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Do you want to volunteer in Sri Lanka and learn about the local culture? Do you have a passion for animals, especially elephants, and want to contribute to their happiness and well-being? The wild elephants in Sri Lanka are suffering due to rapid destruction of the forests. Many elephants have lost their homes and are left with no source of food. These elephants are also captured to be used a laborers or become victims of illegal poaching activities. As a result, the Elephant population in Sri Lanka has declined in the recent years. If this continues, we will lose these largest and darkest specie of Asian elephants found only in Sri Lanka.

In this program, you will work in an Elephant sanctuary and help with daily duties around the sanctuary like providing love and care to the elephants, feeding them, maintaining their enclosures, bathing and grooming them, providing mental stimulation and bottle feeding the baby elephants. You can also work in the eco-farm where food and medicines for the elephants are grown. You can be a part of our Mobile Veterinary Unit that provides free treatment to the elephants all over Sri Lanka. By joining this program, you will help protect the elephants and make a tremendous impact in their well-being. You will get a unique opportunity to connect with the elephants and learn about wildlife conservation through hands-on work. Your efforts will also help change the perspective of the local people towards the elephants, and promote peaceful coexistence between the human and elephants. In the eco farm, you will also learn about sustainable farming practices.

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Important Information

Volunteers below the age of 18 years will need to submit parental consent or must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

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  • Anna Sotirescu recommends this program
    Aug 02, 2020

    Millennium Elephant Foundation (Kegalle)–INCREDIBLE!

    My time volunteering at Millenium Elephant Foundation was absolutely incredible. I spent two weeks at the foundation, helping to wash, feed, and care for the elephants in a very personal way. We also helped clean their night beds so they were comfortable for the elephants as well as work on active projects around the foundation. I was also able to spend time with the other volunteers from all over the world, the amazing coordinators, the mahouts, and of course the volunteer village dogs. In addition, Michael and the Global Crossroads team made sure my trip and experience ran very smoothly by making sure to let me know I could contact them at any time. My experience was truly unforgettable and I highly recommend this volunteer program to anyone who has a heart for elephants and their wellbeing. Take every advantage to spend time with the elephants and be willing to get a bit dirty. Also, see the rest of the country if you can. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with very nice people, there is so much to do and experience!