Disabled Children Internship in Argentina - Lowest Fees & Trusted since 2003


  • Gain international experience along with the knowledge and skills that you will need for future career.
  • Immerse in a local language, expand global awareness & increase understanding of different cultures.
  • Gain various job skills and opportunities and stand out among other candidates.
  • Enjoy your adventure in total safety with secure facilities that have been extensively vetted.
  • Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 20,000 since 2003


Do you have a passion for working with disabled children? Would you like to travel to Argentina while giving back to the disabled children? The disabled children project has been helping many of the differently abled children and youth with basic love, care and support for more than a decade. When you intern, you will feel extremely rewarded as you practice different life and job skills in well-executed setting.

As an intern of disabled children project in Argentina, you will carry out different activities depending upon your skills and interests. You will play and spend times with children, organize creative, musical and fun-learning activities, help the project with daily chores, help children with rehabilitation, promote therapeutic activities, lead program development and assist project administrative tasks with fundraising and future plans.

The disabled children Argentina internship project helps you to bridge the gap between your academic learning with the professional world. It will give you an insight of how a social project operates and enhances your transferable skills like teamwork, communication and self-awareness.

Important Information

Interns below the age of 18 years will need to provide proof of parental consent. Basic Spanish skills are required for this program.

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