Teaching Volunteer in Laos


  • Provide hope for a better future by teaching children in need
  • Be a part of global education efforts and make a valuable impact
  • Gain a hands-on teaching experience and working with children
  • Travel around Laos and experience its rich cultural heritage


The aim of the volunteer program in Loas is to comprehensively educate students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Volunteers help students acquire skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Conversing, Comprehension, Presentation and Critical Thinking skills.

The program can also be tailor made to consider the difficulties of students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds in learning a second language. Classes focus on teaching grammar formulas, with a strong emphasis on practicing and using the language (as opposed to only having theory knowledge).

By learning a sound grammatical framework, students are able to see, construct and practice the language extremely quickly, and ready to build up vocabulary later. Our key principle? practice, practice, practice.

Join our volunteer program and teach in one of our centers in Laos and share your English language and life skills with some of the most enthusiastic, deserving students in the world. You don’t need any experience, just a great attitude and a passion to share, laugh and make a difference.

Our Teaching Placement gives volunteers the opportunity to utilize their knowledge and passion in a real working environment, gain a broad range of skills applicable to any type of workplace, work on projects with a direct impact on people’s lives, broaden their mind and experience real-world education.

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