Early Childhood Development Center in Argentina


  • Make a meaningful impact in the lives of children
  • Gain new perspectives volunteering with the local communities
  • Share your love and passion with the children
  • Be a part of cultural exchange and develop new skills


This Early Childhood Development Center, located in the historical neighborhood of Barracas —in the south of the city of Buenos Aires—, welcomes 190 children between the ages of 6 months and 3-year-olds in 7 rooms. The Early Childhood Development Center Works with teachers and volunteers from the neighborhood to provide better attention to the children.

Background Information:

This kindergarten is part of a Community Center that helps the population of the area with various activities such as a kindergarten, a playground for the younger kids, afterschool support workshops, a library, and the soup kitchen that cooks for the kindergarten and the people from the neighborhood. Thus, this organization is based on working with families and children from first to seventh grade, supporting them in their growing and development process, with a team of professionals and social workers. The Community Center was founded in 1994 as a soup kitchen, and the kindergarten was started by the mothers from the area a few years later.

Why is this project important for the community?

The main goal of this Center is to offer the children's families a place of education and integral support, where they can find social and psychological benefits. It ultimately represents a way to compensate for the schools' weaknesses and the lack of investment from the Government to improve them. Those who belong to the organization understand that the work with children is not efficient if it doesn't start from the beginning, with the youngest children, and this is the kindergarten's task. The center also helps the families taking good care of the children while they are working.

Role of the Volunteer

From 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, the kindergarten welcomes and educates the children from the area. The volunteer can do a multitude of things such as assist the teachers with organizing activities, play with the children, help to feed them during lunchtime, help in the cleaning process, and much more! Kindergarten is a place of exchange between teachers, social workers, parents, and volunteers from the area, as well as from Voluntario Global. They all work together for the safe upbringing of the children and this gives the international volunteers a unique opportunity for learning about this perspective and exchanging valuable experiences.

What can you learn as a volunteer?

The help of the volunteer is invaluable for the teachers and for the population of the area because it represents both practical support and cultural exchange. In this area where a variety of cultural communities live together, the volunteer learns about social diversity. Moreover, they can exchange with the local inhabitants about teaching methods and share their own experiences and ideas to improve the organization of the kindergarten. These different viewpoints represent wealth for this place and all initiatives are well received. This project is perfect to benefit from the company of children, who always have energy and whose smiles make us happy every day.

Important Information

The Center remains close during summer break in Argentina, that is from mid-December till March. And there is also a 2-week winter break in July.

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