Women’s Empowerment Programme


  • Make a valuable difference in the lives of women in need
  • Women’s Trafficking prevention
  • Impart Education, Rights and Life skills
  • Introduce Entrepreneurship, Income Generation and Vocational Training


Women’s empowerment and gender issues are global issues, affecting countries across the world in a variety of ways. Unlike in more economically developed countries, women in Nepal have a vastly different roles and opportunities in society compared to continents like Europe and North America. For example, the majority of people in Nepal who cannot read or write are women, they have a much lower life expectancy than men and the majority of women rely on men who their basic needs of housing, food and economic stability.

The empowerment of women is vital for increasing the prosperity and standard of living in local communities, regions and Nepal as a whole. The Women’s Empowerment Program builds upon the initiatives and work of the Nepalese government and NGOs at a local level, addressing the problems and meeting the needs of communities.

The major goal is to empower women socially and economically through education, life skills and income generation initiatives. VIN provides education and training opportunities to women of various age groups through the teaching of English and developing life skills, supporting the women and girls most in need in Nepal.

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