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Are you looking to teach English abroad? Do you dream of a life full of adventure and travel experiences in Nepal while working with Monks and learning more about the religion? Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha where people from all over the world come to seek spiritual enlightenment. It is also home to thousands of Tibetans in exile trying to rebuild their cultural heritage and practice their religion freely. As a result, Nepal is filled with many Buddhist monasteries where monks live and devote their lives to Buddhism. With globalization and other developments, there is a great need and desire for young monks to learn English so they can teach the peaceful message of Buddha to the world.

In the Teaching Buddhist Monks program in Nepal, you will be teaching English skills to the young monks. You will teach basic conversational, reading and writing skills. You will also organize fun and extra-curricular activities for the young monks like drawing, games etc. to help in their overall development. You are also welcome to take part in monastery rituals, meditation and prayer ceremonies during your free time. You will equip the monks with a valuable tool to spread Buddhist teachings of peace, tolerance and compassion which in turn will make a difference in the lives of many people. It will also help them integrate into the modern world. You will also open your mind to a new culture as you learn more about Buddhism and grow spiritually.

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Important Information

Volunteers below the age of 18 years will need to submit parental consent or must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

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  • Kent Riddle recommends this program
    Aug 02, 2020

    Volunteer Teaching at a Monastery

    My wife and I spent eight weeks teaching English at the monastery. We both have teaching experience in the United States so we were able to apply a lot of what we know to the classroom here in Nepal. It was very rewarding to see the children learn English and become more comfortable speaking and writing in English as well.

    The in country support staff were helpful and able to address our needs and request when needed. They were flexible when we had some concerns about housing accommodations and were able to respond to our needs In a satisfactory manner.

    We ended up staying at the Volunteer house in Kathmandu and had a great experience being able to meet the other volunteers coming in and out when starting and ending their programs. We also enjoyed the family we stayed with and the food was always good.

    The monastery does not have a set curriculum for teaching English so I would recommend to anyone coming into this program to do some research in teaching English and come prepared to teach a wide variety of skill levels in order to have the biggest impact on the kids.