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10 Best Colombia Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Colombia Tour Operators 2024

Are you planning to visit Colombia, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Have you been wanting to explore the lush jungles, cryptic archaeological ruins and soft sandy beaches of Colombia? Is having a safe and cost efficient trip in Colombia important to you?

The beautiful country of Colombia is most known for its love of coffee, diverse landscapes, extraordinary culture, historical architecture as well as a high level of natural beauty. Colombia also boasts many serene beaches and tropical rainforests as well as tall snow-capped mountains and you can find a range of attractions, sites, and tours from Medellin all the way to Bogota to get involved in. No matter what your interests are, you can find an experience that will give you lasting memories during your trip to Colombia and if you want to stay safe and in the know, a great thing to consider is using a trusted tour provider.

Your next step is choosing which Colombia tour operator and this can be a complicated, sometimes frustrating process. As you begin to sort through the different available providers and tours, you will realize quickly that there are hundreds of options out there, all with varying levels of quality, cost, and history in the industry. Giving your hard earned money to a company without having all of the right details can lead to you overpaying for a lackluster tour of Colombia.

In order to save you from spending unnecessary money and time on a measly provider that could ruin your trip, we have invested many hours into thorough research of the background, reviews, and prices of hundreds of different companies. With the information we gathered, we have created this all in one guide to the Top 10 Colombia tour companies and everything you need to know can be found below.

Providers Reviews
Expotur Trip Advisor – 4,734 reviews
Beyond Colombia Free
Walking Tour Bogota
Trip Advisor – 3,914 reviews
Bogota Bike Tours Trip Advisor – 3,169 reviews
Gran Colombia Tours Trip Advisor – 2,929 reviews
Visit Medellin Tours Trip Advisor – 2,688 reviews
Viaja Medellin Trip Advisor – 2,311 reviews
Medellin Day Trips Trip Advisor – 1,971 reviews
Magic Tour Colombia Trip Advisor – 1,732 reviews
Diving Planet Trip Advisor – 1,402 reviews
Hansa Tours Trip Advisor – 1,219 reviews

Table update Jan 17, 2024


Expotur is a local Colombian tour operator that provides unique travel experiences around the Santa Marta and Colombian Caribbean region. Established in 2003, they focus on providing tours while keeping human welfare in mind. They are firm believers in boosting the satisfaction level of their clients through their top-quality services.

At Expotur, they believe that tourism must not hinder the welfare of their local communities. Their vision is to become the leading tour operator that provides integrated services regarding adventure and nature tourism. They plan to offer you some of the most memorable moments on the Colombian Caribbean with their team of highly trained and professional tour guides.

Expotur Best Colombia Tour Packages

With highly trained guides, you are sure to have a great experience in one of their many grand Colombia tour packages.

They have a Ciudad Perdida Tour that lasts four full days and will take you to the Lost City. This tour is best suited for tourists with a high level of physical ability.

You have the option of joining the Tour al Cabo de la Vela with Expotur. This option takes you to indigenous areas of Cabo de la Vela for a truly authentic and overall immersive experience.

Another fun choice is the Tour Parque Tayrona Cabo San Juan and it is made especially for avid hikers and people who enjoy nature.

Also, visit Minca in Sierra Nevada, a small coffee town that is hailed as an ecological paradise with its lush and dense vegetation.

Expotur Reviews

As one of the best tour operators in Colombia, Expotur’s services have been claimed by many tourists as being of the highest quality. Their 4,734 reviews on TripAdvisor speak for itself. They are ranked as #1 of 203 Tours & Activities in Santa Marta and were awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023 for their exceptional service. A customer that recently toured with them wrote:

I have to say that after quite some vacations and excursions in my life this was for sure the most authentic, funny and familiar trip I ever did. Thank you again for this possibility… Patrick D

Read all reviews of Expotur on TripAdvisor.

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Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour Bogota

Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour

As the name suggests, Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour is a tour provider that prides itself on offering free tours around Bogota. As one of the best tour companies in Colombia, they have many highly educated and experienced guides that will show you around the city of Bogota where you can discover its deep culture and history.

The services that this company offers are of the highest quality. They deeply value customer care and satisfaction to the point where their trips are operated on the graciousness of their clients’ tips. Explore the intriguing history and culture of Colombian heartland with Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour.

Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour Bogota Best Colombia Tour Packages

It matters not if you are a solo traveler or traveling with your friends and family, Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour has tour packages suitable for everybody!

You can start with their signature Free Walking Tour of Bogota. Explore the historic center of Bogota and get involved in the local culture. You can also see the iconic graffiti on the city walls and get a taste of Colombian gastronomy.

If you are looking for better historical insight into Colombia, their Free War & Peace Tour includes everything. Find out about the Colombian armed conflict and how it shaped the country. You will get a sense of the good and the bad of Colombia in this tour.

The company also provides nature experience tours in Bogota. You can visit an authentic coffee farm just 2 hours away from Bogota. In this package, you will learn how the Colombians make their traditional coffee and coffee liquor.

Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour Bogota Reviews

As the best and highest-reviewed Colombian tour operator, they have an exceptional track record of providing the best experiences to their customers. With over 3,700 positive reviews on TripAdvisor and being the #1 of 272 Food & Drink in Bogota, they really are the best of the best! They also earned the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A satisfied customer wrote:

Great tour! Lot’s of history and information. Angie was a great tour guide! She really knew the area and had the passion that this kind of tour needs. 100% approved… Leticia L

Read all reviews of Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour Bogota on TripAdvisor.

Bogota Bike Tours

Bogota Bike Tours

Bogota Bike Tours is a top-rated local tour operator in Colombia that offers bike tours in the historic and soulful city of Bogota. The company believes that biking through the barrios and the eccentric streets of Bogota is a unique experience in and of itself. Their tours are carried out with utmost safety and precaution and they design highly detailed itineraries upon request. They also provide customizable tours that you can book beforehand. The tour guides at Bogota Bike Tours are experts in their city’s history and culture. They will ensure that you have the most fantastic experience touring Bogota on bikes!

Bogota Bike Tours Best Colombia Tour Packages

Bogota Bike Tours offers a wide selection of tour packages that you can choose from. The company offers a Daily Bike Tour that you can be a part of. In this tour, you will discover the bustling streets of Bogota on bikes, taste exotic fruits in the market and even play tejo, their national sport!

For a more action-packed option, you can go on a mountain bike tour around the hills of Bogota. For 5-10 hours, you get to ride through the countryside and see the vast fields of coffee plantations.

Besides bike tours, they also offer hiking excursions to Paramo el Verjon. You will spend a splendid day in the Colombian countryside as you visit Lake Teusaca and even discover a secret waterfall!

Bogota Bike Tours Reviews

Touring has been made easy thanks to the efforts of Colombia’s leading tour operator, Bogota Bike Tours. They have 3,169 reviews on TripAdvisor, a large majority of which is positive. They are also ranked as #4 of 286 Outdoor Activities in Bogota. A past customer of theirs wrote:

Such a great value for money tour! Juan Philipe and Jason were really helpful and we felt in safe hands! Cycling is a great way to get an idea of the city… Charlotte K

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Gran Colombia Tours

Gran Colombia Tours, a top-rated Colombian travel agency, is dedicated to providing tourists a once in a lifetime vacation experience in Colombia. Started by two young entrepreneurs, the company’s main mission is to help tourists explore the best Colombia has to offer.  

Gran Colombia was a massive state in old times that encompassed areas of Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and Panama. They chose this name in order to revive the old beauty and potential that Colombia held in ancient times. The team at Gran Colombia Tours is extremely passionate about their homeland and wants to share their travel experiences with you!

Gran Colombia Tours Best Colombia Tour Packages

Offering their services in 9 cities, Gran Colombia Tours organizes everything from day trips and excursions to nature and adventure tours. You can travel to the diverse region of Cali and go on their San Cipriano & River Adventure Tour. In this 9 hour tour, you will experience the natural beauty of the San Cipriano natural reservoir and swim in its soothing rivers.

For a luxury boat trip, you can opt for their Rosario Islands Private Boat Tour. Explore the hidden wonders of the Caribbean as you relax on a beach overlooking the turquoise and crystal waters of the sea.

A trip to Colombia would be incomplete without visiting the Lost City in La Sierra Nevada. Designed for bold travelers, you will be in for a tough but energizing hike. You will also get a chance to interact with the indigenous communities of South America.

Gran Colombia Tours Reviews

Praised for their personalized service and care, Gran Colombia Tours has risen to be one of the best tour companies in Colombia. With over 2,700 excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, they were awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. They are ranked as #5 of 286 Outdoor Activities in Bogota. Here’s what a customer who toured with them wrote:

Judith Nataly Lugo is the Best Guide in Colombia. Hanging out with locals is the best way to experience Bogota. Monserrate is beautiful… Walter Q

Read all reviews of Gran Colombia on TripAdvisor.

Visit Medellin Tours

Specializing in sight-seeing and nature tours, Visit Medellin Tours is a top-rated Colombian tour operator. Their services are among the best in the Colombian tourism industry. Based in Medellin, this company is dedicated to providing you authentic experiences of the true Colombia. They focus on quality over quantity by providing small group tours with personalized service and attention. The tour guides that they employ are locals that share a deep love for their country. They value professionalism and loyalty and serve their customers in an honest fashion. Your vacation to Colombia will be made 10 times better with a tour operator like Visit Medellin Tours.

Visit Medellin Tours Best Colombia Tour Packages

Whether you want to explore the Colombian countryside or go on a historical tour in Colombian cities, Visit Medellin Tours’ several tour packages have something for everybody!

For an adrenaline-rush inducing tour, you can book their Rio Claro Adventure tour package. From rafting in Rio Claro to going caving in the Guacharos caverns, you will surely enjoy a thrilling adventure.  Maybe you want a more relaxing and urban option. You can also go on their Medellin City Tour where you will get a taste of local Colombian culture and gastronomy. Also experience the Metro and several parks in the city. Similarly, their Guatape Tour allows you to look into the indigenous culture of Colombia. In this tour, you will visit the town of Guatape with a professional tour guide, have lunch and go on boat rides.

Visit Medellin Tours Reviews

As one of the highest-reviewed tour companies in Colombia, their tours have become popular among many international tourists.  Out of 2,694 reviews on TripAdvisor, 99% of them are 5-star ratings. They are ranked as #6 of 642 Tours & Activities in Medellin. A customer that visited them in the past wrote:

Fantastic tour and a big thank you to our guide Kevin for giving us a very unbiased review of this notorious man, he leaves you to form your own opinion… Stephen C

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Viaja Medellin

Viaja Medellin

As an experienced company that knows their industry well, Viaja Medellin has grown to be one of the best travel agencies in Colombia through their spectacular service. They strive to constantly innovate new ways to cater to their customers. Their philosophy lies in locating specific needs of each tourist so that they can offer the best personalized service. They have a global vision of being the best tour operator in all of Colombia. Their team of dedicated and versatile members will provide you an absolutely fantastic time in Colombia!

Viaja Medellin Best Colombia Tour Packages

Through constantly updating their service through feedback, Viaja Medellin provides some of the best tour packages in Colombia.

Take a tour of Communa 13 in Medellin. Once a dangerous and crime-fueled neighborhood, it has developed over a long period to be a popular attraction for tourists. You can observe the colorful graffiti, get on the Metro and even taste local cuisine with your own bilingual guide!

Also, you can travel to Hacienda Napoles theme park. What once was the beloved fort of drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar has now been transformed into a fun destination that attracts all kinds of people. You can tour this 3,000 hectare hacienda that has its own camp ground, butterfly garden and even a show of hippos and zebras.

If you are traveling in Medellin with your family, take them on a Coffee Tour of Medellin. You will visit coffee plantations nearby Medellin and taste authentic as well as unique tasting Colombian coffee on this tour.

Viaja Medellin Reviews

Viaja Medellins’ beloved guides and wonderful tours have earned the admiration of many tourists and it has boosted the company to become a leading tour operator in Colombia. They have 2,318 reviews on TripAdvisor and most of them are positive. Their continually improving services are liked by many tourists. A satisfied customer wrote:

Not typically a fan of tours but this one was a keeper. On time, great pace, amazing experience. Highly recommend… Garth T

Read all reviews of Viaja Medellin on TripAdvisor.

Medellin Day Trips

Medellin Day Trips

Medellin Day Trips wants to craft you an unforgettable and amazing experience as you travel in Colombia. They are a local, private Colombian tour operator that provides tours around Medellin and other popular attractions in Colombia at a low and affordable price. They believe that Colombia holds a certain magic that no other country holds and they want to share this magic with you. They are a legal travel agency that is recognized by the government of Colombia. They ensure that your safety becomes the top priority in every trip you take. Travel with Medellin Day Trips and experience the beauty and wonder of Colombia!

Medellin Day Trips Best Colombia Tour Packages

With their numerous tour packages, you will be in for an engaging and immersive experience with their local Colombian tour guides.

For a unique view of Medellin city, the company offers a Helicopter Tour that lasts for 2 and a half hour. This trip is completely private with just you, your group and a bilingual tour guide. See the popular attractions like Communa 13, Medellin Stadium, Pueblito Paisa from high up in the sky!

If you are thinking of tasting authentic Colombian gastronomy, you can book their Food Tour in Medellin. This tour is not recommended for vegans or vegetarians. For others however, experience the tastefulness of traditional Colombian snacks and local liquor.

Combining culture and experience, their Guatape & Paragliding Tour is an overall fun and amazing experience. You will first do paragliding and see amazing views of mountains and then you’ll experience the culture-rich and picturesque town of Guatape.

Medellin Day Trips Reviews

Having consistently provided great trips and excursions around Medellin, Medellin Day Trips has become a trusted Colombian travel agency for many tourists. They have 1,973 total reviews on TripAdvisor, out of which 1,953 reviews are 5-star ratings. They are ranked as the absolute best as #1 of 642 Tours & Activities in Medellin. A customer fully satisfied with them wrote:

We absolutely loved the chocolate tour with Alejandro! It was my parents’ first experience in Colombia and it was absolutely perfect… Kristi K

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Magic Tour Colombia

Magic Tour Colombia is a contemporary Colombian tour operator that has its operations based in Santa Marta. This provider is dedicated to giving meaningful and enlightening, traditional tours that shed light on the deep culture of Colombia. They have a deep respect for local Colombian communities and sacred territories.

With over 14 years of experience, their local tour guides are extremely skilled and knowledgeable. They excel in providing ethnic, archaeological and botanical information regarding Colombia. As a certified tour operator, Magic Tour Colombia holds their service to a high standard so that your vacation to Colombia becomes the best memory of your life!

Magic Tour Colombia Best Colombia Tour Packages

You have many great opportunities to join one of Magic Tours’ tour packages to Colombia. They have a Lost City tour that allows you to discover some of the great secrets in the Sierra Nevada in the midst of the jungle. Also, explore the archaeological sites with a well-versed local guide.

For an experience in paradise, consider the Cabo San Juan tour to find yourself spending your time surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Another fun option is the Santa Marta City tour where you will see countless ecosystems around the oldest city in South America. Explore its colonial treasures or wander on its white, sandy beaches for an awesome trip!

Magic Tour Colombia Reviews

As one of the best-rated travel agencies in Colombia, Magic Tour has almost zero complaints when it comes to satisfactory tours. With 1,733 reviews on TripAdvisor, they are ranked as #4 of 203 Tours & Activities in Santa Marta. They were also awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023 for their excellent service. Read what a satisfied customer wrote about them:

Never get around to writing a review usually but Magic Tours were honestly so great I have to! So well looked after by the amazing guides Mayra and Bufalo… Max B

Read all reviews of Magic Tour Colombia on TripAdvisor.

Diving Planet

Diving Planet

Diving Planet is a responsible and well-respected tour company based in Cartagena, Colombia. With over 27 years as PADI-certified diving instructors and tour guides, their aquatic and diving services are the best in the country. Their team of marine biologists, diving professionals and local guides are all united under one banner: sustainable tourism.

Besides providing amazing and fun-oriented tours, they also work towards environmental conservation and marine life restoration. They value safety, sustainability and mindful diving. They also have adapted diving courses and tours for people with disabilities. Their inclusiveness and absolute dedication to their clients makes them one of the best tour companies in Colombia.

Diving Planet Best Colombia Tour Packages

From diving courses and training to tours in Cartagena, Diving Planet provides all sorts of tour packages to its customers. For a fun, aquatic adventure, you can go snorkeling in Rosario Islands near Cartagena. You will observe different kinds of multi-colored fish and spectacular corals in this trip.

If you are a diving enthusiast, you can book their Fun Dives tour package. Accompanied by 2 PADI-certified diving professionals, you will experience two amazing open water dives in shallows and wrecks. End the day with a well-deserved lunch as well.

For an even electrifying experience, their 5 Dives Package will have you going on 4 day dives and 1 night dive in just 2 days! You will have the most amazing 2 day experience seeing the aquatic and marine life of Cartagena in this package.

Diving Planet Reviews

As one of the few certified Colombian tour companies that provide diving services, their tours and lessons are highly sought after by tourists. With over 1,400 reviews on TripAdvisor, they are ranked as #8 of 377 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Cartagena. Their enduring philosophy of sustainable eco-tourism has been recognized and they have received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023. A past client of theirs wrote:

Joaquin was a great dive master. He took the time to point out different species of fish and corals. Dive experience was top notch including transport… Britt J

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Hansa Tours

Hansa Tours is a Colombia tour operator that provides high-quality, exclusive tours in Bogota as well as other places of the country. The company is well-respected among hotels and other tour companies. Their stellar and up-to-date travel services hold international standards.

With over 20 years of experience, their tours and packages are incredibly detailed and liked by all customers. Their receptiveness, personalization, professionalism and customer care is what makes them stand out in the Colombian travel market. As one of the best service providers in Bogota, they want to offer you a genuine and enthralling experience of their beloved country.

Hansa Tours Best Colombia Tour Packages

Your options are numerous and varied when it comes to choosing tour packages offered by Hansa Tours. You can experience the enchanting nightlife of Bogota on their Bogota Night Tour. Travel to Monserrate hill and see the delightful lights of Bogota city in this tour. Later on, you will get to enjoy local delicacies and hot drinks as well!

For a magical experience, you can go on a trip to Guatavita Lake. As a part of the Lost City legend, this lake is both beautiful and magical. Hike to this lake while enjoying the amazing views of Bogota’s savannah. The street food tour in Bogota is the perfect option for anyone who loves to eat amazing food while learning about a new culture. Your very own bilingual guide will take you to the best places in town!

Hansa Tours Reviews

Hansa Tours offers great tourist services in many different areas of Colombia and each area they operate has been highly acclaimed by past clients. This wonderful Colombian travel agency has over 1,200 reviews on TripAdvisor. They were also awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023 for their plentiful service. They are ranked as #1 of 286 Outdoor Activities in Bogota. See what a satisfied customer wrote about their tours:

Jorge took us on an amazing tour of Bogota. He was very knowledgeable and very adaptive to our interests… Adriaan G

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When is the best time to visit Colombia?

The best time to visit Colombia is during the winter or dry season. From the months of December to March is the optimal time since there will be relatively less rainfall in Colombia.

Is 7 days enough for Colombia?

Colombia has a lot of popular attractions from the Lost City to Cartagena’s Caribbean waters. 7 days is enough to visit one or at most two regions of Colombia. An in-depth excursion across the country may take longer.

Are Colombians friendly to foreigners?

As tourism in Colombia developed more and more, Colombians welcomed all tourists with open arms. Colombians are known for their hospitality and cordiality and Colombian women tend to find foreign travelers charming!

What are 3 popular dishes in Colombia?

The 3 most popular dishes in Colombia are the Patacones, Colombian Coco Rice and Cheese Arepas. All of these dishes are a part of the Colombian gastronomy. Besides this, Colombian coffee is also a special treat for travelers.

What is the #1 tourist attraction in Colombia?

The #1 tourist attraction in Colombia is the Colombian Amazon full of lush, green jungles and appealing nature. There are also the colonial and colorful cities of Bogota, the coral reefs of Cartagena and the Lost City of El Dorado.