Rescue Center Costa Rica Volunteer Program


  • Give animals a chance to live healthy and happy lives
  • Share your passion for animals and help improve their quality of lives
  • Rehabilitate animals and provide them with care they deserve
  • Experience the unique wildlife of Costa Rica up close


With one common goal of caring for injured and displaced wildlife, we have built a family of caring, likeminded people who truly want to make a difference.We work incredibly hard, but our reward isn't financial in nature. Instead, it's seeing the animals we care for survive and thrive. Our Costa Rican volunteer program is instrumental in making that happen.

We have welcomed thousands of volunteers over the years from countries around the world. The passion and commitment they bring to our program has made everything possible for us to continue not to mention the countless injured animals who have been saved. The experience and friendships you make at our program will last a lifetime and the difference you make will be noticed and remembered for years to come.

As a team member of our Costa Rica volunteer program, you can expect the following daily responsibilities:

Prepare daily food for over 100+ animals.
Cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures.
Construction of new enriched enclosures.
Building and implementing new animal toys (animal enrichment).
Participating in educational community projects.
In addition, volunteers are encouraged to develop their own individual projects. If you see potential for such a special project, let us know and we will work with you to translate that idea into practice. We love when a new volunteer leaves their mark on the Rescue Center for all future visitors to enjoy.

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