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10 Best Cuba Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 Best Cuba Tour Operators 2024

Are you planning to visit Cuba, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Would you like to relax and learn about Cuba? Do you need help in your search of a trusted Cuba tour companies? Do you know about the hundreds of options to choose from?

Around the world, there are so many different popular tourist destinations that are jam packed filled with people! Cuba is different. Due to their long-term political isolation, this island country is very untouched by outsiders so this is the perfect opportunity for you if you want to relax and enjoy a beautiful place as a local. The locals that fill the streets and shops are also very happy to welcome tourists so you will be comfortable and welcomed during your travels. Other than welcoming locals, the colorful architecture and timeless museum-like feel are even more great reasons to travel and tour in Cuba.

Even though a trip to Cuba is a fun and exciting adventure, you can find yourself regretting your decision when you see how many hours it can take to find the right tour provider for you. In order to save you time and help you invest your money wisely, you need to know the different variables between companies. They will all have varying prices, quality, and experience in the industry.

We at TravellersQuest have carefully researched hundreds of great options available in Cuba by comparing reviews, prices, and quality of service to help you choose the best one. By using this article to assist you in your decision, you can feel confident knowing that you have all of the information you need to choose the most memorable one for you.

Providers Reviews
Cuba Outings Trip Advisor – 2,563 reviews
Free Walking Tour Havana Trip advisor – 1,292 reviews
Cuban Compass Tours Trip advisor – 1,452 reviews
Strawberry Tours Trip advisor – 1,069 reviews
Havacubvision Trip advisor – 553 reviews
Old Cars Havana Trip advisor – 1,001 reviews
VC Tours Trip advisor – 1,010 reviews
Discover Vinales Trip advisor – 841 reviews
ScubaLibre Varadero Trip advisor – 444 reviews
Havana Journeys Trip Advisor – 1,340 reviews
Havana 60 Classic Cars Tours Trip Advisor – 660 reviews

Table update Dec 24, 2023

Cuba Outings

Cuba Outings is the most highly rated and reviewed tour operating agency based in Cuba. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, providing unparalleled services that transform a visit to Cuba into an authentic and memorable adventure. With a reputation for fun, professionalism, and a wealth of experience, Cuba Outings stands out as a top choice for travelers seeking a unique exploration of this vibrant destination.

The company’s flexibility allows for personalized itineraries, while quick and responsive customer service is available 24/7. Cuba Outings’ services extend to excursions, short trips, transfers, and accommodations, each tailored to create an authentic and unforgettable Cuban adventure. As a TripAdvisor Hall of Fame member, the agency’s consistent excellence has solidified its reputation as the go-to company for an unparalleled Cuban experience.

Cuba Outings Best Cuba Tour Packages

Experience the best of Cuba with Cuba Outings’ best tour packages, each meticulously crafted to showcase the historical, cultural, and natural treasures.

The Havana Day Tour immerses travelers in the vibrant Havana, Cuba’s capital. Through this tour you will explore genuine customs, traditions and splendors of the city through an exciting itinerary. For nature enthusiasts, the Guamá and Bay of Pigs excursion unveils the lush landscapes of Matanzas province, offering a divine paradise for water activities in the Caribbean Sea.

Experience the Havana & Tropicana Night package. Enjoy the famous Tropicana Cabaret, where stars once performed. The show is a mix of sensuality and Cuban rhythms. End the night with a lively carnival and dance under the stars.

Travel on the Trinidad and Cienfuegos tour with Cuba Outings. Explore two well-preserved cities with Spanish colonial charm and rich cultural history. Cienfuegos, the Pearl of the South, and Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provide a captivating journey through time. These destinations are a must-visit on the Cuban map. Their specialized guides guarantee an immersive and unforgettable experience amid Cuba’s diverse landscapes and cultural treasures.

Cuba Outings Reviews

Cuba Outings is a very well-known and established city tour company in Cuba and they have accumulated over 2500 reviews on TripAdvisor. Even with all of these reviews, they have maintained a perfect 5-star rating while also earning multiple certificate of excellence award from TripAdvisor.

We did the 1-day tour to Vinales and had a great day! Sisi was an excellent and very knowledgeable guide, und Mitch a good and safe driver… Stephen M

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Free Walking Tour Havana

Free Walking Tour Havana

Free Walking Tours Havana stands as a premier tour company based in Cuba, consistently earning top rankings. Owned and operated by passionate guides, their team comprises expert professionals from various fields who are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences to their guests. Rooted in their genuine love for Cuba, these professionals are not only well-versed in the city’s history and culture but are also deeply committed to responsible tourism.

Free Walking Tours Havana goes beyond conventional sightseeing, emphasizing a genuine connection with the community and a profound respect for the city’s heritage. Join Free Walking Tour Havana for a unique and enriching exploration of Cuba, where every step is guided by a passion for sharing the city’s treasures with their valued guests.

Free Walking Tour Havana Best Cuba Tour Packages

Explore the heart of Havana with Free Walking Tour Havana’s Best Cuba Tour Packages:

Old Havana Tour: Immerse yourself in the rich history of Old Havana, visiting iconic landmarks such as the National Capitol, Floridita, The Holy and Metropolitan Church, and the Cathedral.

Central Havana Tour: Venture into Centro Habana, a non-touristic area offering a glimpse into the authentic daily life of Cubans. This area, the first expansion beyond colonial limits, signifies the historic transition into the republican Habana after 1900. Experience the city’s pulse, meeting its people unfiltered.

Highlights include the Capitolio Nacional, Parque de la Fraternidad Latinoamericana, Chinatown, Virgin Mary’s Church, San Cristobal Paladar, Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras, Parque Maceo, Paladar La Guarida, and the University of Havana. This tour provides an authentic perspective on the city’s evolution and the vibrant Cuban culture.

Free Walking Tour Havana Reviews

Free Walking Tour Havana is indeed the trusted and top-rated Cuba tour choice for those seeking an enriching exploration of the vibrant streets and rich history of Havana.With an impressive 1,292 reviews and a stellar 5-star rating, the company has secured its place as the #3 choice among the 197 Tours & Activities in Havana. The recognition doesn’t stop there – in 2023, they proudly received the Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor.

Ana was very nice and gave us a lot of background of the historic Havana tour and a lot of insight into modern Cuba…Eirini P

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Cuban Compass Tours

travel cuba tours

Cuban Compass Tours is top choice for your unforgettable Cuba tour adventure. The company stands out from other Cuba tour companies because of their personalized services, customizable itineraries and highly professional and expert guides and staffs. When you go on a unique and immersive tour with any of their friendly tour guides, you will feel safe and comfortable the entire time.

Cuban Compass Tours Best Cuba Tour Packages

Cuban Compass Tours presents the Best Cuba Tour Packages for an unforgettable journey:

Havana Highlights City Tour: Explore Havana’s key attractions with Cuban Compass Tour. Tailor the tour to your interests, with suggestions available. Opt for a 9:00 am pickup in Havana or an 8:00 am pickup in Varadero.

Cienaga De Zapata: Discover Cuba’s largest wetland, declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2000. Visit a crocodile farm, snorkel in the Cave of the Fishes, sail the Laguna del Tesoro, and explore Aldea Taina “Guamá” amid breathtaking nature.

3 Cities Day Tour: Embark on a day tour exploring Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Santa Clara. Visit Central Park, Prado Promenade, Valle Palace, Mayor Square, Town’s Church, Potters House, Flea Market, Canchanchara, and more.

Varadero Matanzas: Uncover Varadero and Matanzas’ history and significant places. The itinerary includes a Varadero sightseeing tour, a visit to Saturno Cave, a speedboat ride on the Canimar River, exploration of Bellamar Caves, and a Matanzas sightseeing tour. Ideal for various interests and groups.

Cuban Compass Tours Reviews

Cuban Compass Tours boasts a stellar reputation with a Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor in 2023. Garnering a remarkable 5-star rating, our tours have received glowing feedback from 1,452 reviews, with an impressive 1,405 labeled as “Excellent” and 40 as “Very good.” Ranked as the #7 choice among 66 Tours & Activities in Varadero, our commitment to excellence ensures an exceptional and highly rated experience for every traveler. Join us and discover why Cuban Compass Tours stands out among the best in Varadero.

My partner and I went on two tours with Cuban Compass Tours, one to Havana and one to Matanzas “The Most Beautiful City in the World,” and it was the best decision of our whole trip to Cuba… Jon K

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Strawberry Tours

Strawberry Tours

Strawberry Tours is a distinguished Cuban tour company, renowned for its commitment to revealing the essence of Cuba to global explorers. Operated by a team of seasoned guides, our mission is to provide an unparalleled experience. Join Strawberry tours on this extraordinary exploration of Cuba’s rich history and cultural tapestry. Discover the fascinating layers of Havana and fall in love with the city’s unique and authentic charm.

Strawberry Tours Best Cuba Tour Packages

Strawberry Tours invites you to discover the soul of Cuba through its best tour packages.

The Essential Free Tour Havana is a delightful journey back in time, exploring colonial architecture and gaining insights into daily Cuban life. Engage with locals and feel the heartbeat of Cuban music at the legendary Bodeguita del Medio.

The Free Cuban Revolution Tour Havana takes you on a compelling exploration of conviction and idealism, showcasing the impactful lives of leaders like the Castro brothers and Che Guevara. See Cuba through the eyes of locals, understanding their creative resilience in the face of everyday economic challenges.

For a taste of authentic Cuban flavors, the Free Food Tour Havana is a must. Escape tourist traps, indulge in the world’s most delicious and affordable lobster, and experience a day in the life of a Cuban.

The Free Nightlife Tour Havana offers a sensory journey through the original Mojito, visits to renowned bars, and a stroll through the Old Town, revealing the African origins of its music and the warmth of its night culture. With Strawberry Tours, each package promises an immersive and unforgettable Cuban adventure.

The Free Tours typically refers to a guided tour service that operates on a tips-only basis.

Strawberry Tours Reviews

Strawberry Tours, a standout Cuba tour company, has garnered significant praise from satisfied customers on TripAdvisor. With nearly 1,069 reviews, the company boasts an impressive 5.0 rating, securing its position as the #1 choice among 197 Tours & Activities in Havana. With such positive recognition, Strawberry Tours continues to be a preferred option for travelers seeking outstanding tours in Havana.

If it would be possibile, I rated the revolution trip with Gollo 6/5 ❤️ It was a precious time. His knowledge and sense od humour are amazing! Paulina W

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HavaCubVision stands out as one of the highest-rated local Cuban tour companies, recognized for its excellence in providing customized and private excursions. Specializing in iconic American classic cars, the company offers a unique and nostalgic journey through Cuba’s picturesque landscapes. What sets HavaCubVision apart is its team of highly experienced guides proficient in English, French, German, and a multitude of other languages.

Havacubvision Best Cuba Tour Packages

Discover the essence of Cuba with HavaCubVision’s premier tour packages, showcasing the vibrant streets of Havana, the wildlife wonders of the Bay of Pigs, and the charm of three authentic cities.

Go on a memorable adventure with HavaCubVision’s “Havana in One Day” tour. Take a 2-hour ride from Varadero to Havana, chatting with your guide about Cuba. Pause halfway for the best Piña Colada. In Havana, explore beyond tourist spots with a walk through Old Havana. Visit cool places like Ernest Hemingway bars, Cathedral Square, Bodeguita del Medio, and more.

Discover the “Crocodiles Tour (Bay of Pigs)” with HavaCubVision. Stop at towns with sugar cane plantations, taste GUARAPO (sugar cane juice), and enjoy a boat tour. Visit Guama’s Crocodile Breeding Farm and snorkel at Cueva de los Peces with Cuban species.

Explore “Three Authentic Cities” – Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Santa Clara. In Cienfuegos, see cool places like Palacio de Valle. Trinidad, a UNESCO city, has museums and beautiful spots like Museo Romántico. In Santa Clara, explore places related to Che Guevara, like Revolution Square and the Ché Guevara Mausoleum.

HavaCubVision welcomes you to simple, authentic, and diverse Cuban experiences in these cities.

Havacubvision Reviews

HavaCubVision is indeed one of the top tour operators in Cuba. The company has garnered exceptional reviews, boasting a perfect 5.0 rating based on 553 reviews. An overwhelming majority of 550 reviewers rated their experiences as “Excellent,” solidifying the company’s reputation as a top-notch choice for travelers. Notably, HavaCubVision holds the prestigious rank of #1 out of 66 Tours & Activities in Varadero, further underscoring its excellence.

We feel so lucky to have booked a tour with Jon. From the moment I emailed, Jon was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, helping us prepare for our time in Cuba and answering any questions we had. Ariana

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Old Cars Havana

Old Cars Havana

Old Cars Havana is a top-rated classic car tour company in Cuba, winning awards like the “Luxury Travel Guide Award 2021/22.” They provide cool tours in vintage cars to places like Havana, Varadero, and more.

With a fleet of awesome classic cars from the 1930s to 1960s, including famous brands like Chevrolet and Cadillac, they offer a unique travel experience. The company also received recognition for being the “Local Experience of the Year 2018 in Cuba.” They make trips extra special by offering friendly tour guides who speak different languages. If you want a cool and nostalgic journey through Cuba, Old Cars Havana has you covered!

Old Cars Havana Best Cuba Tour Packages

Experience Cuba like never before with Old Cars Havana’s unique and individualized tour packages. Setting them apart from other providers, they prioritize making your tour personalized and enjoyable rather than rushing through numerous places. The focus is on taking the time to let you savor each moment and allowing flexibility, even extending stays in places you love.

Old Cars Havana understands that Cuba is not a country for a hectic pace; instead, they aim to create an atmosphere where you can relax and truly immerse yourself in the authentic Cuban life. Their goal is to provide a personal and unforgettable experience, ensuring you go beyond the typical tourist spots.

Explore Havana with their City Tour program, visiting iconic sites like the Nacional Capitol Building, Chinatown, Carlos III Street, Revolution Square, Cristobal Colon Cemetery, and the Malecon.

If you venture from Havana to Las Terrazas, enjoy the stunning landscape of Pinar del Rio Province, Soroa, and the UNESCO biosphere reserve Las Terrazas, offering activities like bathing in water terraces, experiencing waterfalls, and optional horse riding.

For an extensive exploration, consider their 4-day tour program covering Havana, Zapata National Park, Guama, Bay of Pigs, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Finca Iznaga Ingenio, Varadero, Matanzas, and back to Havana.

Old Cars Havana Reviews

Old Cars Havana is a big hit Cuban tour company with a fantastic 5-star rating from 1,001 reviews, making them #9 among 197 Tours & Activities in Havana. They have won the Travelers’ Choice award in 2023 and it shows they’re super good at giving travelers an awesome experience in Havana. If you want a great tour, Old Cars Havana is a top choice with lots of happy reviews.

Excellent experience! Both Amalia (our tour guide, perfect English) and the driver Omar were incredible. Thanks a looooot- caribbeantraveler90

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VC Tours

VC Tours

VC tours is a top tour company based in Cuba. The company is operated by a team of expert and passionate guides. Their mission is to showcase the best of Cuba to international tourists. With a commitment to excellence, VC Tours goes beyond the ordinary, offering immersive experiences that delve into the rich tapestry of Cuba’s culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether exploring the iconic landmarks of Havana or venturing into the lesser-known gems, VC Tours provides a personalized and insightful journey.

VC Tours Best Cuba Tour Packages

VC Tours invites you to discover the heart of Cuba with their best tour packages, offering fully customizable private experiences in classic vintage cars. From the vibrant streets of Havana to the historic wonders of Matanzas and the natural beauty of the Bay of Pigs, each tour promises an immersive journey with personalized local service.

Embark on an exclusive exploration of Havana with VC Tours’ Private Havana Day Tour. This fully customizable experience unfolds in the comfort of a classic vintage car, allowing you to witness Havana’s treasures up close.

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Matanzas with VC Tours’ Private Matanzas Day Tour. Known as the “Venice of Cuba,” this city boasts poets, culture, and Afro-Cuban folklore. Explore its charms and delve into the ancient wonders of the Bellamar Caves—one of Cuba’s oldest tourist attractions. With stalactites, stalagmites, and unique limestone formations, this fully customizable tour offers a personalized and enchanting journey through Matanzas.

Customize your exploration of the historic Bay of Pigs with VC Tours’ Private Bay of Pigs Day Tour. Guided in a classic old-timer, you and your group can tailor the experience to your liking, ensuring a deep dive into Cuba’s greatest treasures.

VC Tours Reviews

VC tours is one of the best Cuba tour companies. With over 1,000 glowing reviews and an outstanding 5-star rating, it’s evident that travelers have consistently experienced excellence with VC Tours. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional service has not gone unnoticed, as attested by the prestigious Travelers’ Choice award earned in 2023.

Ronaldo (Ronnie) was our guide and he was outstanding! Very knowledgeable, extremely social and lots of fun… Brian

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Discover Vinales

Discover Vinales

Based in Cuba, Discover Vinales is one of the best Cuba tour companies. They specialize in providing high-quality private tours and day tours in Cuba. This provider also aims to make your tour perfect by offering a high level of personalization into the tours provided. You can expect all of this from friendly tour guides who want to give you a good time.

Discover Vinales Best Cuba Tour Packages

Go on a journey of discovery with “Discover Viñales,” offering an interactive tour, a comprehensive exploration, and a captivating sunrise experience in the mesmerizing landscape of Viñales, Cuba.

Explore the natural wonders of Viñales with a private tour day trip from Havana. This UNESCO-declared National Park boasts famous mogotes, limestone mountains, and offers a unique opportunity to discover both tourist and non-touristy attractions. Immerse yourself in local culture, traditions, and history for a comprehensive Viñales experience.

Uncover the beauty of Viñales with a tour that takes you to the most captivating spots in Vinales. Led by a local guide, you’ll discover the unique shapes of the mogotes and gain insights into the area’s rich history. Explore natural lookouts, caves, and delve into the fascinating world of tobacco production, as well as the diverse local flora and fauna.

Witness a spectacular sunrise above the iconic mogotes on this Vinales sunrise tour. Starting early in the morning, typically between 5 to 6 am, you’ll embark on a hike to a beautiful lookout in the Sierra del Infierno. As the sun rises, enjoy a breathtaking display of colors, sounds, and movement.

Discover Vinales Reviews

With a remarkable 841 reviews and an outstanding 5-star rating, “Discover Viñales” has secured the #2 spot among the top 24 Tours & Activities in Viñales. Recognized with the Travelers’ Choice award in 2023, their tour has consistently garnered praise.

The day our family of 5 recently spent with Discover Vinales was the highlight of our 10 days in Cuba… A friendly host with excellent insight and conversation as well. BrubakerFive

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Havana Journeys

Havana Journeys

If you have an expectation of perfection with a professional Cuba tour company, you should try looking into Havana Journeys Day tours. As their name suggests, they operate their quality tours out of Havana and want to bring you a tour with a team filled with experience, responsibility, and professionalism. You deserve a memorable Cuban adventure so don’t hesitate to go with them!

Havana Journeys Best Cuba Tour Packages

Havana Journeys has a great selection of action-packed best tour packages in Cuba for you to choose from. They have an awesome Havana city tour that takes you deep inside the capital of Cuba while riding in style through the elegant streets.

If you are a fan of art and history, you can become a tourist in the Hemingway, Art and religion tour with a professional Cuba tour guide who has a vast amount of knowledge on the famous author and the art of the city.

Vinales is one of the most popular destinations in Cuba for its astonishing natural land formations. The other thing this part of the country is known for is the tobacco fields and you will get the chance to learn the process up close.

The Matanzas plus Jibacoa Beach tour is a combo tour to Cuba that takes you to the Athens of Cuba to explore as well as the beautiful Jibacoa Beach.

Havana Journeys Reviews

In the years that Havana Journeys has been in operation, they have given thousands of people from around the world unique experiences. Because of this, they have been highly rated on review pages like TripAdvisor. On their TripAdvisor page, this Cuba tour operator has a 5-star rating with 1340 reviews! 

Very professional, they take the time to walk you to the most interesting places of la Havana, however we missed a couple places because of the lack of time… Juan Z

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Havana 60 Classic Cars Tours

Havana 60 Classic Cars Tours

Havana 60 Classic Cars Tours is a provider that operates out of Varadero, Cuba. This Cuba tour company has a full line of beautiful, classic cars from the ’60s and with their team of young professionals, you can cruise around the city in style. They have a set goal in mind and that is for you to be completely satisfied and happy while learning about the culture and history of Cuba.

Havana 60 Classic Cars Tours Best Cuba Tour Packages

No matter which Cuba tour package you choose, you can be sure that you will be riding around in style. Try out the Zapata Swamp Tour where you will visit the largest swamp in the Caribbean and even swim at the war of pigs beach. Havana Hemingway is a classic Cuba tour that takes you to all of the significant locations related to the infamous Ernest Hemingway.

The Vinales is a beautiful location and with their private tour to Cuba, you can explore the area, learn how to smoke a cigar, take a boat ride through a cave, and so much more! The capital city of Havana is very old and has many colonial aspects in the architecture of the city. In the Havana Colonial tour, you will get to see and learn about the history of colonial and modern sites around the city.

Havana 60 Classic Cars Tours Reviews

This tour operator in Cuba is one of the newer companies on our list but they have earned high praise in their short lifetime. TripAdvisor has them ranked at the #1 of 4 Transportation in Varadero because of the feedback they have received from customers. Out of 660 reviews, 95% of them said Havana 60 was great or excellent. To top it all off, they have also earned multiple certificate of excellence! Here is a review that a client left recently:

Excellent day with my wife to Havana. Thank Roxanna Alba, who at all times was very patient and kind with our requirements… Rawat

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In Conclusion

We hope that this top 10 list of Cuba tour companies provides you with everything you need to make the best decision for your future travels into this untouched island paradise in the Caribbean. If you do decide that you would like to travel abroad to visit Cuba and all of its natural beauty and immerse yourself in the timeless and unique culture by joining an immersive tour, we encourage you to reference this list to help you in your search.

Once you arrive home from Cuba, we would be happy to hear back about your adventures abroad. If you have gone on a tour with one of these companies in the past, send us a message and let us know how it went!


How much is a trip to Cuba?

The cost of a trip to Cuba can vary depending on factors such as the duration of your stay, accommodation preferences, activities, and your travel style. Cuba has a dual currency system with the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP). Prices can be relatively affordable, but it’s recommended to budget for accommodations, meals, transportation, and any planned activities.

Is Cuba safe for tourism right now?

Cuba has been considered a relatively safe destination for tourists. However, it’s essential to exercise common travel precautions, such as safeguarding your belongings, staying in well-traveled areas, and being aware of your surroundings. As with any destination, it’s advisable to stay updated on travel advisories and local guidelines.

Do we need a visa for Cuba?

Most travelers to Cuba required a tourist visa, also known as a tourist card or visa card. The specific requirements and processes may vary depending on your nationality. Generally, travelers could obtain a tourist visa through the Cuban consulate or embassy in their home country.