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  • Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 22,000 since 2006
  • Your safety is our highest priority, and all our projects and facilities have been thoroughly vetted
  • Realize your dreams of travelling and making a difference by volunteering with children in dire need.
  • Feel the gratitude and happiness of the monks as you change their lives for the better.
  • Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, food and in-country support
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Have you always dreamed of changing the lives of disadvantaged children? Are you planning a trip to Kenya and share your love and passion with the needy children?

Due to rampant poverty, unemployment of the families and HIV/AIDS epidemic, thousands of Kenyan children are left as orphans and taking shelter in orphanages. Though these orphanages provide shelter, food, and education, they too are unable to provide proper care to these kids. The orphanages lack adequate resources and manpower hence struggle to manage the ever-increasing number of orphans. IFRE Volunteers’ Kenya orphanage volunteer program works in collaboration with the orphanages to provide needed care and attention to these underprivileged children.

As a volunteer, you will work with needy children in one of the orphanages. Here your role will be to teach basic English, provide care, love, and attention to children, help them with their homework and involve them in playtime activities. You will also create a stimulating environment to support their learning process and engage in promoting fundraising activities.

By volunteering in this program, you will not only be improving the chances of a happy life of the disadvantaged children but also feel fulfilled yourself knowing you have made a real positive impact on the world.

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Important Information

Volunteers must be between 18 years above and possess strong love and passion for working with disadvantaged children. While you don’t need any official training or experience, you are expected to be comfortable with and enjoy being around children and possess a deep passion for providing them what they need.

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  • Ryan w recommends this program
    Aug 06, 2020

    excellent experience

    I do enjoy the program. At the first day of my arrival, the in-country coordinator has a lot of patience to wait for me at the airport. He picked up me even I did not call him (the net in the airport doesn't work). He helped me buy a sim card and also exchange money, and then directly sent me to the program. I live in an intern house, which is very quiet and safe. And one lady cooked breakfast and dinner for me. The food is delicious and nutritional. I will 100% recommend this program to my friends, hope they can help more Kenyan women. Overall, it is an excellent experience in Kenya, worth to try in your life!