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Do you want to help save endangered sea turtles? What if you could travel to exotic Bali to participate in a turtle conservation volunteer program? The turtle population in Bali is endangered and their population is rapidly declining year by year. The turtles are affected negatively due to the growing demand for their meat, eggs and shells causing loss of eggs of the beach and increase in poaching activities. They also suffer due to the growing settlements in the beaches, pollution in the oceans and unethical tourism. There is an urgent need to protect these turtle as their decline will also negatively impact other marine species.

In this Turtle conservation program, you will work under the guidance of turtle experts to protect the turtles from poachers by patrolling the beaches, watching over the nesting turtles, and collecting the eggs for relocation. In the hatchery, you will dig nests for the collected eggs and once the hatchings emerge, you will take care of them for their release back into the sea. You will also take part in rescue and rehabilitation operations, community education and gather data on the turtle population and behavior. Your work in program will help preserve the natural habitats and make a positive difference in the local sea-turtle population. With your help, the turtles will be safe from extinction and they will be able to enjoy a better quality of life. By educating the public about the plight of turtles, you will raise much needed awareness and help ensure that they are not exploited. You will also get a wonderful chance to work with the turtles hands-on, observe them up close and learn about conservation efforts.

Important Information

Volunteers below the age of 18 years will need to submit parental consent or must be accompanied by an adult guardian. Though the program is available throughout the year, the peak turtle season in Bali is from may until mid-September.

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  • Vivian V recommends this program
    Aug 07, 2020


    This is my first time going to Bali and doing overseas volunteer work. I always wanted to do so, but I cannot find an affordable one.

    For sea turtle program, I am so lucky to see 2 turtle mothers laid their eggs! The person who is responsible for the turtle centre (Agung) is truly enjoy taking care of the turtle and love them. I can feel his passion and I did enjoy the whole week there! I didn’t expect a sea turtle can lag that many eggs and there are thousands of eggs waiting to hatched in the centre! The tourists love the idea of nurturing the baby turtles and release them. They really appreciate what the organisation did. I enjoyed to introduce them the sea turtle information too.

    Komang is very supportive and he kept checking with me to see if I have any issue (so caring!). He helped to arrange driver to pick me up from the airport (again I am so impressed about it, I thought I need to go to the accommodation myself). The driver was very friendly and took me to a local restaurant (which is very tasty!). Komang has arranged a hotel for accommodation, I loveeeee the staff there, the meals are good too! They are very friendly and I like them!
    The working hours are flexible and you can go to have other tours if you want to. Just tell Komang and Agung is fine.

    Global Crossroad

    Thank you for your review. We greatly appreciate your time and wish you all the best for your future!