Volunteer in Ecuador- Street Kids & Day Care


  • Improve the quality of lives for the street children in Ecuador
  • Provide opportunities to the needy children for a better future
  • Share your knowledge, skills and talents with the children
  • Being happiness and love into the lives of children


For such a small country, Ecuador has a lot to offer a traveler, stunning landscapes. Although Ecuador has a steady tourist infrastructure, millions of people live below the poverty line, mainly children. Growing poverty, lack of education and limited governmental resources further worsen the problem of street children and orphans in Ecuador.

Our day care centre in Ecuador as founded in April of 2006 to improve children’s quality of life of those who work at the waste dump yard. They work there each day recycling what they can. Years ago, the children would spend their time with their parents at the waste centre in the harsh elements of weather, not to mention the uncleanliness, making the children very prone to getting sick. Now with the help of many volunteers, the children are healthier, clean, and safely being cared for in this centre.

The centre also acts as a medical dispensary for the children and parents at no extra cost.

The center hosts more than 40 children from ages 8 months to 4 years old. There are three groups of children and their daily activities depend on their age. Volunteers at the day care center are able to help by creating various recreational activities for the children, playing with them, organizing games, creating didactic material, helping during meal times and teaching the children about personal hygiene.

This project enables the children to learn how to live according to their own culture and religion, while also being active members of the community. The center helps children to recognize and express their individual abilities, interests and talents. They ensure that each child receives the education, skills and training they need to be successful and contributing members of society.

Important Information

The Project is closed during July -August.

Intermediate Spanish Knowledge is needed for this project

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