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Chapter 4: Manaslu Trek Cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

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Things you need to consider to evaluate the trekking cost range from food, accommodation, and gear, to the trekking permit. Although it’s low-priced in comparison to other hikes, the planning is still a must.

Your basic expenses including food and accommodation are included in the Manaslu trek itinerary package so that’s little to worry about.

Besides that, the trekkers still have a bill to settle for. They’re responsible for the price of trekking gear, extra goodies, and tips for guides and porters. Hikers will also have to incur the cost of travel insurance which varies depending on what kind of policy you prefer.

The list of expenses is incessant and must be paid with no concession. From entry permits to sanctuary and accommodation followed by trek guides, you’re liable for each and every expense.

The Manaslu trek price depends on how long you plan to stay in the region. It distinctively varies on the duration of the time that you plan to spend. The longer your itinerary is, the more you’ll have to spend.

Manaslu circuit trek solo is another factor for the trekking cost-effective though it is not yet allowed.

Trekking in the Manaslu site costs you anywhere from US$1,000 to US$1,200 based on the facilities preferred. Hotels with well-furnished rooms and luxury suites are priced higher than the average accommodation. Most of the dwellings are standard and don’t cost more than a few bucks.

It’s cheaper to hire a local Sherpa who’s enough experience and who knows the route quite well. But, if you intend to recruit foreigners to climb the circuit, the charges will be much higher.

However, it’s much unlikely, that the Manaslu circuit trek cost may also vary due to seasons.

If you trek the circuit in the off-season, the fare will be relatively lower because of fewer visitors. On the contrary, if you ascend the circuit in the prime season, the accommodation and food might be relatively expensive.

There’s no way you can get a discount or negotiate the price during spring however, the cost of Manaslu in winter is significantly less.

Cost is significantly determined by:

  • Food and Accommodation
  • Guides and Porters
  • Transportation for this trek
  • Trekking Permits for Manaslu Circuit
  • Travel Insurance
  • Clothes and trekking gears

Food and Accommodation

Food costs during the trek will vary slightly as the days progress. Normally, mules and local people carry the basic supplies from Arughat to tea houses around the Manaslu trek.

Regarding the accommodation in this region, teahouse accommodation is popular which started after 2010. Teahouses provide basic room on twin sharing, one common bathroom, a common shower, and one big dining hall.

Earthquake in 2015 has transformed this site from a camping trek to a proper teahouse trek. Community-operated teahouses and local teahouses are the available accommodation options for travelers in the Manaslu circuit of Nepal.

The accommodation charges will be comparatively less as long as you have your meal at the same place. You will enjoy a fresh and warm meal throughout the trek. A typical breakfast will cost 4-8 dollars whereas meals will cost you around 10 dollars each.

Drinking water could be refilled in the tea houses but mineral water is also commonly available. Per day you will spend nearly 35-50 dollars on food in your journey.

It also depends on the location of tea-houses around Manaslu Nepal trek. Higher the teahouse’s elevation, the higher the cost of food. Food costs around USD 5 – 8 per meal. You will get a normal meal – Nepali Dhal Bhat, Chowmien, MoMo, Thukpa, and other continental foods.

In peak season (spring and autumn), trekkers need to accommodate in a single room with other trekkers. Mainly in a place named Dharmashala, you need to stay in a tent due to a crowd.

The cost of the room for twin sharing ranges from USD 6 to 10 per night. Generally, camping is not required unless you plan for Tsum valley Manaslu trek. There you need camping for a night which is considered as off the beaten tracks in the region.

Guides and Porters

Planning a trek needs a couple of important things that you need to consider. A special trekking permit with only an authorized trekking agency is first required for this Manaslu region.

Second, you need at least one professional license-holder guide due to security reasons.

As you know, the Manaslu circuit Nepal trek is situated in a restricted region that shares an open border with Tibet. Without taking a guide, it will make your trip risky due to a lack of local trek route information.

Taking a professional guide is a must for this trek. Normally, the cost of the trekking guide ranges from USD 20 to USD 25 per day. This includes the Manaslu trek guide’s cost, food, accommodation, and insurance.

Similarly, for porter cost, it ranges from USD 15 to USD 20 per day. It includes porter’s food, accommodation, and insurance.

Planning to trek in Manaslu Nepal with an experienced porter-guide can be really useful to reduce the total cost. They will carry your bag as well as show you the trekking routes at that same cost.

But, if you want detailed information about local culture, community, and the mountains about trek then they cannot provide enough information due to a lack of communication skills.

Transportation for Manaslu Circuit Trek

You have two options to reach the starting point of your trekking– Arughat or Sotikhola. The first option is to take a local bus which costs USD 10 per person.

The local bus leaves from New Bus Park, Gongabu station around 7-8 am. Traveling by local bus is awkward due to the crowd and frequent stops.

The second option is to take a 4-wheel private jeep. Most preferable to travelers because it makes traveling cozy and comfortable.

The seven-seat private jeep cost USD 150 – 200. The total cost can be minimized if you can share it with your own group.

Similarly, returning from Dharapani to Besisahar in your Manaslu trek circuit has also two options – A local jeep and a Private Jeep. The local jeep can accommodate 9 passengers which costs USD 10 – 15 per person.

After reaching Besisahar, you can take the local bus which cost USD 6 – 8 per person.

But if you want to return directly from Dharapani to Kathmandu. It will cost USD 200 – 250 per jeep. This private jeep can adjust 9 passengers in total

Trekking Permits for Manaslu Circuit

 For this trekking in Manaslu, you need a total of 3 different special permits which are as follows:

Manaslu Restricted Permit:

From September to November: USD 100 for the first seven days and USD 15 for each additional day

From December to August: USD 75 for the first seven days and USD 10 for each additional day.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP):

In Nepal Manaslu circuit, MCAP Entry Fee for SAARC: USD 10 per person (Including Govt. Tax)

MCAP Entry Fee for other nationals: USD 30 per person (Including Govt. Tax)

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP):

ACAP Entry Fee for SAARC: USD 10 per person (Including Govt. Tax)

ACAP Entry Fee for other nationals: USD 30 per person (Including Govt. Tax)

Tsum valley Manaslu trek can be a great choice if you choose it as a side trip. For that, you need a Tsum Valley permit. It will cost USD 35 per person for one week.

If you want to trek Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp then you need a TIMS Card. But, you don’t need to bring this card for trekking in Manaslu.

The above special permits can only be issued by authorized trekking agencies registered under Nepal Government rules and regulations. To apply for a special trek permit in Manaslu, a minimum of two travelers are required compulsorily.

Compared to the permit cost of Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp, the Manaslu trek permits cost is expensive. Its restricted region makes this trek a little bit expensive.

Travel Insurance

Although not mandatory, travel insurance is offered by lot of travel companies and helps you feel safe about yourself as well as your belongings. You can obtain 30-day travel insurance for around 150$.

Make sure that you check with your travel company what is the list of things insured in your travel package.

Clothes and Trekking Gears

There are a variety of things that you need to buy while considering trekking in the Manaslu trek region which include your sleeping bags, down jackets, hiking boots as well as other items.

If you buy all of the items needed firsthand, you will spend close to 1000$.


How much does it cost to trek to Manaslu?

Ans: The cost of trekking in the Manaslu region is around $1000 to $2000 depending on your travel itinerary and the facilities.

Is Manaslu trek expensive?

Ans: Comparatively trek in Manaslu Nepal is more expensive in regard of its average duration and exclusivity. Prices vary between the 1000 USD and 1400 USD or 900 EUR and 1200 EUR per person.

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