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Do you want to make the most possible difference while volunteering in Bali? Can’t decide between volunteering with children in need and helping sea turtles? You don’t have to with Global Crossroad’s dual project ultimate volunteer experience abroad. People from all over the world flock to Bali to experience its serene beaches, marvelous architecture and exotic wildlife. Sadly, Bali faces much challenges today in terms of protecting its wildlife and providing basic facilities to its people including education. Many Balinese children from poor backgrounds do not have access to quality English education and lack of this valuable skill greatly hinders their success in later life. The wildlife, especially sea turtles in Bali also face threat of extinction due relentless poaching and destruction of habitat.

In the Teaching English program, you will teach in a local elementary school and equip the children with basic English skills. You will also inspire the children and help them reach their full potential. In the turtle conservation program, your work will support conservation efforts. You will work in the hatcheries, care for the eggs and hatchings, and rehabilitate injured turtles. You will patrol the beaches, protect turtle nests and release the hatchings to the sea. You will also help collect data on turtles and raise awareness through educational programs. By joining this program, you will help save the sea turtles from extinction and provide valuable English skills to the local children. You work will have a tremendous impact in the lives of the children as well as future of wildlife. Your efforts will raise awareness about the importance of conservation and equip the children with important skills that will enable them to escape their unfortunate situation.

Important Information

Volunteers below the age of 18 years will need to submit parental consent or must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

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  • Joseph Ferrari recommends this program
    Aug 07, 2020

    Sea turtle conservation & Teaching English in Bali

    My time volunteering in Bali was split between volunteering at a sea turtle conservation center and teaching English in a small village in east Bali. Volunteering and living in Bali is completely different from going on holiday in Bali. The Bali you see on social media filled with white sand beaches, vegan food, smiling white people, and luxury resorts is actually not the Bali that locals live in obviously. There's so much depth to the culture here and until you fully embrace it, you will not learn to appreciate all this amazing island has to offer. I love working with animals and working with the sea turtles at the conservation center was out of this world. We even got to see a mother turtle laying her eggs in the middle of the night several times and it was so incredible to see "nature" in action. Teaching in Karangasem changed everything I thought I knew about Bali. The students were lovely and loved having a foreigner in their classroom. I enjoyed it very much. I have taught English many times and in many different countries but I have to say teaching here in Bali was an experience of a lifetime - the teachers were incredible welcoming and gracious towards me and constantly invited me to see the village with them. My direct host made the experience happen smoothly and was there whenever I had any question - big or small. Would recommend this program to a well seasoned traveler and someone really able to get out of their comfort zone.