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Are you passionate about teaching? Do you want to share your teaching skills and time with disadvantaged children in Kenya? If yes, then this volunteer teaching program in Kenya is a perfect fit for you.

Despite being English as an official language, the majority of Kenyan people residing in rural and poorer areas cannot speak and understand the English language. This is because of the poor education system and lack of resources like fluent English teachers. The children from poor family backgrounds cannot study in private schools and in public schools they do not get adequate guidance to improve their English skills. As a result, they are deprived of the light of the English language and won’t have access to the opportunities to lead a meaningful life in the long run.

When you join this program, you will be placed at a local public school. You will assist the local teacher and at times, handle the class on your own. Here your role will be to teach them basic English, encourage them to improve their English conversational skills and organize recreational and artistic activities. Depending on your qualifications you can also teach other subjects like math, science or computers.

Volunteer teaching in Kenya is a very impactful project. Your selfless support will help the underprivileged children improve their English skills and in the long run, find lucrative job opportunities. This helps them to change their family’s living standards and lead a happy and harmonious life.

Important Information

Volunteers must be 18 years old or above. You don’t need any specific training, qualifications or experience beyond this, but native speakers or those with previous teaching experience will have an advantage.

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  • Xiyue Y recommends this program
    Aug 06, 2020

    Impactful Trip Along With Safari!!

    It was an incredible experience in Kenya, it is hard to describe in words. From the moment I arrived I felt at home and very welcome in the centre. I volunteered to teach English & Math to during my 2 weeks stay at the centre & I was given the teaching aids that were necessary for classes. If I had problems or needed assistance other teachers were always there to help me. Barnabas was a fantastic source of information and advice during my stay. I found the students to be very eager to learn and very courteous in class. It was just such a pity to find them with only one book to work from for the whole class. Nonetheless, the teachers manage with what little resources they have & they are a great inspiration for the children. I extended my stay there by another week but that was still far too little time to be spending with such great children. I will definitely go back as soon as I can organize for it.
    I was welcomed into the host family as their own. It really felt like home. My host sacrificed her own time at weekends to bring me to the Giraffe Centre & the Bomas of Kenya. She also helped me to buy provisions for the orphanage – taking another whole day of her personal time. In terms of the livings conditions I found the house to be most comfortable and the quality of the meals I received was excellent.
    On the last week of my stay in Kenya I did the Safari as well. It was absolutely fantastic. The driver, Sammy, was very competent – I felt very safe in the vehicle on such rocky roads! He was also very knowledgeable with respect to the wildlife – in terms of both identification and giving us information about specific animals. The campsite was well run – it was clean & even had hot showers on our second day! The food was also very good.