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  • Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 22,000 since 2006
  • Your safety is our highest priority, and all our projects and facilities have been thoroughly vetted
  • Share your love for animals and passion for conservation and make a difference for animals in need
  • Feel greatly rewarded and fulfilled as you provide a better life for animals.
  • Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, food and in-country support


Do you love wildlife and feel called to help rescue animals? Would you like to live your volunteer abroad dreams in the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica?

Unfortunately, the wildlife in Costa Rica is under the threat of extinction today. The forests are being constantly exploited for new settlements and agricultural activates leaving many animals displaced. The animals are also suffering due to illegal pet trade and are hunted extensively for their fur and meat. These animals need to be protected urgently to prevent the disruption of the ecosystem.

When you join wildlife volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica, you will improve the animal’s quality of life in the sanctuary, feeding, watering, and offering environmental enrichment. You will help clean and repair enclosures, offer tours to the public, assist in the rehabilitation and release of injured or confiscated wildlife, plant trees, work in the garden, and help care for orphaned baby wildlife. This exciting project will teach you the proper way to respect and care for wild animals and allow you to make a direct impact on their quality of life.

Important Information

You don’t need to be a biologist to help save the animals of the rainforest! Animal lovers from all backgrounds can join our wildlife sanctuary volunteeringproject in Costa Rica, so long as you are at least 18 years of age, passionate about wildlife, and willing to work hard making a difference.

You will need to show a profound level of respect for the animals at all times, and carefully follow the instructions of the project staff to ensure neither you nor the wildlife is put in danger. If you do have special skills or a background in a related field, we welcome you to let us know and share your passion with us!

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  • Michelle Pogba recommends this program
    Aug 04, 2020

    Life Changing Experience!

    My daughter and I volunteered for 2 weeks at the NATUWA Wildlife Sanctuary. We were looking for a true hands on experience that was affordable and educational. It was all that and more!
    The staff were knowledgeable, extremely friendly and loved to joke around! They also took their work very seriously. We felt welcome for the moment we arrived and learned so much from them! The kitchen staff were very accommodating to vegetarian and gluten free diets. You will not go hungry!
    The theme was, “work hard, play hard” while we were there. Every day was different. Besides preparing food and feeding the animals twice a day, we worked on many projects throughout the sanctuary. It was very satisfying work. At the end of the day there was time to relax in a hammock, play games or go into town. We often walked to the local store and hung out by the soccer field. We even joined in a soccer game with the locals... so fun!!! We felt welcome wherever we went.
    We also got one day off a week to go on a day trip. We organized a trip with 8 of us and hired a tour company to take us snorkeling and go swimming on a beautiful island. Along the way, they took us to an island where we got to see spider monkeys swinging around. They also took us past a rocky area where there were may birds. Along the way we saw lots of dolphins and a whale! We ended the trip with a visit to the bioluminescent water, where we could go swimming!
    Although I went with my 17 year old daughter, I didn’t see much of her during the work day. She was busy giving tours of the sanctuary and working on different projects. There were 4 feeding routes, too, that we rotated during our stay. This allowed us to get to know all the animals at the sanctuary. There were many young people volunteering, as well as a family and people of different ages. We all made new friends and are in touch through WhatsApp!
    We will definitely volunteer through IFRE again!!!

    How this program can be improved?

    We fell in love with the baby anteater! It was so cool to watch it climb and search for food... adorable!!!