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10 Best Venezuela Tour Operators 2022 [With Reviews]

10 Best Venezuela Tour Operators 2022

Are you planning to visit Venezuela, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Would you like to travel and explore Venezuela? Are you in search of a trusted tour provider that has your safety and satisfaction in mind? Is it important for you to have an affordable trip that still provides a high quality tour in Venezuela?

A trip to Venezuela should be on anyone’s bucket list. This coastal treasure has a large natural diversity and you can discover the jungle, climb a snow-capped mountain, or even relax at one of the country’s many great beaches. Other than amazing sites to see around the cities and rural regions of Venezuela, you can also expect to be immersed in their Caribbean/Spanish culture. With so many great tour opportunities, choosing to enjoy your time with a trusted, knowledgeable tour provider can take your trip to the next level.

Searching through the hundreds of different tours in Venezuela can be a little overwhelming. With each of the varying tour providers comes a different set of prices, tour opportunities, and quality of service. Giving your hard earned money to a tour operator in Venezuela without knowing their history and quality can end in you not getting the most out of your trip and can make your journey less memorable.

We at TravellersQuest have carefully selected the following tour providers by researching hundreds of options, scouring reviews, and comparing prices. By using this article to assist you in your decision, you can feel confident that you have all of the information you need to choose the right one.

Below you can find this easy to follow list of the top 10 tour providers in Venezuela:

Providers Package Reviews
Italcaribe Club Los Roques
Isla Margarita
Trip Advisor – 133 reviews
Hover Tours Tour Aventura
Full Day Cubagua
Trip Advisor – 136 reviews
Climbing Venezuela Biking and Canyoning – Petaquirito
Rock Climbing and Rappelling fullday
Trip Advisor – 55 reviews
Seturs Diving or Snorkeling in Los Frailes
Aventura tour
Trip Advisor – 19 reviews
Osprey Expeditions Angel Falls
Eastern Venezuela
Trip Advisor – 51 reviews
Oceanica Los Roques Full Day Los Roques
Full Day Sailboat VIP
Trip Advisor – 33 reviews
Eco Aventura Tours MONTE RORAIMA
Trip Advisor – 16 reviews
Arassari Trek Canyoning
Trekking And Climbing
Trip Advisor – 9 reviews
Life’s Beach Tours Snorkel y buceo
Trip Advisor – 35 reviews
Hike Venezuela Salto Ángel
Delta del Orinoco
Trip Advisor – 32 reviews

Table update March 10, 2022

Italcaribe Club

Company’s location and type: Margarita Island, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

Reviews: 133 reviews on TripAdvisor 5 star rating

About Company

Italcaribe Club is a leading Venezuela tour operator and they are confident that the experience you will have with them will be totally different from any vacation you have ever taken. They take pride in the quality and detail orientated tours available and gives assistance throughout your entire trip, even when you are not actively touring with them. Join Italcaribe Club for an unforgettable tour experience in a beautiful country.


This tour provider out of Margarita, Venezuela has many immersive packages for you to truly experience the country. Explore over 200 islands on your way to the archipelago of Los Roques and get a true experience of the Caribbean. You can book a full-day Venezuela tour and enjoy the Isla Margarita by relaxing on the beach or walking through the dense vegetation on the island.

Canaima e Salto Angel is another Venezuela tour service available with Italcaribe Club that is a Unesco heritage site in the midst of the massive amazon jungle and this is where you can see Angel falls. You can tour Isla Tortuga and see where many sea turtles call their home. This island is also well off the beaten path so you can expect to enjoy a crowd less paradise.

Reviews on Italcaribe Club

Italcaribe Club has been providing high-quality tour and travel packages in Venezuela at a great price for years and has earned a high level of reviews from past customers. On TripAdvisor, they are rated with 5 stars and have 99% positive feedback. Here is a review left by someone who used their services recently:

“It is a Posada definitely full of splendor, exotic, calm, La Paz envelops the magic of the place, his attention is unique in excellence, the transfers to any part of the island with Mr. Miguel are unmatched, he is a gentleman who will be in charge of everything you want and need.” – Pegye654

Hover Tours

Company’s location and type: Margarita Island, Local Tour Operator

Year of establishment: 1998

Awards, Certification: certificate of Excellence By trip Advisor. #1 of 25 Tours in Margarita Island

Reviews: 136 reviews and 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor

About Company

Hover Tours is a veteran company that is based on Margarita Island and they have many years of high-quality service in the tour industry. Out of the other Venezuela tour operator on this list, Hover Tours has been providing opportunities the longest, since 1998. You can fully expect a professional tour operated by knowledgeable guides who will give you an unforgettable experience.


With hundreds of options available, we are sure you can find some of the best tours with Hover Tours. Visit a beautiful colonial town on the Tour Aventura package in Venezuela and also see the famous Laguna de La Restinga National Park. Another great choice is the Full day tour in Cubagua.

This is a fun chance to have a mud bath in the mineral-filled mud on the peaceful island. See the majestic island of Coche in the Moon Dancer tour and enjoy food and drinks for a full day of fun under the sun. For a less laid-back tour option, consider Kayaking in La Restinga and immerse yourself in the nature of Venezuela.

Reviews on Hover Tours

Hover Tours has earned the high honor of being number one out of twenty-five other tour companies in Venezuela. They have also been awarded the certificate of excellence and hold a respectable 136 reviews with a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor. See this review from a past client:

I was with my family on vacation in margarita island and the attention was excellent, the tour of the return to the island, shopping and the tour to the island of Cubagua was beautiful.-Paola Andrea

Climbing Venezuela

Company’s location and type: El Hatillo, Local Tour Operator

Year of establishment: 2005

Awards, Certification: #1 of 3 things to do in El Hatillo

Reviews: 55 reviews on Trip Advisor with a 5-star rating

About the company

Climbing Venezuela wants to take you on a tour you will not forget. They have realized that Venezuela has an incredible opportunity for adventure tourism and you can get involved. With well-qualified employees and a high standard of service, this Venezuela tour operator has been providing great tours since 2005 and is excited for the chance to take you to impressive, beautiful places.


Join Climbing Venezuela in one of their many adventurous tour packages in Venezuela! You can have an immersive tour in the breathtaking landscapes of Petaquirito in the Biking and Canyoning tour or go rock climbing up the face of a sheer cliff in La Guairita park.

They also have a Venezuela trekking tour to the 2800 meter tall Mount Roraima Tepuy where you can see a vast landscape and enjoy the local flora and fauna. Another Mountaineering trek is located inside the Sierra Nevada National park and you will be scaling Humboldt and Bolivar Peaks.

Reviews on Climbing Venezuela

As one of the more experienced tour companies in Venezuela, this company has earned many great reviews. On TripAdvisor, they have a 5-star rating with 55 reviews, and out of all of them, they have received absolutely no negative reviews. This provider is also ranked #1 of 3 things to do in El Hatillo. You can read about how well they provide for their clients on this review:

This is the second trip I have done with Climbing Venezuela and like the first one it was excellent. Daniel and his team go above and beyond to ensure his guests have an amazing experience.”  -James W


venezuela tours

Company’s location and type: Margarita Island, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: #2 of 15 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Margarita Island

Reviews: 5-star rating with 19 reviews on TripAdvisor

About the company

Located on Margarita island, Seturs is a Venezuela tour operator that specializes in serving high-end clients with detailed tour packages. They work with many corporate accounts and high-profile guests while staying in beautiful Venezuela. This provider has also established important relationships with airlines and hotels in order to bring you the best prices at the highest quality.


With experienced staff and connections all over the country, Setur can offer authentic and immersive tour packages for you to get involved in. If you are a lover of the water, they have a diving or snorkeling tour in Los Frailes and you can see the colors of coral reefs and varying species of fish with the help of a professional guide. For a chance at a Venezuela wildlife tour, consider the Aventura tour where you will visit multiple parks, mangroves, and other areas of the Caribbean to see the native plants and animals of the country.

Another travel tour package in Venezuela available is the adventurous Jeep Safari

where you will be in the cab of a 4×4 crawling through the scenic beauty of Margarita island. You can also get on the water and have a relaxing Kayak session in La Restinga with the help of a highly trained guide.

Reviews on Seturs

This tour company in Venezuela has a high level of focus on providing immersive programs that will give you an unforgettable experience and this is why they have earned a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. They have also been ranked #2 of 15 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Margarita Island with 19 out of 19 reviews rating them 5 stars. Here is a review from a past client of theirs:

“Very grateful for the attention, punctuality, and excellent treatment. Every time I have hired the service, I have had total satisfaction. On this occasion Yagnira handed us. Grateful” – Carolinamilanol

Osprey Expeditions

Company’s location and type: Canaima National Park, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: 2019 certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

Reviews: Rated 5 stars with 51 reviews on TripAdvisor

About the company

Since 2002, Osprey Expeditions has been a Venezuela tour operator offering immersive adventures throughout the country. They specialize in providing nature tours and have a qualified team ready to serve you during your travels in Venezuela.


Osprey Expeditions specializes in offering adventure tour packages. You can join one of their guides in the Angel Falls Venezuela tour and see the famous waterfall up close. You can also experience Eastern Venezuela by boat and take a ride on the river to a jungle cabin. Visiting Llanos with Osprey will give you an unforgettable nature experience while you ride horseback through 300,000 km of land in Hato El Cedral. Osprey also offers an authentic and immersive tour in Caracas Venezuela and you can explore this vibrant city while learning many things about its history.

Reviews on Osprey Expeditions

This tour company in Venezuela is ranked #1 of operators offering Outdoor Activities in Canaima National Park and has earned 51 reviews on TripAdvisor with zero of them being negative. You can read about a great experience by a former tour participant:

“Osprey truly shined – they made travel in Venezuela so easy…. Ben and the various people on the ground were all fantastic – kind, knowledgeable and did a great job. ” – Stefan P

Oceanica Los Roques

Company’s location and type:   Isla El Gran Roque, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: #4 of 11 things to do in Isla El Gran Roque.

Reviews: 5-star rating out of 33 reviews on Tripadvisor.

About the company

Out of all of the Venezuela tour operators operating in the water around the Archipelago, not many do it better than Oceania Los Roques. This tour operator is a trusted company that begins its tours on the Isla El Gran Roque. They also specialize in diving expeditions so you can experience beautiful coral reefs under the safety and guidance of a professional tour company.


Oceanica provides high-quality water-based tours and you can select from a wide variety of Venezuela tour packages available. There is a full day Venezuela tour of Los Roques where you will spend your time on a small boat that will take you to various islands around the area. For the higher class tour-goers, there is the VIP Sailboat tour.

This tour includes your flight and a full day on the water with a bilingual guide. There is also a full day tour of Catamaran, Venezuela. The catamaran is one of the most sought-after destinations in Los Roques and you can experience it for yourself with Oceanica. Cayo aqua is another island destination that you can tour with Oceania and it is most well known for having the best beaches in the archipelago.

Reviews on Oceanica Los Roques

This Venezuela tour operator has received great feedback from many of its customers on TripAdvisor. They have been given a 5-star rating out of 33 reviews and have never received any negative feedback. You can read a review recently left on their TripAdvisor page:

“From one end to another, Guillermo has been a perfect organizer and guide for our trip in Los Roques. Welcome us at the airport, showed and told us everything we need to know about his beautiful islands.” – Hugo Martinez

Eco Aventura Tours

tours in venezuela

Company’s location and type: Santa Elena de Uairen, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: #1 of 2 things to do in Santa Elena de Uairen

Reviews: 16 reviews on Tripadvisor with a 5-star rating and no negative reviews

About the company

Eco Aventura Tours is a dedicated team of professionals and is a leading Venezuela tour company that offers their services out of Santa Elena de Uairen. They strive to bring your love for adventure to life by providing unique travel experiences in some of the most breathtaking areas of the country. They also specialize in giving personal attention and care with each tour to give you an unparalleled experience.


All of the Venezuela tour packages that Eco Adventure has available do a great job of remaining affordable while not sacrificing quality. You can spend 7 days and 6 nights scaling the sides of Monte Roraima on a trekking tour. Another great option is the Gran Sabana tour package where you can see a vast number of rivers, waterfalls, natural slides, vibrant colors, and wildlife.

If you want to get on the water with Eco Aventura, look into the Delta Del Orinoco tour and discover the world’s 8th largest river. This provider also offers  Angel Falls tour in Venezuela and you have the chance to see this waterfall that is 15 times the size of Niagara Falls.

Reviews of Eco Aventura Tours

This Venezuela tour company has a long track record of giving amazing service and on Tripadvisor, all 16 of their reviews rated them as an excellent provider. They have a 5-star rating and are ranked #1 of 2 things to do in Santa Elena de Uairen. Here is a nice review that was left by a past traveler:

“I loved my experience with them. Very polite, super organized. Odi is the best!!! The place is amazing. The team is very kind to us. There’s nothing to complain about. Congratulations” – frauandreia

Arassari Trek

best tours venezuela

 Company’s location and type: Barinas, Tour Operator

Year of establishment: 1995

Awards, Certification: #1 of 9 things to do in Barinas

Reviews: 4.5 stars and 5 reviews on Tripadvisor

 About the company

Arassari Trek is a Venezuela tour operator that specializes in river rapids tours. They are an exciting team filled with professionals that will keep you safe during your adventures. This operator is also one of the most experienced on our list as they began operation in 1995!


Assari trek doesn’t only offer river rapid tours, they also offer a wide range of adventurous options. They have a Canyoning tour that will test your guts and is reserved for people who are extra adventurous. Another option is the Venezuela trekking tour with climbing.

Pick from hundreds of different locations to explore and choose destinations to climb up the sheer sides of cliffs! Paragliding is another adrenaline-pumping option and you can have this adventure of a lifetime with the Assari trek. You could even find yourself hiking for miles to reach river crossings in the Roraima, trekking tour in Venezuela.

Reviews on Arassari Trek

This top-rated tour provider has received a lot of positive feedback in the form of reviews on Tripadvisor and has been given a 4.5-star rating.  Assari Trek has also earned the #1 spot of 9 things to do in Barinas. Here is a review that you can read about a recent experience they had with this Venezuela tour operator:

“…The guides were great and helpful all the time…” – Nomad1000

Life’s Beach Tours

venezuela tours services

Company’s location and type: Margarita Island, Local Tour Operator

Awards, Certification: #9 of 25 Tours in Margarita Island

Reviews: 4-star rating and 35 reviews on TripAdvisor

About the company

Life’s Beach Tours is a well-established Venezuela tour company that has its operations based in Nueva Esparta State. This provider has been giving professional tour service for over 20 years and has a knack for bringing you to the most symbolic and impactful areas of the islands of the Archipelago.


Life’s Beach has carefully curated Venezuela Tour Packages that are designed to give you an unforgettable experience. You can see the colorful coral reefs and swim with native fish in the Snorkel y Buceo tour Canaima is a massive national park filled with mountains and flora.

It is also another package location with Life’s beach and you can tour Angel Falls within the park. For a Venezuela wildlife tour, try out the personalized safari where you can work with their team to create the perfect tour for you. The Isla Margarita tour is your chance to tour this quaint, beautiful island with guides who know every single corner.

Reviews on Life’s Beach Tours

This tour company is a veteran among many others on our list and they have earned a respectable 4-star rating with over 30 reviews on TripAdvisor. Life’s Beach Tours also has the #9 of 25 Tours in Margarita Island. You can see the high praise from a past tour participant here:

“A highly affordable and an enjoyable tour” – Satrancoly

Hike Venezuela

tour of venezuela

 Company’s location and type: Margarita, Local Tour Operator

Year of establishment: 2003

Awards, Certification: #2 of 7 things to do in Maturin

Reviews: 32 reviews on TripAdvisor with 5-star rating

 About the company

Hike Venezuela is an adventurous provider that has been operating out of Maturin for over 10 years and since its inception, they have provided custom adventure tours for groups and individuals. Owned by Tino, a man originally from Germany, this Venezuela tour operator prides itself on offering authentic, immersive experiences in Venezuela and other areas of South America.


Discover the seemingly untouched destination of Venezuela with one of Hike Venezuela’s great tour packages. Enjoy an awe-inspiring Angel Falls tour with this provider and get an authentic experience on an aboriginal motorized canoe in one of the best Venezuela tours available.

The Orinoco is the third largest river in the world and you can explore this mosaic of swamps and tropical jungle with the help of a professional guide. You also have the option of touring Monte Roraima and seeing many animals that are only located on the highest part of the mountain. Another exciting Venezuela tour package is the Windsurfing Venezuela tour. Windsurfing with Hike Venezuela is a fun adventure on the crystal blue waters off Margarita beach and you can participate year-round.

Reviews on Hike Venezuela

This seasoned Venezuela tour operator has proudly earned a respectable 5-star rating and has collected 33 great reviews with none of them being negative. You can see what someone has said about their service and quality by reading this review from TripAdvisor:

“The whole trip was amazing, with flights, accommodation and taxis all arranged and seamlessly rearranged when inevitably one flight was cancelled” – Sandybeachesoz

In Conclusion

We hope that this top 10 list of Venezuela tour companies provide you with everything you need in order to make the best decision for your future travels in the country. If you do decide that you would like to travel abroad to visit Venezuela and all of its natural beauty and immerse yourself in the indigenous and unique culture by joining an immersive tour, we encourage you to reference this list to help you in your search.

Once you arrive home from Venezuela, we would be happy to hear back about your adventures abroad. If you have gone on a tour with one of these companies in the past, send us a message and let us know how it went!

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