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  • Gain international experience along with the knowledge and skills that you will need for future career.
  • Immerse in a local language, expand global awareness & increase understanding of different cultures.
  • Gain various job skills and opportunities and stand out among other candidates.
  • Enjoy your adventure in total safety with secure facilities that have been extensively vetted.
  • Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 20,000 since 2003.


Do you want to explore the culture of China? Are you passionate about teaching and sharing your English language skills? As the economy of China is raising its bars, so is the demand for English education. Knowing English leads to exposure and better opportunities for the children. Aiming to improve conversational English of the people in China, interns are placed in the public schools to teach English to those who have been deprived of English education.

Interns will help improve the student's conversational skills and enhance their grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. The interns can develop or revise English curriculum. The interns can also help these students in their listening and writing skills. You can also get involved in the administrative works for the smooth functioning of the school. This China internship program can be beneficial to those willing to pursue their career in teaching. The interns can get a clear picture of how to deal with students, how to keep the class functional and how to teach effectively. Besides it's an opportunity to sharpen their English knowledge and skills. Teaching English in an amazing country with the people from different background can help you outshine professionally and personally.

No skills and qualifications are required to enroll in the English teaching internship opportunity in China. However, it is important for our interns to have sound knowledge of English to teach basics of English to the Chinese students.

Important Information

Interns for more than 1 month need to have a minimum 60 hours TEFL Certification. The TEFL certification can be online or regular.

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