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Are you looking to work alongside professional doctors and learn new medical skills and experiences in India? Do you ever dream of working with disadvantaged communities to improve healthcare in India? Sadly, India has millions of people living below the poverty line and for these poor segment of the population, healthcare services are not easily accessible. Moreover, they lack basic sanitation and health awareness, which causes many people to suffer from diseases and poor health throughout their lives. Though many health clinics have been set up in these poor areas and the slums to provide medical attention, there is lack of medical personals, infrastructure and medicines.

When you participate in this program, you will get to work alongside local doctors and healthcare professionals at various health clinics or hospitals in poor areas of Delhi or Gurgaon. You will shadow the local doctors, assist them and learn from them. You duties will be based on your experience and you will also help the medical staffs with hospital administration work and various other activities like looking after the patients, monitoring their condition, treating minor wounds and illness, and maintaining patient records. This volunteer opportunity will provide you with an amazing opportunity to gain a hands-on medical experience while providing much needed care to disadvantaged people without proper access to healthcare. You will help improve the health of the people and create much needed awareness in the community. You will also develop new skills, gain new perspective on healthcare and feel fulfilled helping others.

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Important Information

Volunteers below the age of 18 years will need to submit parental consent or must be accompanied by an adult guardian. You need to be a pre-med student, nursing or medical student or have a professional background in Medical or Healthcare for this program.

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  • Paula P recommends this program
    Aug 02, 2020

    Hands On Medical Program in India

    The family was awesome! They made us feel like if we were at home, always caring about our well being and available for anything we needed. The food was really good, the location was very convenient in order to move around and go to Delhi and other places. We think this family has been very concerned about our security and so committed to us.

    About the Hands on medical program, it was a 100% what we were expecting as we felt really useful and learnt a lot. The Doctor was very committed, and kind with us. He also helped us getting our tickets to go to Agra even though it was not his role inside the company.

    Speaking of our country coordinator, his job was done by the family’s daughter, Sarita, who was quite helpful. Overall, our experience has been amazing and has helped us improve our medical career; we would definitely recommend it to another person. There were only three of us. Probably, next time we will come in a bigger group.

    How this program can be improved?

    However, we think it would be really helpful for other volunteers if the first day, somebody would give them a daily schedule of the program with the time and places in order to organize better themselves.