• We uphold strict standards and comply with all local laws regarding student involvement in health settings.
  • Gain a wide variety of learning experiences and enhance your skills
  • Get a hands-on experience with healthcare work and improve the loves of many
  • Explore the beauty of Ecuador and immerse in the local culture and communities


Join a program spanning two distinct regions: Quito, Ecuador's vibrant capital city located in the Andes mountain range and home to a more cosmopolitan and educated population and Nanegalito, a small city in the tropical lowlands of Manabi province – about an hour from the Pacific coast. Visit both of these cities during the program to learn how resources, diseases, and access to care differ vastly within this diverse country. Come away with an understanding of how lifestyle, behavior, and environment influence urban and rural health outcomes. One of CFHI's longest-running programs, this program offers a comprehensive experience that showcases a holistic view of the healthcare systems in Quito as well as how Ecuadorians access healthcare services in urban and rural settings.

In Quito, experience a range of clinical sites and services including government hospitals delivering higher-level diagnostic, specialized, and emergency care that is free of charge and accessible to all, as well as community level clinics on the outskirts of the city serving low-income populations. Shadow healthcare professionals through rotations at a public maternity hospital where high-risk pregnancies are managed, and at a clinic in Otavalo providing primary care to the local indigenous community.

Next, travel to the small rural town of Nanegalito, about 1.5 hours west of Quito. Although not far from Ecuador’s capital, experience first-hand the health challenges in clinical settings that represent the rural and urban divide in Ecuador. At the main local hospital, learn from physicians conducting the diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases that are treated in a hospital: respiratory infections, parasitic infections, as well as tropical disease like dengue. Additionally, you may also have the opportunity to join local health brigades that visit outlying communities and offer health education and workshops.

Become immersed in Ecuadorian culture and language while living with local families in Quito and Nanegalito. CFHI participants may also organize weekend trips from Quito to destinations such as Tena in the Amazon region, known for its waterfalls and adventure sports like kayaking and zip lining, the town of Mindo and its subtropical forest, and Otovalo, an indigenous community with a bustling weekly market. From Nanegalito, travel to the popular coastal surfing towns of Montañita and Canoa.

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