Teaching English to Adults in Argentina


  • Gain Quality teaching experience while making an impact
  • Share your English language skills with those in need
  • Help people gain new skills and change their lives
  • Learn about the Spanish culture and make new friends


We at Road2Argentina have partnered with many local non-profit organizations, schools, orphanages and community centers in Buenos Aires in order to provide assistance to those in need. At the same time, these partnerships give our volunteers the opportunity to get involved with meaningful projects to make a difference during their time here in the city. Volunteering is also a great way to learn and practice your Spanish, or Castellano as the locals call it.

Adults need extra time and patience when learning a new language as many think they will never be able to speak another language, especially at their age. The volunteer’s goal is try to change this by showing them that learning English is an important tool, that they can set a good example to their kids and that it can also be fun and ultimately therapeutic.

Volunteers will teach English to adults in small groups, helping them with speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary lessons. They may also be asked to work with adults one-on-one. Volunteers will share their knowledge and specific skills with adults from needy communities. Volunteers will be working in Community and education centers in Buenos Aires.

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