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7 Best Qatar Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best Qatar Tour Operators 2022

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Are you looking for an authentic Qatar tour experience? Do you wonder what criteria to use while finding the best tours in Qatar? Would you like to know how to find the most reputable tour companies in Qatar for a memorable, life-changing vacation experience?

Lately, Qatar has had an influx in demand for tours because of the upcoming World Cup. So many tour providers have emerged over the last couple of years, offering many opportunities. If you are not well acquainted with these tour companies and their services, it isn’t easy to select the best. Researching and analyzing top rated companies takes a lot of time, with no guarantees you will make the best choice. But do not worry! We have evaluated tens of operators Qatar of tours that deliver the most affordable, safe, and professional excursions.

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Every single detail you are hoping to find is here below!

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 7 most reputable Qatar tour companies.

Providers Package Reviews
Falcon Tours DESERT TOUR
Trip Advisor – 4440 reviews
Golden Adventures Qatar City Tour
Desert Safari
Trip Advisor – 2071 reviews
Qatar Inbound Tours – Private Day Tours Singing Sand Dunes Of Qatar
Doha Stop Over Tours
Trip Advisor – 1372 reviews
365 Adventures Desert Adventures
Adventures at Sea
Trip Advisor – 1130 reviews
Murex Activities & Tours Qatar’s Education City Tour
Explore North of Qatar
Trip Advisor – 195 reviews
Trip Advisor – 180 reviews
Qatar International Tour (QIT) QATAR DESERT CAMP DAY USE
Trip Advisor -928 reviews

Table update March 30, 2022

Falcon Tours

Company’s location and type: Doha, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2021
Reviews: 4,461 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Falcon Tours is a professional and top Qatar tour operator specializing in private solo and group-guided tours around the country. Based in Doha, the company is licensed and registered by the ministry of tourism in Qatar and has consistently provided the ultimate tour experiences with attention to each traveler’s budget.  So, whether you are looking for a city tour, desert safari, or Arabian dhow cruise, Falcon Tours has the perfect package for you that is designed to fit your interest and budget.


Based on their experience and expertise, Falcon Tours offers a wide variety of Qatar Doha tours to select from.

Experience Doha in a unique way by taking the Desert Tour with a professional guide in a 4×4 comfortable car. On this tour, you will be on a thrilling rollercoaster ride over the dunes to the Khor Al Udeid right by the sea. If you are a fishing enthusiast, take the Sea Tour using a speed boat accompanied by fishing professionals to the best fishing spots in the Arabian Gulf. Finally, you can learn more about the country on the Doha City Tour starting from the Qatar Museum of Islamic Art, the Gold Souq market filled with glittering shops, and end at the view of the Old Dhow Harbor.


Falcon Tours is a top and one of Qatar tour companies offering excellent and incredible tour packages to Qatar. The company is ranked #1 of 72 outdoor activities in Doha. With nearly 4,500 raving reviews, they are also rated 5-stars on Trip Advisor. You can read this lovely feedback here:

“We had a great time during this layover tour! Naveed was the best. Very welcoming and he made the experience even more enjoyable laughing with us. Thank you, Naveed, for a great time!” – Perpetua A: Sep 2021

Golden Adventures Qatar

golden Adventure Qatar

Company’s location and type: Doha, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #2 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
Reviews: 2,071 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Golden Adventures Qatar is one of Qatar tour operators specializing in comprehensive travel-related services for groups, couples, and individuals. Founded in 2016 by qualified professionals, the company offers professional guides, modern and comfortable transportation, quality hotels, and fine restaurants.  Thanks to the raving reviews from past travelers, Golden Adventures Qatar earned the 2019 Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award.


Discover the charm of Doha on the City Tour, where you will discover many attractions, both traditional and modern, including the busy West Bay district, The Pearl-Qatar, and Porto Arabia Boardwalk. The company’s most popular Qatar tour package is the Desert Safari that includes the Half-Day tour, Full-Day tour, and Overnight tour. The 18th century West Coast Qatar is a paradise for historical landmarks. On this tour, you will discover the Zekreet Fort, the Zekreet Peninsula, and the world-famous white limestone rocks.


Golden Adventures Qatar is one of the top tour Qatar operators with many excellent and raving reviews. Of the 2,078 reviews left on Trip Advisor, almost 98% of the company’s past clients rated this company as very professional with outstanding customer service. See the positive review below:

“Great tour whit beautiful views great driving guide Amaan was very nice very social guy 10/10 everything was perfect🤟.” – Mohamed L: Sep 2021

Qatar Inbound Tours-Private Day Tours

golden Adventure Qatar

Company’s location and type: Doha, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #1 Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2021
Reviews: 1,372 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated great and professional

About Company

Qatar Inbound Tours is a highly rated and one of the best Qatar tour companies specializing in safe and professional desert safaris. Based in Doha, the company offers overnight camping, ATV rides, Quad Biking, team-building adventures, and exploration packages for groups, corporates, schools, and individual travelers. Qatar Inbound Tours’ unique experiences inspire you to think outside the box while solving difficult choices in life. Join them for fun, safe and adrenaline-filled safaris that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. 


Qatar Inbound Tours offers various unique Qatar Doha tour packages to select and enjoy.

For starters, explore the Singing Sand Dunes of Qatar and enjoy a group of crescent-shaped sand dunes that sound like they are “singing” due to the friction caused by the wind while running, walking, or sliding down the dunes. If you have a short transit, you can join the Doha Stop Over Tours for a quick run through the city through Corniche and Islamic Museum, West Bay Skyscrapers, State Grand Mosque, and many more city attractions. A trip to Qatar is not complete without the Doha Dhow Cruise Trip, where you enjoy swimming in the Arabian Sea, fishing, and local cuisine and music prepared traditionally.


Qatar Inbound Tours offers the top tour of Doha Qatar, making the company ranked at #1 out of 28 boat operators in Doha.  With 1,372 reviews on Trip Advisor, a whopping 97% of them are excellent and positive. Past travelers attest to an amazing trip experience in Doha. You can read a review below:

“A nice experience and with a very flexible arrangement who adapted everything according to our requests. Easy pickup/drop off at the hotel. Can really recommend them.” – UlfRud: Feb 2020

365 Adventures

Company’s location and type: Doha, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #3 Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2021
Reviews: 1,130 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated professional and outstanding

About Company

365 Adventures is a top and award-winning tour company in Qatar founded by Meraj Quraish to curate many unique experiences that highlight the unseen sights of Qatar to prompt a platform for cultural exchange and integration. Specializing in organizing desert safaris, cruises, and city tours, the company designs authentic, safe, fun, and affordable packages to meet your interest and budget. Besides, 365 Adventures is run and operated by passionate, educated, and multilingual guides with many years of experience in the Qatar tourism industry.


Find out what this beautiful country offers by taking the best Qatar airways tour packages with 365 Adventures.

Discover Desert Adventures to see Sand Dunes of Qatar at the Inland Sea. This tour starts with a camel ride led by a Bedouin Qatari farmer, followed by an exciting, fun, and drive with an experienced and licensed 4×4 driver. Instead of being stuck in traffic, join the Sea Adventures for tranquil sunset kayaking, jet skiing, speed boating, or a romantic Dhow cruise with traditionally cooked meals and drinks. Qatar has many things that you can do. The City Tours in Urban Landscapes will open up a unique experience to explore the capital’s hidden gems such as the Museum of Islamic Arts, Pearl Diving culture, and Msheireb Museums.


With over 1,137 excellent and outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor, 365 Adventures is renowned as one of the best Qatar tour companies. The company has hosted thousands of tourists for nearly eight years who have ranked it at #3 of 72 outdoor activities in Doha. See proof of a happy traveler below:

“It was an amazing experience from dune dashing to viewing the sunset, not forgetting the company of our driver Wazir, who made it more complete and fun.” – Emily N: Sep 2021

Murex Activities & Tours

Murex Activities & Tours

Company’s location and type: Doha, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #3 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 195 reviews on Trip Advisor 99% rated Excellent and very good

About Company

Murex Activities & Tours is a top and highly rated tour operator in Qatar specializing in providing enriched tours with culture and activities to travelers worldwide to explore the scenic landscapes in Qatar in an eco-friendly way. Founded by passionate local professionals, the company has strategic international partners in Europe and the Middle East. Murex Activities & Tours is passionate about helping travelers explore Qatar’s rich culture and hidden treasures, ensuring that the natural habitat, comfort, or safety are not impacted.


Guided by a Qatari local and professional guide, join the Doha Education City Tour to learn more about the Qatar Foundation for Science, Technology, Education, and Community Development initiative. On this Doha city tour of Qatar airways, you will see the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Oxygen Park, and Al Shaqab Horse Racing Academy. No trip to Qatar is complete without the Desert Safari to experience the exhilaration of driving over the world-famous sand dunes. You can also explore the North of Qatar and find the fishing town of Al Khor and Al Zubara Fort, where you will enjoy a local meal prepared traditionally.


This Qatar tour company has earned a 5-star rating with nearly 200 positive reviews on Trip Advisor. Murex Activities & Tours is ranked at #1 out of 10 food and drinks tours in Doha. Read this lovely review left by a past client:

“I loved this walk in the desert, it was a gift from my clients, I have very good memories of it, it is a must-do.” – JacksonFive: Sep 2021

Q-Explorer Tourism

Company’s location and type: Doha, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #3 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 180 reviews on Trip Advisor 98% rated outstanding and exceptional

About Company

Since 2016, Q-Explorer has been offering private, luxury, and unique experiences in Qatar to tourists worldwide. Started and run by professional tour experts, the company prides itself as a Deluxe tour operator in Qatar, focusing on very personalized service, which can be customized to fit each unique traveler’s needs and preferences. Q-Explorer’s primary focus is to deliver exceptionally high-quality services combining modern and traditional Qatar’s history, people, and architecture.


Q-Explorer offers various Qatar tour packages options. You can select luxury tours, customized tours, and so much more.

Your Sunrise Desert Safari will start at dawn create ever-lasting memories of the scenic beauty of the Persian Gulf from the majestic Arabian Desert as the sun is coming up with beautiful orange colors. Take the Half-Day Desert Safari and experience an all-exclusive dune bashing and spectacular sightseeing. If you have more time, the Full Day Desert Safari will cover more recreation activities, including camping, bonfire dinner, and unlimited beach access.


With 98% raving and glowing reviews on Trip Advisor, you can see why Q-Explorer is one of our highly rated Qatar tour companies. In addition, the company is ranked #3 out of 39 boat tours in Doha with 181 reviews. Read this lovely review left on Trip Advisor:

“Everything ran smoothly, beautiful landscapes and great guide. We really enjoyed the tour and highly recommended it!” – Samia: June 2021

Qatar International Tour (QIT)

Company’s location and type: Doha, Local Tour Operator
Awards, Certification: Ranked #9 Trip Advisor
Reviews: 928 reviews on Trip Advisor

About Company

Qatar International Tour is a renowned and well-respected tour Qatar operator established in 1999 to offer international and local tourists a dream vacation in Qatar. The company is committed to excellent customer service, creativity, attention to detail, and positive solutions to sustainable tourism. As Qatar’s most efficient and dynamic company, Qatar International Tour offers extensive tour packages that provide an opportunity to gain an insight into the diversity of Qatari culture, hospitality, and history.


Qatar International Tour focuses on providing an immersive tour of Qatar packages, and you can join for a fun and memorable trip.

Spend your day in the Qatar Desert Camp on the coast designed in the beautiful Bedouin way while enjoying local refreshed soft drinks, tea, or coffee. Enjoy a Shopping Tour in one of the most luxurious Villaggio Mall or the Gold Souk Market. During the Doha City Tour, you will combine remarkable sceneries with plenty of fascinating views, historic sites, and rich culture.


Qatar International Tour offers luxury, high-quality services, and professional experiences as one of the best tour companies in Qatar. With nearly 1,000 reviews and a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor, you can trust that you will have an unforgettable and fulfilling vacation in Qatar with this company. Look at this positive review:

“I highly recommend Our driver Muhammad Husain he is the very experienced driver we enjoyed the ride. Afternoon till sunset is the best time.” – Fatma M: Dec 2020


This article plainly and clearly summarized the 7 top Qatar tour companies. If you are planning on taking a vacation to Qatar, please use this list and get in touch with any of these operators that you feel best suits your requirements, budgets, and interests.

We would love to hear about your experience, or if you have already traveled with any of these Qatar tour companies, please email us, and tell us all about your journey.

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