Plastic Education and Recycling in Sri Lanka


  • Educate the community on plastic pollution as you clean the beaches in Sri Lanka
  • Lend a helping hand towards environmental conservation
  • Interact with the locals and immerse in the rich heritage of Sri Lanka
  • Motivate the locals to reduce waste and recycle


Combat plastic pollution on the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka as you educate communities about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. You’ll work alongside passionate environmentalists as you reduce the amount of plastic waste in and around the capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The worldwide usage of plastic is at an all-time high with only 10% being recycled. Despite its convenient uses for the human population, plastic is extremely destructive to both land and water ecosystems. Not only does it cause harm to wildlife habitats, but it threatens their lives too. Entanglement and ingestion of plastic are two of the leading causes of death amongst wildlife.

Based in Colombo, you’ll live with a local host family and gain an authentic perspective of this unique country through your interactions with them and other locals. Your trip also wouldn’t be complete without a few visits to popular tourist attractions. You’ll get to spend time at the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and sample authentic local dishes in Kandy.

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