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10 Best Costa Rica Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best Costa Rica Tour Operators 2022

Are you planning to visit Costa Rica, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad

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Has a captivating adventure in the far away jungle paradise of Costa Rica been a dream of yours? Would you like to experience exotic animals, pura vida culture, and beautiful scenic views? Are you interested in booking a tour with one of the top 10 Costa Rica Tour Companies for a safe and fun filled trip?

Many people often mistake Costa Rica and Puerto Rico as being the same place. In reality, Costa Rica is a landlocked nation and is highly regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Throughout the 5 provinces of Costa Rica, you can find charming locals and stunning volcanic mountains. You can also explore the east and the west coast! There are thousands of excursions of every kind and you have so many options when it comes to fun and exciting things to do. The time you spend in Costa Rica may even convince you to retire in paradise. No matter what you are interested in seeing, there is a great tour company that can help you achieve your dreams.

As you begin to research different tour opportunities, you will come to find out that there is a lot of research to go through and hundreds, if not thousands of tour companies offering their services. Investing in a tour on your vacation is a big decision and in many cases, a large monetary choice. You should be investing in a tour that will give you a life changing and memorable experience. Being able to safely choose a company comes with knowledge and we are here to ensure you are well informed about tours in Costa Rica.

We would hate for you to accidently pay thousands of dollars to an illegitimate or lack luster tour experience. This could ruin your tour and even tarnish your vacation and there is an easy way to avoid this. We have spent many hours combing through different tour operators in Costa Rica in order to provide you with this in-depth guide on the best options for you. Everything you need to know is found below!

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 most reputable Costa Rica tour operators.

Providers Package Reviews
Alex on the Beach
& Amazing Tours
Horse riding
Wildlife Safari Tour
Trip Advisor – 1,142 reviews
Amigos Del Rio ADR Adventure Park
Ocean Kayaking
Trip Advisor – 1,170 reviews
Costa Rica Jade Tours Coffee and Waterfalls Tour
Bird Watching Tour
Trip Advisor – 3,114 reviews
Costa Rica Unique Beach Tour
Palo Verde Tour
Trip Advisor – 931 reviews
Costa Rica Best Trips Rio Celeste Hiking Tour
The Congo Trail Canopy Tour
Trip Advisor – 825 reviews
Jungle Night Tour
Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio National park
Bird watching Tour
Trip Advisor – 716 reviews
Issys Tours Costa Rica THE HAPPY MONKEY TOUR
Trip Advisor – 704 reviews
Manuel’s Tours Early Morning Local Birding Expedition
Manuel Antonio Jungle Night Research Walk
Trip Advisor – 742 reviews
Paddle 9 Full Day Waterfall Tour
Private Tours
Trip Advisor – 686 reviews
Tico Tours Guanacaste Half Day Canopy Tour
Palo Verde Jungle and Cultural
Trip Advisor – 569 reviews

Table update Jan 21, 2021

Alice on the Beach

costa rica tours

Company’s location and type: Sardinal, Local Tour Operator

Year of establishment: 2010

Awards, Certification: Awards – 2015/16/17 certificate of Excellence By trip Advisor.

Reviews: 1143 reviews on TripAdvisor 99% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Alice on the Beach has been in operation for well over 10 years and has been a large part of the tourism industry in Sardinal. Travellers to Costa Rica are constantly referred to Alice on the Beach by past clients and they have a high level of professionalism throughout the whole team. They are a fun and adventurous group of people who want to take you on a safe, organized adventure in an enchanting place. Alice on the Beach takes a lot of pride in its level of service and the comments and reviews on TripAdvisor speak for themselves. With over 1000 great reviews, Alice on the beach is a top 10 Costa Rica tour company.


Alice on the Beach offers many great tour options for any level of adventurer. Whether you want to relax on the beach or get deep into the jungle. they have something for you.

This Costa Rica horseback riding tour takes place on the lovely Matapalo Beach, if you opt to stay in the local Hotel Riu/Palace Riu, the tour is a nice ride from the hotel, and for half an hour, you will ride on the sea and the second half-hour will take you through a green forest where you can see many of Costa Rica’s famous exotic animals. Once concluded, you will ride back to the hotel!

You could join the Wildlife Safari Tour and spend over 9 hours of the day exploring the Palo Verde National Park. The park is home to hundreds of different animals including howler monkeys, parrots, and other colorful birds. For this tour, your lunch and admission to the park are included in the fee. Your guide will assist you and educate your tour group on all of the wildlife seen in the park. This is a great family tour experience in Costa Rica.

The Palo Verde National Park River Jungle Safari tour takes you to all the highlights of the park. You also have a half-day tour in Liberia included in the tour cost. Your tour will begin by boarding a riverboat with other tourists and your professional guide. The tour will be filled with searches for exotic wildlife such as the white-faced, howler, and spider monkeys; large iguanas; sunbathing crocodiles; and more. You will be provided a great Costa Rican lunch!

Other Tour Packages available

Other than the popular Costa Rica tour packages stated above, you could also join in on some of Alice on The Beach’s alternative choices. You could find yourself on a Nicaraguan adventure or walking up the side of a volcano. There are also tours that are more exciting. Package options can include a thrilling ATV tour through the forest, beaches, and jungles around Costa Rica.

Reviews on Alice on the Beach

Alice on the Beach has received constant praise from past clients and has earned the certificate of excellence award from tripadvisor. They also have over 1000 great reviews on TripAdvisor. You can read the review posted below while considering this tour operator:

“SOOO much fun! We had Jay and Grady as our tour guides and they were amazing! So informational and accommodating!!” – Maggie

Amigos Del Rio

Company’s location and type: Manuel Antonio Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor

Reviews: 1170 reviews on Tripadvisor 99% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Amigos Del Rio wants to welcome you to their family. They offer very safe, highly unique, and extremely reliable adventures in the beautiful city and area of Manuel Antonio. You can expect a supremely enjoyable tour while white Water Rafting tour packages in Costa Rica or Kayaking along Manuel Antonio’s coast. Your vacation will be unforgettable when you book a tour with Amigos Del Rio! World-class service and in close proximity to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park makes Amigos an easy selection for top 10 Costa Rica tour companies.


As the number one rated tour company in all of Manuel Antonio, Amigos Del Rio has the best tour package selection in the area.

The ADR Adventure Park tour is a chance to experience over 10 exciting adventures in just an hour’s time. You will be throwing yourself into a spectacular and lush area located in the center of protected rainforest. This tour is an all-inclusive opportunity for a complete and unbeatable adventure through dense jungle, amazing waterfalls, and rare native animals.

Ocean kayaking is a fun and unique way to experience the area and coastlines of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. This tour package in Costa Rica is a tough but rewarding half-day challenge and you will be https://app.glip.com/adventuring through mating refuges for birds as well as exploring nearby islands. This is a special chance to see a close look at the abundance of life offshore.

The canals that you will be kayaking through during the Mangrove Kayak tour will take you on the ride of a lifetime. A steady current will gently careen you through the waters of the Damas Islands. Your exploration will be the coastal mangrove areas and you will also be seeing plenty of wildlife. This tour is great for tourists who would like a calm trip that follows your capabilities you.

You can also tour the Naranjo Whitewaters in an adrenaline-filled raft ride. You will see and feel high moving whitewater, luscious jungle, canyons, and a beautiful blue sky during the epic journey. This amazing Costa Rica tour is better suited for those who are looking for a challenge while also wanting to experience everything that Costa Rica has to offer. Expect big waves and big memories!

Other Package Options

With Amigos Del Rio, you have other river options to choose from when deciding to whitewater raft in Costa Rica.

Reviews on Amigos Del Rio

You can expect great things from Amigos Del Rio. They are well suited to handle all of your tour and travel needs and proof of this is in their #1 ranking out of all tour operators within Manuel Antonio. They are a contender for the best Costa Rica tour company. Read this review on tripadvisor from a past client:

“While the tour itself was excellent what sets this apart from others is the guides. We had lots of laughs doing the cool activities with Michael and Antonio…- David

Costa Rica Jade Tours

Company’s location and type: Manuel Antonio, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: #4 out of 108 tour operators in Manuel Antonio

Reviews: 3114 reviews on TripAdvisor 99% rated very good and excellent


Costa Rica Jade Tours has been operating as a local tour company within Manuel Antonio for many successful years. They are pleased to offer you the top-level inactivity and tour options in the area. Their hope is to create the vacation you have always pictured while making all of your dreams come to fruition. If you want to book with a top tour operator in Costa Rica that will dedicate their time and energy to your trip, look no further than Costa Rica Jade Tours.


You can join any of the packages available with Jade Tours and feel safe knowing that the knowledgeable guides will provide you an unmatched experience.

As one of the most popular tour packages available with Jade, the Arenal Natura Guided Night walk is one to think about. Your tour will be led by one of their experienced tour guides as you enter the forest to explore just after nightfall. Visiting the forest at night gives you the chance to see all the nocturnal creatures come alive while the rest of the country is sound asleep.

The Coffee and Waterfall tour in Costa Rica gives you an exciting day of adventure. Start the tour with a fun trip to a coffee plantation where you will learn from coffee experts on the process from plantation to cup of coffee. You will be educated on many of the processes that go into bringing coffee to the shelves. The day will end with a highly enjoyable visit to waterfalls around the area.

The Esquipulas Costa Rica wildlife and bird tour is a must. As one of the top options in all of Costa Rica for seeing wildlife, you will find that seeing Manuel Antonio can be a little crowded. Due to this, your best option for seeing the birds of the area is actually in Esquipulas. It is the best option for tourists wishing to bird-watch, however, we still highly recommend finding time to see what all of the fuss is about in Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rica Jade tours also have a Drake Bay Canopy adventure. The fun lasts two and a half hours and you can participate in the morning or afternoon. To begin, a taxi will escort you to the canopy take-off point and as you arrive on site, their professional tour guide will give a detailed explanation of your itinerary and detailed information about how to properly use the equipment as well as safety information. This is an exhilarating experience you do not want to miss out on.

Other Package Options

If the more popular options for this Costa Rica tour company weren’t enough to convince you, you will be happy to hear that they have other fantastic tour packages available. You could tour the famous Monte Verde, ‘Green Mountain’, or tour Guanacaste and Tamarindo! If you would like to see San Jose, they also offer tours within the Capital City.

Reviews on Costa Rica Jade Tours

The company has earned its place as a great tour agency in Costa Rica. They are ranked highly at #4 out of 108 in companies within Manuel Antonio and continue to improve services every day. See the positive review on tripadvisor below:

“My friend and I had a FANTASTIC experience exploring Manuel Antonio with Dylan who introduced us to piles of super interesting local plants, insects…- Meg

Costa Rica Unique

best tours in costa rica

Company’s location and type: Liberia, Travel Agency

Year of establishment: 2008

Reviews: 931 reviews and a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor


Since the establishment of their company in 2008, Costa Rica Unique is a tour service that operates within Guanacaste and holds the title as one of the top three tour providers in the entire province. Unique offers the utmost quality and has a large availability of customization when it comes to tour services for their clients. They have over 900 reviews on TripAdvisor and are a top Costa Rica tour company.


You have many different options to choose from when touring with Costa Rica Unique and you can find more options by visiting their website.

The Beach Tour in Costa Rica will have you beach hopping through some of the prettiest beaches in all of Costa Rica. The first one is Flamingo Beach, with its pristine sands and welcoming people. Playa Conchal is next up with its unique turquoise-colored waters. After that, you will travel to Tamarindo and enjoy an unmatchable nightlife experience.

Adrenaline One Day Combo Tour is the perfect all-in-one experience for the most adventurous of tourists. You will begin the day on the slopes of a volcano and following that is a fun-filled horseback ride through the jungle. Once you arrive at the river, you will white water raft. Following that is a canopy tour high up in the jungle. Your trip to Costa Rica ends by relaxing in a volcanic natural spring.

Your first stop as a tourist in the real rainforest experience is the Magnificent Llanos del Cortez waterfall. After your swim in the waterfall, you will explore the Tenorio Volcano for two hours. Once your hike is over, guides will bring you to 3 different hanging bridges. Lunchtime is after that and your day will end with a beautiful walk through a botanical garden.

The Palo Verde Tour package in Costa Rica is a floating river-safari that gives you the special chance to closely view animals in their natural habitats. The river excursion will last two hours and will be on the Tempisque River, the nearest access to the world-famous Palo Verde National Park, home to hundreds of migrating and local waterbird species.

Other Package Options

With so many tours to choose from this Costa Rica tour company, it is easy to forget that Unique Tours also offers many other services. One of their staples as a company is their airport transfers. No matter which airport your flight arrives at, you can count on Unique to have a friendly and welcoming driver waiting at your gate to take you where you need to go.

Reviews on Costa Rica Unique

Costa Rica Unique offers great tourist services in many different available degrees and each Costa Rica travel package they offer is led by a highly efficient and professional tour guide. They have hundreds of positive reviews on trip advisors and have been in operation for many years. Read this review on tripadvisor left by a past tourist:

“We went as two couples and one toddler. My toddler daughter rode my shoulders except for the hanging bridges. This was a spectacular trip, very personable and meaningful with Eddie Rojas and Jenner Ureña…” – Elizabeth

Costa Rica Best Trips

Company’s location and type: Gulf of Papagayo, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: 2019 Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor

Reviews: 825 reviews on Trip Advisor 98% rated very good and excellent


Costa Rica Best Trips has been dedicated to providing the highest level of service in many facets. They offer airport transfer services, shuttles, and private tours in Costa Rica. Through many years of great service, hundreds of clients swear by this company and they are easily one of the best Costa Rica tour companies.


Picking a tour package with Costa Rica Best Trips is a simple and fun process for you to enjoy. They have many different exciting choices to make your vacation one remember.

The Rio Celeste Hiking tour in Costa Rica is perfect for you if you have a love for nature. The tour takes place in a beautiful area and consists of a relaxing hike through the dense rainforest. A natural phenomenon takes place in Rio Celeste and the water turns a bright turquoise color. The hike is between 4-5 kilometers so come prepared to have a great time with proper shoes. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

As you are on your tour in the tropical area of Palo Verde National Forest, you will be closely viewing a large array of tropical animals and seeing their natural behavior. The odds are high for a chance to spot some awesome wildlife in this location and you may even see monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, lizards, herons, egrets, scarlet macaws, falcons, eagles, hawks, bats, and more.

Once you approach the first platform en route to the take-off point for your Costa Rica Congo trail Canopy tour, the guide will provide all instructions. Once he finishes, your next step is going to the top and having one of the most adrenaline-filled experiences of your life. You will fly at high speeds over the endless jungle and listen to howler monkeys as you ride past them on the zipline.

The Miravalles Volcano Crater Tour in Costa Rica is a unique option when booking Costa Rica Best trips. Your day will be filled to the brim with fun activities around the area. Begin with a volcanic crater tour and explore crazy nature. After that, you will go on a canopy tour high up in the air. Once completed your guide will bring you to two waterfalls, and end it with a tasty traditional Costa Rican meal.

Other Package Options

There are other fun tour packages not listed above that are definitely worth checking out. You could purchase the Buena Vista mega tour combo for a full day of relaxation and nature with friends or family. Costa Rica Best Trips also has half-day tour options and they include an adrenaline-pumping ATV tour, sport fishing, or an exciting sailing tour.

Reviews on Costa Rica Best Trips

This Costa Rica tour company has provided excellent tour experiences to thousands of happy clients. On tripadvisor, the company has a modest 931 reviews, 99% of them are rating the company as very great or excellent. Read this comment made by a past tourist:

“My boyfriend and I absolutely loved our tour with Ariel and Javip. We got to do horseback riding, atv, waterfall, mud bath + hot springs, and even ziplined! Our tour guides were informative and friendly…- Mariel

Jungle Night Tours

Company’s location and type: Manuel Antonio, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: #2 out of 108 in Manuel Antonio

Reviews: 716 reviews on Tripadvisor 97% rated very good and excellent


Manuel Antonio Jungle Night Tours has been providing some of the best night tours in Costa Rica. The company offers many variations of cool nature tours and specialized night tours throughout all of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. Each and every tour is completed within the animal’s natural habitat. The company also offers tours with highly skilled guides and can provide language services in English, German and Spanish.


You could have the experience like no other with a specialized night tour package and see the jungle come to life in the dark.

In the Damas Island Costa Rica Kayak tour, you will learn about how Mangrove Forests play a crucial part in the ecosystems of our oceans as well as how much of an impact they have on the production of our ecosystems. The areas you are going to be traveling in are filled with hundreds of colorful species of marine life due to the ecosystem created by the Mangroves. You will be exploring these beautiful mangroves in either a boat or kayak.

Manuel Antonio Night Tours also offers an amazing jungle Night tour where you have the unique opportunity to explore the depths of the Costa Rican jungle at night. During the night, animals are much more active, meaning you have a very good chance of seeing amazing animals like monkeys, ocelots, toucans, and many different reptiles.

As a countryside bird watching tourist in Costa Rica, you can expect to see hundreds of various bird species native to Costa Rica, as well as birds that have migrated to the area. Due to its geography, Costa Rica is one of the top places in the world for bird watching destinations with one of the largest number of habitats and microhabitats in the world and an astounding 885 different species of birds.

Other Package Options

After the most popular packages available through Jungle Night Tours comes some other great options. You could join in on the ecological fun in the Rainmaker Biological Reserve & hanging Bridges tour to see the inner working of the rainforest! Another fun tour package in Costa Rica is Carara National Park. It is an extremely popular and accessible park due to its proximity to San Jose, the capital.


You can rest assured that your vacation will be made better by this Costa Rica tour company service due to its unique and authentic programs. Another great example of quality is their 716 great reviews on tripadvisor. Here is a review that they received recently on TripAdvisor:

“Had an amazing experience on the night tour with Christian. He’s so passionate about the environment and the insects and reptiles which he passes onto you…- Mike1UK

Issys Tours Costa Rica

Company’s location and type: Sardinal, Local Tour Operator

Year of establishment: 2008

Awards, Certification: 2019 Certificate of Excellence

Reviews: 704 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated very good and excellent


Issys Tours Costa Rica is a well-known company rated 5 stars on TripAdvisor and has a solid 12 years of experience in the tourism industry in Costa Rica. They provide superior and authentic tours to tourists from around the world and have strong attention to detail. Their customer service is unmatched in providing the best quality private, adventure, and customized tours in the Sardinal area. Issys Tours is one of the best Costa Rica tour companies available.


There are so many fantastic and fun-filled adventures to explore with Issy Tours tour package options!

The Happy Monkey Tour in Costa Rica is a popular package for all types of adrenaline-seeking travelers. It is an extremely exciting excursion that is high energy from start to finish. Your day will be filled with riding super quick ATV’s through the jungles, beaches, and forests of Guanacaste. At the end of this experience, you can even go ziplining!

There are many routes for their snorkeling tours and you can have fun deciding which one you would like to explore. Once out in the water, educated guides will teach you about the marine wildlife underwater in the beautiful pacific ocean. You will see a massive variety of fish! All participants should be able to get on and off the boat.

Arenal Volcano is a world-famous park in Costa Rica. You can tour the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica and walk through the wonderful town of La Fortuna as well as view the springs on your way to the top of the crater. Arenal has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the entire world and this is your chance to see an unlisted wonder of the world while visiting Costa Rica.

You can take a tour of the Palo Verde National forest in Costa Rica and closely view a large array of tropical animals and see their natural behavior. The odds are high for a chance to spot some awesome wildlife in this location and you may even see monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, lizards, herons, egrets, scarlet macaws, falcons, eagles, hawks, bats, and more.

Other Package Options

When you realize just how long Issy’s Tours has been in business, you will understand why they have so many different Costa Rica tour opportunities available. Aside from the above-mentioned tours, Issy provides an extensive range of hotel getaways, other nature tours, and city tours around the country. You can spend your time at a beach club, a beautiful hacienda, or a beach town resort and have the professional guidance of Issy’s team at your fingertips.

Reviews of Issys Costa Rica Tours

Issys Costa Rica Tours offers an undeniably high quality of service and is positively reviewed on tripadvisor. They have over 700 reviews with 99% of them rating this Costa Rica tour company as great or excellent. Look at this positive review that was kindly left by a previous client:

“Esteban from Issys was a great tour guide!! He shared so much of his knowledge about Costa Rica and its culture. He also gave us tips on what we should eat and do at the resort we were staying at…- Kelly

Manuels Tours

Company’s location and type: Manuel Antonio, Travel Agency

Year of establishment: 2000

Awards, Certification: #5 of 108 Tours in Manuel Antonio

Reviews: 743 reviews on Trip Advisor 98% rated very good and excellent


Manuel’s Tours was formed by a small group of naturalist tour guides. These guides have invested years of their lives into researching and growing knowledge of the area since the establishment of the company 20 years ago, in 2000. They have a strong track record of amazing reviews and have an extreme focus on satisfying every customer’s needs to the fullest extent. The Costa Rica daily guided tours that they offer for travelers like you, are created to show you the true essence of nature in Manuel Antonio as well as to inform you of the importance of sustainable practices. You can expect one of the best tour packages in Costa Rica with Manuel.


You can find the experience of your dreams with Manuels Tours. They have packages of all kinds and you have many tour options.

In the Early Morning Local Birding Expedition, the experience will commence early. In the morning, you will be driven a short distance to some of the most beautiful and rural spots in Costa Rica. The location is well away from highly populated Costa Rican tourist areas and gives you the chance to see wonderful birds. Manuel’s Tours provides you with a field guide to track the birds you see throughout the morning. You will find species native only to Costa Rica!

Join in on the fun with a unique wildlife experience in a park recognized by National Geographic as being the “Most biologically intense place on Earth”. A Corcovado National Park Tour in Costa Rica will have you making your way through the river on an exciting cruise line. Once you reach the park, the hiking will begin in the rainforest. You will see sloths, ant-eaters, tapirs, 4 species of monkeys, peccaries, Scarlet Macaws, and felines.

Manuels Tours also offers a jungle Night Research walk. This is a chance to get extremely close to nature within the depths of the Costa Rican jungle at night. The daytime is filled with outside disturbances, mainly from humans, so animals are not as visible. During the night, animals are much more active, meaning you have a very good chance of seeing amazing animals like monkeys, ocelots, toucans, and many different reptiles.

If you are a seasoned bird watcher or would like to get into the hobby, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Los Quetzales and Highland Birding Expedition is a chance to explore the beautiful highlands of Costa Rica and witness many beautiful birds. You will be guided during the trip by this Costa Rica tour company’s bilingual guide and they will assist you in spotting and naming different birds during the tour. This is Costa Rica’s newest park! see some of the most beautiful birds in the world! Led by a local expert and your bilingual guide you will spot the famous Quetzal bird as you make your way through Costa Rica’s newest national park.

Other Package Options

One of the staples of Manuel’s business is its customizable private tours. Manuel’s tours have a great sense of authenticity when it comes to providing you one with a kind tour experience in Costa Rica. They even offer public and private tours that are specifically geared to allow limited mobility tourists the ability to explore unhindered. Another fun option they have available is a private sunset hike.

Reviews on Manuels Tours

As a long-standing tour company of over 20 years, Manuels Tours upholds an exemplary record of high-quality service and highly educated guide. On TripAdvisor, they are ranked #5 of 108 Tours in Manuel Antonio. You can learn why they have earned a 5-star rating with over 700 reviews by booking a tour with one of the best Costa Rica tour companies. Here is something a past client had to say about Manuels Tours: great service, proven by over 600 positive reviews. Potrerillos proudly has earned a five-star rating on tripadvisor and continues to provide great tours every day.

“We highly recommend booking a tour. Our tour guide, Manuel, was great. He was really good at finding animals and we saw both 2 and 3-toed sloths (even a baby); white-faced, howler, and squirrel monkeys; lots of birds, iguanas, lizards, butterflies, moths, bats…- Cruiser

Paddle 9

best tour companies costa rica

Company’s location and type: Manuel Antonio, Local Tour Operator

Year of establishment: 2012

Awards, Certification: 2019/18/17/16/15 certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor.

Reviews: 5-star rating and 686 reviews on TripAdvisor


Paddle 9 has been in operation since the year 2012 and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. They are a full-service team of adventurers and have a knack for giving tourists an amazing experience. Paddle 9 is located in Manuel Antonio and is referred to commonly as the Waterfall Excursion Experts as well as being well versed in the surrounding areas. This company was the first to begin offering Stand Up Paddle Boarding tours! They are committed to providing you and your family the perfect vacation tour in Costa Rica.


Paddle 9 has packages ranging from private tours to waterfall excursions and you will have an amazing time no matter what you choose!

At The Full Day Waterfall Tour, your time will be spent enjoying the ocean, jungle, beach, waterfalls, as well as crystal clear swimming holes during your full day of exciting adventures! Paddle 9 has done their past to give an “Off the Beaten Path” feeling and you won’t experience a similar tour in Costa Rica. You will not experience another tour like this in Costa Rica. You can also expect to see various waterfalls. Each waterfall will have its own swimming area and other things to explore. At the end of the day, you will be taken to their favorite beach area.

You could be spending your weekend paddle boarding on the Manuel Antonio Coastline with Paddle 9 tours! No matter if you have been paddle boarding your entire life, or if you have never even seen one, the certified and experienced guides will have you standing on the board in no time at all. There are no better spots for paddleboarding other than the secret ones Paddle 9 has discovered. The destination is one of five beaches of your choice.

Let Paddle 9 take you and your group on a Private Costa Rica Tour, off the beaten path. They can promise to bring you and your friends or family to some of the most coveted hidden gems in the area. Paddle 9 knows the best spots for secluded beaches and hidden waterfalls. You can also find secret swimming holes in the middle of the dense green jungle. Take it from us and trust this crew to be the guides that take your Costa Rica vacation to the next level! They will impart their knowledge of the area’s history and animals as well as give you a great adventure.

Other Package Options

This Costa Rica tour company specializes in paddle tours and other than the above options, there are a few other paddle boarding locations available as well as a few different waterfalls. The Nauyaca waterfall tour takes you on a 45-minute hike through lush vegetation and once you reach the destination, you can enjoy this magnificent symbol of nature.

Reviews on Paddle 9

Paddle 9 has been in operation for a long time and over the years, they have garnered respect and credit for being one of the top Costa Rica tour operators for water tours in Manuel Antonio. They are ranked #2 of 43 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Manuel Antonio and would love to have you along for an adventure. Paddle 9 reviews on tripadvisor are over 99% positive feedback from past clients. Here is one comment left by a satisfied customer:

“Thanks to the crew of paddle 9 to name a few Corry, Ismael, Iveary, the driver, and photographer for making our last day fun and exciting. The waterfall jumps and the slide was just amazing…” – Rollins

Tico Tours

Company’s location and type: Playa Hermosa, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: #2 of 20 Outdoor Activities in Playa Hermosa

Reviews: 569 reviews on TripAdvisor with a 5-star rating


Joining one of the many great Tico Tours Guanacaste trips will be one to remember. They are a fully insured and licensed tour company operating out of the beautiful playa Hermosa and would like to bring you along on a unique tour experience in Costa Rica. Their main focus is to provide you with an exciting and active experience while bringing you off the beaten path. You are in for a one-of-a-kind adventure that cannot be matched. Your tour guides will give you unbeatable customer service with a focus on personal attention. Combining all of these wonderful characteristics means Tico Tour Guanacaste is one of the best companies for Costa Rica tours.


With over 31 unique tour package options, they have the highest variety of options compared to any other company on the list.

The Half Day Canopy Tour in Costa Rica will take your breath away! You will begin the adventure with a short walk to the ‘El Bosque”, once there, you will be given very specific safety instructions by a professional guide. After you have your instructions, you will be swinging from platform to platform, tree to tree, as you gaze over the massive jungle canopy with the perfect birds-eye view of the jungle and Costa Rican Wildlife.

Palo Verde Jungle and Cultural tour is a must-see. This wildlife tour in Costa Rica is an adventure on the back roads where you can see sugar cane fields, local towns, and even local workers plowing sand to be used in making concrete. This experience will make you feel like a local and give you a great cultural sense of immersion. Your next stop is a very old house of three former Costa Rican presidents. After that, you will hop on a motorboat and explore the Tempisque River.

You could even visit Nicaragua on a one day tour! Over the past years, the country of Nicaragua has not been a very popular destination for tourists and many do not even know its location. With Tico Tours Guanacaste, you now have the chance to visit this unique and kind place. You will be welcomed by locals and enjoy great food and culture. Part of the tour will also involve seeing Nicaragua’s lakes and active volcanoes. Its original architecture makes you go back in time.

One extravagant option is the Costa Rica Island Helicopter tour. This exciting and unforgettable experience will bring the faraway islands to you as you are taken into the skies by a highly trained and licensed helicopter pilot. You will be exploring Santa Rosa National park from above, the blue waters of Murcielago Bay, and the memorable views of Isla Pelada and Isla San Jose!

Other Package Options

You can pick from a huge assortment of other thrilling choices when doing a tour with Tico Tours in Guanacaste. Some of the more notable choices would be their helicopter tours. You can take a deluxe helicopter tour in Costa Rica journey over Arenal volcano or settle for something a little more relaxing like a sunset helicopter ride. They also have an awesome sports fishing package for the fishers out there. There are also many other options for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Reviews on Tico Tours Guanacaste

As a company with 569 reviews and a 5-star rating on tripadvisor, you can expect great things when booking a tour. Tico Tours is a strong contender of the best Costa Rica tour agencies. They are able to provide amazing customer satisfaction rates while also offering affordable packages and services. You can see what someone has said about the company here:

“Booked 3 great outings with Tico Tours this past week. All Day Adventure, Sunset Catamaran and Tour of Nicaragua…” – Kevin

In Conclusion

This top 10 list for Costa Rica tour companies has been created with the sole intention of educating and assisting you in your search for the best tour company in Costa Rica. If you would like to make a trip to Costa Rica and immerse yourself in the culture through tour experiences, please use this list to help you in your search.

Once you travel to Costa Rica, we would be thrilled to hear back about your journey. If you have gone on a tour with one of these companies in the past, send us a message and let us know how it went!

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