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10 Best USA Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best USA Tour Operators 2022

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Have you dreamed of vacationing in the dreamy USA? Are you wondering how to look for the best tour agencies in the USA? Are you searching for the best and affordable USA tours to plan your tour to the USA?

From the winter wonderland in Alaska to sunny tropical Florida, the dips and dunes in California, the USA has everything you are looking for and more to explore. The country is home to the most spectacular landscapes and world-famous recognizable icons in the East Coast, Southwest, West Coast, and Hawaii. Most of the USA’s top attractions are bucket-list destinations, drawing millions of tourists from around the world. From the large cosmopolitan large cities, barren deserts, mighty mountain ranges, entertainment and film headquarters, culture, and cuisine, no other country in the world offers such an incredible range of attractions. So, whether you are looking to see the stars of fame, visit the largest casinos in Vegas, or ski in Colorado, you are sure to find a multitude of unique and fun things to do in the USA.

It can be very time-consuming when you start looking for reputable and the best USA tour operators. When you start searching, you’ll find thousands of similar agencies offering the same tour packages, making it exceedingly difficult to choose the best. If you select the wrong operator, you can end up ruining your dream vacation, endangering your safety, and even wasting your hard-earned money.

However, do not worry! TravellersQuest has done this daunting and complicated task for you. Our professional researchers have sought far and wide to evaluate and analyze 10 top tour companies in the USA. Our assessment was based on reviews, tour packages, and professionalism. When you select any of these tour operators, you can be confident that your trip will be fulfilling, safe and exciting in the USA.

Here we present an unbiased list of the 10 best tour operators in the USA.

Providers Package Reviews
Charleston Outdoor Adventures 2-Hour Marsh Tour
Boat to Beach Fishing Excursion
Trip Advisor – 2095 reviews
Electric Tour Company Segway Tours VIP Private Wharf & Waterfront Tour
Golden Gate Park Tours
Trip Advisor – 4115 reviews
Grand Canyon Journeys Grand Canyon Hike
Grand Canyon Day Tour
Trip Advisor – 313 reviews
Trip Advisor – 1976 reviews
Bay Voyager San Francisco Sightseeing Tours
Trip Advisor – 782 reviews
Edge of the World Tours The Great Wine Tour
Private San Francisco Half Day City Tour
Trip Advisor – 630 reviews
Trip Advisor – 469 reviews
Trail Lovers Excursions SOLO SEDONA HIKING TOURS
Trip Advisor – 182 reviews
One Tribe Tours Four-Hour Private Sedona Vortex Tour
Sedona Sunset Private Vortex Tour
Trip Advisor – 126 reviews
Oyster Point Historic Walking Tours Walking Tour
Private Tour
Trip Advisor – 1675 reviews

Table update April 28, 2022

Charleston Outdoor Adventures

Company’s location and type: Charleston, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #3 Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice 2021
Reviews: 2,095 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Charleston Outdoor Adventures (COA) is one of the best USA tour operators specializing in eco-tour guiding and rental services in Folly Beach, Charleston. The company aims to promote South Carolina’s rich coastal resources, abundant wildlife, and culture to tourists worldwide. With guided charter boat tours, kayak and stand-up paddleboard tours, and inshore fishing charters, all their trips are led by professional naturalists who offer educational and interactive excursions. With Charleston Outdoor Adventures, you will get fun and unforgettable excursions, unbeatable value, and outstanding customer service.


Charleston Outdoor Adventures offers various exciting tour packages USA in many locations around Charleston that are exciting to choose from.

Discover the sights of the low country from a paddleboard during 2-hour March Tour. You will glide through pristine marsh fields, tidal mudflats, and remote creeks guided by an experienced guide. The Boat to Beach Excursion allows you to enjoy a fishing charter while spending a great time on the beach in Morris Island. You can also join the historic Morris Island Lighthouse Tour and cruise to the uninhabited island to see native wildlife and diverse ecosystems.


Charleston Outdoor Adventures is definitely one of the leading USA tour companies that have garnered thousands of glowing and great reviews. The company’s reviews show that their past clients were extremely happy with the tour packages. With nearly 2,120 reviews on Trip Advisor, the company is also ranked #3 out of 200 activities in Charleston. Read lovely feedback below:

“Our guide Cindy was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and personable. Despite the experience level of our group, the tour company pays a lot of attention to safety, making it ideal for enthusiasts of any skill level. Highly recommended.” – Michael L : Sep 2021

Electric Tour Company Segway Tours

usa tour

Company’s location and type: San Francisco, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice 2021
Reviews: 4,155 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

The Electric Tour Company specializes in fun-filled Segway tours in the world’s most beautiful city of Francisco. Founded in 2004, this USA tour operator is an award-winning family-owned company passionate about fun and safe Segway and Scooter tours. As one of the only licensed and registered Segway companies in the city, The Electric Tour Company operates in Golden Gate Park, North Beach, and Chinatown.


The Electric Tour Company has an exciting tour package in the USA that can be customized to fit your needs and interest.

Enjoy the Exclusive Wharf and Waterfront Tour with a knowledgeable VIP guide and explore the Waterfront, SF Hills, and Little Italy. Join a Large Group Tour with a minimum of ten people for a fun ride to North Beach and Chinatown, then enjoy the magnificent Bay Lights. The Golden Gate Park Tour is the company’s best and highest-rated tour that allows you to sightsee the park on a Segway.


Due to how The Electric Tour Company is run and operated, its reviews are glowing and raving with a 5-star rating and 4,161 great reviews on Trip Advisor.  As one of the best USA tour operators, it is also ranked #2 out of 553 tours in San Francisco. You can read a great review posted below:

“Had a great time. Jack was a good guide, had a great knowledge of the city. He was very professional but a lot of fun! Learned a lot while having fun.” – Willie Hanon: Sep 2021

Grand Canyon Journeys

tour to USA

Company’s location and type: Sedona, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #2 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2018
Reviews: 318 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Established 15 years ago by Chris Kelly, Grand Canyon Journey is one of the top-rated tour companies in the USA based in Sedona, Arizona. With certified and professional guides, this tour agency is passionate about sharing their deep love for the American Southwest, and they have hosted thousands of tourists in Northern Arizona. Join Grand Canyon Journey and discover the Slot Canyons, Grand Canyon, ancient cultures of the Four Corners, and much more.


Grand Canyon Journey offers a variety of guided tours in the USA to choose from.

Join the Grand Canyon Hike, and explore on foot along a well-maintained trail, accompanied by a professional and friendly guide. The USA Grand Canyon Day Tour lets you explore one of the Wonders of Natural World with impressive towering cliffs and deep gorges. Discover the dazzling Secret Antelope Canyon to see the fantastic shapes and bright colors of the slot Canyon.


Grand Canyon Journey is a reputed and highly reviewed tour operator USA. They have nearly 320 outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor, equating to a customer satisfaction rate of approximately 99%. Past customers have attested to exceptional customer service and excellent tour guides. Read a raving review below:

“Chris is an excellent tour guide and customized the tour to meet our needs. Highly recommend Chris and his services. Exceptional customer service!” – MELovette: Sep 2021

Arizona ATV Adventures

USA tous

Company’s location and type: Sedona, Local Tour Operator
Year of establishment: 1984
Awards, Certification: Ranked #2 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 1,976 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Founded in 1984, Arizona ATV Adventures is the leading and most experienced ATV Tour Company in Arizona. As a professional and one of the best USA tour operators, they are fully licensed and insured with an impeccable 34 years of safety record. Drive your own ATV with Arizona ATV Adventures to the West Sedona Valley and experience beautiful, picturesque landscapes for an unforgettable USA vacation tour.


When you book with Arizona ATV Adventures, you will have exciting vacation tour packages USA to choose from.

One of these packages is the West Sedona Canyon Tour, with over a hundred miles of trails and views to enjoy. On this excursion, you will explore the Verde Valley from the peak of Skeleton Bone Mountain. The Box Canyon Tour starts in Florence, Arizona to the Pinal Mountains’ front range, where you will see the petroglyphs left by the ancient Native Americans.


Arizona ATV Adventures is on our top list of tour operators in the USA for professionalism and numerous raving reviews. The feedback is a great indication that past clients’ satisfaction rate is outstanding. With almost 2,000 excellent reviews on Trip Advisor, the operator is without a doubt on our top 10 best USA tours. See the positive review below:

“Our guide really personalized our tour and taught us so much about the area! They cared about our safety and our satisfaction as customers, and we had so much fun.” – Grace P: Sep 2021

Bay Voyager

best USA tous

Company’s location and type: San Francisco, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 782 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Bay Voyager is a highly rated and top USA tour operator based in San Francisco. Founded by Captain Charles Jennings, this family-owned business has over 300 years of Maritime history in the family. The company is passionate about safety, integrity, and exceptional customer service. Bay Voyager is US Coast Guard-approved and licensed, with a versatile boat nearly indestructible often used by the Navy Seals. Furthermore, they are on our top list as the number one boat tour in San Francisco.


As mentioned before, you have many different USA tour packages to choose from when touring with Bay Voyager.

The company has an exceptional tour called the San Francisco Sightseeing Tour, during which you can see the Golden Gate, visit Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions, and view the SalesForce Tower from the water.  The 90 minutes Touch of Gold Excursion allows you to venture to the world-famous Pier 39 and the historical Bay Area. This Alcatraz and Touch of Gold Package combine two experiences, Bay Voyager Excursion and Alcatraz departing from Pier 33.


Bay Voyager is one of the best USA tour operators providing fantastic boat tours in San Francisco that are highly efficient, safe, and professional. With almost 790 positive reviews on Trip Advisor,  they are rated 5-star for their unique USA tour packages. Read this review left by a past tourist:

“Captain Charles was amazing. So nice and knowledgeable about the area. The entire group had fun. We did not feel rushed. Saw so many things. 100% recommend.” – Lily: Sep 2021

Edge of the World Tours

usa travel tours

Company’s location and type: San Francisco, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014/18/21
Reviews: 645 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Edge of the World Tours is a multi-award-winning local tour company in the USA specializing in unique California wine country tours. The company delivers the best wine education, from growing grapes to the fermentation process to bottling. The excursions are relaxing, simple, honest, and professional in a casual setting. If you’re looking to travel the wine countryside with a group of other tourists, Edge of the World Tours offers both private and small group private tours that are fun and friendly.


Take the Great Wine Tour outside San Francisco and discover the rustic and magnificent valleys of California’s top wine producer, Sonoma County. The USA tour package includes three wine tastings, a lunch stop in historic Sonoma village, and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Escape the bustling city life and take a Private Tour to Muir Woods National and Sausalito, where you will enjoy the scenic landscapes of San Francisco. You can also Embark on a Half-Day, Private City Tour and learn why San Francisco is a vibrant, attractive tourist destination.


Edge of the World Tours is one of the top USA tour operators, highly rated with excellent glowing reviews. With a second-to-none package tour USA, over 98% of the 645 reviews on Trip Advisor attest to good customer service and professionalism. See an example of a great review below:

“Amazing experience!!! Our tour guide Anthony was kind, friendly, entertaining and knowledgeable about everything SF. Truly a must if you’re in the area!!!” – Vince S: Sep 2021

Adventures Out West

tours of the usa

Company’s location and type: Sedona, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #9 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 469 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Since 1973, Adventures Out West has offered gliding tours through the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona. As one of the premier and best USA tour operators, their excursions bring life-changing experiences from breathtaking views and outstanding professional customer service. Adventures Out West has a stellar team of local expert guides who provide great insights and information and lead you through fun experiences in the Rocky Mountains.


Adventures Out West offers a range of different USA group tours, and you are free to customize one that fits your interest.

For maximum adventure, take a hike at the Pike National Forest with experienced local guides to the Historic Cheyenne Canyon Watershed and experience the beautiful scenery of the landscapes. Take a Guided Rock Climbing Tour at the Garden of the God, one of the most historic climbing places in the world. This company had been operating Hot Air Balloon Flights for 48 years in Colorado over the valleys and springs.


As one of the leading tour companies in the USA, Adventures Out West is an excellent choice for fun, safe and affordable adventures. The company has earned the rank of #10 of 155 tours in Sedona with a 5-star rating and 476 great and outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor. You see this nice review left by a tourist recently:

“Places to see that I would have never found on my own…beautiful and informative. Prairie Dog, our guide was knowledgeable and fun.” – Hammer 521: Sep 2021

Trail Lovers Excursion

best tours in usa

Company’s location and type: Sedona, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #5 Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice 2021
Reviews: 182 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Trail Lovers Excursions is a local licensed company based in Sedona, Arizona, offering unique outdoor adventures in Sedona. This USA tour operator specializes in highly customized and private hiking tours, including multiple trails hikes, special shuttle drops, scenic loops, and exploring pristine Red Rock Country. Trail Lovers Excursions leads respectful Sedona customized tours led by passionate and knowledgeable local guides, and each excursion guarantees 100% satisfaction and fulfillment.


Trail Lovers Excursions offers multiple USA tour packages that are highly fulfilling and can be customized and personalized.

The Solo Sedona Hiking Tour is a quick introduction to exciting and unforgettable Sedona’s classic locations with a professional guide. Join the Large Group Experience and enjoy Sedona’s rich Native American culture and history, Sacred Canyons Loop, and catch a Sneak-a-Peak of the Sunrise in the morning. If you’re looking for a super USA tour in Red Rock, join the Ultimate Sedona Adventure, and access Arizona’s remote, sacred, and seldom locations.


Trail Lovers Excursions is one of the best USA tour operators based in Arizona that is highly reviewed and praised by travelers. By US standards, the company has received hundreds of positive reviews and been rated 5-stars on Trip Advisor with nearly a 100% satisfaction rate from previous customers. Read this honest feedback:

“Trail Lovers is an amazing company! It far exceeded all expectations in customer service, equipment, and trail selections. Our guide, Zack, is absolutely the best, and we’ll be sure to request him the next time we’re in Sedona!!” – Steve: Aug 2021

One Tribe Tours

tours to usa

Company’s location and type: Sedona, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #4 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 126 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

One Tribe Tours was founded on the principles of delivering top-notch adventures with professionalism, safety, and flexibility. This tour and travel company in the USA is made up of exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable professional guides who know all the ins and outs of Sedona. With One Tribe Tours, you can create customized tours for a unique experience of a lifetime while creating memories with family, friends, or new people you meet on the group tours.


One Tribe Tours has many unique tour USA packages to select from.

One of the most common is the Four-Hour Private Sedona Vortex Tour, which includes two vortex sites in the Coconino National Forest to learn about local geology, rich and diverse environment, and great views of the majestic red rocks.  Tap into the Sedona Sunset Private Vortex Tour​ and meditate surrounded by the fantastic rock formations under the glow of the red sunset. This Kundalini Yoga Vortex Tour allows you to relieve tension from the busy lifestyle and tap into tranquil energy in scenic landscapes.


One Tribe Tours is one of the top tour operators in the USA that has received many great reviews. Ranked #4 out of 170 outdoor activities in Sedona, over 99% of its past clients have rated the company as excellent or very good See one of the many positive reviews on Trip Advisor:

“We had an absolutely fantastic time during our Sedona Vortex tour. Irina was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I learned many things that I have never heard of before. 100% recommended.” – Melike G: Aug 2021

Oyster Point Historical Walking Tours

tour company usa

Company’s location and type: Charleston, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #10 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 1,675 Reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company                                 

Oyster Point Historic Tours was founded by a couple of graduates from the College of Charleston to show tourists the city’s history in a fun, energetic, and accurate manner. Armed with academic expertise in history, theater, and language, this best USA tour operator offers special guided private tours to couples, individuals, or groups. Oyster Point Historic Tours delivers top-notch trips to all the top sightseeing spots in the city as well as lesser-known destinations personally selected by a local professional tour guide.


When you join Oyster Point Historic Tours, you will have an opportunity to any of the tour packages in the USA. 

The Unique Instagram Tour of Charleston is designed to be a photo opportunity as you walk through the hidden neighborhoods, historical buildings, and architecturally beautiful buildings. Oyster Point crafts unique Charleston Private Tours to let you experience the Revolutionary War history, Civil War and Secession history, Charleston’s Jewish history, and Charleston’s architecture.


This company has received many excellent reviews and is ranked at #11 out of 342 tours in Charleston. As one of the best tour companies in the US, the company has garnered 1,663 reviews on Trip Advisor with a 5-star rating. See this great feedback left by a happy traveler.

“Dustin is excellent! Very knowledgeable and personable and has a great flow. I learned a lot as a local. And we even saw some dolphins in the harbor! I know he personally arranged that ;).” – Gabi F: Sep 2021


In this detailed article, we have evidently summarized the 10 best USA tour operators. If you are planning on taking a trip to the USA to visit one of the best countries in the world, please consider using this list as a reference.

If you have already been to the USA with any of these tour companies the USA, please get in touch and tell us all about it!

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