo River and descend through its rapids then follows a thrilling paragliding session with expert pilots and guides.

Rutavertical Rafting Reviews

As a top-rated tour company in Chile, Rutavertical Rafting has consistently provided the best service to their customers. They are ranked at the top as #1 of 35 Outdoor Activities in San Jose de Maipo. Their 2,558 reviews on TripAdvisor have landed them the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A customer that toured with them recently wrote:

Our family of seven loved our trip down the river with Rutavertical rafting. Our guide Claudio was super energetic and knowledgeable. He made our trip down the river safe… Katelyn T

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Sousas Tour

Sousas Tour

Sousas Tour is a leading Chilean tour operator that specializes in inbound tours across Santiago and surrounding areas in Chile. The company caters notably to Brazilian visitors and has been offering its services for over 15 years. With a dedicated team of bilingual tour guides, they prioritize personalized attention and aim to foster friendships while exploring Chile’s diverse landscapes. Their approach emphasizes an immersive and less “touristy” experience. They want tourists to really engage themselves in the culture and history of Chile and move beyond surficial sightseeing. Sousas Tour promises unforgettable moments and strives to deliver an enjoyable, fun-filled experience while showcasing the richness of Chile’s culture.

Sousas Tour Best Chile Tour Packages

Sousas Tour offers a wide variety of tour packages that will let you interact with Chile’s deep rooted culture and history. If you are planning to travel to Chile in the winter, opt for their Valle Nevado Full Day tour package. They will take you to the largest ski resort in South America where you can admire the magical sights of mountains and snow-capped peaks while skiing down the slopes.

Wineries are a specialty in Chile. Go on the El Principal Sunset tour package where you will discover authentic Chilean wines while watching a gorgeous sunset. A travel guide will also inform you about the wine-making process.

Also explore the capital of Chile, the bohemian city of Santiago. You can choose to visit its historical centers or roam around its green parks on this tour.

Sousas Tour Reviews

Sousas Tour is one of the best travel agencies in Chile with a history of providing some of the best travel services to its customers. They have 2,525 reviews on TripAdvisor and are ranked as #4 of 216 Food & Drink in Santiago. Their exceptional service has earned them the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A past client of theirs wrote:

Tours were amazing, awesome drivers (Alfonso and Victor) they made our trip even more special, very competent tour guides. I definitely recommend this company… lsleite27

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Viu Manent

Viu Manent

Viu Manent is one of the most prominent and widely known Chilean wineries that have a long history of producing the best Chilean wine. Established in 1935 by the Viu family, this three-generational winery also offers tourism services on its grounds. The winery itself holds international standards and is well-known all over the world.

Recently, the company has started tour services and has quickly risen to become one of the best tour operators in Chile. They operate “wine tourism” and are a model for other companies that share their philosophy. They value innovation, experience, and quality not only in wine-making but also in tourism. Visit Viu Manent for one of the most exceptional and unique experience of your life!

Viu Manent Best Chile Tour Packages

From walks through their intricate vineyards to elaborate wine-tastings, Viu Manent does not have a shortage of excellent tour packages.

On one of their classic tours, you can go on a horse-drawn carriage tour of Viu Manet vineyards. You will be accompanied by a trusty bilingual guide on your trip. Taste five different kinds of wines and even visit their souvenir store.

For a luxurious experience on a Chilean wine state, you can book their Vibo Wine Lodge. Get in touch with nature as you spend a relaxing and stress-free time in this fantastic lodge. Sleep among the very vineyards where the wine is made in this tour.

Also, their Sunset Tour offers an amazing end to your night in Chile. Travel on a horseback carriage through vineyards, taste different wines and even visit their wine cellar!

Viu Manent Reviews

Not only a winery but also a Chilean tour operator, Viu Manent is a world-renowned name when it comes to Chilean wine. They have over 1,150 reviews on TripAdvisor and are ranked as #2 of 10 Tours & Activities in Santa Cruz. They have also received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023 for their engaging service. A satisfied customer wrote this about their services:

For those seeking a traditional winery experience and eager to learn why Colchagua valley wines are growing in popularity globally, Via Manent is an enjoyable and informative stop… LegseySTJ

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Araya Atacama

Araya Atacama

Araya Atacama is a dedicated, local travel agency in Chile that provides personalized service to travelers wanting to explore the Atacama Desert. The agency was established in 2016 by Roberta and Sebastian after meeting the Atacama Desert. The company has risen to global heights through Sebastián’s extensive local expertise and Roberta’s managerial skills.

Their company aims to address the challenges faced by travelers researching Atacama and Salar de Uyuni trips by offering comprehensive, personalized services. Among their multiple services, they provide online support, customized itineraries, and secure payment options. They also have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and a team of highly proficient tour guides. Araya Atacama wants to make your trip to the Atacama Desert easy, comfortable and most of all, memorable!

Araya Atacama Best Chile Tour Packages

Araya Atacama’s extensive list of tour packages are a great experience for everybody. The Atacama Desert is naturally and culturally rich. Go on Araya Atacama’s Ancestral Atacama Tour where you will get to walk a llama, learn about ancient pottery making and taste the local Atacaman products.

One of the most unique experiences they offer is a hot-air balloon trip in the Atacama Desert. This tour is operated by certified and professional experts. You will have an absolutely magical experience from high up in the sky.

Also, explore the breathtaking land of Salar de Uyuni. Their Express Crossing Travel Package will offer you a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience of the land. You will be traveling with your own bilingual guide on this 3D/2N tour.

Araya Atacama Reviews

Operating in one of the most remote yet beautiful destinations, this Chilean tour company has definitely turned some heads with their excellent travel service. Their 1,040 reviews on TripAdvisor have landed them the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. They are also ranked as #1 of 228 Tours & Activities in San Pedro de Atacama. A customer that toured with them in the past wrote:

The service & experience provided by Araya’s Team were perfect! I strongly recommend them for everybody who are thinking to go to Atacama… MatheusBSoares

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Dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences, ViajarChile is a Chilean travel agency that has gathered a lot of popularity. They started their operations in 2019. They mostly provide extensive tours around Santiago and its surroundings with their headquarters based in Santiago itself. They provide both summer and winter tours based on the season. Their travel itineraries are designed while keeping enjoyable experiences in mind. They have a team of highly proficient tour guides that are passionate about their culture and their country. Get ready for an enchanting ride across the country with ViajarChile.

ViajarChile Best Chile Tour Packages

From single day tours to combo multi-day packages, ViajarChile truly shines through its detailed and efficient tour packages. Discover the wonders of Farellones Park, an entertainment center located on the outskirts of Santiago, Chile. You can choose from a variety of activities in this place from snowboarding and sledding to tubing and snowshoeing.

Also, go on their Helicopter Tour of the Andes for a once in a lifetime experience. The panoramic beauty of the Andes is even greater from high up. In this trip, you will experience the scenic allure of the Andes and even get a chance to have sparkling wine on top of the mountains!

One of ViajarChile’s special packages takes you to the Safari Park in Chile. Observe a variety of rare and rescued animals on this wonderful trip. You will also see life-sized replicas of dinosaurs!

ViajarChile Reviews

ViajarChile may be a relatively new Chilean tour company but they have certainly established a dominating presence in the Chilean tourism industry. Their ranking as #1 of 612 Tours & Activities in Santiago is proof of their amazing service. They have over 1,000 reviews on TripAdvisor and were awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A satisfied customer of theirs wrote:

The views for are amazing at Cajon Del Maipo in December – the tour from Viator and Roxana was very well organized. They planned everything perfectly… K N

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Solo Expediciones

Solo Expediciones

A part of the Magellan Group, Solo Expediciones is a travel agency in Chile that specializes in special interest tourism. They provide tours of the Chilean Patagonia, a place that is not accessible by land. Through their tours, they aim to convey the authentic essence of Patagonia to travelers. Their expertise lies in navigating the Strait of Magellan and the Sub-Antarctic region, offering unparalleled nature and adventure experiences.

At Solo Expediciones, they provide an immersive encounter of the southernmost reaches of the Americas. Their comprehensive services include navigations through the Strait of Magellan, wildlife sightings, glacier exploration, fly fishing, etc. Embark on a trip with Solo Expediciones to the far reaches of Chile where adventure awaits!

Solo Expediciones Best Chile Tour Packages

Solo Expediciones offers a unique blend of nature and adventure tours in their tour packages. Sail through the Strait of Magellan to traverse the Magdalena and Marta Islands. You will see the many penguins and sea lions that call these islands their home. You can also see dolphins and whales on your trip through the seas.

If you are a nature-lover, you have to try their Full Day Whales and Glaciers tour package. You will be taken to Cape Froward where you will see Humpback whales, Sei whales and Southern dolphins among other aquatic animals. The trip also includes magnificent views of two glaciers.

Lastly, you can go Bird-watching in the Patagonia pampa. In this trip, you will see varieties of local and exotic birds and mammals. You will also get a chance to see the largest condor colony in the Chilean Patagonia. 

Solo Expediciones Reviews

Solo Expediciones’ unique trips and adventures make them one of the best and highest-reviewed tour operators in Chile. They have 973 reviews on TripAdvisor and most of them are positive reviews. They are also ranked as #1 of 17 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Punta Arenas. A customer who toured with them in the past wrote:

Penguins were cuter than expected. Guide was friendly and funny! I thought this might be a cheesy experience but thoroughly enjoyed it… Kyle S

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Chile Dream Tours

Chile Dream Tours

From Andes to the Pacific, Chile Dream Tours is recognized as a boutique Chilean tour operator that offers the best private tour services. They offer customizable private tours as well as popular sightseeing tours. Their passion for their country runs deep and they want to share this passion with every batch of tourists thy take on their journey. Their professional and experienced tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Visit the wonders of Chile at your own pace on a trip with this tour operator. Chile Dream Tours invites you on the ultimate tour and vacation experience of Chile.

Chile Dream Tours Best Chile Tour Packages

Chile Dream Tours impressive tour packages will cater to solo travelers, groups, private companies and everything in between! You can book their Santiago City Landmarks and Neighborhoods Tour for an immersive experience of the culture, history, and gastronomy of Santiago city.  Visit San Cristobal hill, Plaza de Armas, the Old Congress Building and many more on this informational trip.

Also, explore the Andean surroundings on horseback on their Horseback Riding and Vineyard Tour Package. Ride Chillean criollo horses on narrow mountain trails. Finish the day with a local wine tasting at Concha y Toro Wine Vineyard.

Explore the vast ranges of the Atacama Desert on their 5D/4N Atacama Tour. You will see the mystical wonders of the Atacama Desert and experience the allure of the mountains. A professional travel guide will be with you for a wonderful experience.

Chile Dream Tours Reviews

As pioneers of outdoors tourism in the industry, Chile Dream Tours has certainly established themselves as one of the best tour companies in Chile. Out of 467 reviews on TripAdvisor, 99% of the reviews are 5-star ratings. They are ranked as #1 of 50 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Santiago. A recent client of theirs wrote:

Terrific tour – amazing sights and perfect selection of stops. Highly recommend a private tour for this experience, it’s the only way to really take it all in. Five stars… Derek B

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What is the best month to visit Chile?

The best months to visit Chile are from April to November, during the dry and winter season. During this time, you’ll avoid the crowd of tourists in most places and also enjoy spectacular time in Chile’s ski resorts.

How many days do you need to see Chile?

Two week should be optimally what a traveler needs to see Chile from North to South. They should be able to cover all of Chile’s major cities, popular attractions and even visit the Atacama Desert and Patagonia region!

Why is Chile worth visiting?

Chile is culturally, naturally and geographically diverse. From the cold snowy peaks of the Patagonia to the rusted desert of Atacama, you can discover a wide array of beautiful landscapes and wildlife. There is also Chilean wine that has gained international fame for its tastefulness.

Can you road trip in Chile?

The most popular form of transport in Chile is by bus. The road networks in Chile are vast and well-managed. You could see all the attractions of the Patagonia in just 2 weeks if you go on a road-trip down Carretera Austral!

What is the most popular street food in Chile?

Chile’s gastronomy features a wide selection of culinary delicacies. These include the completo, churros, empanadas, anticuchos and sopaipilla.