Malawi Primate Bush Academy Volunteer


  • Gain a hands-on experience with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
  • Participate in education and community outreach programs
  • Take part in communications and campaigns to protect wildlife
  • Assist with research work to implement effect conservation efforts
  • Explore the wildlife and culture of Malawi


Volunteers will spend 2 weeks at the wildlife centre caring for rescued animals, then 2 – 10 weeks on the monkey research project.

Taking a scientific approach to the domain of conservation management, this Wildlife Reserve is home to Ocean 2 Earth Volunteer’s Primate Bush Academy, at the heart of primate conservation. Originally established in 2013 in the National Park, our team tracks the progress of rescued yellow baboons and vervet monkeys through a comprehensive census – the first and only of its kind anywhere in the world. By applying your skills and acumen to this venture, you will be making a tangible contribution to these endangered species as you enjoy the experience of a lifetime. The project is proudly partnered with the Department of National Parks & Wildlife.

Working hours vary depending on the animals at the reserve at the time. A standard day will run from 8am to 5pm, but some times may change depending upon the species of animal being monitored.

Skills Required:

*Enthusiasm for the project
*Great work ethic
*Willingness to learn
*Ability to work within a team environment
*Ability to work in a remote area
*Capacity to translate newly acquired skills across to others
*Previous conservation experience helpful Enthusiasm for the project

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