Volunteer in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Mente!


  • Make a real contribution in a place that needs you
  • Work in a field you are most passionate about
  • Get a hands-on experience with local culture
  • Have a fun, organized, and productive volunteer experience


Mente Argentina has designed a unique volunteer experience in Argentina, which is the perfect way to meet new people, immerse yourself in Argentine culture and make a difference abroad. As part of the Mente Argentina Volunteer Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you will work on locally run projects that benefit the community and improve the environment in which they live.

You will become part of the local community in Buenos Aires and have the kind of authentic cultural experience that tourists dream about. While working on your project,you will make lasting friendships and meet fun travel companions. You will also have time free to travel and head out on your own adventures or explore Argentina and South America with other Mente Argentina Participants!. Whether you are a beginner or have been studying Spanish for years, being surrounded by the language every day will help you take your Spanish to a new level!

Mente Argentina’s volunteers have the opportunity to choose to work in a variety of different fields, including educating children from under-privileged backgrounds, HIV/AIDS counseling, and medical/health volunteering. Through our program, volunteers will have a chance to form a deep connection to the people of Buenos Aires and contribute to the improvement of life in Argentina!

Please find below some Volunteer Positions as an example. This is not a comprehensive list.

Teaching English
Public Hospital Volunteer Position
Soup Kitchen in Buenos Aires
HIV/AIDS and Public Health Volunteer Position
Environmental and community development volunteer position
Youth Outreach Program
Elder Care Position
Women’s Empowerment and Recovery
Public Health Volunteer Placement

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