Community Development in Phuket, Thailand


  • Explore the Thai culture and interact with the local Thai community
  • Use your skills and passion for the benefit of local communities
  • Take part in training programs to help individuals in need


Spend your days in Thailand working with a local orphanage and women's group in Khao Lak. This was one of the hardest hit areas in all of Thailand during the 2004 tsunami. Visit local community tourism initiatives and fair trade groups and learn how they are creatively combating human-trafficking and prostitution throughout the country. Explore the markets, rest on the beach, learn how to cook Thai food, and go in search of majestic waterfalls via moped.

Increase your awareness of the issues of human-trafficking in Southeast Asia and visit with groups working to rehabilitate women and children rescued from the sex trade. Witness the training programs helping these individuals learn skills to earn their income in safer and more productive industries. Visit the floating markets and the scenic temples of Bangkok and view the lush wildlife in remote ecological reserves.

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