Volunteer at a Rural Medical Camp


  • Provide health services to those living in remote areas
  • Explore healthcare system in a different country
  • Contribute to the overall well-being of the local communities
  • Gain new medical skills and develop professionaly


Medical care in the Himalayas is a very hit and miss situation due to the remote hard to access areas and lack on money set aside for this. In many areas a trip to the Doctor means travelling hours if not days to gain help & when you arrive the medical center is shut because of no staff or lack of funding etc. The Foothills of the Himalayas is home to many thousands of people all who deserve some form of medical care. And to manage this all across the Himalayas small medical centers have been built by the Nepali government as well as private organization to help provide this care. And even EHN did its bit when in 2011 joined forces with Building bridges worldwide to create a small medical center in Gerkhu. Then we handed the building over to the Nepali government because they can provide staff and medicines far better than we can. The system isn’t perfect but its slowly getting there.

Since that day we have always had a keen interest in medical care in the Himalayas because only when you have walked in such a magnificent range of Mountains can you really see the harsh conditions that some people survive in. We have been to places where people have died from simple conditions of a broken leg, stomach viruses because there isn’t any care there available. But because we are not in a position yet to run our own medical center due to the immense funding it would take we have been running rural medical camps where a group of Western Doctors work alongside Nepali ones and provide free medical care in areas where there is little or no access to medical care.

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