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Tefl Abroad in China

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China Tefl Abroad Programs

Find hundreds of tefl programs in China, offered by a wide variety of providers. Contact them directly, read reviews, and more.

China TEFL Program Starts From US $1599

One of the largest and most densely-populated countries in the world, China is home to a variety of mysterious and influential cultures and exotic religions  all along with a colorful and engaging…

TESOL Certification Program in China with Language Corps

This program provides a comprehensive blend of training and orientation, guaranteed job placement, and services to support you while you teach English in China, helping to ensure that you have a secure,…

Work as an English Teacher in China

This programme provides you with a unique opportunity to get paid work in China as an English teacher. During your time in China, you will work as an English teacher, study the Chinese language and…

TEFL/TESOL Certification Program in Zhuhai, China

The TEFL International School in Zhuhai is located on the Pearl River Delta, and is offers complete immersion into the Chinese culture.The building is modern and fully-equipped, with spacious classrooms…

Teach Program in China with Cultural Embrace

Cultural Embrace offers an exciting and affordable opportunity for native English speakers to live, work, and travel in this fascinating country.  Expect to teach English language skills to students…

TESOL/ TEFL in Beijing

Abundant with culture and history, Beijing is one of a few Chinese cities, which has retained its cultural relics. The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and the ancient Qianmen area…

Teaching in China Private Language Schools

China is an amazing place to teach English and offers a unique opportunity to explore a culture that is really just opening its doors to the world. Teaching English in China is a rewarding experience,…

TEFL / TESOL Course in Zhuhai, China

China is the home of thousands of years of history. Its a great location for the Zhuhai TESOL course. With an ever-growing international focus within the country, English schools are booming! Zhunhai,…

TEFL/TESOL in Suzhou, China

When you're travelling to a new city, it's the places, culture and people which are such a delight to discover. Now, how do you feel about discovering a quaint place in the huge country of China which…

TEFL / TESOL Certificate Program in Shanghai - China

American TESOL Institute has commenced an intensive TESOL course in Shanghai. Shanghai is the best destination for a TEFL course in China as this city is blessed with the best of orient and occident.…

4-Weeks TEFL Course in Beijing, China

CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults course provides initial training leading to a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. It is intended for those without previous…

Take General Mandarin Chinese Language Courses in Beijing, China

General Mandarin Chinese Language Courses will enable you to conduct and understand simple communication in daily life, such as self introduction, asking and giving directions and addresses, telling…

TEFL Course in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China and its economic hub. The cosmopolitan environment, high rises, plush shopping malls and multi-cuisine restaurants makes Shanghai the most westernized…

Learn TEFL in China with Bridge TEFL

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate programs are intensive four-week, 120+hour courses that prepare you for an entry-level teaching position worldwide. TEFL certificates are offered…

Participate in TEFL Course in Zhuhai,China

TEFL International’s TESOL program conducted in Zhuhai is one of the most popular selections for our TESOL trainees. The TEFL school is approximately one hour by ferry from Hong Kong just inside…

Tefl Abroad Guides and EBook

Our free guides and eBooks help you every step in your tefl abroad journey. Download as many guides and eBooks as you like FREE!

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