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  • Experience the joy of knowing someone else's life has been improved because YOU were there.
  • Partner with others who understand that a better world begins with changing a single life.
  • Your safety is always our priority, every volunteer location has been thoroughly vetted.
  • Contribute in the most meaningful way possible by volunteering in one of our life-changing projects.
  • One of the most affordable volunteer-abroad programs available worldwide.
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Do you have a passion for travelling to explore and experience new culture while teaching children living in impoverished communities?Are you looking to change the lives of disadvantaged children and give them life skills for better future? Ghana is still a developing country and unable to provide basic facilities including quality education for its citizens which greatly affects the children. The poor children cannot afford expensive schools and attend the local schools that lack good English education as well as qualified teachers. This leaves many children from poorer backgrounds without proper English language skills they’ll need to land good jobs and improve their future.

The program's main focus is teaching English to local children and helping them with art of conversation, rules of grammar and punctuation etc. You will handle the classroom independently or assist local teachers depending on your skills. If you're skilled in teaching other subjects like math, science etc. or wish to share your talents with the children, you will be provided with opportunities to do so. You will also be leading various extracurricular activities and assisting the school with administrative and other tasks as needed. By participating in this program, you will not only help the students by teaching them a valuable skill but you will create a long-lasting, positive impact which benefits the whole community. Volunteers teaching English in Ghana will provide children with a brighter and successful future, and this will leave you feeling incredibly rewarded. You will also a gain a hands on teaching experience and unforgettable memories with the children.

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Important Information

Volunteers below the age of 18 years will need to submit parental consent or must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

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  • Amina A recommends this program
    Aug 02, 2020

    Family volunteering in Ghana

    This experience will be forever engraved in our hearts. This is our first family volunteering experience and even though my kids are 3 and 5, they had a great time and I think the impact that they made with the kids of the orphanage and school was more important than adults. I hope more families do so as the benefit is wonderful on the whole family and the program .
    The hosting family were very kind and helpful and my kids love going back home to play with them.
    We helped at school by teaching French, fixing the volleyball field as well as the basketball field, we got them some new balls and played during free time. We helped the teachers with the midterm exams. And most importantly connected with some kids to inspire them for a better future.
    I think it was a very successful trip :)
    Looking forward to the next one.
    Many thanks to you all