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Are you planning a trip to Nepal? Do you want to know which about the international airports in Nepal? Are you interested in determining the most suitable airport to select for your trip to Nepal? This article aims to give you a detail insight on Nepal international airport. We have also mentioned detailed information regarding the domestic and international airport making it easy for you to choose the best airport as per your Nepal travel itinerary.

The incredibly beautiful country of Nepal offers you the chance to witness several natural and cultural splendors, including snowy landscapes, majestic mountain peaks, and ancient temples. Whether you want to explore the royal palaces and cultural heritage or trek the diverse landscape, Nepal is indeed a top destination to spend your next vacation.

This is the reason thousands of tourists from around the world travel to Nepal every year. Thanks to the increasing number of international airports in Nepal, it has been easier for travelers to witness and easily explore the beauty of Nepal.

To help you learn more about Nepal’s international and domestic airports, we have explained about these airports in detail.

International Airports in Nepal

International Airports Province/District
Tribhuvan International AirportBagmati/Kathmandu
Pokhara International AirportPokhara/Gandaki
Gautam Buddha International AirportLumbini/Rupandehi

Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu

The Tribhuvan International Airport, or TIA, is located in Kathmandu and is one of the important airports in the country. It was inaugurated on 15th June 1955 by King Mahendra. The airport is located just 5.56 km east of the heart (Kathmandu Durbar Square) of Kathmandu city.

The airport has a single 3,350 meters long runway with a width of 45 meters. It is one the busiest international and domestic airports in Nepal and can handle over 90,000 passengers daily. Apart from being one of the essential international airports, it also handles domestic flights within the country.

Further, after a recent renovation, this Nepal International airport features Press Rooms, Nepal Tourism Board Information Counter, Trolley Services, Cargo Facilities, Police Help Desk, a Sim card center, Foreign exchange, Medical services and coffee shops.

The airport is situated about 6 kilometers away from the city center located in Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. The nearest hotels around the international airport are Hotel Dwarika, Hyatt Regency, and Airport Hotel.

After your arrival you can get a taxi or enjoy the private car services to reach your destination. Some of the popular places to visit near the airport are Basantapur, and Thamel which is 5.4 km.

In addition to taxi services, the airport offers several other services to make travel easier for passengers. These include Duty-free shopping, Currency exchange, Restaurants and cafes and ATM.

Overall, Tribhuvan International Airport offers a range of services and amenities to ensure that travelers have a smooth and comfortable experience.

Elevation1339.54 m/4394.76 ft.
Location IndicatorVNKT

Gautam Buddha International Airport, Bhairahawa

The Gautam Buddha International Airport is a newly built airport in Bhairahawa, Nepal. This international airport in Nepal generally serves Bhairahawa city and the surrounding region. The airport has one runway measuring 3,000 meters in length and 45 meters in width. It was built as an alternative to the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, located 270+km away.

The airport was named after Gautam Buddha and served as a gateway for travelers. It became operational in 2022, which has made air travel easier for people in this region. Previously, domestic and international travelers had to reach Kathmandu or Birgunj for international flights.

Apart from the airport, numerous infrastructures and facilities are also available around this international airport such as hotels, restaurants and cafes. Some of the popular hotels you can stay after your arrival are Hotel Pawan International, Hotel Soma Plaza, and Hotel Yeti.

After you take rest in one of these hotels after a long travel, you can visit numerous attraction the next day. It includes destination such as Lumbini, Kapilvastu Museum, and Chitwan National Park.

Elevation105 m/344 ft.
Location IndicatorVNBW

Pokhara International Airport, Pokhara

PIA, or Pokhara International Airport, is also one of Nepal’s newly opened international airports in Nepal. It is located in Pokhara, Gandaki Province of Nepal. Pokhara city is a renowned tourist destination known for its mountain views, beautiful lakes, and natural attractions. The Pokhara International Airport is approximately 3 km east of the domestic airport.

The airport has a 2500 meters long and 45 meters wide runway. It was designed to accommodate larger aircraft that flew to the region. Further, the airport has eight domestic parking bays and three international parking bays. Since opening in 2022, this Nepal airport has catered to thousands of passengers traveling to the region.

Pokhara International Airport has a strategic location compared to the other international airports in Nepal. Pokhara city is the gateway to some of the finest treks in Nepal.  The city is the gateway for pilgrims and tourists visiting the Muktinath temple or undertaking a trek in the Annapurna region. There are many exciting trekking routes in the Annapurna region. You can opt for Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Poon Hill Trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Elevation800 m
Location IndicatorVNPR  

Major Domestic Airports in Nepal

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Nepal has over 43 airports operating nationwide. The country is also home to several domestic airports that provide air connectivity to different regions. These airports serve as a lifeline for many remote communities, enabling people to travel quickly and easily to other parts of the country. Below, we will list some of the major domestic airports in Nepal and provide a brief overview of their location and significance.

Domestic AirportsProvince/District
Tenzing Hillary (Lukla) Airport1/Solukhumbu
Simara AirportMadhesh/Bara
Biratnagar Airport1/Morang
Bharatpur AirportBagmati/Chitwan
Pokhara AirportGandaki/Kaski
Nepalgunj AirportLumbini/Banke
Jomsom AirportGandaki/Mustang
Lamidanda Airport1/Khotang
Chandragadhi Airport1/Jhapa
Phaplu Airport1/Solukhumbu

Tenzing Hillary (Lukla) Airport, Solukhumbu

The airport is also widely known as Lukla Airport and is one of the busy airports in the Everest region of Nepal. The airport is in Lukla, a small village in the Khumbu Municipality of Solukhumbu district. It makes it one of the isolated airports in Nepal.

The airport was named after Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. These two were the first to summit the peak of Mount Everest in the year 1953. The Lukla airport is a gateway for travelers to explore Mount Everest and the surrounding region.

The airport sits at an astounding elevation of 9,334 feet or 2,845 meters. Due to its distinct location, it has a short runway measuring 525 meters. As a result, it is categorized as one of the most dangerous airports in Nepal and in the world.

The Lukla airport is the starting point for trekking to the base camp of the mighty Mount Everest. You can opt for several routes and itineraries, amongst all, the most popular is Everest base camp trek.

Elevation2846 m/9337 ft.
Location IndicatorVNLK

Simara Airport

The airport is located in Simara, Bara district of Nepal. It is one of the closest airports to the Tribhuvan International airport, just 39 miles away. The Simara airport has just one runway capable of handling helicopters and turboprop aircraft.

Despite its small infrastructure, it is one of the most important airports in Nepal. It is linked with Raxaul, a crucial commercial hub for exporting and importing goods from India. Also, the airport is a significant link to providing access to essential supplies and services for the people in Simara and Bara districts.

Elevation36 m/445 ft.
Location IndicatorVNSI

Biratnagar Airport

The Biratnagar Airport is one of the busiest domestic airports after the Pokhara Domestic Airport. The respective airport is located in Biratnagar city in eastern Nepal. Biratnagar Airport started its operation on 4th July 1958, and since then, airlines like Yeti, Buddha, Sita, Tara, Summit, Simrik, Shree, and Nepal have been operating daily.

Among the other domestic airports in Nepal, Biratnagar was the first certified aerodrome after TIA. The airport is a significant hub for domestic flights for people from Dharan, Jhapa, Biratnagar, and Itahari.

Elevation74.972 m/245.94 ft.
Location IndicatorVNVT

Bharatpur Airport

The Bharatpur Airport is a domestic airport in Nepal, which serves Bharatpur, the commercial hub of Chitwan, Nepal. The respective Nepal domestic airport was established in 1961. It has a single runway measuring 1200 m x 30 m in dimension, and the airport is fully operational in any weather conditions.

Further, Bharatpur Airport has a single terminal building that can handle many passengers. The airport operates flights by popular airlines such as Yeti Airlines and Buddha Air. It is also one of the busiest domestic airports, as it is a gateway to several top tourist destinations. This includes the famous Chitwan National Park, and travelers board flights to Bharatpur Airport to visit the destination as a convenient route.

Elevation207 m/679 ft.
Location IndicatorVNBP

Pokhara Airport

Like the Pokhara International Airport, the Pokhara Domestic Airport is a gateway to Pokhara, the second-largest city in Nepal. The airport sits at an elevation of 822m and is located 200km away from Kathmandu city.

It is one of the busiest domestic airports in Nepal and connects to major Nepalese cities such as Kathmandu, Lumbini and Chitwan. Pokhara is one of the best destinations to visit in Nepal. Almost 50% of the annual tourists who visit Nepal travel to Pokhara to explore the city’s numerous attractions.

After you arrive at Pokhara airport, you can get a taxi to the designated hotel you are staying at. You can visit popular natural attractions such as Rupa Lake, Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake during your stay.

Elevation822 m/2696 ft.
Location IndicatorVNPK

Pokhara is the gateway to the amazing trekking routes of Annapurna region. Read our article  best Annapurna circuit trek operators to find the best companies, Similarly, if you like to join annapurna circuit trek, you can read our article the best annapurna base camp trek companies to select the best one.

Nepalgunj Airport

Nepalgunj Airport is a domestic airport in Nepal located in Nepalgunj, Nepal. The airport has a runway that measures 1505 m x 30 m. Despite small infrastructures, numerous airlines operate in the airport daily. It included Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air, Saurya Airlines, Tara Air, Nepal Airlines, and Summit Airways.

Further, the airport has many airlinks to the surrounding regions due to its strategic location. In general, there are 18 links to Nepalgunj Airport from Lumbini Province and Sudur Paschim. Also, the airport is close to popular tourist destinations such as Banke National park, Bageshwari Temple and Ghaghara River.

Domestic travelers use the services of the Nepalgunj airport to travel to Rara, Jumla, Dopla, Simikot, Sanfebagar, Bajura, Kathmandu, and Salle. The airport plays a significant role in Nepal’s economy and significantly contributes to the tourism industry. So, it is one of the most important airports in Nepal. The Nepalgunj airport is also a hub for pilgrimage who are visiting Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet

Elevation158 m/518 ft.
Location IndicatorVNNG

Jomsom Airport

Jomsom Airport is one of the most attractive airports in Nepal. It is located in Mustang, Gandaki Province of Nepal. The airport sits at an astonishing 2736m and features a single runway measuring 810 m x 20 m.

The airport can handle small aircraft and is serviced by airlines such as Summit Air and Tara Air. Due to its high elevation, the Jomsom airport is subject to bad weather and strong winds. As a result, flight operations and routines are often disrupted. Nonetheless, due to its remote location, you can witness some of the best views of the mountain regions in Nepal.

Due to its high elevation, the airport is subject to strong winds and bad weather. As a result, flight operations are often disrupted. Despite the weather challenges, Jomsom airport is an important airport in Nepal as an essential gateway for travelers to explore the culture and landscape of the Mustang region.

Elevation2736 m/8976 ft.
Location IndicatorVNJS

Lamidanda Airport, Khotang

Lamidanda Airport is one of the remote domestic airports of Nepal. It is located in the Khotang district of Nepal and is owned by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Lamidanda Airport was established in 1972 and is a gateway for travelers visiting Haleshi Mahadev.

The airport has a single runway measuring 520 meters in length and 10 meters in width. The Lamidanda Airport stands at an elevation of 1227 m. The airport is connected to the district headquarters in Diktel by road.

Elevation227 m/4026 ft.
Location IndicatorVNLD

Chandragadhi Airport, Jhapa

Chandragadhi Airport, also known as Bhadrapur Airport, is situated in the Jhapa district of Nepal. It is located close to the Indian border in Siliguri. The airport began its operations in November 1963 and boasted a single runway measuring 1,500 meters in length and 30 meters in width.

The Chandragadhi airport can handle a moderate number of passengers and is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). Also, it is conveniently linked to Bhadrapur city, which is located just 3.2 kilometers to the northwest.

Five major domestic airlines, namely Buddha Air, Saurya Airlines, Shree Airlines, Sita Air, and Yeti Airlines, operate regular flights to and from Chandragadhi Airport. Despite being located in a remote location, it remains one of the busiest airports in Nepal.

Elevation95.149 m/312.184 ft.
Location IndicatorVNCG

Phaplu Airport, Solukhumbu

Phaplu Airport is situated in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. It is located approximately 1 kilometer away from the district headquarters of Namche Bazaar. This Nepali airport has a single runway measuring 680 meters long and 20 meters.

Despite being susceptible to strong crosswinds due to its location in a valley, Phaplu Airport is an essential domestic airport in Nepal. It is an entry point for trekkers and climbers en route to Mount Everest and surrounding regions.

The airport is owned by the Government of Nepal and managed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). Tara Air, Sita Air, Nepal Airlines, and Summit Air are the only domestic airlines that provide regular services to and from the airport.

Elevation2468 m/8097 ft.
Location IndicatorVNPL

Nepal is a country with stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. From the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas to the lush green valleys and the vibrant cities, Nepal offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers.

Visit our article the best Nepal travel agencies that offer the best organized tours and packages to explore the country’s many attractions. For those who are looking for adventure, we advise you to plan your trip through these Nepalese trekking companies to experience guided treks in Nepal.


Which is the largest airport in Nepal?

The largest airport in Nepal is the Tribhuvan International Airport which covers an area of 3565350.49 sq. m.

Can I fly directly to Nepal?

Yes, you can book a direct flight to Nepal from major cities, including: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Bahrain, Dhaka, Karachi, Paro, Guangzhou, Lhasa, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Dubai.

Which is the busiest airport in Nepal?

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is the busiest airport in Nepal. The airport handles most of the international and domestic air traffic in Nepal.

How many international airports are in Nepal?

There are a total of 43 airports in Nepal.

Which are the 2 operating international airport in Nepal?

The two operating international airports are Pokhara International Airport, Tribhuvan International Airport.

What are the 5 busiest airports in Nepal?

The 5 busiest airports in Nepal are Tribhuvan International Airport, Pokhara International Airport, Biratnagar airport, Simara Airport, Tenzing Hillary (Lukla) Airport.