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Do you love animals? Is it your dream to travel the world and volunteer in South Africa Wildlife? South Africa is rich in wildlife and it is also the home of the big 5 animals in Africa. Sadly, the wildlife in South Africa is in grave danger today with more and more species joining the endangered list. Their habitats are being constantly cleared for human settlements, leaving them displaced from their homes. Also, activities like poaching and illegal pet trading has increased over the recent years. There is an urgent need to protect the wildlife of South to save them from extinction.

In this program, you will work under the guidance of qualified game ranger and participate in a variety of tasks for the conservation of wildlife. You will monitor and track animals, conduct counts and gather data, assist with game drives, patrol and monitor reserve borders, maintain trails, fences and animal enclosures, rescue animals and help them in rehabilitation and assist the veterinarians. You will also help restore the habitats by planting trees and removing non-indigenous plants from the reserve. You will help improve the quality of life for countless animals and ensure that they get to live full ad peaceful lives. By protecting the animals, you will have a positive impact in the future of African wildlife and also the environment, You will also get a wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of animals in a natural settling and learn about wildlife conservation through a hands-on experience.

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  • Yeine Y recommends this program
    Aug 02, 2020

    Nice Getaway For Summer

    My volunteering experience with my 16 year old twins and their 17 year old friend was amazing. It exited our expectations. South Africa and its people are welcoming and working at the wildlife sanitary was an unforgettable experience. Global Crossroad and its country support staff were the best; always caring for us and making sure that everything was done as planned. I recommend the trip to anyone who loves wildlife and want to experience South Africa.

    It was a magical place. Weather, people, animals were amazing. It is hard to explain in words one must come and see the beauty of SA and its wonderful animals. The conservation project was very helpful and I learned a lot while meeting new friends from all over the world.

    I would very much like to come to South Africa sometime again in the future.