Wildlife Conservation Internship in Costa Rica - Lowest Fees & Trusted since 2003


  • Gain international experience along with the knowledge and skills that you will need for future career.
  • Immerse in a local language, expand global awareness & increase understanding of different cultures.
  • Gain various job skills and opportunities and stand out among other candidates.
  • Enjoy your adventure in total safety with secure facilities that have been extensively vetted.
  • Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 20,000 since 2003.


Do you have a passion for wildlife and want to help rescue and rehabilitate animals in the rainforest? Have the jungles of Costa Rica been calling out to you? If you’ve wished to help save and rehabilitate wildlife that has been injured or orphaned, this is the project for you! You’ll help care for many amazing animals in the sanctuary like sloths, monkeys, and Scarlet Macaws. You’ll also help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, plant trees, educate the public, and more!

Costa Rica is home to dense, sprawling rainforests that carpet much of the country in a thousand shades of green. Even more plentiful are the varieties of life present in this spectacular destination, from towering trees and colorful, exotic plants to jaguars, sloths, monkeys, macaws, toucans, ocelots, tapirs, and so much more. Unfortunately, despite amazing efforts made by the government and many dedicated non-profits in Costa Rica to preserve and restore the natural world, wildlife is under threat from human encroachment into their habitat. They face electrocution on power lines, being hit by cars, fed by tourists, and the illegal pet trade.

Interning in Costa Rica in wildlife program makes a profound impact on the lives of the animals in your care. Those who can’t be released will have a better quality of life, and you’ll help those that can on their journey back out into the wild. You’ll gain valuable experience working with wildlife and feel great knowing you are giving back!

Important Information

Interns below the age of 18 years will need to provide proof of parental consent. It will be helpful to have basic Spanish skills for this program, though not mandatory.

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