Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador


  • Participate in a volunteer project you are most passionate about
  • Experience the rich natural beauty and traditions of Ecuador
  • Choose from a wide variety of projects in Ecuador
  • Make a signification impact in the local communities


BaseCamp began working with volunteers in Ecuador in 2003. Since then, we have developed relationships with several community-driven organizations and we have worked on some sizeable group projects including a major public health study of 16 Amazonian villages in cooperation with the Red Cross. This study resulted in the construction of several septic/toilet facilities in these areas to help radically reduce water-borne pathogens.

The range of placements here is significant but some areas that are quite popular are childcare and youth programs in Quito and educational programs both in and out of the city. Placement locations in Ecuador vary from trendy, bustling cities to isolated, island reserves. We also have a number of environmental and wildlife conservation projects. placements on several of the Galapagos Islands. Volunteers can experience true Ecuadorian culture and life by visiting local attractions, and the nearby Galapagos Islands offer an endless variety of environmental wonders.

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